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  1. LGQKHZ: As  of 2008, an open standard.
  2. LGQKMG: As far as converting existing paper documents to electronic form (as by scanning & OCR)
    1. LGQKJ3: (PDF) appears to be the leading format (for imaged/scanned paper, especially OCRed).
      1. LGQKLX: I do note EverNote seems to be making popular OCRed documents (Evernote notes) which are typically not PDF.
  3. LGR8IT: (PDF) Metadata

    1. LGQORC: Two types; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Document_Format#Metadata has a summary.
    2. LGQKP4: (PDF) Document Information Dictionary aka Properties

      1. LGQS71: http://pdf.editme.com/pdfua-docinfodictionary has the formal definition.
      2. LGQKPX: See PDF Info software displays & edits.
      3. LGQKS4: Windows (at least version 7) Explorer’s file Properties has a tab “PDF” which displays several properties (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Created, Modified, Application, PDF Producer, Fast Web View, PDF Version); none of them are editable.
      4. LGQL97: Properties pre-defined include
        1. LGQLB6: Title
        2. LGQLBB: Author
        3. LGQLBI: Subject
        4. LGQLBN: Keywords (search links to here for uses)
        5. LGQLBU: Created
        6. LGQLC1: Modified
        7. LGQLC8: Application
        8. LGQLCG: PDF Producer
        9. LGQLCM: Fast Web View
        10. LGQLCS: PDF Version
        11. LGQS8Y: additional ones at http://pdf.editme.com/pdfua-docinfodictionary
      5. .
    3. LGR8R0: Metadata Streams

      1. .
    4. LGR9GS: See (organizing via) PDF metadata
  4. LGR1M7: category[PDF LGR1M7] –use this ID

    1. LGR1O5: create http://2.LoveRules.Info/category of this.
  5. LGR1RA: end of on PDF.