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  2. ONQUMT:  entry
  3. ONRA5U:  label
    1. ONRBK1:  size
      1. ONRBP2:  for humans
        1. ONRBK7:  for near-by identification
          1. ONRBKK:  ideally :ONRBKK
            1. ONRBNA:   around .5 x 2in to 3x5in
        2. ONRC1J:  for identification within ~20ft (as to identify athletes)
          1. ONRC1Q:  ideally
            1. ONRC1W:  around 10 x 8 inches
    2. ONRA63:  core is is 1 of:
      1. ONRA7Z:  printing
        1. ONRIZC:  with label qty per print-page of
          1. ONRIZX:  qty 1
          2. ONRJ03:  qty 2 or more
            1. ONRJ0F:  qty 6/pg :ONRJ0F
            2. ONRJAO:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRJAW:  in the common case of just wanting to print 1 where the rest of the page isn’t needed, wastes notable stock
        2. ONRIYW:  on material 1 of:
          1. ONRA6A:  paper
            1. ONRJ3X:  with weight 1 of:
              1. ONRJ4C:  paper stock :ONRJ4C
              2. ONRJ4K:  card-stock :ONRJ4K
          2. ONRA6F:  plastic
          3. ONRA6M:  metal
      2. ONRA87:  informational electronic screen
        1. ONRASA:  notable pros thru cons
          1. ONRAT4:  dynamically updatable
          2. ONRATG:  can do animation
            1. ONRAV7:  highly unique, including
              1. ONRAVI:  very techie
              2. ONRAW1:  highly attention-getting
          3. ONRAU1:  requires battery which lasts the whole session else swappable
          4. ONRASS:  by far most expensive each
            1. ONRAWN:  so practical likely only if be collected at participant leaving every participant leaving unless  ‘from member/participant personal :ONRAPM
        2. ONRKJG:  attachment
        3. ONRALA:  via display type 1 of
          1. ONRAMA:  LCD screen
            1. ONRAN4:  via device type 1 of:
              1. ONRANJ:  mobile OS device
                1. ONRAYS:  especially
                  1. ONRAZJ:  with a web browser
                  2. ONRAZH:  outdated so can minimize cost
                  3. ONRAZS:  Android to minimize cost
                2. ONRAR2:  physical format is 1 of, from most preferred
                  1. ONRARC:  smartphone :ONRARC
                    1. ONRBTH:  notable pros thru cons
                      1. ONRBTV:  size right near ‘ideally :ONRBKK
                      2. ONRBV6:  uniquely enables ‘primary that s/he carries with him/her :ONRBC2’ as most people carry one and just this type.
                    2. ONSHG7:  sample used for demo
                      1.  ONSHGQ:  ‘SN ..4143 :ONOXDT’(Samsung Intercept) :ONSHGQ
                        1. ONSIWX:  did a battery test: ~7.5hrs of continuous web browser display using a used battery, so enough for a full work day
                          1. ONSIY6:  set display time-out to longest: 30min. Still ~1/3rd of time it went off w/o my noticing & correcting.
                          2. ONSIZG:  total test time: ~12 hrs.
                      2. ONSHIY:  ‘SN ..1090(‘SKU SPHJ700AVB :OLV53X’) :OLV5AR
                      3. ONSIWJ:  ‘Joan’s(Samsung S3) :OD5JE4
                        1. ONT11I:  wearing pic 20170401_174127.jpg using mount ONRK1J
                    3. ONRK29:  attachment, from most preferred
                      1. ONSZ5S:  via neck hanger
                        1. ONRJX2:  ‘other :ONRKOC’; attaching cord to the back top of the smartphone from its top corners via, from most preferred –constructing
                          1. ONRK1J:   ‘2 ‘‘1 lb. 1-1/8 in. Clear Plastic Suction Cups with Hooks (4-Pack)OOK Model 54402’ UPC 049223544021 :ONQT1D’ :ONRK1J
                            1. ONRK1T:  notable pros thru cons

                              1. ONRK2Q:  the hooks can hang from 1 of, from most preferred:
                                1. ONRKDB:  a neck band/lace
                                  1. ONSHFD:  pic 20170331_194852.jpg
                                2. ONRKDB:  shirt or jacket pocket with firm lip
                                  1. ONSHD7:  pic 20170331_194610.jpg
                                3. ONRKE3:  T-shirt collar
                                  1. ONSHE9:  pic 20170331_194702.jpg
