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  8 Responses to “FoxFi Software’s FoxFi”

  1. ~8 days ago, I tested on a my Samsung Exhibit II with T-Mobile pre-paid : wifi worked great! Bluetooth wouldn’t pair but I don’t know if I was doing it right.

  2. On ~Sunday, Lucy tested on Motorola Triumph Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) : turning on wifi hotspot immediately crashed phone. Not sure what Bluethooth did.

  3. On Monday’s OCAndroid Developers Meetup 44 , leader Kathryn probably tested on her T-Mobile MyTouch. I don’t recall results.

  4. On Monday’s OCAndroid Developers Meetup 44 , new attendee Anthony tested on his HTC Android. Wifi worked fine! Didn’t test Bluetooth.

  5. Now tested on Joan’s (Virgin Mobile) with Android 2.2.1:
    **From host LYZI4K (a Dell Studio 1737 with Kubuntu 11.10)
    ***At 1st could not be seen. Renamed SSID from Android21 to Joan then fter ~20 min, SSID eventually appeared & worked
    ***usable; result q(
    Date IP Address Dwnload Upload Latency Server Dstance Share
    2012-03-22 10:49 PM GMT 0.14 Mb/s 0.28 Mb/s 251 ms Caldwell, KS ~ 50 mi)
    ***Gmail reading seemed okay
    ***Streaming audio specifically had skips initially then stopped.
    ***Streaming a video (this rather offputting one ) even at lowest quality 240p, would not play without interruptions every ~10 seconds, even on a subsequent video.
    **From host LittleIris (Win7 Netbook): works, result q(
    Date IP Address Dwnload Upload Latency Server Dstance Share
    2012-03-22 10:34 PM GMT 0.62 Mb/s 0.30 Mb/s 171 ms Wichita, KS ~ 50 mi Image)
    **BOTTOM LINE: Usable for text but not high-quality audio streaming or other streaming.
    *Bluetooth: untested

  6. Now trying (this=FoxFi) on my sis’s Samsung Fancinate SCH-I500 Android 2.1-update1 on Verizion. The phone only had Google Market, not Google Play, and it DIDN’T list FoxFi. However, I web browsed search and found it on which enables me to download; however, after signin to Google for that, the download reports “This item is not compatible with your device.”

    Of the about 12 people we’ve suggested to get FoxFi, none of them reported this block. Including 2 of 2 other attendees at OCAndroid meetings with Verizon: they WERE able to download FoxFi, but were both worried that Verizon would cause them costly trouble if they used it having heard Verizon doing such. (My advise if they did was just to drop Verizon and use the plan I’ve got with T-Mobile.) So it is plausable that Verizon has now started blocking the download of FoxFi.

  7. Using Joan’s Virgin Mobiles’s HTC One V running Android 4.0.3 and HTC Sense 4.0, we loaded FoxFi 1.95.3 (with Addon) whhich we downloaded a few days ago from Google Play Market, and attempted to create a wifi connection, IT’S NEVER WORKED. The software ran smoothly on the phone, and we activated “wife hotspot.” On two other smartphones, a Motorola Triumph and another HTC One V, a wifi source called “FoxFi13” appeared and the phones searched for IP address, but never got past that point, never “connected.” The only message displayed was “searching for IP address”. So we tried it on a PC running Windows 7 Home and it said “Connected”. Then when we tried to browse a webpage, we got “Limited access” and when we looked at “network status/details”, it said “Autoconfiguration IPv4:” and we take the “169” to mean that Windows couldn’t get an IP, so just manually assigned one. Therefore, we couldn’t browse the web on the PC or the other smartphones using FoxFi.


    • Just now, I let FoxFi know via their form completed:
      *Trial Version
      *Phone Info: Virgin Mobile, Other, ICS (4.0)
      *Category: Wifi Mode is not working
      *Issue: Wife Hotspot is visible but computer fails to acquire IP address
      *Details: Please see full description of my issue and reply there, if possible, otherwise via email. Thanks.

      Response Message: Your issue/question has been received! Your ticket number is: 271290. Please do not make duplicated submissions unless you have more updates. FoxFi may not work on some phone models or Android systems, as a result we may not be able to respond to your help requests if we do not have a solution for your issue. We sincerely appologize for that.