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  1. M33YGV: Title:T-Mobile blocks certain URLs on an unofficial hostpot

  2. M3KEH0: Definition

    1. M4NFAS:  The title aims to summarize it; see especially its links.

      1. M5006I: T-Mobile redirects the browser’s URL to ,  archived to here, saying

        Smartphone Mobile HotSpot

        Turn your Smartphone into a Mobile HotSpot!

        Share your smartphone’s high-speed internet connection with your laptop, iPad®, iPod®, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.

        Click here to learn how to add the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service to your account.

        To learn more about Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service visit the FAQ.

        If you feel you reached this page in error, or have questions about Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (Tethering) service, please call T-Mobile Customer Care, 1-800-937-8997.


    2. M4P4ZA: Leading goals

      1. M4X5M0: See comments of this post for situations.
  3. M4P77Q: Some Solutions: see the comments of this post

  4. M3KF4W: Motivations (from roughly greatest-to-least):

    1.  M4X5N3: This must be fixed else:
      1. M4X5NZ: my present phone will no longer work as a hotspot for at least Chrome use:
        1. M4X5QA: as the primary hotspot for meetings starting with
        2. M4X5T1:  as my personal primary hotspot
      2. M4X5U6: Seemingly potentially thousands of other customers negatively impacted.
  5. M33Z0T: Additional post history, in order:

    1.  M4X5CF: I  create this
      1. M3KNZ6: Why?
        1. M3KO0E: before
          1. M3KOP0: instead of this, what was done
            1. M4X6SX: Noted informally
          2. M3KOSW: reached my limit when
            1. M4X6TE: When requested to do upgrade of phone (see comments) which might be related.
      2. M3KNXM: by:
        1. M37OOV: on (the most similar recent one= latest version M4PLUL, do Copy to a new draft
        2. M37OP0: then there: created this entry, give this a new ID, then updated content to fit.
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