Apr 252012

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  1. M31R6S: Title & URL:discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen (at an event) beyond the listing http://1.JotHere.com/2996#M31R4Z

    1. M326ES: Shorter-form: discussion thread of happenings(at an event) beyond the listing
      1. M326G0: Shorter-form: happenings (at an event) beyond the listing
  2. M31R7G: Definition

    1. M31WWO: a discussion thread, notably via a http://1.JotHere.com post, where:

      1. M31WYO: The main post just defines the topic, notably the event and a link to this post defining the type of comments belonging here; it does NOT contain any statements about the topic.

      2. M31X1N: The nested comments contain all the content/statements about the topic.

        1. M2YK23: these are the event’s live notesBefore, after, & even during the event, participants can & do post here, streaming & documenting the event happenings, plans, & reports in real-time!
        2. M2WNK2: Leaders, attendees, & anyone, PLEASE COMMENT HERE AND ADD MORE TOPICS & POINTS!
          1. M2WNNN: simply create an account if you haven’t already –useful-or-essential in any case as Meetup groups including OCAndroid is transitioning as much as possible off of Meetup and onto http://JotHere.com.
          2. M2WNPE: ideally just 1 item per comment
          3. M2WO2C: do good threaded-talk conventions (as click “Reply” closest to your point; partial-replies are ok; for metadata; and more)
    2. M31ZKF: essentially an event’s document

      1. M326VD: which goes into details beyond the event’s listing
        1. M327GI: Notably which goes into details beyond the most-essential
          1. M327PJ: And on at least Meetup.com, the most essential are-to & must be put on the event listing to insure they are definitely seen by all potentially interested including emailed out
      2. M3200A: which smoothly integrates & rolls into 1 document the happenings of the event regardless of when announcing them
        1. M326R8: (what will happen, so planning+agenda) plus (what is happening, so live reporting) plus (what did happen, so minutes & after-reports)
          1. M3275B: For this reason, simply calling this by any one of these terms (as calling it just “minutes”, as done here) is misleading so should be avoided.
        2. M326RL: documentation of the happenings of the event, be them future/before, present/now, & past/after
      3. M326BR: which is modernized to the Web as a world-wide easily accessible & updatedable HTML document
      4. M3200Q: which is modernized to Web 2.0, notably potentially very organic & collaborative in that it can contributed to & designed by every participant and even outsiders
      5. M31ZV3: which can & typically-does have nested outline structure, notably nested threading especially to achieve the collaboration.
      6. M32054: which is achieved as described at M31WWO.
  3. M31REF: Comparison to alternates, from most to least similar:

    1. M31R8D: LSZTHR=(Meetup event listing’s )discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order

      1. M31UTA: This new replaces that old
      2. M31UY6: Notable Pro: uses Meetup accounts (this doesn’t YET so requires create account)
      3. M326JE: Notably similar in that it shares all of M31ZKF except points (last 2=outline &1.JotHere et al)
        1. M31VAI: including notable similar: both combine the happenings of the event, be them future, present, & past.
      4. M31UWI: Con: That is strictly chronological vs this is generally grouped/nested by subject though, with extensions, could be sorted chronologically, too.
      5. M31UYZ: Serious cons: all the cons of Meetup discussion threads.
    2. M31V8H: No other similar known

  4. M31R7R: Some Additional document history, in order:

    1. M31VWV: This started with OCAndroid Developers Meetup (#48: 2012.04.16) minutes
      1. M31V91: As PDT2012.04.17Tue at 12:03 details,
        1. M31VJS: Leader Bill posted (the minutes of a meeting, so just the event’s happenings in the past) as a Meetup discussion thread
          1. M31VJD: seemingly unaware-else-forgetting LSZTHR which
            1. M31VMG: which by design, covers all the event’s happenings happenings (regardless if they would be future, present, or past) but
            2. M31VNJ: which, after my showing him but I couldn’t get him or other leaders to do, so OCAndroid had stopped using per his suggestion to instead use Meetup event comments as these were less trouble, but then now (months later) he began recreating a separate discussion thread  (so probably-unthinking reinventing LSZTHR) probably now more aware of the need for it.
          2. M31VUK: then I knowing the cons of Meetup discussion threads and having further progressed OCAndroid is transitioning as much as possible off of Meetup and onto http://JotHere.com, rather than do a Meetup thread notably LSZTHR, I made the minutes this 1.JotHere.com post.
      1. M31W57: Then as PDT2012.04.17Tue at 22:40 details, I moved the minutes topics from the main post to each in its own comment (thus leaving the main post with just the subject).
        1. M31WES: On 2012.04.22Sun Bill told me he understand why I did this change but said he didn’t like it, notably because the data was too spread out.
    2. M31W5N: the next version OCAndroid Developers Meetup (#49: pst2012.04.23Mon): what will, is, & did happen beyond the event listing
      1. M31W8S: Based on the prior version (minutes=what did happen) with “what will & is …. happen” as done for LSZTHR.
      2. M31WG7: I created this on the date of its post 2012.04.22Sun but then Bill had the same not-in-favor remark about it, still:
      3. M31WJF: At else after the meeting, all the attendees, including Bill, used it, and seemed to increasingly like it
        1. M31WLY:  Leader Lucy, who originally (at the meeting) adamantly refused to post here (probably not being used to post during a meeting), seems to have now become a big supporter and starting to think of other uses for this documentation style, as for her Writers Group where she takes minutes.
    3. M31R4Y: I create this
      1. M3KNZ6: Why?  Before, instead was:
        1. M6SYPC: section M2WNK2 was getting copied to new posts.
        2. M3KOSW: reached my limit when
          1. M6SYQB: Saw this redundancy
      2. M3KNXM: by:
        1. M37OOV: probably a copy of existing post via manual content copy (TEMPLATE: on (the most similar recent one=http://1.JotHere.com/3317#M6NG5I) latest version M6NGZV, do Copy to a new draft)
        2. M37OP0: then there: give this a new ID & updated content to fit.
    4. M31X7A: Now I moved section M2WNK2 from that post M31W5N to here to almost-immediately replace with (a link to here and section “M325R1: please see each link above for how to use this”)
    5. M320AZ: ~1hr ago, have a fairly usable, releasable version, so 1st publish (Version 1.0)
      1. M325W3: used title “discussion thread of a meetup’s happenings beyond its event listing”
    6. M320BW: Version 1.1
      1. M320CD: Replaces “meetup” with more general “event”
      2. M320FA: Gives a new title “discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen (at an event) beyond the listing”
      3. M320D6: Adds section “M31ZKF: essentially an event’s document”
      4. M3279L: Added recursive-nesting section “M326ES: Shorter-form: “
    7. M35LZU: Version 1.2: improved the contents of section M31X1N to better explain & sell it & get participation.
    8. M6SXDB: Updated to publishing standard used in http://1.JotHere.com/3322#M6R5K1 except reverted back to format q(M31R6S: Title & URL:)