                              2. ONSH7A:  device can be fast removed & added to necklace w/o removing necklace: ~7 secs
                              3. ONRKEW:  to install & remove is fast: seconds
                              4. ONRKHK:  fully reusable when undone
                              5. ONSGVA:  due to cup being big, it must be inset just enough to avoid rear camera, then causing other side cup to be equivalently inset for for balance
                              6. ONSH1E:  surface needs to be cleaned {as using rubbing alcohol, cleaned, as from label/tape residue including ONSH0C} else cups will only hold ~1min
                              7. ONSGN2:  hooks could poke u and would likely be removed before pocketing the device
                              8. ONRKGE:  requires a smooth surface w/o holes, which is a problem in a few cases
                            2. ONT0X9:  example on (old & crowded) ‘‘SN ..4143 :ONOXDT’(Samsung Intercept) :ONSHGQ’ mounting/rear pic 20170331_195115.jpg
                          2. ONSG5F:  ‘packing tape :ONSG3X’ across back securing band with tape ends folded in to prevent from tape tearing
                            1. ONSGDH:  front view pic 20170331_090622.jpg
                            2. ONSGDP:  rear view pic 20170402_082956.jpg
                            3. ONSGFC:  notable pros thru cons
                              1. ONSGFO:  despite peeling at edges from pulling, looks like it would last ~1 day of heavy use
                              2. ONSGH9:  super low cost & fast to put on
                              3. ONSH0C:  after removal, leaves gummy residue :ONSH0C
                              4. ONSGHM:  a tad tricky to apply securely
                              5. ONSGGS:  looks messy on the back, indeed to degree one might “pick at it”
                          3. ONSM9I:  2 ‘‘’Command™ Clear Decorating Clip’ Google Image search find ~50(Command) Decorating Clip’ :ONOVLJ’ :ONSM9I
                            1. ONSM9W:  testing with ‘qty 1 from ‘(Home Depot purchase) 2017.03.31PstFri1807 :ONQLB4’ :ONSLQK
                            2. ONSOT4:  notable pros thru cons
                              1. ONSOU6:  low profile & barely noticeable
                              2. ONSOV2:  flat cord width must be below max else cord works out of clip :ONSOV2
                                1. ONSWZO:  if too wide, flat cord pushes on rounded point of hook then most any pull cord is near instantly able to work the cord over & out of the hook
                              3. ONSOTB:  takes some expertise to install
                            3. ONSWNN:  mounting angle 1 of:
                              1. ONSWO3:  pointing towards opposite diagonal corner
                                1. ONSWP7:  notable pros thru cons
                                  1. ONSWQF:  reusable for both diagonal & vertical hanging if say in at least 3 corners
                                2. ONSX0L:  max flat cord width per ONSOV2
                                  1. ONSOX1:  ‘{flat: {width 3mm, thick 1mm}} :ONSEWL’ works and is probably max width :ONSOX1
                                  2. ONSWFN:  ‘width: 8mm :ONSE2D’ slips out within seconds 
                              2. ONSWR6:  pointing diagonally down as the arrow center away from cable/cord pull
                                1. ONSWTY:  notable pros thru cons
                                  1. ONSWU9:  the most secure for hanging
                                2. ONSX31:  max flat cord width per ONSOV2
                                  1. ONSX48:  probably 4 to 5mm per ONSOX1
                          4. ONSN2H:  2 ‘‘17017CLR-AW Command(TM) Outdoor Light ClipsCommand™ Outdoor Light Clip’ :ONOWI6
                            1. ONSZ82:  notable pros thru cons
                              1. ONSZ8B:  very solid hold –probably more than is necessary except for athletics

                              2. ONSZEI:  compared to  ‘2 ‘‘(Command) Decorating Clip’ :ONOVLJ’: 1 each top corner on back of device :ONSM9I’,
                                1. ONSZ8N:  notably more expensive and bulkier
                                2. ONSZ9C:  a little slower to connect & disconnect from cord
