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LH47F8(LT2MOD last mod=2011.12.02(Fri)pst1201) (LT2VER version 1.1) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM=

(SCALE9=Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo 9th annual) _ listing http://1.JotHere.com/LH47F8)

  1. LH47QZ: From the official website http://SoCalLinuxExpo.Org/scale9x

    1. LH9SN4: It has most the details below but, in certain key questions, is a bit cryptic or does a poor job in gathering & summarizing key stuff (what, where, when, & how much), so
      here’s my synopsis, from the most essential to increasing detail:
    2. LH48SM: WHEN: 2011.02.25(Fri)0900-27(Sun)1600;

      1. LH6EFQ: one can come for as little as one wants and in certain situations get charged less.
    3. LH49BF: Where: at Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel, with rooms for $109/nite.

      1. LH575I: This housing cost is too expensive for me unless say I were to split a room with 4 people total; anyone interested in that?
    4. LH49AU: Registration Cost

      1. LH87DV:
        Ticket Provides access to Days Price (increasing)
        SCALE 9X Exhibit Hall Only Ticket Exhibit Hall and Try It Labs.” Fri? Sat,Sun. $10.00
        SCALE 9X Exhibit Hall + OSSIE ticket (prior I would guess) plus OSSIE Fri? Sat,Sun. $15.00
        ?? “a specific friday event” Fri ???
        SCALE 9x Full Access Pass Exhibit Hall, all Saturday / Sunday speaker tracks, and evening events.” Fri,Sat,Sun $70.00

        If you have a promo code, enter it here:

        . Students and School Faculty may use STDNT to get 50% off; please have a valid school ID with you during SCALE checkin on the day of the event.

        says Registration but with me: adding hyperlinks (so one knows what is referred to), resorting by increasing price, ad adding essential columns “Provides access to” and “Days”

      2. LHA5GU: It is unfortunate & desirable that one can’t just pay for by the day, or possibly by the event (say $30 for 1 day and $70 for 3). Even if money were no object, many people can’t afford the time to do 3 days, or even all day. I for one can only afford the time to do 1 day (given that, as you can see from this document, it’s already cost a day sorting out & sharing the details of this expo!).
      3. LH87FG: Q:”could I get any discounton the registration (that on the $70)?”
        1. LHA3YS:It appears any exhibitor can get 10 (or possibly more) people in free.
          1. LHA3N5: A: “.. If you could do an hour or two, that likely would help. That help just entails staffing the table and answering any questions from those visiting. We don’t have anything formal setup in terms of presentation. But, yes, I do have a volunteer code.” says an exhibiter.
          2. LHA3NQ: Seemingly every exhibiter is given complete-<Exhibitor Name/>-exhihitor-kit.pdf which says (for a smallest exhibitor)

            Your exhibitor package includes 10 full conference passes. Your badges will contain name, title, and organization. In addition the badges are bar coded and will include e- mail, phone and postal addresses. Your group will be able to use this special coupon
            code, <a 10-digit code/> to register yourselves for the show. Instructions on how to use the code are included in this packet..

          3. LHA410: To use this code, you do NOT do what the website would suggest, you do NOT enter the code in where the website asks “promo code” in “Step 1 of 7” in its registration. Instead you leave that blank and proceed as if you’re going to pay full price all the way to “Step 7 of 7” where it’s about to direct you to Paypal Payflow to pay or enter a code to redeem: enter & redeem it there & it seems you will get registered for free.
    5. LH55PZ: WHAT:

      1. LH9EJZ: Status updates

        1. LH9EKH: Official(?) event tag: live #scale9x tweets is lively.

        2. LH9IUV: Official account: http://twitter.com/SoCalLinuxExpo

      2. LH6EB1: Summary:

        The premier Open Source conference in the U.S., now in its 9th year, will have content for everyone! If you’re looking to learn, you can choose talks from the developer’s track, the new sysadmin track, the beginner track, or the general interest track.
        *  80+ Exhibitors  *  60+ Presenters / Speakers  *  6 Special Events  *

