Feb 082011


  1. LGB4B3: category[pattern flaw|bug LGB4B3] -by this ID
    1. LGB4CY: to contain all posts/content describing a software bug (flaw) or flaw in the pattern/design of something else, for which we say “it has bug(s)” and (if severe) may call “a lemon”
      1. LGB6CF: vs. say a flaw in seeming just one instance, which we may call “damage” or “wear” or perhaps “a mutation”
    2. LGB5E6: I invented the name “pattern flaw/bug” as the generalization of software bug, as indeed the term is used to describe such bugs in more than software.
    3. LGB5ZE: Flaw vs. Bug
      1. LGB5NC: The term “flaw” seems a proper subset of “bug”, though
      2. LGB60K: in this context of “pattern” they appear the same.
      3. LGB60S: “flaw” is more accurate. “bug” is more familiar & shorter & cute (comparing with undesirable insects)
      4. LGB62L: I prefer the more accurate term of “flaw” why I write it first, “flaw|bug”, but since “bug” is far more common (at least in software)
      5. LGB6P7: pattern vs. design
        1. LGB5GH: The term “design bug|flaw” would seem be a proper subset of  “pattern flaw|bug”
          1. LGB5PS: there are “pattern bugs” (such as a flaw in the mold which fabricates something) which are not a “design flaw” if that suggests (as it sounds) that its the fault, seemingly direct fault, of the designer.
    4. LGB53N: subcategory[(definition LG5DEF) of (pattern flaw|bug LGB4B3) LGB53N] -by this ID
    5. LGB567: I created these in http://2.LoveRules.Info/category