                        2. ONSZ78:
                    4. ONRBXE:  same as ONRA8T except a few hours later
                  2. ONRARI:  tablet
                    1. ONRBQS:  notable pros thru cons
                      1. ONRBR1:  generally the least expensive new
                      2. ONRBSA:  if depending on what people have on hand
                        1. ONRBRD:  sizes vary highly
                      3. ONRBQH:  from my searching on Amazon, smallest buyable is 7in diagonal which notably exceeds ‘ideally :ONRBKK
                    2. ONRBZ0:  same as ONRA8T except a few hours later
                3. ONRAPG:  source 1 of:
                  1. ONRAPM:  from member/participant personal :ONRAPM
                    1. ONRBBU:  1 of
                      1. ONRBC2:  primary that s/he carries with him/her :ONRBC2
                      2. ONRBCM:  prior one not using
                  2. ONRAQN:  owned by org
              2. ONRAOK:  portable solid-state video player
                1. ONRBZM:  same as ONRA8T except a few hours later
              3. ONRANQ:  digital picture frame
                1. ONRBZQ:  same as ONRA8T except a few hours later
          2. ONRALW:  LED grid
        4. ONRA8T:  my independent idea starting when I was looking at the {digital label printers} and thinking {could we go a step beyond} at ‘(Staples purchase) 2017.03.28TuePst1211 :ONRAC4’ :ONRA8T
  4. ONQUO4:  which is placed alongside face of what/who it identifies so both can be simultaneously seen adjacent
    1. ONQUQ0:  I call quote: name-tag and similar :ONNBZ2
    2. ONRD56:  complete combo, 1 of:
      1. ONRD5H:  written on the back of a business card which is then attached to person
        1. ONRIOG:  notable pros thru cons
          1. ONRION:  a bit messy & non-standard
        2. ONRDBB:  where attachment is via ‘method :ONRC8S’
        3. ONRD7S:  as using business card of event host attached via ‘(tape) clear :ONRDCJ’ :ONRD7S
          1. ONRIN0:  notable pros thru cons
            1. ONRIMU:  uses on-hand supplies with no prep
            2. M1IK9D:  delivering a name tag plus a business card of a group leader.
      2. ONRDNB:  Avery 74459(‘Name Badges Neck Hanging | 3″ x 4″ | Flexible Holder | Top-Load’) or equivalent :ONRDNB
        1. ONRJ34:  feature: ‘qty 6/pg :ONRJ0F
        2. ONRJ7X:  insert type from most preferred
          1. ONRJ62:  supplied ‘card-stock :ONRJ4K’ –the standard method
          2. ONRJ8A:  ‘paper stock :ONRJ4C’ manually cut
            1. ONRJ8R:  works well due to firmness of holder
            2. ONRJ92:  saves notable money & trouble on custom inserts
        3. ONRDMA:  Avery 74459 ‘..White | Laser/Inkjet View Details’) :ONRDMA  — from 2 of ONRDII
    3. ONRDIB:  vendor Avery
      1. ONRDII:  maker :ONRDII
    4. ONRC3V:  attachment…
      1. ONRKLF:  to label
        1. ONRKLW:  method 1 of
          1. ONRKMB:  hole in label
          2. ONRKMQ:  tape
            1. ONSG3R:  clear
              1. ONSG3X:  packing tape :ONSG3X
          3. ONRKMX:  glue
          4. ONRKO5:  ‘holder (of label) :ONRJDS
          5. ONRKOC:  other :ONRKOC
      2. ONRC4C:  to identified
        1. ONT1L8:  distance to face (of the label)
          1. ONT1LF:  don’t want to obscure face as that’s against all normal purposes
          2. ONT1OU:  (distance) outside of face
            1. ONT1N0:  minimize :ONT1N0
              1. ONT24X:  notable pros thru cons
                1. ONT1ND:  best for {main purpose: identify & rate the person}, where every little bit helps :ONT1ND
                  1. ONT1Q0:  example: ~2004 US {Army {and other military}} converted uniforms from having rank on collar to on small-of-chest, which IMHO experience (of ~4 years of that in USAR), unfortunately notably slowed down soldier to solider greetings (which always requires calling out his rank else Sir/Maam for officer) as the greeter, to read the rank, now had had to {slowly & semi-rudely glance down} to look the greeted chest instead of just looking at his/her neck}
                2. ONT26V:  very close is not aesthetic especially to the wearer as one normally doesn’t want anything near his/her face except perhaps glasses.
