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  1. M33YGV: Title: The ticketing alternative you DON’T want: online ticket sales (selected by OCtastefest.comcharges me for a ticket but doesn’t deliver it and when I try to get it or at least a fix, the manager hangs up on me, and more! -my worst online ticket sales experience ever
  2. M33YH4: URL:
  3. M3IJTXSituation

    1. M3F95S: The title & its URLs provide a very compact & complete summary.

    2. M3IJV91st announcement: to Meetup Event‘s Hosts & attendees

      1. M3IJX6: On the event listing which told me of the event, I posted my problems: this event comment and my RSVP answer. As is the nature of event comments, would have been emailed to all attendees, alerting them of this serious problem.
      2. M3IPMR: event RSVP YES with quote(But the buy-ticket link -> charged me the $10.95 total on my card but then failed 2credit me a ticket! &Cust svc closed. Then when I tryin2find a fix,mgr hungup on me!)
      3. M3IKMS: the event comment, quote(

        DestinyArchitect*Sds like grt event,esp 80s band!
        *This is (the short URL esp for promotion)
        **the buy-ticket link only sells tickets &gives the discount price thru yesterday midnight
        **I placed my order b4 then&it charged me the $10.95 total on my card but then failed 2credit me a ticket!&cust svc was closed. Then now when I trying 2find a fix,the mgr hungup on me! -WORST tic seller ever! So pls use another, as say .

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      4. M3IOXP: Then after that at least 1 contact for this was posted -see M3ILZ9.
      5. M3IPNY: Update my event RSVP YES with quote(Sds great! I aiming2go,but got a bad “bite” from the ticket seller after paying em 4my tic, so no tic! -see .Currently I’m hoping the gate will get this wrong &fix it,4 me&any others.)
    3. M3IK2H: 2nd announcement: to promoting Meetup group (of size 6755 members) Head Organizers

      1. M3IK3D: I meetup-messaged “Contact Us” the group’s head organizers  the following, quote:
        From: Meetup <>
        Date: Fri, May 4, 2012 at 11:36 AM
        Subject: DestinyArchitect sent you a message: Tonight’s 5pm event: who is the event host? As the online ticket seller charged me for a ticket but didn’t & won’t send it


        (As you requested, below is a copy of the email you just sent.)

        Meetup Message from: DestinyArchitect, Member of The SoCal Tribe

        Tonight’s 5pm event: who is the event host? As the online ticket seller charged me for a ticket but didn’t & won’t send it

        Dear Don & BETT , Head Organizers for SoCal-Tribe,As a fellow Meetup Head Organizer for many years, I want to thank you and say you run a great group with many fine events. Indeed only now (after many events) have I run into a problem and have to ask you now as it’s for tonight’s 5pm event but that doesn’t list any “Event Host” for it so I’m contacting you. Kindly who is serving as the vent host for this?This is the problem: for tonight’s 5pm event, I was charged for a ticket but it wasn’t sent and when trying to find a fix (as send me a ticket or something), the ticket sales cust svc manager hung up on me! –as detailed in -it was the worst online ticket selling I’ve ever experienced. I hope they get some other, as .Also who at the event might you recommend I contact? -that is if you know.Thanks for your timely help.
      2. M3ILZ9 Apparently in reply, one of the leaders has partially responded with an event comment quote(BETT

        BETT@ destiy – this event was selected by maria, check with her

        Posted[ 12:37 PM] 7 minutes ago | Like)
      3. M3IOUQ:  And again via reply email: quote(
        From: Betty B.. <>
        Date: Fri, May 4, 2012 at 12:40 PM
        Subject: Re: DestinyArchitect sent you a message: Tonight’s 5pm event: who is the event host? As the online ticket seller charged me for a ticket but didn’t & won’t send it

        maria selected this event, u can email her through socal tribe


      4. M3IOHA: So as suggested, on Maria’s group profile I just posted Greetquote(

        5pm’s OC Tastefest event listing comment… says the event was selected by u&so ask u.
        *THXU4 posting this great sounding event!
        *I rec’mend u ask the grp leaders 2make u a Meetup Event Host here so u get mbrs RSVPs &they’ll know who 2turn2u&more
        *I aiming2go but got a bad “bite” after paying4 a tic: pls see &ideally reply-cmt there else email me. Thx!

