Feb 252011

LH7P0L: (under construction, LOTS more to come)

  1. LH7P1A: Choices

    1. LH7P2N: Table (in alphabetical order)

      ID LH7P3A: LH7P3Y: LH7P44: LH7PIK: LH7P4F: LH7P5L: LH7S2W: LH7P61: LH7PAN: LH7PXN:
      LH7P3F: Name Wiki-pedia URL cost orgzr can add mbrs allows pseudonym Post format # of groups regions served Group search
      feature importance
      LH7P8A: BigTent en $0 (ad supported) yes yes? UK,US, else? medium
      LH7PZ4: Facebook Groups en 1 $0 (ad supported) NO, at least not on site per TOS
      LH7PBN: Google Groups en $0 (ad supported) yes? yes >>1K worldwide basic &w/o radial still?
      LH7PDX: Grouply en-del 1
      LH7PGY: GroupSpaces en-ceo 1 $0 (ad supported) for under 1K mbrs, yes?
      LH7PME: Hubvine search 1
      LH7P54: Meetup en 1 ~$12 to $20/mo for 3 groups NO (in social groups, kills size & diversity) yes LH7S8B: ASCII & BBCode; very limited WYSIWYG HTML on event listings & group description LH7PAC: ~80K worldwide advanced, radial & interests
      LH7PNS: Ning en
      LH7PPC: SocialGO en
      LH7PVG: Spruz search 1
      LH7PSD: Virtual community en
      LH7PQN: Yahoo! Groups en $0 (ad supported) yes yes >>10K worldwide basic still?
    2. LH7R1N: ad supported makes affordable & insures small groups won’t get deleted
  2. LH7R3L: Features

    1. LH7R40: Table

      ID LH7R6M: LH7QTM:
      LH7R69: name importance
      LH7R6Y: Wikipedia LH7RU1: Gives public’s impression, well-written, and must be undeniably notable to be listed
      LH7R8B: cost LH7RTT: A fair cost is key to business’s survival. Ad supported insures small groups don’t get deleted (as what happens on Meetup after 2 weeks of non-payment!).
      LH7R9L: orgzr can add mbrs LH7RR8: W/O this, in social groups, it kills size & diversity, as in ~”I have to join  Meetup?! Forget it! Facebook already takes up too much time.”. In business groups, this is not much of an impediment because it seems people already are accustomed and expect to have take classes & join groups in order to move forward in their career.
      LH7REJ: allows pseudonym LH7R1T: Understandably key if members and organizers are to be comfortable & willing to speak up & be a member of anything controversial, plus to keep ones business life out of one’s personal life, etc. Many properly won’t join else share-much-on Facebook because its TOS & practice not just some identity but legal name (and effectively full legal name -easy to link).
      LH7RYL: Post format WYSIWYG is ideal.  HTML is best, followed by Wiki Markup & BBCode followed by raw ASCII. This may seem unimportant at first, but when one does a lot of online discussions, guides, & rules, plus posts of any detail, it becomes quite significant.
      LH7RK2: # of groups Indicative of the success of the service, but not essential unless say you depend on the service to market your group or if the service has a big impediment to add a member.
      LH7RN0: regions served Interesting but not essential unless your region has a different language or unless the marketing need as detailed in # of groups.
      LH7RP7: Group search Only important if  the marketing need as detailed in # of groups.
  3. .

LH7P1P: Section Meetup-like service end.