        –says OCPHP and OC DRUPAL @ SCALE

      3. LH55XO: table of events

        ID LH56XC: LH56XL: LH56XS: LH56XY: LH56Y5: LH6BHM: LH6BIP:
        name Parent When Where Further Details Cost my interest
        LH55QC: Exhibit Hall SCALE9 Sat,Sun ?? featuring exhibitors $10 Med
        LH567T: Try It Labs SCALE9 Sometime between Fri-Sun ?? ?? Only mentioned in Registration Cost. ?
        LH55UK: evening events SCALE9 evening. Which? ?? ?? UpSCALE (Fri)2000-?
        Conference Reception and Weakest Geek (Sat)1930-?
        LH48WI: special events (SE) SCALE9 Fri-Sun, SE schedule says exactly SE schedule says list ; “special events” would be better called “sessions” Low to Med
        LH56Q9: speaker tracks SE see details see details The special events featuring speakers?? Low to Med
        some notable sub-events of: SE
        LH48FZ: Ubucon SE (Fri)0800-1730 per SE schedule “in the Los Angeles A room” Ubuntu conference Med-Low
        LH56JK: OSSIE SE Sat per SE schedule “the Open Source Software In Education (OSSIE) track” also mentioned here Very Low
        LH6BBY: Build an Open-Source Cloud Day SE Fri0900- Carmel room Build an Open Source Cloud Day -> “Build a Cloud Day” Free Medium
        LH6CKA: SE Fri1000-1hr Century A room Advanced Analytics with PL/R (PostgreSQL) charge med-low
        LH6CPH: Migrate to cloud SE Fri1100-1hr Cloud is not just for greenfield Applications charge med
        LH86FW: OLPC & Sugar SE Sat1130-1hr LA C OLPC and Sugar Invite You To Come Play With Us!
        LH6CV8: Membase SE Sat1500-1hr Membase charge Med-high
        LH6D69: Linux as a HTPC SE Sat1800-1hr Century CD Linux as a HTPC charge Med
        LH6D49: Moodle GIFT SE Sat1800-1hr LA C Moodle GIFT Question Format charge Med-low
        LH6DGC: cloud via Ubuntu (keynote by CEO) SE Sun1000-1hr La Jolla Cloud for Human Beings
        LH6DIR: New in MySQL 5.5 Sun1130-1hr Carmel What’s New in MySQL 5.5 charge Med-low
        LH6DQW: To be continued
  2. LH755A: Promotion

    1. LH756V: (Promotion) for (each specialty)

      (an incomplete list, and roughly from most to least interested)

      1. LH79VK: for computer administrators, especially Unix

        1. LH79W1: Why go? Very high motivation.  Most of this seems geared towards administrators, especially high end, as cloud computing, especially Unix.
      2. LH758A: for VMware specialists

        1. LH758S: Why go? here will be a lot on open-source cloud computing & virtualization, including complete solutions as Build an Open-Source Cloud Day, today thru Sunday (big-scale virtualization on all days). No that’s not VMware (the leading proprietary software) but it IS what VMware is apparently worried about (indeed what one gets 1st when with Google Search[hypervisor comparison VMware]) as I read open-source products as Xen are used to run substantial cloud computing providers as Rackspace, more over Rackspace is remarkably open about it, too: as they too, are presenting, teaching other hosting companies how to do the same, and apparently do it with all Free Open-Source Software). I guess it’s no surprise: the majority of web host are on Linux as LAMP so are very used to getting their software for free, and now everyone’s going cloud, they would then be quite motivated to keeping their software free, so my guess is VMware’s days are numbered.  So anyone specializing in VMware would seem wise to keep an eye out on this leading competition, to either adapt the practices or be read to jump-ship.
        2. LH79KA:Who I told?
          1. LH79KO: My brother-in-law who has in the last couple years become a VMware specialist.
      3. LH79JQ: for open-source-mostly programmers (as programmers of PHP, Perl, Python, Android, iOS, etc)