        May 04, 2012 2:15 PM)
      5. M3IS2W: And in further reply, just now I posted this event comment quote(

        • DestinyArchitect

          DestinyArchitect@BETT,thx4 ur reply,&super fast!
          *So,yes, per ur rec’d,I posted a Greet2 event selector Maria (I give URL as 3 “Maria”s r attending-whoa!)
          *I also emailed the native host@ info AT 2let em know,2
          *directing all2 blog post w/full details of what ticket-selector did&does,so hopefully TA’ll think twice b4 treating any more cust this way.
          *Thx. Quite lkgFwd2 this Really Hot Event!

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    4. M3IKAF: 3rd announcement: to OCtastefest.comthe clients choosing

      1. M3IKOA: Dear info@octastefest. referred me to you. I’m a member there.
        And I went to buy a ticket as that directs but your online ticket seller gave me all sorts of & killer problems –the worst online ticket sales I’ve ever experienced:
        1. First, but only as an important preface, they or you had placed me & all us buyers under a purchase deadline: I had to purchase the ticket before midnight the day before to get the discount (plus apparently to buy online at all). But I understand the need for that and can live with it.
        2. So I went online and the thing gave me a about 8min timeout timer to complete the transaction –woha, not much time, especially for a new customer given all the (very detailed) form they want to complete.
        3. So I rushed thru it, just got the form completed I recall, I think one minute early the thing times out and/or the form fails, all the data is lost, so I have to start all over again.
        4. Well now time is running out. Almost midnight. And then slows to a crawl -i don’t know if I can make it.
        5. But fortunately I do, just barely, reentering all the information to set up a new customer AGAIN, and press submit.
        6. Well the transaction fails -it gives me an error message saying it won’t send me a ticket. And indeed when I log in again with my new account, it has no information that I even purchased a ticket — so can’t prove that I indeed did it before the deadline  but it was their fault. Eeeks.
        7. However, then I check my credit card records, and a charge was placed on my account, and my balance deducted.
        8. So I call customer service. But they’re closed!
        9. Ok, so I want until morning, about 10am, and I call again.
          1. Toby answers.
            1. I explain what happened.
            2. I also tell her that this count-down timer also pissed me off: you give me 8 minutes to create a new account and complete your detailed form with all the questions you ask?! Indeed I was rushing but I still seemed to run out of time, and then I had to complete your whole form over again from scratch -it was blank. I’m here to buy a ticket, not play “Minute to Win It” and be stressed even further than your midnight deadline. Your system needs to give more time, as 3 times more time, especially if the customer has to create a new account.  (But I was not sure if she heard me or would do anything on this.)
            3. She says now she can’t send me a ticket, because the period is expired. So I’ve now spent 35 minutes last night, and now another 12 minutes here on the phone with you, all to pay for a mere $11 charge, which you’ve taken off my card, but not given me a ticket.
            4. She says Well the charge should have dropped off. I say I just refreshed; it’s still there. I say then the least you can do is send me an email saying that I did pay for the ticket before the deadline and you did take the money off my card, but you didn’t send me a ticket –so then I can show this email to the gate so then they will sell me a ticket at this price. Yes, I’ll have the money deducted twice and go thru 1 hour of additional hassle, but at least I would have gotten this price I was promised but didn’t get, and when I did nothing wrong.
            5. She says she will have to talk with her manager. And she puts me on hold. For over 5 minutes!
          2. Finally Jerramy, the customer service manager, comes on the line.
            1. And I’ve got to explain the whole thing to him. Including I again repeat that I’ve already put several online charges on this card with 0 problem before, to multiple other companies, and that I copied & pasted the address exactly.
            2. So he now says (reveals) they CAN sell me the ticket, and, after some further talk, agreeing to the discounted price I originally was charged, provided I give him the card # again.  And he says that I should check back in a few days to see their first charge for this has dropped off, and if not I will need to call them and get both companies on the phone (them & my card company) and he will see they remove it.
