Apr 172012

M2MZII Version 1.7

  1. M2OXUB: Title & URL: OCAndroid Developers Meetup (#48: 2012.04.16) minutes http://1.JotHere.com/2859#M2MZII
    1. M2OXUJ: exact scheduled time range: pst2012.04.16Mon1800-2200

Small[ this time ]but very informative.

Here’s some of what we discussed –also comment there & add more: simply create an account if you haven’t already –useful/essential to do in any case as OCAndroid is transitioning as much as possible off of Meetup and onto http://JotHere.com.

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  1. Bill
    *I’m delighted u take notes, and your notes look great!
    *Right now I
    **Moved this post from it’s original location on Meetup to here as a post by Bill and
    ***Included a link back to the original event
    ****This was missing
    ****Note the URL I used (again NOT to Meetup but to JotHere per same reasoning & more)
    ****Note the way I did the link with the 1st “Title & URL” field; this works well
    ***Gave the post an ID (I realize others can’t yet do that, so don’t stress if you can’t) which I also used in the post’s official URL (allows the post to be moved to another website while still tracking it from the link)
    ****Gave the post a “#.#” version # at the start; this is handy as the post can a minor version (as draft) and WordPress keeps multiple versions but DOESN’T alert readers when the version has been updated.
    **Will soon close that thread to further replies with explanation linking to this comment.
    **Why? OCAndroid is transitioning as much as possible off of Meetup and onto http://JotHere.com
    *Once you have made any further edits here to you need to, to alert everyone just comment the Meetup event listing “I’ve created minutes of this Meeting. Please see & comment-at http://1.JotHere.com/2859#M2MZII
    **Nice work!

  2. Creating version 1.1
    *I changed the event URL from /LTO3YC#M2A4FE to /965#M2A4FE so to effect a ping-back (causes the listing of events to link to these minutes about it)
    *I changed url http://2.loverules.info/2849 to /2849#M2N2C7 for accuracy, brevity & because site URL changing per /2741#M2HRHO –Bill & authors should read that.
    *Replaced “#48” with “(#48, pst2012.04.16Mon1800-2200)” so adding the exact time range since this universally meaningful
    *Bolded interior title (forgot to do 1st time)

    • Even “/965#M2A4FE” did not cause the back-link comment (ping-back or talk-back?) to be created there, but the original link to http://2.loverules.info/2849 did cause one there.
      *maybe the WordPress 3.3.1 code incorrectly gets confused by anchors
      *I will have to look into this.

    • Aesthetically I do not like the date formatted as “(#48, pst2012.04.16Mon1800-2200)”; considered changing the title
      *to “pst2012.04.16Mon1800-2200: OCAndroid Developers Meetup #48 minutes” but that’s not entirely logical as while the event was on that date, the minutes were not necessarily created then and this date range is for the event.
      *also don’t like the comma in “#48,
      *but can’t think of anything better at the moment, so leave it be.

      • Please move or remove these comments, as they are not relevant to the meeting. You’re free to create a meta-page if you wish, but this discussion is for the meeting itself.

        • Thanks for sharing your fix ideas & sentiment.
          *Creating a separate page is expensive, including requires a link to & back from it in both directions, plus putting that additional page in a category.
          *Here WordPress is keeping comments in an outline, which DOES take some getting used to, but once you’re used to it, is VERY handy; as read /754#LXYYLT.
          **As an outline, one can just skip these 1st 2 branches of it which are on meta info.
          **BTW,other successful sites do this nested/threaded comments, too, with great success from it:
          ***the very successful http://Groups.Drupal.org (organic groups)
          ***Famous http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdot
          *M2NUX4: One thing though WordPress (and I believe Groups.Drupal) IS missing is the ability dynamically collapse & expand sub-trees of the outline.
          **With that, you would have what you’re looking for (this sub-thread disappear and probably by default) without the linking & overhead drawbacks I mentioned above.
          **Per your aesthetics sentiment, I will keep an eye out of for a plugin or other way to do this.
          *It would also have been nice to have put these first 2 branches in their own ‘meta-info’ branch (making them even easier to skip). Unfortunately we don’t YET have the ability to move comments (as to another location or branch) although that’s coming soon.
          *Maybe best of all, I’ve placed in the main post a link directly to the items discussed hopefully causing the reader to skip this meta info.
          *And this meta info probably won’t occur (nor not nearly as much) in later minutes as we will have worked out the details then.

  3. Some of what we discussed. To add a new topic, reply to this comment and there describe that topic.
    *Prior to this comment, Bill had listed 5 items in the main post here; this was great, so I took each of these 5 and made it it’s own comment below; that way
    **the reader could reply & add to it plus have a URL to link to it
    **plus it allows all attendees (and anyone else) to contribute more, and collectively create the report of what happened!.

  4. Interestingly, [not counting me=Bill & Destiny,] the two [ other ]members we drew tonight[, Kathy & CD Cook Jr,] are business types, not developer types. I dunno what it means, but it’s interesting.
    *I originally posted this in the main post, then Destiny moved it here so he & others could reply to it.

    • Yes, we do attract business types, too. We always have since the group started holding meetings nearing 2 years ago.
      *And that’s absolutely fine: the “Building” section of our agenda can be on building Android businesses, as indeed it was here.
      *And perhaps we got business types this time, and not other developers (besides you & me), because business types “are” more organized so had got their taxes done, while the developers this time were at home working on getting tax filing extensions as they had missed the yesterday April 15th deadline! –just a guess 😉