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Stuart Zahn presents how to “Write once and deploy to  many mobile platforms via PhoneGap”

Learn how to use HTML5, Javascript and PhoneGap to publish Android apps

Any questions and comments are welcomed.

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  1. Stuart will be 1st presenting this at OCAndroid Developers Meetup #45 currently scheduled for “Monday, March 26, 2012, 7:00 PM”.
    He & I first came up with this when 1 first met him on Tue ~8pm at .

    • Really great talk!
      *As I wrote in my review of that event, “Stuart came thru w/a great,short, technically-impressive, &very useful talk! -&pulled it off even tho he didn’t have the right vid connector 4his Mac” so was, in minutes, able to move his presentation, both sides & Eclipse code, over to Bill’s Windows laptop -also impressive.
      *Wonderful material of this talk, including:
      *Stuart demoed an impressive-looking app he had developed, virtually entirely in JS, which navigated & displayed his father’s training video series.
      **Stuart, please include the URL here!
      *I learned from Stuart that it seems just by including one *.js file in one’s HTML page page and simply making a trivial native app to launch the HTML page, one can can have an app which has seemingly most all native capabilities, including device positioning (not just GPS, but angle & tilt in 3D) to do apps as fancy as Google Sky Maps.
      *Stuart only thought that the graphics might be a little slower, but I mentioned that SVG should be able to do even things as Google Sky Maps pretty quick.
      *Stuart, please be sure to buy a converter for your Mac laptop that has an female output for HDMI else VGA so you can display your Mac on standard large screens. To save the most money, order on else the local Best Buy carries them.
      *The talk had an nice set of power-point like slides.
      **These were so nice that without someone saying so I was a tad fearful it might scare off other presenters, as upcoming presenter Raul, to think they have to do these slides, too, “to keep up with the Joneses”. No, some presentation is almost always a not better than none, slides are a great extra, but not a requirement.
      **Stuart yesterday told me he prepared this fine talk in respond to our & my last week request! Thanks, Stuart! I had no idea until you presented you had done so much prep work for us, thanks!
      **Stuart, please upload your slides here (on this page). You said yesterday you weren’t ready to do so, I guess because they were not pretty enough. No, the looked fine! And if you’re worried you won’t be able to update your slides after you uploaded them, absolutely not. I will insure you can update your slides even after you’ve uploaded them.
      *The talk was so good that I recommended Stuart present it again at our meetup series for the many of our members which missed it, and Stuart agreed (see comment below)

  2. The talk was so good (see prior comment) that Stuart will be presenting this talk a 2nd time (and maybe more) in OCAndroid Developers Series), currently starting at our OCAndroid Developers Meetup 47 scheduled “Monday, April 9, 2012, 7:00 PM”, so RSVP!

  3. Intro to PhoneGap – How to Develop Single-Page, Mobile Web Applications.
    Presentation can be found here: