Jun 072012

I purchased an iFly Heli GYRO 3.5CH RC Helicopter from Woot.com a few weeks ago, and cannot get it to work with my Android phones.  I’m going to try to get support from the distributor.

25 APR 2012 Purchased:
iFly Heli GYRO 3.5CH RC Helicopter

April 25, 2012
Woot Order #37762588

Package reads:
Item No. 35846, UPC 8-13023-02846-9

Support info:
World Tech Toys by World Trading 23, inc.
Valencia, CA 91355
1-877-4WT-TOYS (498-8697)

7 JUN 2012 Called tech support phone.
Was instructed to send e-mail to worldtechtoys@gmail.com with order number and site, and description of problem.  Sent the following:

I purchased an “i-FLYHELI 3.5CH GYRO METAL INFRARED HELICOPTER” and cannot get it to work with any of my Android phones. Toy was purchased from Woot.com on April 25, 2012, order number 37762588.

There are a huge number of apps that claim to work with this type of toy on the Android app market, however none of them explicitly specify i-FlyHeli or World Tech Toys. I’ve downloaded and tried a bunch of them, but cannot get the helicopter to respond at all. This is a typical sequence of events:

* Fully charge the helicopter and transmitter.
* Turn on the helicopter. Lights turn on and start flashing.
* Plug transmitter into Android phone.
* Start one of the controller apps, choose a model of helicopter (if appropriate).
* Touch the “on” button. Transmitter blue light turns on, and transmitter usually starts transmitting (verified by pointing the transmitter at a webcam.) With some apps, transmitter does not start transmitting.
* Point the transmitter at the helicopter, operate the controls on the app: Helicopter does not respond in any way.

-Bill Zwicky

8 JUN 2012 They respond:

World Tech Toys worldtechtoys@gmail.com
10:41 AM
to William

Hello sir did you ever try the i-flight app?

I reply:

William Zwicky wrzwicky@pobox.com
2:19 PM
to World Tech Toys

I just tried it now.  i-Flight supports three different models; I tried all three.  When I pres “ON”, the blue light on the transmitter turns on, but the infrared LEDs do not.  The transmitter doesn’t transmit anything.

When I run the Swann iFly app, the transmitter LEDs DO turn on and flicker, but the helicopter does not respond.

-Bill Zwicky

11 JUN 2012 They respond:

World Tech Toys worldtechtoys@gmail.com 11:51 am
to William

Sounds like there might be a problem with the device. If you would like to exchange it we can issue an RMA# and exchange it for you.

12 JUN 2012 I reply:

William Zwicky wrzwicky@pobox.com 11:08 PM
to World

You pay for shipping? Sure, send me an RMA#.

-Bill Zwicky

20 JUL 2012 I finally mail the thing back to them via UPS.

11 AUG 2012 Replacement copter has arrived! Testing shall commence!

To be continued …

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  1. well that’s good if they sent you a replacement copter… i hope that copter which you get now will work and doesn’t cause any problem for you.Thanks for sharing your experience but do share your experience with the replaced copter also.