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  1. M2NSMJ: Title & URL: Lucy wants to give the couch Randy left to Charlie http://1.JotHere.com/2870#M2NSM5
  2. M2NSOG: This post is public, so only use 1st names in this posts & its comments, including just the street # for a location, in order to insure everyone’s privacy.
  3. M2NSYH: This shared public post is to coordinate the details with the many parties involved. Readers & especially all parties involved are are asked to join in in the discussion: simply create an account on http://1.JotHere.com.
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  8 Responses to “Lucy wants to give the couch Randy left to Charlie”

  1. When tenant Randy left 721, he left a 3-section “sectional” couch; for further details on that, comment here.

  2. Property owner Lucy wants to donate the couch to sober-living manager/owner Charlie provided he will pick it up for free.

    • Lucy wants to coordinate the pickup with the existing tenants.

      • but Lucy doesn’t have the tenant phone #s

        • The property manager has the tenants’ phone numbers, but would charge for disposing of the couch, so Lucy decided to handle it herself.

        • Lucy told me property manager Don didn’t really want to give her the tenant’s cell #s, probably because he understandably didn’t want the property manager to side-track him and work directly with the tenants.

          But Lucy did remember that I have tenant Thomas’s cell # (yes, I got it when I first met him & we dialed each other, quote(Thomas XXXXXX (XXX) XXX-6994 – mobile, 3/2/12 5:02 PM 6 weeks ago 0 minutes long)) so asks me for it.

          I replied I would have to ask him first as I suspect Thomas may not be comfortable with me giving his cell # to his property owner, for these reasons:
          *One should not just give out somebody’s personal contacts w/o there permission. Indeed increasingly today, people are private with their personal contacts and especially don’t them given out in business contexts. Many people, including me, do not casually give out my cell #s to businesses and many agencies.
          *Even more, when I asked Thomas for his # so he & I could hang out, I said this would be nothing to do with me being related to the property owner, that I would be “cool” on that, so he agreed. And why did I say this? Understandably & from my personal experience with house mates, many tenants would not want to have as a same-age-group friend someone who is closely associated with their property owner, as they wouldn’t want potentially anything they do in their residence to get back to the property owner as to avoid the case the property owner might overreact. Yet now on the very first time I contact him using his personal #, it would be on stuff dealing with the property owner! –effectively going against my promise. He may then understandably not like that, putting me in an uncomfortable position to handle this matter, even if it’s just a small one, as it conflicts what I just promised him.

          Lucy did not get this logic and was simply quite angry that I would not just just give her Thomas’s cell # because she was the property owner & I was the tenant, but I still refused.

          So, initially (mis)seeing this matter as just a small thing, and telling me so, Lucy just asks me to SMS him a message. I agreed. Yes it was still awkward for me, but I wanted to help her, and at least then I could help without seemingly without having to give out (nor ask to give out) Thomas’s personal cell# on a business matter.

          • Our SMSing

            Me to Thomas XXXXX (XXX) XXX-6994 – mobile
            4/10/12 10:11 PM 7 days ago

            Me: Hey,Tom! This is Michael!(we 1st met @ur 721 XXXXXX rental (pst2012.03.02Fri1702=time of my 1st call 2u when we exchanged #s);my mom’s ur landlord). Mbr? 🙂 4:02 PM
            Thomas XXXX: Yea I do how are you michael? 5:58 PM
            Me: Good! (&sorry not 2reply 2sooner – just noticed ur SMS. Thx4ur reply.) I’m well. Hope u well,too! I said I’d buzz u when I was in Orange,well it’s rare but it happened! I was just in Orange when I SMSed u;but actually [ur prop owner Lucy] asked about u. She’s wants 2give the sofa in the garage away 2a certain guy fr a sober living facility,so wants 2make sure he can hv access to pick it up.If u dont mind,is the garage unlocked&sofa still there? 10:11 PM

            Thomas XXXX (XXX) XXX-6994 – mobile
            4/11/12 3:25 PM 6 days ago
            Thomas XXXXX: Yea not a problem, just let me know when they want to grab it and I will make sure the garage is open 3:20 PM
            Me: Great. When my mom hears when that will be,I’ll let u know. Hope ur Chapman classes going well. Any parties lately? 3:25 PM

          • More of my SMS with him:

            Me to Thomas XXXXX (XXX) XXX-6994 – mobile
            4/17/12 4:13 PM 6 hours ago
            Me: Per my prior SMS, Charlie XXXX,cell 1.XXX.XXX.8469, will come 2012.04.18Wed 11am-1am to ur 721 house w/movers 2pick up the sofa in garage. Will u hv it open? 11:00 AM
            Me: Owner Lucy heard from tenant Randy that 1 of the 3 sections of the sofa have been taken by a tenant. The retriever Charlie will need all 3. Are they all there? 11:27 AM
            Thomas XXXX: Hey mike sorry for the delay, we ar actually utilizing the 3rd piece of the sectional, which is a small portion. Upin leaving randy offered us the couch [|] to keep or sell, and we accepted. But utilizing it in the group home would be a much better use for it. We would like to keep the one piece for the rem[|]ainder of our stay here which is only through may, at which point you could take the final piece. I will have the garage door unlocked, let me know if t[|]his is ok 3:56 PM
            Me: Thanks 4 complete answer. I’ll run it by lucy. 4:11 PM
            Me: Also would you mind if I gave cell # to Lucy so she can sms you? That would take me out of the loop. 4:12 PM
            Thomas XXXX: That’s perfectly fine 4:13 PM
            Me: thanks. Indeed would it be possible for you to create an account on http://1.JotHere.com where I will put for you and everyone all the details? The first post on that page will tell you how and it takes just 3 minutes. 4:27 PM
            Me: Lucy and I already have accounts there (the site is free and very handy) and we are deve[l]oping this site so you could be an alpha tester help out -thanks! 4:38 PM
            [no reply; so then the next day 4/18/12]
            Me: Tom, ur reply? As I promised, (Lucy posted the matter for u&the others to read http://1.JotHere.com/2870#M2NSM5 ) -see that;all u need is a login 2reply. Thx. 2:57 PM