        1. LH79MV: Why go?  The motivation doesn’t seem as high as the motivation for VMware specialists and for computer administrators, especially Unixand much of the programming seems introductory, however most open-source programming is on Unix and there are a scattering of more advanced programming issues, including:
          1. LH7A9C: Hopefully some on cloud programming (not just administration).
          2. LH7ABY: some advanced sessions on Perl.
          3. LH7ABQ: Membase & New in MySQL 5.5
          4. LH7ACY: On Saturday, a whole 1-day series on PostgreSQL.
        2. LH8023:Where posted?
          1. LH80M3: For http://Meetup.com/OC-PHP
            1. LH81Z8: (On OC-PHP) I can’t schedule a Day 2 & Day 3 as say I did for OCPerl as this feature (for ordinary members to suggest & schedule events) has unfortunately been turned off on OC-PHP, ostensibly by the head organizer. To fix this for me & others, on in http://meetup.com/OC-PHP/manage/settings/basic select “Member suggests them”; else make me an organizer. Thanks.
            2. LH9EN3: Thanks to the group organizer William,
              1. LH80NV: OCPHP and OC DRUPAL @ SCALE (he posted this discussion)
              2. LH9ES8: the group has booth 77 at the event (Saturday only),
              3. LH9ET6: http://twitter.com/ocphp (put up by ) features several announcements during the event.
            3. LH9TAZ: I post greet the group organizer William‘s profile (which now really just goes to his main Meetup profile) a repeat (but now with more reasoning) on the SMS I sent him a few hours ago:
              “ On http://Meetup.com/OC-PHP & http://Meetup.com/OCDrupal it’s still not2 late2 properly-list (as a 1day event) #scale9x (9th SoCAl Linux Expo http://2.loverules.info/262#LH47F8 ) today’s Day3, as I did Day2+3 on 3other Meetup grps: see http://2.loverules.info/262#LH828M -good? As u hv a booth for these groups@the expo, I no see why u wdnt list this expo(&the booth) as a proper grp event –Even w/ 0 notice, it seems if the group is being represented, the gp sd be able2 calendar &post Talk & RSVP. ”
              —… (Feb 27, 2011 2:12 AM)
            4. LHA8SX:Not hearing back from William and the new session will start in as little as 1 hr, I email the group the email mailing lists:
              1. LHABO5: of OC-PHP (the post I made) and
              2. LHABS6: of OCDrupal at “Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 8:30 AM” but it hasn’t appeared on the OCDrupal message list, perhaps there it requires approval.
          2. LH802B: For http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid:
            1. LH81U6: Day 2 and
            2. LH81UI: Day 3 (copied from Day 2 & just replacing “2” for “3)
          3. LH80WI: #LH80WI: For http://Meetup.com/OCPerl:
            1. LH81UU: Day 2 (copied from Android Day 2 but adding “which includes a number of Perl sessions” and putting “This page’s short-URL: TBA” and making my RSVP be
              “Please email me your cell # so we can find each other. For my latest plans, see http://2.loverules.info/262#LH7TAW . I’m in Laguna Hills (S. OC) and would love to carpool.”
            2. LH81V2: Day 3 copied from OCAndroid Day 3 with similar adjustments.
          4. LH82KW: http://Meetup.com/iPhone-iPod-Users-Developers-Mixup-Group
            1. LH82OU: Day 2 copied from Android Day 2 but used “Why would an iOS (iPhone/iPad) developer be interested? See (for open-source-mostly programmers http://2.loverules.info/262#LH79JQ ).” and it said “2 more RSVPs until… this Meetup is announced to the Group”
            2. LH82ZO: Day 3 copied from OCAndroid Day 3 with similar adjustments.
            3. LH83GL: Post to top organizers :

              Dear 1st 5 grp ogzrs Linus, Carl Rempel, Dylan B, Franklin Wolfson,Joanna Skrdlant:
              I jst posted 2 events mbrs shd like: SCALE9 http://meetu.ps/GlHw TODAY + http://meetu.ps/GlMc tomorrow -but got “2 more RSVPs until.. announced” -not enough time.
              (1) Pls announce these.
              (2) Esp since I also got this on last evt I shared (SoCalCodeCamp, where mbrs went), consider cut this limit: in http://meetup.com/iPhone-iPod-Users-Developers-Mixup-Group/manage/settings/basic set “Member suggests them”.

