Jan 262011

LFNJQW: My intent for this site is that it replace http://blogger.LoveRules.Info

  1.  N0PUCO:  meaning all of http://blogger.LoveRules.Info is leaving Blogger and coming to 1.JotHere.com due to its better features.
  2. LFNJT5: This is why this site is called 2.LoveRules.Info ; as “1.LoveRules.Info” is http://blogger.LoveRules.Info .
  3. LFNLDZ: Factors that delayed this move for many months include:
    1. LFNLEY: I am planning to really have http://LoveRules.Info be a part of & within the infinite-topic http://JotHere.com didn’t want to do 2 moves instead of just one, but I still don’t have all the key details of  http://JotHere.com worke dout (as how to well be multi-topic).
    2. LFNLK8: Keeping the move from creating broken links (as while still be able to move gradually)
      1. LFNLZE: the move and any move can be greatly facilitated by URL redirection for individual pages & indeed sections, something which had killed my moves before,
      2. LFNLZO: but I hadn’t gotten that worked out;
        1. LFNLWY: indeed it was only just today that I heard about about very powerful Pretty-Link
  4. LFNMJT: In http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/options-general.php :
    1. LFNMCR: I set the tagline of the site from
      q[Just another WordPress site] to
      q[http://2.LoveRules.Info –the new home for http://blogger.LoveRules.Info coming soon!]
    2. LFNMNU: I set [WordPress address (URL)] from
      q[http://2.loverules.info] to
      q[http://2.LoveRules.Info] as it’s prettier

      1. LFNNMX: Right after this I got logged out of WordPress (as bad password) and had to do a reset as detailed internally in email containing LFNN9H.
    3. LFNOKH: turn on “Anyone can register”
  5. N0PUKA:  Post history, in order:
    1. N0PUL2:  Prior history not noted.
    2. N0PULC:  N0PUCO: added
    3. N0PUOU:  to category q(communication LRCGCO) add category:
      1. N0PUPO:  q(name N0PUPO)
        1. N0PUVX:  q(domain name N0PUVX)
          1. N0PUX9:  q(.Info N0PUX9)
            1. N0PUYL:  q(LoveRules.Info M2HRCK) -already exist
              1. N0PV13:  q(blogger.LoveRules.Info M2HRD2) -add
              2. N0PV2C:  q(2.LoveRules.Info M2HRDJ) -add
    4. N0PVI5:  2nd publish; 2014.02.08Sat2301.

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