        2. ONRC8H:  body part from most preferred
          1. ONRC5C:  neck via ‘hanger :ONRCAE
            1. ONRCAN:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRCAV:  position well, including exact distance from face
              2. ONRCEK:  independent of any clothing
              3. ONRCFV:  may rotate (accidentally or intentionally) around neck as to side or back instead of front
              4. ONRCKI:  to place close to face requires ‘type: 1 of, from most preferred :ONRKRY
            2. ONRKRY:  type: 1 of, from most preferred :ONRKRY
              1. ONRCL9:  elastic band that can be stretched over face
                1. ONRCNL:  so with stretch-ability at least 1.5x (={circumference  face/neck: for me 24in/18in}* {padding factor ~9/8}}
                2. ONRKWX:  most obvious, certain ‘rubber band :ONNLTN
              2. ONRCM7:  clasp to open band
          2. ONRC5N:  clothing
          3. ONRC6U:  skin
            1. ONRCHJ:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRCHT:  many/most will not like including worry about skin irritation
              2. ONRCIY:  likely won’t well stick if skin gets wet as from sweat
        3. ONRC8S:  (attachment) via :ONRC8S is 1 of, from most preferred
          1. ONRCAE:  hanger :ONRCAE
            1. ONRCTT:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRCU6:  if secure on body near face, can notably best position with face
              2. ONRCV8:  readily the most complex
            2. ONRCCC:  type 1 of, from most preferred
              1. ONRCCQ:  cable/cord so necklace
                1. ONSYIG:  unique pros thru cons
                  1. ONSYIV:  easiest to make & even length adjust
                  2. ONSYJF:  generally least-expensive
                  3. ONSYJR:  collapsable
                2. ONRCD3:  with points of contact to label qty
                  1. ONRCDC:  qty 1
                    1. ONRD26:  unique pros thru cons
                      1. ONRD2D:  simplest
                      2. ONRD2O:  label can flip backwards (so generally be invisible) so much accidentally it can also be effectively intentionally
                  2. ONRCDX:  qty 2 or more
                    1. ONRCE5:  qty 2
                3. ONSXHZ:  length aka perimeter
                  1. ONSXKM:  assuming adult human of any common size
                    1. ONSXIB:  min
                      1. ONSXIP:  practical
                        1.  ONT2AJ:  mostly pro: achieves ‘(distance) outside of face: minimize :ONT1N0
                        2. ONSXL8:  if not-stretchy :ONSXL8
                          1. ONSXQT:  18.5in :ONSXQT per {largest size: XXL} of,default,pg.html from find 1 of
                        3. ONSXT2:  if stretchy/elastic
                          1. ONSY6I:  17.5in :ONSY6I from ‘perimeter/2=8.75in :ONSDZY’ since its wide sales experience using it :ONSY6I
                            1. ONSXTM:  so in general, ‘if not-stretchy :ONSXL8’*{.95 = ‘17.5in :ONSY6I’/‘18.5in :ONSXQT’}
                        4. ONT14D:  too short?
                          1. ONT14N:  Joan & Lucy complained yes, including looks bad
                          2. ONT154:  I Michael found it ok except a tad uncomfortable except felt fine when using…
                            1. ONT1A8:   {a very thick clothy band notably ‘wide stretchy cloth tube {elasticity 1.6, perimeter/2 9.0in, {flat: {width 40mm, thick 2mm}} :ONSEK6’}
                            2. ONT1D8:  a band that stretched down ~2 inches as a thin elastic, notably ONSOX1
                      2. ONT1IE:  by normal aesthetic –TBA here
              2. ONRCCL:  solid
                1. ONSYGY:  unique pros thru cons
                  1. ONSYHA:  can exactly position the label

                    1. ONSYKB:  indeed even up-down angle the label into a front-facing {“first-person shooter” aka POV} camera
                      1. ONSZ02:  which saw done when 1st learning 2017.03.30~ of Povie
          2. ONRCZB:  sewn (onto clothes)
          3. ONRCZV:  velcro (onto clothes)
          4. ONRC9Y:  pin
          5. ONRC9B:  clip
            1. ONRCYZ:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRD0H:  sometimes falls off with movement esp if not clipped well
          6. ONRDGT:  sticky backing as sticker
          7. ONRC96:  tape
            1. ONRDC7:  of color/transparency
              1. ONRDCJ:  (tape) clear :ONRDCJ
            2. ONRCXF:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRCXP:  readily falls of with humidity & perhaps sweat & wear
      3. ONRJDS:  holder (of label) :ONRJDS
        1. ONRJE4:  type from most preferred
          1. ONRJEK:  none
            1. ONRJEO:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRJF2:  most elegant looking
              2. ONRJF9:  simplest except as noted
