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  1. M2OXUBTitle:OCAndroid Main Meetup #56(pst2012.05.28Mon1800-2200, also user issues as ANDROID MEDIA MANAGEMENT)discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen beyond the listing

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  1. Topics & Presentations

  2. The interview with Larry Page is an hour. I will try to edit it down to 25 min. for the meeting.

  3. Leader changes (incoming & outgoing)

    • During the meeting, 1st time attendee Rick Lien said he is so impressed with the Ruby on Rails training group in Las Vegas , which charges for it so profitable, that:
      *He attends there regularly.
      *He would like to set up OCAndroid to offer similar training. In particular
      he suggested & volunteered to start-up & help-lead conversion of our existing dev training into a fee-collecting activity using his Las Vegas Ruby group as a model
      **I thank him & point him to the uncharged training we offer (for Native & PhoneGap Android) we offer as part of our standard agenda.
      **He says several times he wants to work with us leaders to monetize it. I look forward to his followup.

    • After the meeting, after everyone left but Rodney & me,
      Rodney, who often serves his role as the fill-in leader for http://OCLUG.Org tells me earnestly he wants to:
      *Run N.OC versions of OCAndroid Main Meetings, including he may know some venues there (though not as complete as what we have now)
      **I say most definitely: And mention that we have an offer from Learning Tree there but haven’t taken it because we had no one to run it, but now we do!
      **I say we would still want to run a Meeting featuring users still 1x/month, but now alternate evenly between N & S OC.
      **I say developer meetings we now would want evenly between N & S. OC.
      **I propose not changing the total meeting frequency (every 2 weeks) so then we would have this series: user south, user north, developer south, developer north, then repeat.
      *Also list http://OCLUG.Org group meetings on OCAndroid site
      **I say fine, please go ahead
      *Possibly have a joint OCAndroid + http://OCLUG.Org meeting.
      **I say possibly, but let’s deal with the first 2 first, before we go into that advanced rearrangement, including the two groups have different agendas and largely different audiences (though that may change once the source codes of the two merge, as I hear they may/will)

      *I say Bill should be fine attending all meetings including since he’s in the middle.
      *I say I would only attend a few north meetings, especially just in the beginning, since it’s far for me and I want to to start OCJavaScript.
      *I agree to promptly make him an OCAndroid leader, handle notably these OCAndroid Main Meetings north (with Bill as a backup)
      **For this especially, i take a clearer (less dark) picture of him for his Meetup profile.
      **For this, as is standard for incoming leaders, I verify his driver’s license (verify photo & name match).
      *We both agree to start searching for N.OC venues for such meetings.
      **I will start with the Learning Center offer.

      He agrees with all this. Then we part.

      • After I arrive home, I contact Lucy and run the idea by her.
        *She is delighted by the news, agrees it should boost attendance.
        *I noting again that it will boost attendance plus upset by our present arrangement where only 1/2 of our Main meetings are developer mostly meetings, come up with a new plan with her:
        **We keep our present S.OC meetings as they are: every other week.
        **We add on other weeks N.OC meetings.
        **Thus we will have (2x as many=weekly) meetings. Weekly meetings are nice as they give a real feeling of predictable ritual. And we hopefully now could sustain them as we are now drawing from N.OC members, too!
        **User featuring/mostly meetings would still be 1x per month, but now would alternate (between say the 4th week and the 3rd week) so then would alternate between south & north. This should help draw more users from north, too.
        **This plan
        ***We agree seems great!
        ***Will need to run it by the other leaders, notably especially Bill & Rodney.
        ****Bill should be fine as he was before attending weekly meetings and the distance is about the same for him (as, in Orange, he’s in the center).
        ****Rodney would then be main-running instead of 1 mtg/mo (which we last spoke of) now 2 mtgs/mo, but I have a feeling he would be okay with that, especially with Bill there to back him up.