Apr 242012

M30F1X Version 1.1

  1. M30F2F: Title & URL: universal rules and guidelines for (Meetup.com & similar) in-person groups http://1.JotHere.com/2990#M30F1X
  2. M30F6I: Definition by history, in order of 1st post:

    1. M30F7I: The free eBook “Universal Rules & Guidelines for Meetup.com L2PG1L”

      1. M30F81: This founded this collection of publications.
      2. M30F8D: Its content will eventually be transferred over to this site and maintained here in bite-sizes pieces instead of 1 big page.
    2. M30F99: the related new posts on this site contain 21-and-increasing valuable & updated extensions

    3. M30FDR: These publications are expanding/generalizing beyond Meetup.com to other in-person groups managed by Web 2.0 software

      1. M30H51: Why?
        1. M30FJ3: most notably starting with OCAndroid is transitioning as much as possible off of Meetup and onto http://JotHere.com, which as links there explain, would make since for many other Meetup groups as well per:
          1. M30HD0: article organizers using Meetup.com to get best-of-all-worlds: only for advertising events & groups, NOT as a website for them
        2. d