Mar 292012
  1. M1OPTG:Subject:

    1. M1OPK4: title: doing a presentation for & at our community group’s meetup
    2. M1OPM6: where “our community group” is any adopting this method, such as Meetup Universal Rules endorsers.
  2. M1OHA5:Why present?

    1. M1OHTV:Not hard (indeed we make it maximally easy), including

      1. M1OI7R: (in OCAndroid) we’ve done it for over 2 years for dozens of presentations already.
      2. M1OHW9: you don’t even have bring slides (though a nice plus)
      3. M1OHWO: for free, we typically provide you virtually everything possible (web page, advertising, RSVPs, attendees, venue, food, computer display equipment (OCAndroid even includes 2 methods to display your mobile app on a big screen!))
      4. M1OI5A: all you need to do is bring your presentation material and, whenever possible, your devices to run your presentation on (as laptop and/or mobile device) ideally with HDMI female output.
    2. M1OHAF:Substantially helps your community group –the #1 activity type for getting attendees!

    3. M1OHAY: Now with the title of “presenter”, brings you good attention (both locally, and potentially world-wide with our global web page for you)

    4. M1OHJQ: Likely improves the work you’re doing plus your speaking & presentation skills

    5. M1OHC8: Brings you feedback on your work, and even helpers & participants!

    6. M1OHD5: For you the presenter, for free, we give your presentation its own web page which you control, to make your presenting super easy, powerful, repeatable, and scale-able:

      1. M1OHEP: Get an official URL & web page for your presentation:
        1. M1OIDG: free & fast & in leading & latest standard WordPress with best extensions (
        2. M1OIDY: where you can also collect & answer questions in unlimited threaded discussions.
      2. M1OJC3: And your in-person presentation automatically also becomes an interactive online web article, and visa-versa!
      3. M1OHFK: Develop your presentation and its web page ONCE,
        then show it over & over again with ease, and reusing your presentation slides & material plus the web page, and in fact improving all of this on every repeat, plus
      4. M1OHRL: Collect together all showings of  your presentation and feedback comprehensively on this single web page.
  3. M1OIEQ: How to present?

    1. M1OIUQ: Some recent real examples (just copy the format & method used for these postings):

      1. MIIL6N: OCAndroid leader Stuart presenting that his PhoneGap talk

        M1OIVS:“Write Once and Deploy to Many Mobile Platforms via PhoneGap” by Stuart

      2. M1OJHR:“rolling the OCAndroid Users Meetups into the OCAndroid Developers Meetups” by Lucy
        1. M1OJIK: yes, even each significant in-person meeting discussion topic is & is-easily managed as a presentation, too, so then inherits all the benefits!
      3. M1OJ0S:“While still free, Google Voice is great for most everyone!” by Destiny
      4.  M1OJF7: “(mobile OR portable) laptop (cart OR desk OR stand) M06MLC” by Destiny
    2. M1OIIT: Do these fast easy steps in order:

      1. M1OKMF: ASAP, get the word out that you will be presenting!

        1. M1OLVW: About this step
          1. M1OM1A: while this may look complicated, it’s actually fast & quick: only 10min to do ALL of these steps! And
          2. M1OM3A: Requires 0 hard decisions, including here you do NOT even need to figure out the details of your presentation other than just the topic sentence.
          3. M1OLTC: It’s crucial to do this now, as soon as you decided you will present,  give time to get the world out and get RSVP YESes & attendees for your presentation.
          4. M1OM6E: Worded in short, this step is essentially just, quote:
            So we can ad this&get u attendees, pls now post ur presentation OVERVIEW 4all showings on then a cmt there of showing1 then a announcement 2that on the evt listing -jst as (upcoming leader Stuart did…) -sd take u only ~5-10min &I’ll be just a SMS away 2help u!
        2. M1OIF5:If you haven’t already, create your free web page for all-showings of your presentation
          1.  M1OIGP: If you haven’t already, create an account on free & takes ~3min.
          2. M1OIJ3: Post a fresh web page giving just an OVERVIEW of your presentation: ~2min.
            1. M1OILT: Just a few sentences on what it is about: what’s the topic, and perhaps what you guess will be your point.
            2. M1OIN3: You do NOT need to have worked out ANY of the details of your presentation, just the overview!
            3. M1OINY: And you CAN then can update & edit your post at any time –and all prior versions you saved will be kept for you.
        3. M1OIPB: Then on your web page, for each time you or someone plans to give your presentation,  post 1 comment saying so, telling when & where: ~1min.
          1. M1OJT3: On 1st pass just describe where you’re giving it (no exact URLs are required just yet), then post to get the exact URL for this comment.
            1. M1OJZO: Just click on the comment’s post date to get its exact URL.
            2. M1OK0A: Now jump to M1OK0S
          2. M1OISU: For each place your presentation is advertised/announced, the comment should include the URL for & to that place.
            1. M1OJNJ: If in multiple places, especially if several, each of these can be better placed in its own sub-comment of the showing comment.  Otherwise, on the main presentation-showing comment, click Edit & add it there.
        4. M1OK0S: On each place you plan to advertise your presentation showing (typically within-else-as an event listing page, such as it is on
          1. M1OK2E: Advertise your presentation showing there
            1. M1OOKS: including there the link to the comment you just made telling of this  –where readers can then ask you Qs & post thoughts about your presentation –before, after, & even during!
            2. M1OK6X: This can & often is as simple as an event comment (~2min)
              1. M1OK7Q: See this real example as a template for wording to use.
          2. M1OK9R: Then save the URL to the your announcement/advertisement:
            1. M1OKB5: This will be the URL of the event(s) page followed by “#” and then (the anchor/id of your announcement’s  exact location within the page).
              1. M1OKFF: For the real example above, that’s:
              2. M1OKI6: On better websites, you can just click something like (“link to here” adjacent the point) or (the date of the comment) to get this full URL, but without this:
                1. M1OKGZ: To get the anchor ID
                  1. M1ONOJ: in Chrome & Firefox & probably Safari & maybe IE, right-click on the text of your announcement then select “Inspect element”.  The HTML source will appear highlighting where you clicked.
                    1. M1OO91: Look in the enclosing scope for an HTML tag with an id attribute such as quote(id=”comment_72647372_event”) and then copy out the value, then close this popup pane.
                  2. M1OO72: In other web browsers, do View Source (usually Ctrl-U) and then page-search (Ctrl-F) for the text of your announcement then do step M1OO91.
          3. M1OOAL: Do M1OISU.
        5. M1OLITyour presentation web page should email you whenever someone posts comment. Reply to these comments (via reply-comment post) as soon as you can.
      2. M1OKN2:If you haven’t already, prepare your presentation

        1. M1OKP6: This is up to you. Remember, we make it maximally-easy for you.
        2. MIIHXR:Note in many meetings as the ones promoted here, strong pressure will be made to insure every attendee has a laptop which is online, which then enables you cool presentations not possible before.
          1. including
            1. MIIK7C:

              MIII3E:Not needing a big screen to present on as each person can pull up the slides or whatever on his/her laptop

              1. MIII7F:OCAndroid has done this.
            2. MIII3K:using free VNC software or other desktop sharing app so users can share their computer’s desktop
              1. MIII84:OCAndroid has done this several times.
            3. MIIIID:Presentations where full written article(s), as posts or content on any website, are presented to the group, not-just or instead-of slides. Before this text would be too fine & detailed to be projected, but now it can be convenienty read & digested by each audience member.
            4. MIII8G:presentations where each user can have their own computer-guided interactive experience
            5. Presentations where a full written
            6. MIII99:use your imagination!
        3. MIIH31:A good & increasing trend is to use all online (web) documents.
          1. MIIH59:Avoids having to pass files (which create update & virus & security problems)
          2. MIIH7W:allows you to update the presentation even after you give it and immediately share those updates, often control who has access (even revoke access if truly necessary), and typically much more collaborately develop the presentation, and not have to buy any presentation software.
          3. MIIH8Q:Common examples for PowerPoint-like functionality are:
            1. MIIHDH:Google Docs Presentation
            2. MIIHFT:Zoho Presentation 
            3. MIIHQB:More, possibly better, at
          4. MIIHUH:Note you don’t have to do all or PowerPoint-like stuff; you can develop web pages of any sort and show them in your presentation. Any good presentation environment includes wifi Internet.
            1. MIIIAR:these posts themselves can & have been used for group presentation.  No they’re not the prettiest and the font is small, but one then also has a great written report which can go into more detail (all the content presented, not just a summary); moreover, it’s now quite possible & happens now each person increasingly is viewing the presentation thru their laptop.
      3. M1OKO3:upload your presentation materials to the web (if required) an update your presentation web page to point readers to them.

