Feb 182011
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LGT7H9: :

  1. LGT7I8: an electronic “file/folder” aka “filedirs” signifies an electronic file or folder (it could be either).
  2. LGT7LW: Often times it’s conceptually powerful to in many ways treat these the same.
    1. LGT7NA: For instance, many properties as “size” & “author(s)” & “owner(s)” apply to both
    2. LGT80Y: In addition, under the hood, most file systems (as unix, & NTFS, FAT32) treat a folder as just another type of file.
    3. LGT7PG: In Version Control Systems, some modern version control systems (as Subversion & Bazaar) track both file & folder moves (& perhaps changes) similarly arguing this is better (as Bazaar can propagate merge changes even if another person has moved things) wheras others don’t (git follows only file moves (when it can) and not at all folders, arguing it’s not necessary).
    4. LGT7YB: My inclination & preference is don’t treat something separately unless you have real reason not to, and in many cases with file vs. folder this is not the case else should not be the case.
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