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M1PJMK register/create an account on

  1. M1PJPW Why?

    1. M1PJRQ Free for life
    2. M1PLNY Takes only about 10min to familiarize yourself with these startup instructions then only about 3min to actually do them; and less time as we improve the site.
    3. MA1RST You are in good company!  On the right-hand column of every page, see  the bios some of the people posting here. And, if you desire, you can have a bio here, too!
    4. MA1ZZV You’ll be helping improve this site, which needs it now especially being that it’s in alpha.
    5. M236K6 You’ll be getting tremendous features, especially described at:
      N14IXD section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N14K4C Moved content list to 4261#N14JL1 and just changed title ending as described.
      2. N14J0H added #N14J7A at end and removed link as can be found better now at 4261#N0N5MG via #N14J7A.
      3. N14IXN other previous exists
      4. N14IZP possibly from start, was q(You’ll be getting Tremendous features, especially)


      1. N14J7A the full story found at “about this website”
  2. M2P2N0 Alerts!

    1. M2HQSY This site is in Alpha-Testing

      N14KCS section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N14KE5 cut q(design is not yet finished, but in) as reads as “This site is not yet finished” which creates undo negativity & worry.
      2. N14KDA other previous exists
      3. N14KDK possibly from start, was q(This site design is not yet finished, but in Alpha-Testing)
      1. M2HQY5 Important consequences include:
        1. M2HTNE If you see the aesthetics here rough & unfinished and only few people commenting & authoring here, you’re right!, as that’s way it’s supposed to be in Alpha-Testing.

          1. M2HTFJ This is by design: it allows the bugs to be worked out (so get the basic function working) BEFORE doing a lot of work on the aesthetics and inviting many more people.
          2. M7CH2W This makes you the user, especially an author here, also an alpha-tester, and we need that help, so thank you!
        2. M2HR44 There are still number of things to be fixed, including, roughly in order:
          1. M7BF7N Certain common email domains (including seemingly don’t yet register –see that link for details

          2. M33XGU WordPress bug: when a user is logged in, (the status bar at the top of the user’s window) covers the first line(s) of what the user just (opened via a URL with an anchor scrolling the window to that point on the page) –see that link for details

          3. M2HRHO DONEhttp://2.LoveRules.Info renaming to 

            1. M2HRMS In the meantime, just manually replace “” with “” wherever you write it, as the rewrite works now & is the future style.
              1. M2HTI5 Still if you don’t do this, that’s still no killer, as the former will always still auto-forward to the latter for full backwards compatibility.
            2. MZRLEJ DONE! –as we were forced when LoveRules.Info domain registrar (terrible 1and1) corrupted the domain;  move done partially 2013.12~ & fully 2014.01.20.
          4. M2HRQ0 The site theme & layout should be improving dramatically.

            1. M2HRVP example quote(*”black screen” (of yes, that’s debatable, but intentional after considerable thinking: see & post comments on , including, if you still don’t like it (as it still reminds you of “DOS”, and that’s still a bad thing), see (the comment there on overriding the theme choices http:/ ).) -from comment
            2. M2HTVA This is being second as “form must follow function”, including this site is novel (especially all-topic) and must be scalable, so insuring these technical capabilities (a solid transmission & engine & wiring –if a vehicle) must often come first before aesthetics (of fully designing & attaching the content formatting (“the body work and paint job”)).
            3. M2HRRM For the long-term, don’t worry so much about your  content being within a site where you don’t like the site theme & layout if you smartly store your content here
              1. M2P2RW Why? Here:
                1. M2HSRG it’s in WordPress, so the site formatting that can be changed & improved readily, often without even changing 1 character of your content.
                2. M2HSSH the site theme & layout should be improving dramatically -see that.
          5. M2HQYT While anyone can comment & author here, the number of authors here is a small group and we prefer to keep that way until all the last bugs are out and the polish is on!

