Jun 202012
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  1. M33YGV: Title:BUG: Google Picasa sharing URLs include owner’s Google account number

  2. M3KEH0: Definition

    1. M5XOG3: for instance https://picasaweb.google.com/<OwnerGoogleAccountNum/>/<AlbumName/>?authkey=<KeyNum/>#<Photo?Num/>
    2. M5XOJF: Problems this cause include, from least to most serious:
      1. M5XOMS: Causes URLs which are quite a bit longer than necessary
      2. M5XOK0: Changing the owner changes the URL (bad idea: for instance, you generally want to transfer ownership of an organization WITHOUT changing it’s name & addresses)
      3. M5XOM0: Reveals the owner unnecessarily & unavoidably.
        1. M5XP27: For instance, by extracting the account #, one can go to the person’s Google Profile via https://profiles.google.com/<OwnerGoogleAccountNum/>/about?hl=en .
        2. M5XP0A: But there are situations where someone doesn’t want to reveal exactly who took/owns the picture, video, or album.
        3. M5XP6A: This is privacy hole, similar to the problem with gmail (or some other email client) sending email from a valid From address but revealing the underlying email account (such as sending an business email from a personal account and revealing the personal account), the Gmail on-behalf-of issue that it Google eventually had to correct.  Thanks to the correction, Gmail can maintain the sender’s privacy, but still any linked Picasa media (photos & videos) in the email, or sent by any means, will still reveal the underling sender’s Google account! -so now all that privacy is effectively lost.
    3. M5XOIV: This is unlike http://Docs.Google.com aka http://Drive.Google.com URLs, for example https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=<KeyNum/>&hl=en_US#gid=1
  3. M5XSGO: Workarounds: not looking good

    1. M5XSHF: Having multiple (probably many) Google accounts and transferring media to each as appropriate: not likely

      1. M5XSLP: Transferring/moving media between Picasa accounts is mostly impossible
      2.  M5XSK8: So has to be done immediately (as on media’s  first upload) but that’s very difficult as to decide in real time how to divide up the photo/video shoot, and to be constantly swapping, is very disruptive often to the point of impractical.
    2. M5XSP0: Use Picasa just for initial-else-general storage, then copy/move to some other account (as perhaps Flickr) for sharing

      1.  M5XSQI: Suggested by Lucy
      2. M5XSR6: Practicality unclear at this point.
    3. M5XSRY: None other known.

  4. M33Z0T: Additional post history, in order:

    1. M5XO9H: I create this
      1. M3KNZ6: Why?
        1. M3KO0E: before
          1. M3KOP0: instead of this, what was done
            1. Observed one time but did not create a report
            2. M3KOSW: reached my limit when
              1. M5XSEU: Really needing to share pics and not having found a workaround
      2. M3KNXM: by:
        1. M37OOV: on (the most similar recent one=http://1.JotHere.com/3184#M4LI1C) latest version M5XNXX, do Copy to a new draft
        2. M37OP0: then there: created this entry, give this a new ID, then updated content to fit.
    2. M5XPPG: Now have a fairly usable, releasable version, so 1st publish.
    3. M5XSTQ: Added M5XSGO: Workarounds: not looking good
    4. M5XV1O: Fixed URL and added link for M5XSLP: Transferring/moving.