Mar 252012

Version 0.7

  1. Title: Terms-Of-Service
  2. M1F0YU: Definition:
    1. M1H82W:  Let “the company” refer to, which is based in Lake Forest, CA, USA.
    2. M1H7X7: Every user of the company’s website must agree to all the following terms (points listed from least obvious):
      1. M1PM2S: Money involved
        1. M1HDNKThis site is essentially free, meaning there is no charge to use the site to read, post, and have an account, except for eventual additional pay-to-access content.
        2. M1PM70: This site aims to pay its content authors over 50% of the profit generated from its content.
        3. M1PM3U: This site aims to bring in money via relevant embedded-advertising and eventually via certain pay-to-access content.
        4. M1HDQC: There are no plans to change this. and any plan would be announced with at least 45 days notice.
      2. M1HD8C: On identities & user-accounts/logins:
        1. M1HDG0: What elements are changeable & how. Due to standard latest WordPress,
          1. M1HDJP: Usernames are not changeable at this point
          2. M1HDGR: All other aspects (email, display name, password, etc) can be freely changed by the user at any time.
        2. M1HAIDEvery user account/login must be under the control of a human being (NOT a machine,  as an auto-commenting/posting bot), only 1, and always the same 1 (so user account/logins are not transferable).
        3. M1HAJUOne can have up to 10 user accounts/logins.
          1. M1HBAM: More than 1 is specifically allowed here to give the account holder needed privacy via pseudonymity in order to:
            1. M1HBTBconstructively speak the whole truth & nothing but the truth (most notably, without undue revenge, nor abuse of unrelated personal info, nor other invasion of privacy).
            2. M1HBTT: No other use is authorized at this time.
        4. M1HAOE: No identity theft: specifically, unless obviously fake, no account/login can be used to appear-as any identity/character other than its owner or other identities/characters its owner owns.
      3. M1F10H: On putting & keeping content here:
        1. M1H821all content must not (exist elsewhere with similar utility) unless (merely a reference within some statement meaningfully involving it)
        2. M1HFKS:  Comments are threaded, which is very usefulHow to use this feature.
        3. M1HF26:  If a user has personally met a site administrator, the administrator generally makes that user an Author; everyone else, see /809#LYHMOZ.
        4. M1HESN: (for Subscribers & Contributors,) do not have/submit more than 3 pending comments & 3 pending posts at any time
          1. M1HETL: Recent violators of this for posts, likely SEO spam-bots.
        5. M1HE3O: Try to keep every post & comment no more than say 1000 words.  Favor many short linked posts/comments rather than 1 long one.  Many reasons for this, benefiting both humans & computers.
        6. M1HC6C: All content which can be version-ed is, meaning its contents is kept for every time it was saved.
          1. M1HCK0: Presently only the latest version of content is directed for index into search engines.
          2. M1HDY4: If using the supplied editor, content auto-saves about every 1 minute making sure the latest version is not lost in the event of any crash.
          3. M1HE0D: To save space on our servers, explicitly-save only whenever a truly meaningful draft is complete, ideally no more than once every ~15 minutes.
        7. M1HC1S: Permanently deleting any prior content is not allowed except by site administrators.
          1. M1HCCV: To effectively remove content you are authorized to remove, simply remove it from the present version then save.
          2. M1HCEG: To effectively remove a post, comment, or page which you’re authorized to so change, do NOT delete it; rather replace its contents with its new location (or, if none, with why it’s content was removed) then save.
          3. M1HCGB: If you really need to permanently remove some content, ask a site administrator to do so along with why and your request will be considered
      4. M1HD0I: Every user’s use:
        1. M1H8IQ: must not overload the company’s servers for this website.
        2. M1H7Y6: must not violate any laws of the governmental organizations within which the company operates.
      5. M1PLXD: These terms are subject to change without notice unless otherwise indicated.
      6. M1H7W3: More terms to be added.
  3. M1F12B: Some consequences:
  4. M1F0UM: Additional document history, in order
    1. M1F0VY: Assigned new fresh ID  M1F0VZ