            3. So I agree. Though I say, Hey, for all this hassle you’ve put me thru, and when you agree it’s not my fault, and yet now say I’ll have even hassle as now I’ve got to check to make sure your charge was removed and if not call you back and put both companies on the phone. Well, after all this, the polite thing would be do would be something for all this at least 1 hour of more effort your company has & will continue to put me thru, as say give me 2 tickets for that price, to do something to make up for all this, when it was not my fault as you agree.
            4. He says he can’t/won’t do that, he can only sell me 1 ticket. I say: then let you alert you in advance that I will definitely be letting your clients, the promoters know, the hassle you’ve put me thru, the worst online ticket sales I’ve ever experienced, and recommend they change to something else, as , which I’ve used fine with never problems as this. He says that doesn’t matter, and tells me he’s already doing me a favor to give me the discounted rate now, saving me from paying full price at the door –this insults me, and I explain to him “it’s no favor, it’s just only partially undoing the damage which you admit your systems caused me; that’s not respectful to call it a favor.  But he won’t agree. So I proceed with the ticket sale, giving him my card again.
            5. This transaction again fails, but this time because the amount was declined, because now my card doesn’t have enough funds on it from the first time they posted the ticket on there but didn’t deliver it!  However, it’s just $.63 short, so I say “So how about you just rerun the charge but just $.63 less, since you’ve already run out my card and not given me a ticket.
            6. But he says No.
            7. I add that Hey the card has run out because it’s a gift card.  He says That’s the problem. (And acts like it’s now MY fault!) We don’t ever process gift cards. I say What about gift cards where you register the address in advance; other online merchants to the that fine (and the rest don’t require registering at all). He says, No, our system won’t process gift cards at all; it needs to only be a card where the statement is mailed to your home address.
            8. I said, Well then why didn’t you (your system) tell me this before you did made the charge?  He said, We did, it’s in the Terms of Service. I said, What? You gave me a count-down timer of 8 minutes to complete the transaction AND complete all your requested info to register a new account. So you think I should have read your terms of service in that time, too?!  No, you did not at all practically tell me, be real! Indeed, if you couldn’t have accepted my card, you shouldn’t have accepted it when I entered it, but instead your system accepted it it also put a charge on it, and didn’t even give me a ticket.
            9. He said, Nothing I will do about that.  Just give me a non-Gift Card to charge. I said, I don’t have a non-Gift Card to charge. For security, I only use Gift Cards for online purchases, and these have worked fine for years with everyone else.
            10. So I said, Well then  if you’re system won’t accept Gift Cards, even when registered, unlike every other system I’ve seen, then please just email me proof of what you’ve just told me: that your system shows I made the purchase before the deadline and your system charged my card but didn’t give me a ticket. Then I can show this email to the event gate and hopefully they will understand and give me the ticket that I’ve already been deducted for for, or at least another at that price.
            11. But his response was to instead hang up on me.
          3. M3ILRH: Since they recorded my call, I also have a recording of this call should you want to review it. Perhaps I could even post it here (after the credit card #s and similar have been removed).
        10. M3IM8M: On even the my first purchase, is the worst online ticket sales experience I have ever gone thru -horrid customer service. Please look at alternative companies (as, contrary to their name, definitely do NOT seem an “alternative”)
          1. M3IM9Z:  as say which seems to have a good reputation and I’ve used before to collect money for events (even a commission sales) without problem.
      2. M3ILXG: I am now emailing a link to the above to the email address above, email content quote(
        From: DestinyArchitect <>
        Date: Fri, May 4, 2012 at 1:56 PM
        Subject: For tonight’s 5pm event you’re hosting, the online ticket seller charged me for a ticket but didn’t & won’t send it & worse -the worst customer service!


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    5. M3IP16: Added reply email M3IOUQ as I just it: it’s duplicate news.
    6. M3IQ5Q: Added my updated RSVP.
    7. M3IS6S: Added event comment M3IS2W.