Apr 072012

M23ATL Version 0.1

  1. Title & URL: the ability for certain pages to have custom-else-sub themes on (this site=http://1.JotHere.com) http:/1.JotHere.com//2771#M23ATL
  2. M23AUI: Motivation
    1. M23AVD: Since site aims to support content on any topic, much work has been gone into choosing a general purpose page theme for this site.
      1. M23AXE: For instance, here’s the thinking which went into the debatable but intentional choice of a black-background with white/light text -post your feedback on that there.
    2. M23B01: And at least some popular universal-topic sites get by with a single page theme for everything,
      1. M23B2W: Most notable is Wikipedia.
      2. M23B3D: Also Facebook may use the same page theme for everything.
    3. M23B47:  However, in certain situations it be desirable if certain pages could have custom-else-sub themes, to do things control the side-bars, page background color & images, plus the background color & images & fonts on each  post.
      1. M23CO9: For instance, it would be nice for pages on romance, or perhaps on a romance “sub-site”, to have a page background which is pink or with romantic images.
      2. M23B87: This is most notable if deciding if to put content on its own website (where all this can be set) or include it on this site.
        1. M23CBO: indeed this was the leading factor one movie (originally posted here) but not-at-all fully tried here, to instead rush-decide to put its content on its own domain,  though to later find it lost in search rank from not being here.
    4. M23CSA: But there are also real potential drawbacks:
      1. M23CSZ: With full page customization (not just the post), it may be hard or impossible to insure important site elements are there:
        1. M23CU8: The embedded relevant ads, which are the initial if not only revenue for this site.
        2. M23CVB: Important site navigation & search box
        3. M23CVV: Login & out & account creation & management
      2. M23CXE: Backgrounds & font colors & sizes which make the text unpleasant or entirely unusable.
  3. M23OA6: Solving with WordPress Multi-site mode (used  by WordPress.com)
    1. M23OAZ: planned NOT as too much separation between sub-sites.
    2. M23OC0: Pros thru cons:
      1. M23OCD: Pro: Most obvious solution for this as built-in and:
      2. M23OH5: Pro: each subsite is sub-themeable.
      3. M23OCS: Pro: User accounts shared
      4. M23OD8: Con: categories unshared & unsharable
      5. M23OE9: Big CON: Posts unshared & unsharable
  4. M23CQL: Situation from start of this site to present:
    1. M23CRK: Customizing the content of a post
      1. M23CZG: Presently limited (as CSS cannot be included by default in WordPress) but plans are to (get a standard plugin to) allow fully-custom CSS to be added after it, like a comment, has been approved by administrators.
    2. M23D1X: Customizing the full page
      1. M23D2F: if displaying 1 post, when the post is in a given category
        1. M23D3Y: same as  M23CZG
      2. M23O8Q: if displaying a category list or search-result page:
        1. M23O9D: same as  M23CZG if possible.