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LEVV22: On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing LEVV22 updated 2011.09.10pst2040

  1. LEXLUA: Beginner-level

    1. as some aspects of an event listing are still messed up by event “expert” Meetup.com.

      1. The short answer here is easily NOT all who “Who’s coming” to this event (rather a very small subset), so if this list would ever stop you from coming to an event because it SEEMS not enough people (or the right people) aren’t coming, just ignore this list (don’t decide to RSVP NO based on it) unless you really know how it works and when the advertising went out and have checked the OTHER listings for the events which you know how to find.
        Meetup very incorrectly names this list way-too-simply, analogous to failed Presidential(!) candidate John McCain calling “Iran is simply evil” (simply labeling everyone in the country evil!).

        This list really is & should be effectively called “What members of just this group have RSVPed via Meetup to this listing (of possibly dozens or hundreds for this event) since this listing was posted on <date/> and emailed out on <date/>”, NOT definitely (in most cases) everyone who’s coming or not to the event. Moreover

        Meetup doesn’t display when the event was listed nor when it was emailed out (or even if it was emailed out, except to leaders who know where to click & look),
        Meetup doesn’t tell you about nor easily show nor auto-search for the potentially many other listings of the event, and even when it can Meetup can list them (by clicking on the venue), it only finds those properly listed on Meetup.
        Meetup events are frequently “cross” posted, and all these event listings are separate. So one would need to combine all the lists (and still that would only get the event listings on Meetup; there regularly is much more advertising elsewhere). And even if one combined the lists, they can’t be “added” up, the lists aren’t kept in sync (a member will typically only RSVP to one of them for the same event even though the other groups s/he’s in would want to know s/he’s coming; or a member may RSVP to few but not keep his/her answers in sync). The lists are really a rats nest the way Meetup has them.
        So, for those who don’t know better or don’t fully get Meetup has given this list a terrible misleading name, they think this list is what it says, “Who’s Coming?”, and so not seeing the people they would like there or at least not the quantity, so the person wrongfully decide not to go, typically doing serious damage especially to small & inactive groups trying to grow.
        In not all but many significant cases (of widely advertised events), this exact list of “Who’s coming” in total can’t even be very accurately computed. And even when it can (as for event just by 1 small group), one must also weigh in when the event listing was posted & if it was emailed out & when, complicated factors. So in many cases, even with a proper name, this list shouldn’t be displayed, as, being misleadingly incomplete, it will just keep members from wrongfully coming. But in addition Meetup organizers can’t turn it off; but they average user would probably think they could (hey, they control the whole event listing? -no) so think the organizer is only making the listing because they expect it to be big, but it’s not, so something is wrong, so they don’t go.
      2. Yes, this obvious deficiency, and even though all other electronic calendaring & event management software has solved this, some over 10years ago.
        As you would guess, many have complained to Meetup about it but Meetup hasn’t given any valid response that I know of.
        LEXEJ7: Consequently, for events conforming to this guide, the event’s actual hours are within the event description above typically the first things it says; DON’T go by the start time which the Meetup software displays if that doesn’t match —2 key reasons why.
      3. Unlike eVite which had (or else used to have) facilities to allow attendees to figure out how to carpool.
        This, by encouraging millions of people to routinely meet (in about 80K groups worldwide), and typically by driving, Meetup is then responsible for adding thousands of pounds of pollution (carbon footprint) to the world atmosphere (very un-Green), but seemingly doing nothing about it.
        Consequently, Meetup members must manually figure out how to carpool, which is tricky when you often don’t know the others: see Please carpool.
    2. as aspects of RSVPing are still not obvious even in event listings by event “expert” Meetup.com.

