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M2DM60 Version 0.2 (so constructing)

  1. M2DMAP: Title & URL: (monogamy=romantic-exclusivity to 1 other): do, pretend, or not do?

  2. M2DMEI: Overview

    1. M2DMF1: Since people have very strong opinions & feelings about this, the possibilities are listed from most to least familiar & accepted
  3. M2DMAY: Do

    1. M2DMRL: Pros thru Cons:
      1. M2DNFD: Huge short-term Pro but long-term Con: caters to romantic jealousy, the leading romantic anti-love.
      2. M2DNVB: Huge-Big Pro: what about 94% of women instinctively want for themselves.
      3. M2DNGM: Big pro: has always been the most popular & accepted among humans & many (but not all) other species
      4. M2DNKA: Apparent pro: the most simple to visualize
      5. M2DNTT: Aesthetic Pro: Looks elegant
      6. M2DNZ8: Serious con: what about 95% of men instinctively don’t want for themselves (instead want multiple simultaneous romance partners, or not really into romance & sex)
      7. to be continued
      8. M2DN3W: Very Serious con: causes one to only accept a anyone as her mate if s/he is perfect else near-perfect in her eyes
        1. M2DOAF: As look for & expect a soul-mate
        2. M2DOEH: Causes one to be cruel and disrespecting of most of their romances
        3. M2DOFO: Very serious con: causes one to dispose all but one romance, typically including all past romances
      9. M2DMSK: Serious & unobvious con: typically & fundamentally unfriendly
        1. M2DMUU: So especially a problem if romance is to be based on friendship, as most people agree the best romance is.
        2. M2DMXB: as friendship is fundamentally non-exclusive
          1. M2DMYE: Friends don’t generally expect (nor like) their friend to have only one friend but rather a few or many friends.
          2. M2DMZM: It’s generally unhealthy to have just one friend.
      10. M2DNBG: Serious & unobvious con: generally unloving, as loving is generally to include others, not exclude them.
  4. M2DMB1: Pretend

    1. .TBA:
  5. M2DMBB: Not Do

    1. M2DMGC: Irresponsibly
      1. MDYL9R:TBA
    2. M2DMH8: Responsibly
      1. MDYLA8:most notably, Romance-friends™ – romance form for the 21st century
  6. M2DMA9: Additional document history, in order:

    1. M2DMC9: Annie sent me email where it appeared to me her thinking in terms of monogamy for herself was causing her to be cruel & disrespecting to our romance as it wasn’t exactly perfect and for monogamy only perfect-else-near-perfect is typically acceptable.
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