Jun 252012

M671TZOCAndroid Main Meetup #58(pst2012.06.25Mon1800-2200: also USER ISSUES, as LOW-COST TABLETS): discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen beyond * the event listing http://1.JotHere.com/3308#M671TZ

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  1. Topics & Presentations –comment here.

  2. ~6:45pm a fillipena family stopped by the venue (dad,mom,son & daughter) to buy pizza and noticed our mtg. Son Myron was the only one with an Android so I talked with him.
    *He’s got the Android Transformer(sp?) tablet running 4.0 which he got in March, but he’s working for Verizon at a US Military base in Japan while studying at University of Marryland’s Japan branch, and will return in a week, so at my recommendation he will check out our site but especially Japanese Meetups (his dad had heard of Meetup being international).
    *I also found his sister reasonably cute so asked him to ask her if she might be interested in me, including checking out my profile on the site. He smiled & might.