Apr 262012

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  1. M33JBU: Title: SoCalCodeCamp.com conference series
  2. M33JC6: URL: http://1.JotHere.com/3015#M33JAT
  3. M33JC9: Definition:
    1. q(
      1. info=SoCalCodeCamp.com <—click & read!
        1. LYHZDG: Typically at all times there is an IT lecture/session happening which is not-specifically-Microsoft (so on open source, Android, Linux, WordPress, Drupal, job finding, etc)
        1. LYI03T: Day 1/Sat ends with the famous Geek Dinner starting 6pm.
        2. LYI1C9: Day 2/Sun ends with the famous raffle.
        3. LYI0A2:  Recommended that you bring your laptop.
      2. LYI08XIf Meetup won’t allow you to RSVP YES because the event has started, then (1) post your RSVP as a comment to this post and (2) ideally Meetup-email the event host your answers to to the private Qs(your name, cell #, email address, etc).

      ) from from the listing prior to http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/61640522/

    2. M33JHS: with RE Android:
      1.  From the listing prior to http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/61640522/ :
        1. LYHZ36featuring 6 Android events:
          1. LYHZ64: 5 on Day 1/Sat including by Jeffrey Peacock
          2. LYHZ6C: 1 on Day 2!
  4. M33JCD: Additional document history, in order:
    1. M33JEH: needed a page to generally define it
    2. M33JEP: Version 1.0
      1. M33JQG: title: SoCalCodeCamp.com conference (series)
      2. M33JQL: quoted from http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/61640522/

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