            1. M7BFZT most actual commenters & posters here are by personal-individual (as in-person) invite by the admins or other authors & commenters.
            2. M2HR2P No marketing of the site has been & is being done yet besides the most basic: being listed in search engines and business cards for administrators plus limited word-of-mouth.
    2. M1PJYJ By any use of this site, especially having an account, you agree to the terms-of-copyright, use, & service including:

      N14IXD section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N19Z2D New phrasing & link; also in the only sub-point, inserted “, including any account,
      2. N19YZB other previous exists
      3. N19Z17 Till now, was q(By any use of this site especially having an account, you agree to the terms-of-service including:)


      1. M1PMKR permanently deleting any prior content, including any account, is not allowed except by site administrators.
  3. M1PK8A Steps to do, in order:

    1. M1PKKO First prepare to do the next step (minimally register for this site)

      1. MIN1KA After that, DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK AND DO THE REMAINING STEPS starting with the subsequent step as nothing will remind you to do that.
      2. MIN18B Initially all content you add will be marked as pending and not shown to the world (but show to you I recall) until an author or higher-level approves your content; and it seems after a few of these manual approvals, your content is then auto-approved.
        1. MIN3PU Why it this way? as WordPress sites are flooded daily by web spambots (making machine registrations & posting spam) so for now it takes a human to tell if it’s another human really posting.
      3. MIN1BE Initially you will only be able to make comments plus update your profile; but later steps get you more ability.
      4. M2P2GX For entering your info, note:
        1. M7BIGC Certain common email domains (including seemingly don’t yet register
        2. M1PKDE it’s allowable to have up to 10 accounts to operate under pseudonyms; each must have a unique email address.
        3. M7BEO4 We never reveal your email address (except in cases of serious abuse as like a spam-bot)
        4. M1PJS4 due to standard latest WordPress, at any time, the user can change everything about his/her account except not presently the username
      5. M2OZVH be sure to sign in at least once using the generally-excellent password the site will email you.
        1. M2OZYT Right after you sign/log-in here,
          1. M2P0ET PLEASE do BOTH (strongly preferred) else neither:
            1. M2P034 ask your web browser to remember this your password  
            2. M2P03K insure this (and every device for which your password will be remembered) has e a secure screen-saver accessible to just you, meaning when you direct your device to “Lock” and after about 1 to 15 minutes of inactivity, the device’s screen-saver kicks in where then, to be generally usable, the device requires a password which only you could enter in practice, so protecting all this and all our other logins & data accessible from it.
          2. M2P0FB Which to do?
            1. M2P0UN BOTH is STRONGLY preferred, as even to reply to a conversation of comments (kind of a like a chat session), without this you would having to be logging in, possibly for every reply, which is typically a huge impediment from using this to its full capability, especially given this site is designed for a user to author on it times per day; plus doing both will also insure you safely remember the passwords of other sites as well. However,
            2. M2P0V2 wherever you can’t always if you can’t always insure the device you use will have this protection, then don’t have the browser remember your passwords.
      6. M2P0WF Changing your password here (from the one this site automatically gives you) is NOT recommended with limited exception
        1. M2P1U3 Why? The passwords generated by this site are already maximally secure including even a WordPress administrator can’t see them, so any other password (besides another completely random one very-likely not used anywhere else) would be less secure, possibly notably less secure (as a password which you use on multiple site or just a few normal words)
        2. M2P1PE the exceptions:
          1. M2P17N you feel this password has been compromised, or could-be compromised (as when someone else has access to your email –extremely bad)
          2. M2P1A5 You can’t effectively use the browser (or other “wallet”) to remember your password as you are using devices which don’t give you a secure screen saver  and you don’t have a browser or other electronic “wallet” to portably store & ideally-enter your passwords, so then you need to have a password you can remember in your head.
            1. M2P1GB In this case, try to choose a password which somehow includes in part the site name, so you won’t be using the same password on multiple sites.
    2. M7BEUB Once you’ve prepared to do it, click & do: the minimal registration

    3. M1PKM7If you want to publish full-posts, not just comments”, click & do that

    4. M1PKZ7 As time permits, complete your user profile

      N19ZD3 section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N19ZEI Added 3 sub-points
      2. N19ZE9 other previous exists
      3. N19ZDJ Had no sub-points


      1. N19Y53 See many real profile examples now displayed in the right sidebar: as the authors & the editors here.
      2. N19YCC Your bio text
        1. N19YDF In it, ideally say what brought you here & what you’re planning/doing here and include links to other web profiles, as a number of the examples show.
      3. N19YEX Your picture
        1. N19YFL An IDing picture is optional for true whistleblowers plus those truly enabling them website-administrators; but otherwise please include an IDing pic and here’s some proven guidelines.
        2. N19YA6 Per WordPress standard, set your picture via Gravatar making sure you use the same email address there as here; and this also then enables (your) accounts on all WordPress sites using this email to instantly also display that same picture., and it will also then work on all WordPress installations which use this email address.