      1. LEXE20: Please RSVP! and post helpful, supportive comments! smile Small & inactive groups especially depend on this to become active & grow.
        1. LEXEGN: RSVP YES else MAYBE even if Meet up’s “Attending” list has 0 YES/MAYBE –there are likely others who might want to go, and your YES else MAYBE starts them doing MAYBE or YES! (for more reasons, see A Meetup event listing’s list of “Attending”, formerly called “Who’s Coming?”, is seriously misnamed and can easily mislead one into not coming LRAL1F)
      2. MEDUG0:You have freedom of speech especially in your RSVP comment, so where possible use it to maximally inform.
        1. MEDUIF:Provided you do not mislead except by reasonable accident, you can answer candidly in your RSVP comment.
          1. MEDUME:Supporting this, further original details.
      3. LEXEH2: Say why you’re coming or not. Especially for smaller events (fewer than 50 RSVPs) and/or repeating events where this is among the first time you’re RSVPing, Please post honestly *Why* your coming or not, WHY your RSVP of NO or MAYBE or ideally even Why your RSVP of YES –phrased constructively (including giving the details & your careful thinking including, if something might not work, why it wouldn’t work & what would make it work, so corrections can be efficiently made) and, where possible, pointing out the positives as
        1. LEXEHP: “YES: I love the DJ! You guys rock!”
        2. LEXEI8:“NO: As I HATE House Music, it makes my dancing shoes feel like they are stuck in quicksand, like I want to vomit, as I find unbelievably pretentious (as if only a loud beat (as off a Casio synthesizer placed on random) makes music! But in fact its melodies are extremely trivial and go no where so boring within seconds, so seemingly an insult to the term “music”). But I wish you the best. And for the future, here’s the URL to my favorite dance tunes, which I’d LOVE to come hear: …”
          1. LHQ4ZO: Update: 2009.01.27~: Meetup won’t allow one to say & ask why if RSVPing NO: tragically Meetup designers introduced a new Meetup bug: when one RSVPs NO, politely saying & even asking WHY is impossible in the normal routine case –so Meetup has now institutionalized & site-wide-enforced not-caring-to-know why if one doesn’t want to go to a Meetup event– so please see the recommended-workarounds mentioned there so you can share your “Why not”.
        3. LEXEIS: “MAYBE: Yes, I would love to, but only if I can carpool because of the distance; I’m in zip 92602(Irvine) and can be at the Starbucks at Irvine & Culver http://maps.google.co…by 5:30pm”
          1. LHQ54C: Update: ~2010.11, Meetup removes the option to say MAYBE: Meetup designers removed the option for members to say MAYBE, including the option for event organizers to offer the option, apparently in Meetup designer’s hallucinations that the situation of MAYBE doesn’t come up frequently (it seems Meetup is mostly growing senile with age) and apparently instead to cater more to their fewer big & huge groups (who often have organizers who, having gotten arrogant from their popularity, don’t want to be bothered with members who might not be sure including caring to know why they wouldn’t be sure).

        –put this in your RSVP comment visible on the event page; your RSVP comments are your space for you to honestly & constructively share your interest in coming and, if NOish, then what WOULD work –and in much more just a NO|MAYBE|YES but most especially honestly Why including, if NOish, what then would fix it.

      4. Unless the event organizers post otherwise in advance,
        it’s fine (for one to come to just-parts of any event)
        provided((where everyone is looking on the event listing, one posts & keeps-updated what times & portions one will be at the event)
        so (event planners & attendees can know what to expect & plan for it)).

        LEXEJP: So when this info could be useful, indicate in your RSVP comment (visible on the event page) what times & portions you’ll be there for:

        When could this info be useful? If you’re attending, then in 2 key cases:

        When attendees will expected there for the whole thing, or maybe will, but you won’t be there for everything start-to-finish, including arriving late or leaving early or just coming for portion(s): then here (in your RSVP else comment-post) is where to say when (as exactly as you know).
        When attendees aren’t expected to be there for the whole thing or probably won’t be (an event of several hours and/or multiple locations, including a fair or conference which lasts much of the day). In this case it’s pretty-much always essential to say when & where you’ll be there (what times & events) so planners & attendees can find each other & know what to expect. Note in this case, definitely say “I will be there for the whole thing start-to-finish” if that be your case as that could be unusual.
        Attending just-parts & missing parts happens, but event planners & other attendees still want to know what to expect & plan for, including just knowing where to look for each other –why this info from every attendee is especially important.
      5. LEXEP0: To update your RSVP answer/comment, click “Change your mind about attending?”; after doing that, Meetup will again(!) ask you the organizers’ private Qs; if you’ve already completelyanswered these AND no change is needed (you’ll have to remember as unfortunately Meetup doesn’t display what you last put), then you can skip answering them again (for instance, instead click “Meetups -> Upcoming” to RSVP to more events or click “Never mind” to go back to the event page).
        1. LEXEMY: If Meetup does not allow you to RSVP or update your RSVP (because it’s past Meet up’s event start-time or RSVP-deadline) then RSVP by posting in the event’s Talk section “I’ll be there: (YES|NO|MAYBE): <and WHY & your comments>” (as you would in your normal RSVP).
          LEXP6S:be sure to also answer the event’s special RSVP questions (which unfortunately you now won’t be able to see so hopefully you can guess):