              1. LH84IW: Originally sent the first ~3 to  Linus, CarbonCanyon, Carl Rempel, Dylan B, Franklin Wolfson: but  CarbonCanyond doesn’t accept greets & emails so changed to as above.
      4. LH7AL4: for open-source CMS developers (WordPress, Drupal, etc)

        1. LH7AMF: Why go? Motivation seems medium low.  These are built with PHP or some other open-source language, so if you’ve gotten as far as coding, see for open-source-mostly programmers.  Also it’s interesting to note that the official website uses Drupal at least for its SE schedule.
        2. LH82LD:Where posted?
          1. LH80OW: To http://Meetup.com/OCDrupal:
            1. LH80TK: OC DRUPAL and OCPHP @ SCALE
            2. LH828M: (On OCDrupal) I can’t schedule Day 2 & Day 3: as (On OC-PHP) I can’t schedule a Day 2 & Day 3 I can’t do it here, either; same situation & same head organizer. To fix this for me & others, on in http://meetup.com/OCDrupal/manage/settings/basic select “Member suggests them”; else make me an organizer. Thanks.
            3. LHACHK: See also additional detail on OCDrupal under OC-PHP as Thanks
  3. LH6BZ4: My interest & involvement (only if one is curious)

    1. LH6EJ7:I’m increasingly involved in open source, plus indeed moving my own PCs from Windows to Linux as quick as I can, but specifically I’m involved programming (including version control used for that) plus WordPress, and  not all but , plus not directly what I’m doing now, so my interest is med-low.
      1. LH6EXP: My only immediate open-source sys admin Q right now is what hypervisor to pick –for my simple needs: for my desktop & laptop computers (where I run Win7 but would like to start running Linux), I need to pick a hypervisor soon and would love one with cloud-computing expansion and ideally open-source.  But there are overwhelming choices on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_platform_virtual_machines. So limiting that, I certainly would prefer one which would run well on older hardware (which I guess may not have an Intel VT-x (Vanderpool) or AMD-V (Pacifica)-capable CPU as Xen and others require), but then that seems to limit to non-open source VMware (as VMware Player), no?
    2. LH6C89: I read the special events schedule carefully to keep abreast of what’s the latest thing. It seems the biggest range in open-source now is cloud computing via open source, what even the keynote is on (using Ubuntu).
    3. LH6BXM:Events that interest me:
      1. LH6C0C: See column my interest.
    4. LH7TAW: My plans (for SCALE9) -see here for latest updates)

      1. LH6C4N: I think I will just go 1 to 2 days, starting Sat. I may just do exhibits for $10, but might go for the classes but at $70 quite a bit more, esp when almost none of events strongly interest me . I don’t see how I could go Fri as I found out about this too late:  it’s now Fri 6am now (and I need some sleep!).
      2. LH88KU: Currently I’m planning to arrive ~(Sat)noon and go to the events in column my interest , stay the night (hopefully find someone to split rooms with else just crash in the car) then do the Sunday events I guess to close, and on the breaks go to exhibits plus on Sat afternoon help out OC-PHP man their table if they still need me, hopefully also getting me a discount on the $70 registration. I will bring my car because it’s great for sleeping but I’m coming from Laguna Hills and I could give a ride to someone there and/or back.
      3. LH8TOI: I’ve stayed to about 7am the last two nights in a row to do this needed organization of the SCALE9 summary (as complex as it is, listing it in its original format is just too upsetting) plus share it on Meetup a several meeting groups, as individual events, as it would properly need to be listed (and as I promised my own group, OCAndroid, I would do); and this site I’m writing & sharing the details on (2.LoveRules.Info, in WordPress), is already a ton more powerful the BBCode I’d have to use in Meetup but is brand new (this conference happening is premature for it) and doesn’t yet have all the bugs worked out.  As a consequence I didn’t get to sleep until then, working so hard, so didn’t wake until now (~1:10pm).  Also the OC-PHP organizer emailed he’d email me the volunteer code but I haven’t yet gotten it (nor his cell#), so I sent him a reminder plus this and more news on my plans –see that, too.

LH6BUR: Section on SCALE9 (9th Annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo) end.

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