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LH7H21: :

  1. LH7H2Q: Goals (for CSS hosting), from roughy mostly to least
    1. LH7HK1: Desired source includes:
      1. LH7LAT: see (CSS source) Possiblities
    2. LH7HMM: Referenced by (including):
      1. LH7HZA: (Set Theme’s) “First Additional Stylesheet”
      2. LH7J8H: The link-tag in the HTML page.
    3. LH7H7N: The distributed CSS can be auto-generated from source-code so that
      1. LH7HGX: For speed, comments can be stripped out.
      2. LH7HH3: possibly higher level languages can be used for definition as
        1. LH7HHI: HTML formatting (what I’ve done before; put ref here)
        2. LH7HHN: http://sass-lang.com & similar.
    4. LH7H3D: CSS file can be shared by multiple webistes, enabling them all to be kept in sync as far as style.
    5. LH7H78: Changes to the CSS file are versioned & timestamped.
    6. LH7H4H: As static content, CSS file can at least eventually be cloud-stored as http://akamai.com or potentially most-any cloud storage.
  2. LH7J4X: Possiblities (in order attempted) & outcome
    1. LG3Q7O: To[https://docs.google.com/View?docID=0AX07OJ9W4BnBZGM2dnN4ZHdfMzMxeGJyNzQ5ZGY&revision=_latest&hgd=1]  -the Writely source displayed as HMTL.
      1. This seems to be ignored by at least Latest Firefox as is not in raw text format.
      2. LG3TFM: I see 1 problem with the previous setting is that trying access it from the outside produces q[We’re sorry, but [email address] does not have access to this document.]
        1. This may not be a problem here as my browser is signed in so can read it and even if being read in another web page. But it will in general.
    2. LG3U40: Set To[https://docs.google.com/View?id=dc6vsxdw_331xbr749df] but No change to site (it seems style didn’t load still, probably because it was still internally delivered as HTML)
      1. Just prior to this, did:
        1. LG3TQE: Try in source try publishing to Internet, get q[Your document is publicly viewable at: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dc6vsxdw_331xbr749df];
        2. verify this is readable by public (another user); it is but redirects always to https://docs.google.com/View?id=dc6vsxdw_331xbr749df (note httpS added)
      2. After
        1. LG3U4I: Turn off publication of this file, but then
    3. LG3UQU: Set To[http://docs.google.com/View?id=dc6vsxdw_331xbr749df] but no change to site, prob same reasons.
      1. Prior to this, I had done:
        1. LG3UE8: See quote[NOTE: DO NOT USE “https://” if that is the URL Google Sites creates. When you reference the Google-Sites-hosted stylesheet from your FBML box with the <link /> tag, CHANGE “https://” to “http://”. Otherwise, it won’t work.
        2. LG3UNU: Republish, get q[Your document is publicly viewable at: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dc6vsxdw_331xbr749df]; verify it reads: does.
      2. After
        1. LG3UV1: Turn off Publication of this file.
    4. LG3U7T: Try to host the CSS as a Google Doc (as type .css or .txt)
      1. LG3QV1: Create test file to LG3QV1.css , it can be opened direct but not edited online.
      2. LG3RAQ: Create test file LG3RAQ.css.txt ; it got converted to writely which was useless,couldn’t output as txt.
      3. LG3SG0: Create test file LG3SG0.css.txt without conversion. This had no added benefits (as editing as I had hoped) other than “Copy as Google Doc”.
      4. LG3T06: create file CSS_L6QZ39.distribution_LG3T06.css .
        1. LG3W4J: This will need to be manually updated as  source is updated
        2. LG3UWU: Set share settings from[Private] to[Anyone with the link] and get q[https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B307OJ9W4BnBZDUwNjE1ZDctZDc4NC00MWIyLTkyYTgtZjNjZDJhMWM0NTE5&hl=en&authkey=CL34o5QD] which is really a download & management link, but has q[Open]
      5. LG3V9S: Set to[https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B307OJ9W4BnBZDUwNjE1ZDctZDc4NC00MWIyLTkyYTgtZjNjZDJhMWM0NTE5&authkey=CL34o5QD&hl=en] – it works! ID codes are flush-left and li’s are less-indented!
      6. LG3VSK: Checking, the https is optional, so set to[http://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B307OJ9W4BnBZDUwNjE1ZDctZDc4NC00MWIyLTkyYTgtZjNjZDJhMWM0NTE5&authkey=CL34o5QD&hl=en]
      7. pause of a few weeks
      8. LH7JPN: About a week ago I notice the CSS sometimes doesn’t seem to always be taking in effect
        1. LH7JQI: Where CSS works (for say http://2.loverules.info/159#LDHPMB )
          Browser Ver Logged to an acccount Logged out
          Firefox Latest yes yes
          IE Latest yes yes
          Chrome Latest yes yes
          1. LH7K7R: I am unable to reproduce the problem right now.


LH7KBF: Section 2.LoveRules.Info et al CSS hosting end