              3. ONRJFL:  attachment to person/body identified can be tricky
          2. ONRJHB:  case around all of label via 1 of:
            1. ONRJQV:  notable pros thru cons
              1. ONRJR2:  typically proofs else protects label from water & other liquid including sometimes even humidity
              2. ONRJOK:  less readability of inside (label) due to additional reflection of case surface
            2. ONRJHB:  form from most preferred
              1. ONRJJ7:  pouch
                1. ONRLEJ:  say pencil pouch with holes for for 3-ring binder
              2. ONRJJP:  bag
                1. ONRJM8:  notable pros thru cons
                  1. ONRJMQ:  less readability of inside (label) due to additional reflections from wavy surface
                  2. ONRJMG:  looks very cheap
                2. ONRLAT:  say ‘First Street FS0904 UPC 041512090905 :ONRL9P
                  1. ONRLB1:  notable pros thru cons: all expected plus
                    1. ONRLBC:  fits most small to medium sized ‘smartphone :ONRARC
                    2. ONRLCN:  easily tears
                    3. ONRLCT:  does not fit Samsung Galaxy J7 w/o serious stretching
            3. ONRJK6:  tight vs. loose around label
              1. ONRJKO:  notable pros thru cons
                1. ONRJKY:  allows for different label sizes
                2. ONRJLO:  looks notaby bad
    5. ONR9TQ:  type
      1. ONR9TZ:  name-tag :ONR9TZ
        1. ONR9UG:  entry
        2. ONRA3G:  notable pros thru cons
          1. M1IJZ4: This seemed to notably help attendees get to know one another & remember each other’s name.
            1. M1IK3Y: I know it helped a lot for me, where I have trouble remembering names & words I don’t see in print.
            2. M1IK5K: The military also does this (puts a name on every soldier’s uniform) and I found it, too, dramatically helps people get to know each other and even build the common “military family”.
    6. ONR9V2:  for & on ideally every participant
      1. ONRBFB:   this is almost always ‘name-tag :ONR9TZ’ and sometimes other info
      2. ONR9VN:  at each event (so for/on each attendee)
        1. M1IJQ3:   of  OCAndroid
          1. ONRIJG:  method used, 1 of:
            1. ONRIJW:   {on business card :ONRD7S}
              1. M1IJX4: starting OCAndroid General Meeting 17 or before
              2. M1IK0K: Name tags created by, at the start of the meetup, taking my JotHere business card and flipping it facing down then writing on it the person’s  Meetup username in big letters then attaching some clear tape across the top then taping it to the person’s shirt.
              3. M1IKA1: Leader Kathy often made these as her lettering was nicest.
            2. ONRIR8:  ‘Avery 74459 ‘..White | Laser/Inkjet View Details’) :ONRDMA
              1. M1IKCU: ~2012.03.0-present
              2. M1IKFQ: Leader Lucy recommended them, buying them her Laguna Woods Video Club; so I purchased them.
              3. M1IKK8: At my recommendation, Lucy used used to design & print them for her Langua Woods Video Club, hand-entering each name & title there.
              4. M1IKOR: Design & printing
                1. M1IKP7: For OCAndroid Developers Meetups
                  1. M1IKR4:  Last night I started this, ideally to for today’s Meetup 45.
                  2. M1ILT6: It looks like it will take several hours of work first time to do it right.
                    1. M1ILW4: –to do it scale-ably (so to quickly reprint the new names & new titles at each meetup, according to attendance and the name of the meetup series, all which changes/varies)
                  3. M1IKRN: I created an account
                  4. M1IKTQ: Methods I’m exploring:
                    1. M1IKUG: export the names & relevant fields from Google Contacts group then import into
                      1. M1IKVB:  I am assigning Google Contacts fields:
                        1. M1IKW2: “Nickname” for “Meetup user name”
                      2. M1IKX6: Seems “Nickname” is only exportable via google.cvs format, as “Additional Name”.
                      3. M1IKZK: google.cvs, even for small data, won’t import into as it gives a “busy” error.
                      4. To be continued
                    2. M1IQ6N: Embedded info method (enter the names & info directly on the labels)
                      1. M1IQ7G: 1st version
                        1. M1KJ8V: Version with a mysterious Avery bug on Sheet 2: bottom blue border doesn’t display.
          2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. ONT0AL:  then ‘op’ resume editing after {;date ‘March 27, 2012 @ 17:14:33’ ;polish .3 ;version 1.1 ;words ~522 ;revision 4} :ONT0AL
            2. M1IJQ2: Created this post (as just this section), giving it fresh ID M1IJQ3