Apr 092015
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  1. NMKEPP:  http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/index.php is reporting “WordPress 4.1 running Suffusion theme.” and “WordPress 4.1.1 is available! Please update now.” and “Updates 21”
    1. NMKESN:  I intend to do that & document this in this post.
  2.  NMKEU7:   http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/update-core.php main content is quote(

    WordPress Updates

    Last checked on PDT2015.04.09Thu at 17:33.   Check Again

    Important: before updating, please back up your database and files. For help with updates, visit the Updating WordPress Codex page.

    An updated version of WordPress[……]MORE

Apr 062015

NMCVE8   intro & overall

  1. NMCVEL   title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NMCW8I    now: “

      best/proper discussion thread creation & other-management for common email/messaging & posting systems

      –broadened the topic

    2. NMCVEX   originally to next: “best titling of discussion threads starting with email/message-system Subject naming”  –
  2.  image: TBA
  3.  NMEOUM  What to do

    1. NMEOUZ   Follow the rules
  4. NMCWZH   pros thru cons (of doing the rules, especially “get right from the start the thread’s subject and, where applicable, its location”)

    1. NMDIC[……]MORE
Apr 062015
  1. this-matter’s terms-of-use including privacy/confidentiality: JotHere’s(right column) except:
    1. none
    2. section history additional in REVERSE order:
      1. this section: covert tag from q(div) to q(li), the 1st every done for a class=”N9J61Q”, so {eliminates the problem of a div-tag improperly nested in an ol-tag} {creates the possible problem of the ol-items being possibly numbered 1+}
      2. prior history exists
  2. this section’s
    1. section history in REVERSE order:
      1. prior history including this consists of sections status, URL(s), categories, title in that order, but this[……]MORE
Apr 052015
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Mar 302015

NEFI64  intro & overall

  1.  NEFIAE   title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NM1YM2  “

      NERsvp (a 2014.10- RSVP POLICY for Meetup events & potentially more)

      ”–replacing “heading:” with present; new punctuation; key caps; keyword links: 0 to 4; new “for” phrasing.

    2. NM1WJZ   previous version “NERsvp=a 2014.10- RSVP policy for especially Meetup events”
  2. NEFIF9 image:RSVP button on a Meetup event listing
  3. NEFJ3D What to do

    1. NEFJ4J  Regularly, as every week to every month, see {our group’s upcoming event listings, as for OCJavaScript} and RSVP per above for 2 or 3!
  4. NEFIXO the policy

    1. NEY8FD[……]MORE
Mar 232015


  1. NLOXDP  113301662: (aside: start of previously post 1 last edited “Apr 1, 2014 9:22 AM”)
  2. NLOXDX  title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NM1F81  “

      Everyone, including on Meetup, please POST often & properly, especially INSTEAD OF DOING calls & especially messages, including emails & even SMS, wherever posting would be betterother than tweet-like messages just to alert or remind of posts.

      ” –{per NM1F5J, remove unneeded caps, move “wherever ..”, to end, use “tweet-like” phrasing, add missing “or” & “,”, remove “[1 to ~3]”, replace no cut “~”, replace[……]MORE

Mar 142015

NL2H0Q:  the “Trio AXS 4G” (tablet)Trio AXS 4G (tablet) showing 4 of 6 sides –my experience

  1. NL37S5:  model: maker, Google Shopper,“GTIN 00878376003402” so UPC 878376003402.
  2. NL37XN:  I purchased mine 2014.11.26 from Walmart local stores for $149 plus $39 for 2 years for (the vendor Walmart’s) extended warrantee + 8.25% tax + 0 shipping, with a standard return policy of 100% money-back within 15 days.
    1. NL2H48:  As this document is public, the serial number and exact identifying marks are not included here for privacy
  3. NL4562:   I bought & use this tablet to replace my mobile phone, while still getting mobile[……]MORE
Jan 162015
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  1. NI9HMH:  click http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/update-core.php
    1. NI9HMH:  content, quote:

      WordPress Updates

      Last checked on PST2015.01.16Fri at 00:42.   Check Again

      You have the latest version of WordPress.

      • If you need to re-install version 4.1, you can do so here or download the package and re-install manually:
         Download 4.1


      The following plugins have new versions available. Check the ones you want to update and then click “Update Plugins”.

      Select All
      Select All
      Are You a Human
      You have version 1.4.10 install[……]MORE
Jan 012015
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  1. NHJ5JP:  Title: Wifi Internet for Simulsquad™ and similar meetings
  2. NHJ5KU:  Difficulty: seems to me pretty hard (since started ~2012) since
    1. NHJ7RS:  Still many otherwise good venues don’t wireless Internet, else it’s not reliable,
    2. NHJ7SA:  cellular Internet is costly, and while prices are dropping, seems demands (as video: Netflix) are increasing, so do not see a future where it truly can be given away free
    3. NHJ7VN:  how easily share cellular Internet, espeically someone often unknowingly racking up big expenses, isn’t readily known, including given evey meeting h[……]MORE
Dec 102014


  1. NGCZ8G:  Short URL:  http://1.JotHere.com/NGCVKD
  2. NGCVKT:  Dear Meetup.com/UUYA-US-CA-OC members plus whomever concerned,
  3. NGCVLC:  After being a UU for ~10 years, I found there a notable young adult storage, so to well solve that, I founed quote(UUYA(Unitarian Universalist Young Adults association) including notably http://Meetup.com/UUYA-US-CA-OC (US.CA.Orange County chapter))
  4. NGCVOL:  But after working extremely hard for ~6 months creating these UUYA organizations, I gave it up, and am now closing them permanently,
    1. NGCVRD:  this is why:
      1. NGCVS5:  First, it ov[……]MORE