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  1. Subject: rolling the OCAndroid Users Meetups into the OCAndroid Developers Meetups
  2. the OCAndroid Users Meetups
    1. as next one
    2. these I’ve been holding on 2nd Tuesday 7pm at a nearby Panera Bread.

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  1. I was glad that at the March 26 Developers’ Meetup, we worked out a plan for folding the monthly Users’ Meetup into one of the weekly Developers’ meetings. Even though the monthly Users Meetups we have held this winter at Panera Bread near South Coast Plaza have generated interesting discussions, turnout has been small and has often included “regulars” from the Developers’ meetings. These are people who definitely don’t need to learn how to use a smartphone (something beginning users sometimes DO need) — but they are interested in learning more about HOW people use smartphones, as well as in getting new ideas for their own phone use — and for new apps they might develop.

    At the March 26 meeting, Chris suggested holding a breakout session as part of a regular meeting for any users who want to discuss subjects like how to get the best use out of your smartphone, best phones and plans to purchase, favorite apps, how to tether a smartphone, how to create a wifi hotspot, how and why to root a smartphone, etc. The plan is to extend a special invitation to users to attend the last meeting of the month, usually on the fourth Monday, and as the Users Meetup organizer, I will make a point of being there for a breakout session if one is needed. LOOKING FORWARD TO TI!!

    • This causes the series name to change. Specifically as soon as (the first definite joint meeting, so today’s user-focus meeting),the name of the meeting series needs to change:
      *fr “OCAndroid Developers Meetup”
      *to something which clearly includes both developers AND users. Possibilities:
      **”OCAndroid Developer&User Meetup”
      **”OCAndroid Developer+User Meetup”
      **”OCAndroid Developers+Users Meetup”
      **”OCAndroid Developers&Users Meetup”
      **”OCAndroid Classic Meetup”
      **”OCAndroid Standard Meetup”
      **”OCAndroid Main Meetup”
      ***Totally clear
      ***so I pick this one.

    • Starting with the merge, future meetings are renumbered to combine the prior counts.
      Since this new topic combines the meetings of the old topic (specifically the Developer) plus Users, this logically renumbers future meetings under the new combined topic-so-name.
      *Specifically today’s upcoming Meeting would be Developers Meetup #50, but since we’re combining this with the up-to OCAndroid Users Meetup #4, we can now add those 4 into the count.
      *So now instance 50, 51, etc, become instance 54, 55, etc.

    • As a result, the target audience changes
      *fr this
      *to this

    • I am postponing indefinitely the old separate series starting with (#5 ) as my comment there details.

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