        1. M1OKY0: Don’t worry! This page isn’t likely to be seen until you advertise it and ou can always update later whenever you find something needs updating. It NEVER need to be perfect; something is a LOT better than nothing. You can also make your post private & password protected until you’re ready to reveal it, or continually.
        2. MIIJ2D:If you your JotHere post itself your presentation, you can skip this step!
        3. MIIJ6G:For any of your presentation which you did via web documents, it will be uploaded always already.
        4. you created/hosted online already,
        5. MIIHR2: If your links aren’t to file downloads,  make them “open link in new window/tab” so the reader won’t loose his/her context –that is of course if you haven’t made this
        6. M1OKT9:Ideally do this step before your presentation, as this
          1. M1OKV3: vastly helps your listeners look over your material (on their laptops & mobile devices) during your presentation
          2. M1OKVE: Allows listeners to more focus on what you’re saying, no longer having to worry about having to take detailed notes  and/or worry and have to ask if the materials you present will get uploaded.
          3. M1OL10: Significantly helps reduces presentation bugs, such as these sides/programs won’t display on our screen, to be figured out BEFORE you arrive and are scheduled to present, not having everyone have to wait or perhaps you having to go without your slides.
          4. MIIJ9O:Allows people to easily review & improve your presentation before you present.
      4. M1OKNI:Give your presentation as scheduled.

        1. M1OL4D: At the start of your presentation, be sure to say “I also have a web page for my presentation,, where you can see the full advertising & materials for this presentation, and post your thoughts & questions in a threaded discussion, even during my presentation, including feel free to take public notes there.”
        2. M1OLC7: At the end of your presentation as you stand at the computer big computer display (else right afterwards), refresh your your presentation web page to see what comments your audience (both in-person and online) has posted for you there.   Then reply to each comment, in writing (a reply comment) and ideally in speaking (if you can do both at once).
      5. M1OL5A: If you haven’t already, upload your presentation materials

      6. M1OLM4: That’s it!  And whenever you want to give it again, it’s also MUCH easier and where you record & build on everything you’ve already done: just repeat the process but where you skip most of the steps except part listing and advertising your new showing, responding to comments, and of course re-giving your presentation.

  4. M1OPA3:Comparison to some alternative solutions, from most to least similar:

    1. M1OOQ4: For ~2 years prior I’ve developed & used this basic strategy for but using a Meetup discussion boards thread as the presentation web page
      1. M1OPBP: Gave  many of the advantages here (as a page & thread for one’s presentation and easy presentation repeats) but
      2. M1OPC9: also several drawbacks from using Meetup discussion boards, which this fixes, including:
        1. M1OOVS: BBCode (very limiting) instead of HTML & WYSIWYG & CSS
        2. M1OOZ4: No effective notification when members reply to your comments, or even when the 1st post is made
        3. M1OOZX: Effectively only to members (very limiting) vrs anyone (usually the desired audience) as
          1. M1OP6F: Generally-not else not-reliably in public search engines
          2. M1OP0P: Only members can reply (very limiting) vrs anyone
        4. M1OP1J: No way to have and collect money from embedded ads
        5. M1OOYA: No threaded comments
      3. M1OPFE: The leading drawback here is that Meetup users must create 1-time spend ~2min to create a account in order to comment & post.  But this is not much time and still improvements to this are being developed (including accepting Meetup logins).
  5. M1OH1X: Additional document history, in order

    1. M1OH2H: Explained this to 2 members, last see my Greet to member Raul saying quote(
      *At our last Dev Meetup , I DELIGHTED u volunteered 2do a custom ROM presentation 4us! -showing what u’ve done. So we can ad this&get u attendees, pls now post ur presentation OVERVIEW 4all showings on then a cmt there of showing1 then a announcement 2that on the evt listing -jst as (upcoming leader Stuart did…) -sd take u only ~5-10min &I’ll be just a SMS away 2help u!
      Mar 28, 2012 5:11 PM)
    2. M1OH8G: Now, to avoid having to reexplain this and to centralize the explanation, created this post with new ID  M1OH8H; “Version 1.2”
    3. MIIGOO:In prep for Steve’s presentation, clean this up; note the new WordPress 3 editor has semi-corrupted (collapsed) all the a-tag anchors in this edit which currently isn’t fixable; fix outline intent after M1OKN2 (was badly messed up); have sectioning start with not h1 but h2; add MIIHXR & MIIH31, both significant; clean up wording; went from 0 to 3 pics; pst2013.01.20Wed0233.

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  1. Now my 1st use & “promotion” of this page is OCAndroid member Anthony Singhavong profile Greet

    Anthony,OCAndroid has an opening 4a presentation @our upcoming Monday Meetup 46 –so,say,
    When might u like to present (ur IVP extension&app plan u said u cd demo That wd be awesome! &Cd bring together ur team& find u supporters! &Even u cdn’t do this Monday, now u cd answer&start easily by just (putting up a presentation OVERVIEW page(takes only 5min) -that URL&pg explains&sd ans all ur Qs.
    Mar 30, 2012 12:15 AM