Apr 222012

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  1. M2OXUBTitle: OCAndroid Developers Meetup #49(pst2012.04.23Mon1800-2200)discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen beyond the listing
    1. M325R1: For what is posted here & how, please see each link above, especially the last one, including here the comments contain the happenings, nested, with ideally 1 item  each.
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  20 Responses to “OCAndroid Developers Meetup #49(pst2012.04.23Mon1800-2200): discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen beyond the listing”

  1. We have only 4 attending (Bill, Destiny, Kathy, Lucy –all group leaders) arriving in that order.

  2. A few minutes ago, at my Destiny’s request, Lucy has started creating a banner for meetings

  3. As hacking turnoutout hasn’t been as much as we’d like, I suggested (for OCAndroid hacking, attendees bring their extension of a preselected open-source program http://1.JotHere.com/2975) and since it was well received, created this post.

  4. On transferring my Virgin Mobile account (grandfathered in at $25/mo) to Bill, including so he has:
    *A full smartphone with service (right now he has smartphones with no service, and a plain cell phone with just phone service and no data)
    *A hotspot for OCAndroid meetings.

    • Just before the Meeting, we have this SMSing, quote(
      William “Bill” R. Zwicky: At round table now. also, will take your virgin phone. 5:47 PM
      Me: gd will do transfer 5:54 PM
      Me: there 5:55 PM

      • At the meeting I show him the equipment and start setting up Skype in my Kubuntu laptop (so I can privately call Virgin Mobile and square up my account then start the transfer to him)