Jan 282011

LFQNXK: Carpooling for

Late Night Storytime for Adults – PJ Party and Erotica
[of Meetup.com’s] Better Sex
Friday Jan 28, 8:30 PM at Private in Capistrano Beach, CA
Sex Gods and Goddesses going, 1 spot left
  1. LFR18M: Hey, realize no one asked for this, but I’m passionate about really being Green and saving resources, and especially once I saw that many attendees will be driving a long way to to get to this event, some up to 3 hours each way, well I thought I could do something which could benefit the group, truly help us all get to know each other better & have some companionship & fun, plus cut the the carbon footprint this our event leaves down to ~1/4th…
  2. LFQUGX: For this our event, I’ve mapped out all members RSVP YES and computed routes & times so all attendees can carpool!
    1. LFQXK5: All 17 YES as of as of 2011.01.28(Fri)2:10pm.
    2. LFR0JY: As luck would have it, based your city (I don’t have exact addresses), everyone’s routes intersect, so everyone stands to gain.

      Buds all around you!

      And Meetup gives everyone’s name & picture & profile, so you can easily find & know everyone you’re joining.

    3. LFQVLT: And, for good for good security, I’ve removed all last names and do not give out anyone’s address, but attendees will still know enough details to pull off a 100% carpool! And with good reason:
    4. LFQVC3: With people driving up to 3hrs each way to get to the party, there’s huge opportunity to carpool & be Green & make friends (+avoid this party leaving a big carbon footprint). So
      please carpool!
  3. LFQUHP: How to do it?
    1. LFQUHS: Nothin to it! –as I did all the hard work for you, including computing your route, who could join you, &even when&where to meet! So,
    2. LFQULV: all you need to do is post in our event’s comments:

      Be cool –Carpool! Per this carpool solution http://2.LoveRules.Info/lfqnxk 4our event, I’ll visit each Starbucks noted along my route @time specified there then spend 5min there finding the other attendees, &we’ll leave &return there in just 1 car! Pls post here if u cd do this,2! When I see we should be mtg, I’ll email u my cell# &u pls do,2. Refresh&print info&map just b4 u leave 4latest stats. Let’s wk together and cut our carbon footprint by 4x!, plus have fun&companionship along the way!

      that’s it!  Well, almost, if it weren’t for more Meetup bugs:

    3. LFRCEM: It turns out Meetup’s (hideious) spam filtering) will prevent you from posting this comment on an event, as well as other event comments to set up carpools I’m increasingly finding.  What will happen is the “Post” button will flash but then nothing gets posted. Then about 40 seconds later (and probably after you’ve clicked the button a few more times, thinking it didn’t take, or after you’ve refreshed or left the window so will never see this) your message will be appended with
      “Sorry, your comment was flagged as looking like SPAM.”
      –one wouldn’t know, but if doesn’t seem to post, you’ll need wait about 60 seconds after pressing the button to see if this happens to you. I haven’t been able to determine what triggers this other than:
      * I’ve only seen it when I’ve tried to set up carpools.
      * This text seemingly will (& did) post in our event’s comments (did pass Meetup’s “anti-carpooling” “spam” filtering):

      Be cool ** Carpool! Per this carpool solution http://2.LoveRules.Info/lfqnxk 4our event, I will visit each Starbucks noted along my route @time specified there then spend 5min there finding the other attendees, &we will leave &return there in just 1 car. Pls post here if u cd do this,2. When I see we should be mtg, I will email u my cell# &u pls do,2. Let us wk together and cut our carbon footprint by 4x, plus have fun&companionship along the way.

      Changes:  Required:
      * removed 3 “!”, but that alone wasn’t enough, as I also had to:
      * remove “Refresh&print info&map just b4 u leave 4latest stats. ” (but why would that be spam?!)
      * Recommended:
      ** Don’t use apostrophe (‘) as Meetup will convert it to “’”
      ** Don’t use dash (-) as Meetup will convert it to “–”
      –Aggh, bug overload! Please find me a replacement for Meetup.com!

  4. LFQO82: Here’s our carpool map!
    1. LFR34C: It’s super easy to use: as your sample Talk post above suggests, find yourself on the map then find (in your precomputed route)

      Combine many cars into one, crown yourself carpool king!

      the other attendees you’ll be intersecting with at each at each public meeting point along the the way: very simply, the Starbucks picked nearest each attendee. Then just visit each (Starbucks) at the exact time specified, staying for 5 minutes, to find & combine with your carpool buddies –That’s it!

    2. Pack that car with carpoolers!

      LFQUX1: If you need adjust your location or to add to this map, I can give you edit access. Just post a comment below saying so and provide your email address (ideally the one used for your gmail and/or Google Account) and I will give you edit access.

    3. LFQVPX: If the map appears for you but without all the locations & the routes and people, this appears to be a serious recent bug with http://Maps.Google.com (indeed it kept me from releasing this map until now).
      1. LFQW1C: Please comment below with your browser model & version plus what happened to you.
      2. LFQVTK: Fortunately I just found a workaround: wait for the map to load, then click the browser’s Back once, then everything should display & work fine.
      3. LFQVUW: I will be reporting this bug to the appropriate place once I have a better handle on the situations where it occurs.
  5. LFQUUF: Very sorry not to get this out until the morning of the event. I actually had this mapped worked out a week before (2011.01.21(Fri)0322 with 18 people), but that bug mentioned with Google Maps I only found a solution for at 6am this morning.
  6. LFQW33: As you would guess, all this took me several hours of volunteer work. Why do all that work? Well as you can probably guess, I’m thinking designs extending well beyond this event:

    Happy Car full of Carpoolers

    if working together we find a design which works for people(especially self-car-loving SoCalers), I eventually hope tostreamline & automate this mapping & computing so not just our special event, but all sorts of group events, as perhaps mostevery Meetup event, could enjoy super carpooling & routing as this! (As a step towards carbon offsets for the huge world carbon footprints Meetup creates.) And lots of environmental savings plus new friends & companionship could be had.  So….Be cool — Carpool!