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The Samsung Intercept has some weird tricks required when installing ROMs, tricks which are different from what other phones need.  Unfortunately, the docs seem to be scattered all over.  So I pieced together the process, and wrote this article.

The Phone:

Samsung SPH-M910 “Intercept” for Virgin Mobile
Android version: 2.2.2
Baseband version: S:M910.05 S.EC07
Kernel version:
Build number: FROYO.EC07
Hardware version: M910.05


  1. Root and install recovery.
    1. Install Intercept Root Apk and Recovery flasher.
    2. Read the instructions!  My particular phone is EC07, so this app works.
    3. Click the button to auto-root the phone.  Will reboot when done.
      • This worked great the first time, but when I re-installed stock, I had strange behavior.  It might take a little fiddling, but ultimately seems to work.
      • Note this does NOT generally need to be run ever again.  Root is just necessary this first time to install recovery, after which you can install pre-rooted roms.
    4. After reboot, re-run the app, and click the button to install recovery.  Will reboot into recovery when done.
      • Recovery will survive even if you install other ROMs, so this tool should never be needed again.
  2. Re-install clean stock ROM.
    1. Boot into recovery (see tricks below).
    2. Wipe data, cache, and dalvik.
    3. This is a good time to convert partition file systems to ext2 if you wish.  Some people claim it’s faster than the default RFS.
      • You’ll find it under Advanced -> Filesystem conversion.
      • If you do this, keep an eye on it whenever you boot into recovery.  I had these spontaneously revert to RFS at some point.
    4. Install VirginMobile-Froyo-StockROM-Rooted.zip with CrapKernal.
    5. Wipe dalvik again.
    6. Reboot system, verify it works.
  3. Install stock deodexed ROM.  I don’t know why this is necessary and haven’t verified it, but every ROM’s docs seem to demand this.
    1. Boot into recovery.
    2. Wipe NOTHING, just install ROM and reboot.
    3. Install ec07 Stock theme template (deodexed).
    4. Remember, wipe NOTHING.
    5. Reboot system, verify it works.
  4. Install desired ROM.
    1. Boot into recovery.
    2. Wipe NOTHING.
    3. Install desired ROM.  I went with Ubuntdroid 6.0.
    4. Again, wipe NOTHING.
    5. Reboot system, verify it works.

Tricks and Notes:

  • SDX Developers is the main home for Intercept development.
  • I don’t know why, but all custom ROMs seem to be missing something critical that only the stock ROM has.  As a result, you should wipe when you install stock, but you must not wipe when you install any other ROMs.  (I’ve read you can wipe the Dalvik cache, but you must not wipe data or regular cache.)
  • The standard way to boot into recovery is to press Volume Down, Call, and End buttons simultaneously.  But this doesn’t work if you’ve just shut down Android.  To make it work, unplug the phone and pull its battery for a few seconds.  Put the battery back in, and the three-finger-salute will work.


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  1. I followed the instructions, and at the end of B., after the reboot, my phone #1 required reactivation, which I have not yet done, and #2 refused to recognize the SD card as having files on it–so I lost everything I’d put on it to do this process. They’re still there and the computer recognizes them when I put the SD card in it, but the phone won’t!