  4. M1PL0R Some near future plans for this site:

    1. M1PL13 auto-account (no account creation required)
      1. N19ZHZ via
        1. M1PL2C
        2. M1PL3C OpenID
        3. M1PL3L Google
        4. M1PL3T Facebook
        5. M1PL42 others
      2. N19ZH6 Especially to encourage account creation, including comments (since allowing comments w/o an account generates huge spam)
    2. M1PL6K Ability for each user to specify exactly who can access each post (without having to pick & share a password)
    3. M237M3 Ability to do Meetup-like function (per here), including:
      1. M1PL4G User profiles which are more advanced including similar to those on popular social networks.
  5. M1PJLX Additional post history, in order

    1. M1PJMJ Rather than repeat this info each time, created this post with new ID M1PJMK
    2. M237GS Updated Version 1.1 (from 1.0) by adding “M236K6 Tremendous features,” plus 6 sub-points (all but 1 new)
    3. M2IBQR now chose “Stick this post to the front page” as we want people to join & the right way; this might be necessary at least until the “Register” link goes to here.
    4. M33W8D Version 2.1
      1. M33WBE To “M1PK8A: Steps (do in order)” made significant improvements, including:
        1. M33WCJ /809#M33VWG
    5. M33XKV Version 2.2: added “M33XGU: Note WordPress bug: when a user is logged in, (the status bar at the top of the user’s window) covers the first line(s) of what the user just (opened via a URL with an anchor scrolling the window to that point on the page) “
    6. M4LIDQ Updated M1PKM7 to make the link visible (theme  needs fixing).
    7. M4LIXM updated 1st line to match that of
    8. M7BUJ5 Considerable rewriting & reorganization including adding a “Register” step
    9. M7BULR Updated document header & title to latest format, including cutting redundant per new /3347#M7BTWO.
    10. M7CEXA Redirect the login page’s requests to register to this page where we can give additional information
      1. M7CEXV about 1hr ago, looked at but didn’t find any which did this
      2. M7CES8 So did it raw: edited wp-login.php adding comment /*M7CEDN: global replace q(wp-login.php?action=register) with q(2741#M1PJMK): 4 occurrences */ and doing what that said.
        1. M7CEZ8 saved the original version to .bak/M7CE7K/wp-login.php
        2. M7CF2K This should probably have to be redone when WordPress is upgraded.
    11. M7CJC1 Reviewed by user Bill and effectively incorporated his suggestions.
    12. M7CJE7 Now that redirects to here are done  (M7BULR and M7CEXA), unset this page as “stick this post on the front page”.
    13. MA20NQ M1PJPW: Why extended.
    14. MA20O8 Formatted IDs to all be present standard.
    15. MIN1PX This is being 1st edited by WordPress 3.5+ so a-tags are semi-corrupted (collapsed) until that’s fixed.
    16. MIN235 Seeing Miles & others register for here per now SCaLE listing‘s main post (asking for carpools  such), updated M1PK8A & following  to notably correct reg to miss subsequent steps, prefixing & adding MIN1KA &  MIN18B & MIN1BE; pst2013.02.22Fri1307.
    17. MZRT13 M2HRHO: marked as Done; pst2014.01.21Tue1330.
    18. N14DMN N14DMN.htm -now create; a file for better editing this in MS ExWeb.
    19. N14I2U do regex fN14GGJ: ~111 replacements.
    20. N19ZVQ Reduced the h1-tags to h2-tags and so, making more readable;  did #N19ZEI & #N19Z2D ; #M7BEUB: added link to prior; #M1PL13: cleanup; proofread all; now publishing pst2014.02.19Wed1952

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