          1. LEXENF: For the public questions (as What hours will you be there?) answer in that your Talk post. Then,
          2. LEXENV: For the private questions (as What’s your phone, email, real name?), in the event listing click on the 1st event host then click “Send email” and send your answers privately.
      1. LEXELH: Aim to have every meet-up succeed even if the event listers aren’t there or can’t be found.
        1. LEXEMI: Volunteer to host! Post “I’LL HELP HOST! Find me there….” and ideally include your cell # in your post (if you format your cell 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX it will be hidden from non-members, and after the event you can delete that post to hide your cell #).
        2. LEXEM0: Before leaving, take a careful look at or bring a printout of the “Attending” list (ideally for yours & every listing of the event) to help you find everyone.
        3. At the event, help find & gather attendees (as members of your group(s)).
      2. On your smartphone (as Android or iOS or any phone with a web browser), sign into Meetup and go to the listing(s) for the present event and click “check-in” button (which should display for the about 1st hour before & after the start time) and write a comment saying (1) what other attendees you see there (a count & names for those you know) and (2) where you are (if you are having trouble finding attendees or imagine anyone could be). “check-in” significantly helps organizers keep accurate attendance records, plus tells others (including those remote, maybe trying to find the event or thinking of coming or wondering how it went) the real arrival happenings.

        Sadly around 2011.01 Meetup needlessly disabled “check-in” from a desktop/laptop computer, so it seems you can only use a mobile-phone or web browser which can trick Meetup into thinking it’s a mobile phone.
      3. .
    3. LEXEPI: Questions? Relevant news? Situations? Table Reservations? –-regarding any Meetup event listing.

      Just post on the event listing

      in your RSVP comment if relevant to just your particular attendance
      in the event comments at the bottom of the event listing if relevant to the event beyond your particular attendance.


      Every RSVP change including comment is immediately emailed to all event hosts (unless they turn this off, which they shouldn’t)
      Every event-comment is immediately emailed out all attendees RSVPed YES or MAYBE (and it seems to event hosts), but only to these people.
      The an event comment & RSVP comment can easily deleted permanently (other than that which was emailed out), but only by the creator and unfortunately by any group Organizer.
      Unlike event comments, your prior RSVP comment & answers aren’t saved (prior values lost when you change them) so you’d want to just add to them whenever possible.
  2. LEXLUV: Intermediate level

    1. LEXEO9: Communicate ideally –see this
      Because its’ so important it’s now moved to it’s own post: (Communicating in the Best Location), especially with Meetup.com)LRBF47
    2. LEXEK4: Please carpool.–It’s Green, helps u learn where attendees are, & often makes real friends.
      1. LEXEKF: On the event page, include in ur RSVP comment else a Talk post “CARPOOL/RIDESHARE ANYONE? I’m in S.OC(Laguna Hills) El Toro&Paseo Starbucks & can give or take a ride.” tailored to fit.
      2. LEXEKV: Find & set up rides w/ ur carpool buddies. Periodically search the event page(s) (click the Venue to see re-posting) for all potential attendees (as RSVPing YES/MAYBE) where your route and their route (their profile gives their city) do/could intersect reasonably (start by page-Search (Ctrl-F) for the words “Ride”, “Car”,& “Share”, then consider every potential attendee; if their departure location isn’t displayed, their Meetup profile gives their city), and post a Talk “James & Ben, the Starbucks at El Toro & Paseo in Laguna Hills seems a good mtg location for us to carpool, and I cd be stopping there at ~5:30pm. Wanna carpool? What time to meet?”. If u see those contacting you, post a similar Talk reply.
      3. LEXEL8: If a carpool is arranged, insure ur carpool buddies have ur cell # (Meet up’s Send Email can privately send stuff) else post “I’ll be watching & replying to my Meetup email then (via my smartphone)”.
    3. .

