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  1. Title: pst2012.05.28Fri1000-1500~: Dave & Destiny meet up at Starbucks 92840

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      • As far as rewriting the system to use a framework.

        • I pointed out this would be so much work (I guess 90% of code need rewriting) that one could reasonably afford to put it into another (better) language.

        • Rather than PHP, (as I mentioned our 1st meeting) I recommended using Node.JS , this time citing (article apps (web, mobile, & native) in JavaScript+HTML+CSS ). He was partial to this.

        • I suggested he could rewrite the system as a WordPress plugin. All one would have to do is to get a good existing event plugin to get the the event table. And this would likely already have the “presence” table and “person” table. If it didn’t the person table could be best an extension of the user table (not all users would be active). Any existing MySQL table could be extended for necessary columns by either adding columns or (as frequently done in WordPress and/or Drupal) creating separate table with an ID column which referenced the corresponding entry in the source table (so to keep the extension data in a separate table).

          And as a plugin,
          * it could have all PHP & JavaScript & CSS code: indeed some code would immediately port.
          *It would have the cleaner modularity of WordPress
          *It could be used immediately on plus on many other WordPress sites, likely getting a much larger audience than present.

          He agreed.

        • As far as adding versioning

      • I said Steve Jobs often said “Focus on what you’re good at” and the most valuable part of the work is the clever way of visualizing the data, followed by the event-person relationship (though that isn’t so novel) and followed a distant last by the data. It would hard to get data into his system, but would be probably much more useful to work out ways to display existing data.

      • Uses of the existing site.

        • My impression is, in it’s present form, it would have very limited users as users don’t want to put their data into this novel website just for its entertaining-but-still-narrow features (and then maintain the data now in likely two sites: this site for the timeline and another site for everything else). The reward wasn’t enough to overcome the cost.

        • He came up with the use as in movies & videos, to create an entertaining timeline for a main character. I did think this was a good existing use,.

      • I said if his primary goal now is to get a job, I would recommend first thing to create a video (as YouTube) demoing the existing work, which then can be included on the site itself to explain & demo itself plus be used to quickly & nicely explain to his prospective clients/employers the work he did here. There could also be a code-walk-thru video, especially for the latter case.

      • He said at his presentation member Lee Nollette asked for a copy of the code, so did I know him from before, and would I recommend he give it out. I told him I didn’t know Lee from before, regardless, as far as giving out the code, I would give it out properly from a professional VCS system, which he also should likely be using to manage code anyway. He agreed. I recommend since, while not the biggest, they’re very reputable including the only I know which is giving out free private repositories. So he created an account, intended to use git there.

    • We talked about and long term.

    • We talked a bit about romance.

  1. thanks for all the input … I have can a clearer path of where I am going to take my web development and lots to explore