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  1. M2LB7C: Title & URL: likely the biggest thing a woman needs to learn & accept when it comes to romance & sex http://1.JotHere.com/2840#M2LB6X
  2. M2LB8T: Answer: that, especially when it comes to romance & sex, men do NOT think & want like her, including normal & healthy men, yes including very-likely her men romances

    1.  M2L7EM: In other words, a woman, especially one seeking men in romance, needs to realize, likely above all else, that men generally do not think of & desire romance & sex as she probably does (and as women typically do), but are wired differently, and yes including healthy, normal men including likely hers.
    2. M2LATD: Why & why so important?

      1. ME0J4Y: THERE IS A BIGGER MISTAKE (which leads to this): not thinking, specifically realizing one needs to think & study in romance to make it work.
      2. M2L7QM:  women-especially, indeed possibly  most women, seem to never properly learn & accept this.
        1. M2L7W3: Why? Because both:
          1. M2LBVK: it’s quite different from the way she instinctively+culturally thinks
          2. M2LBWG: she’s not automatically taught, both by nature & society:
            1. M2LBX7: by nature. Why? I think because logic is happening:
              1. M2LE73: women are typically NOT wired to be romantic persuers (instead men are).
              2. M2LE7E: So then to catch the other sex, men, not women, must & do learn (often quickly & painfully) hat women think different in romance; indeed men must & do cater to the women’s thinking (in many ways pretending they romantically think like a woman, indeed often pretending that they & other healthy & normal men think this way as women are so insistent of this point),
              3. M2LE82: resulting in women getting very behind & messed up here:
                1. M2LE9W: being very slow (as in decades) to realize that men here think & want different from her
                2. M2LEAF: and often when they do start seeing some men do, then mis-think that “only unhealthy & bad men think & want here different from her (such as men as wanting multiple sex partners at once: okay, such men exist but they are bad), including definitely not her man thinks this way”.
            2. M2LBYZ: by society. Why? I think:
              1. M2LC3O: first because of nature, men are first to do it so have (often painfully) gotten used to handling it to the degree to where the woman isn’t even expected to (although in the long term not having the balance here is VERY unhealthy, as it teaches men to & that they must hide & lie about who they are)
              2. M2LC83: second, probably because insecure, power-hungry men started sensing & realizing that if women could do this, women then could then discover having multiple-serious romance partners, which would allow women enormous power over men, including ruling ruling men, as has happened in history.
      3. M2LAE9: But not not learning & accepting that other sex, yes even the healthy & normal ones, are wired to think & desire differently, is tragic, as then there will always be war & not love between the sexes, including hiding & lying instead of understanding & loving.
      4. M2LAIN: So women especially not fully getting this is probably the biggest romantic mistake of all history. So I & humanity could never emphasize this enough.
    3.  M2L875: Men’s normal romantic & sexual desires: “Are they bad or good?” No, just as with women, the question needs to be “Where are they bad or good?”

      1. M2L89C: Yes in some areas men are bad and routinely hurtful, which is bad,

        1. M2LCS8: such as often
          1. M2L8EO: not to want to talk & share emotions
          2. M2L8F0: definitely to want casual sex which disrespects his partner (including having sex w/o a condom & other protection, plus having sex without much love & bonding even if the other person wants it))
        2. M2LCSR:  In these ways men should learn from the women.
      2. M2L8CY: But in other areas men are rather good,

        1. M2LCVK: such as
          1. M2L8FJ: To typically be able to judge the sexual match instantly (once he can get a good full & typical look at his/her potential mate).
          2. M2L8G5: To not be limited to seeing the world as only 1 sex partner as as a time (who then must be perfect) but rather to see & accept each one as s/he is, appreciate the differences & variety, and potentially take each one as a friend
            1. M2LE2G: Remember, it’s generally very unhealthy to have just 1 friend and/or to insist & expect one’s friend be near-perfect or a soul-mate.
        2. M2LDER: but sadly many/most women also mis-see  even these goodthings men do in romance & sex as bad,
          1. M2LE4B: probably because:
            1. M2LDTR: at least one of
              1. M2LDTY: women don’t automatically think like this
              2. M2LDU5men are working so hard pretend to think & want like women in romance,
              3. M2LDUA: women say men doing these first items which indeed are badd
            1. M2LDUV: so women just mis-think these must be bad, too.
          2. M2LDYA: Still,
        3. M2LCW9: In these ways women should learn from the men.
    4. M2LCZU: more on this at KQ3MG4(The War of the Sexes is BRED-in for a billion years!)


    1. ME0JET: Each mistake (from here and One’s romantic drawbacks, including mistakes, cost big, especially if a woman, so face them including (fix them else admit & discount-for them)) needs to be made its own post and this & that other just made pointers to them.
    2. ME0JJL:As noted by ME0J4Y, the mistake listed here is big but not biggest.
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    1. M2LELI: Originally had the content of this at /2839#M2LENH but it was a whole big point in itself  so created this post.
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  2 Responses to “likely the biggest thing a woman needs to learn & accept when it comes to romance & sex”

  1. M7DI08: “Just be yourself” advice is often very wrong. The #1 example is clearly & tragically a man seeking women for romance, due to the above situation.

    • When this occurred to me. Since my 1st book on romance (around 2001), I’ve long published this is a serious example. However yesterday, when talking with Michael S., it occurred to me that this is the #1 example.