  3. LGBEOM: Some section history (in order)

    1. LGBEPX: ~1yr ago when first written, this was an inline section Standard Meetup event directives L9BEZJ of my eBook, hand-coded there in BBCode so that it could & was copied to the end of Meetup event listings.
      1. LGBEGA: This was originally copied from Standard Meetup event directives L9BEZJ
      2. But since that made event listings increasingly long,
    2. LGBEVJ: : In http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid (which is world-readable), I created the thread “Etiquette & Things-To-Know when RSVPing to any Meetup Event LEVV22” in which I made it 2 posts, beginner & intermediate;
      1. LGBFI3: This enabled an event listing to simply reference this post, dramatically reducing their size.
      2. LGBFIZ: However the sources I still maintained in BBCode and at (or at least should have been synced with inline section Standard Meetup event directives L9BEZJ of my eBook), so added this preface post
        Posted Jan 11, 2011 4:17 PM Unread

        Group Organizer
        Laguna Hills, CA
        Post #: 197
        Send an Email Post a Greeting

        LEXIS0: My next post below I copy from our guidelines: Universal Rules & Guidelines for Meetup.com L2PG1L whenever it’s updated there. Consequently

        1. LEXISD: See it’s update date to insure you’ve read the most recent version.
        2. LEXISY: it applies to Meetup events of potentially any well-run group.
          (LEXIT7: ASIDE for organizers: So I will eventually make it say a http://LoveRules.Info… article; but in the meantime posting it here makes it easier for group members to comment on it.)
        3. LEXITQ: it is mentioned in the Meetup event listing at the bottom. See for example this week’s meeting.
          (LEXIU1: ASIDE for organizers: Before this it has been included inline to insure that everyone looks at it, but now is just a link-to-here in the event listing (starting with this week’s meeting), as the former (1) creates a huge event listing which is a turn off probably even to first time viewers which is seemingly always hard to take in, (2) creates unnecessarily large Meetup-auto-event email as these details need not be included there as aren’t important until the person is actually RSVPing which is done on the website, (3) harder to update (all upcoming events have to be updated if source is updated)

        plus maintaining sources in BBCode & there was pain, plus still suffered from the problem the eBook’s section was largely unreadable.

    3. LGBFNJ: Today (2011.02.08) moved this thread to here http://2.loverules.info/140
      1. LGBGHW: The move I did by, in Firefox, copying the source and pasting into WordPress; I will redirect preface to the source and may later delete the content there.
      2. LGBGJQ: into WordPress, so featuring HTML instead of BBCode, WYSIWYG, embedded ads soon, world commenting, plus its own section (rather than embedding inline in the eBook)
      3. LGBFRF:Immediate work remaining includes:
        1. LGBFSF: Updating all links to point to here
        2. LGBFT2: Replacing inline section Standard Meetup event directives L9BEZJ of my eBook to be a link to here, insuring that any updates to that are carried over here
        3. LGBG5L: Conversion of IDs back to real anchors.
    4. LH5KOK:Restored the corrupted IDs (matching regex {[0-9A-Z]^6}\:) back to actual anchors (so one can link to individual entries here, as I need to do now).
      1. LH5KP9:regexp replace KM37RH_LCRSE7\KEUBLL(html_)\Restore_Id_auto_LH5KP9.fpq : create it
        1. LH5L48: Run it here: it does 42 replacements, almost all of them.
      2. LH5L4R:regexp replace KM37RH_LCRSE7\KEUBLL(html_)\Restore_Id_manual_LH5L4R.fpq: create it.
        1. LH5LC5:To insure no spurious replacements, should be run:
          1. LH5LC5: with “Match case” on.
          2. LH5LAL: manually
        2. LH5LE6: Since it’s manual, should be run after prior one.
        3. LH5LFB: Ran it here and it did the about 5 remaining fixes.
      3. LH5LHL: all of them fixed.
    5. done at time of child IDs:

      1. LHQ4FM: Internally replaced some of the “<ul type=”1″>” (from Meetup HTML) to “<ol>”.
      2. LHQ4GZ: Renamed [title][Etiquette & Things-To-Know when RSVPing to any Meetup Event LEVV22][On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing LEVV22] which is more accurate (including broader) as this already does cover more on Meetup than RSVPing.
      3. LHQ5VY: Labeled & updated Say why you’re coming or not to include the fact that Meetup removes the option to say MAYBE plus Meetup won’t allow one to say & ask why if RSVPing NO.
      4. LHQ9GJ: Put document into an outline format with section headings.
      5. Created cache file 140[Etiquette_on_Meetup]_LHPVF1.htm for my editing.
    6. LHQB2R:more updates
      1. LHQAWL: Remove all attributes of ul-tag (there’s also “<ul class=”fakeOL”>”) and replace ul-tag with ol-tag, else likely the indent won’t be minimized by the site CSS.
      2. LHQCSL: Considerably added to this Why?.
    7. Notable rewrites & additions plus Communicate ideally made its own post.
    8. MEDUTX:To possibly reference in my NO RSVP here, added MEDUG0, referencing original wording; a few small improvements.

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