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M70V44:The Series: Showtime‘s “POLYAMORY: MARRIED AND DATING”

    1. M72DPT:Brief synopsis:

      1. M85HRZ:Major TV network “Showtime‘s newest documentary reality series”[v@0:25] celebrating 2 successful, proud, & attractive polyamorous families in America right now; from Southern California, 
        1. M873FP:a San Diego family of 4 romantic adults (2 women+2 men) with 10 lovers plus 1 kid (right) and
        2. M873G6:a Riverside family of  3 romantic adults (2 women+1 man) with 3+ lovers plus 0 kids
      2. M8G5GV:“the Best Reality Show on TV” says Gawker.com
        1. M8G6C2:-now the featured review quote in the Showtime TV ads.
      3. M8735J:Extremely well-produced video, including very modern, sexy, professional, edgy, entertaining, & well-told.
      4. M875BU:A MUST-SEE for most anyone affected by romance & marriage.
      5. M8OP59:The “Behind the Scenes” video spot (right) is a very impressive quick-intro to both the series and successful polyamory.
      6. M85H06:Most notably it demonstrates & sells polyamory http://1.JotHere.com­­ /3467#M871DM as a real, working, modern alternative to today’s typically-failing monogamy where in America broken families have now become the norm.
        1. M85HC5:Realistically shows polyamorous families as:
          1. M873OR:not-easy, especially in these early pioneering days of poly, so what gives the series its drama, but
          2. M873P4:fun, exciting, serious, “very modern”, growing, loving, & smart.
        2. MAZWOR: At least in America, broken families have long become the norm. Moreover, hiding romance & feelings, cheating, lying, & meaningless sex have become so common they are regularly expected. Indeed overall our dream of monogamy may actually be just that: a dream –most especially in our modern world with ever-increasing options & freedoms. Well this show demonstrates successful real families here in SoCal finding a possible real alternative solution to romance & family: loving more, not less.
        3. M85HEP:Groundbreaking in that it marks the first time (I know) of a major TV network with the caring, foresight, & courage to seriously promote & recommend polyamory.
      7. M875JR:Not pornographic and Not erotica but, to prove what goes on, contains kissing, regular nudity (but unfairly no male gentiles), and brief-flashes of sex. See also Advisories.
      8. M87645:Not suitable for kids of conservative parents, nor for anyone who would get gravely offended by seeing anything besides traditional monogamy See also Advisories.
      9. M85GZR:Currently just 1 season split across 7 30-minute episodes.
    2. M70V4N:Official URL http://sho.com/sho/polyamory-married-and-dating/home

      1. M70W7P:Slogan: “A VERY MODERN FAMILY says the modern-family preview video.
        1. M72HG5:-which is very clever & very accurate: see comparison with “Modern Family”.
      2. M72BUE:Showtime Advisories: Adult Language, Adult Content, Nudity, Strong Sexual Content”
      3. M70V55:Episodes & Official Showtimes
        id Season Episode Official URL Name 1st TV showing (nationwide)
        Official Description Laguna Woods Village Cable TV 528 SHOe Description
        M70VR3:  1 1-7+ S 101-107  Every Thu at “11:00 PM ET/[08:00pm ]PT [for 30min?] on SHOWTIME HD” starting 2012 Jul 12 for 7+ weeks
        This provocative reality series takes an inside look at non-monogamous, committed relationships that involve more than two people. Lindsey and Anthony are married, but live in a triad (three-way relationship) with their girlfriend, Vanessa. Husband and wife Michael and Kamala (who have a young son) are adjusting to having two of their lovers, fellow married couple Jen and Tahl, move in with them. This explicit look at modern-day polyamory follows characters grappling with the emotional and sexual drama of sharing their hearts, as well as their beds none
        M70VGN: 1 1  S THE POLY LIFE  “Thu, Jul 12, 11:00 PM ET/[08:00pm ]PT on SHOWTIME HD” for 30min
        Series premiere. Couples who seek relationships with other lovers are the focus of this new reality series that follows married Los Angeles grad students Lindsey and Anthony as they reconnect with their ex-girlfriend Vanessa, who wants a formalized commitment to reenter their three-sided romance, and Kamala and Michael, San Diego residents in a ten-year marriage with a four-year-old son and a dozen lovers, who invite another couple, Jen and Tahl, to move in with them. New, (2012), Series premiere of a reality show about people involved in more than one intimate relationship at a time, with the knowledge and consent of all parties[, which is not swinging & polygamy].(Reality).
        M70VH1:  1 2  S POLY RULES  “Thu, Jul 19, 11:00 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME HD”
        Couples who seek relationships with other lovers are the focus of this new reality series that follows married Los Angeles grad students Lindsey and Anthony as they reconnect with their ex-girlfriend Vanessa, who wants a formalized commitment to reenter their three-sided romance, and Kamala and Michael, San Diego residents in a ten-year marriage with a four-year-old son and a dozen lovers, who invite another couple, Jen and Tahl, to move in with them. New, “Poly Rules”, (2012), Reality series about people involved in more than one intimate relationship at a time[, with the knowledge and consent of all parties, which is not swinging & polygamy].(Reality).
        M70XAV:  1 3  S POLY LOVERS  “Thu, Jul 26, 11:00 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME HD”
        <Same as Episode 2/> New, “Poly Lovers”, (2012), Kamala readies for a date with old friend Roxanne; Jen’s sister visits. (Reality).
        M70XF4:  1 4  S POLY ANNIVERSARY  “Thu, Aug 2, 11:00 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME HD”
        Reality series that explores polyamorous relationships. New, “Poly Anniversary”, (2012), Kamala sets up Michael on a date with Roxanne; Vanessa has a surprise for Anthony and Lindsey. (Reality).
        M70XML:  1 5  S POLY POTLUCK  “Thu, Aug 9, 11:00 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME HD”
        <Same as Episode 2/> New, “Poly Potluck”, (2012), Reality series about people involved in more than one intimate relationship at a time[, with the knowledge and consent of all parties, which is not swinging & polygamy].(Reality).
        M70XP4:  1 6  S RADICAL HONESTY  “Thu, Aug 16, 11:00 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME HD”
        <Same as Episode 2/> TBA
        M70XSB:  1 7  S WE ARE ONE “Thu, Aug 23, 11:00 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME HD”
        <Same as Episode 2/> TBA
        M70XUL:  1 8  S Not scheduled
        TBA TBA
        M70XWV:  2 1  S Not yet scheduled
        TBA none
    3. M70WRI:IMDB entry: http://imdb.com/title/tt2227610 (M8539Q:no rating yet)

    4. M70WR1:Wikipedia entry: (M85360:none yet)

      1. M85359:Search via this search
    5. M70VWN:Star Kamala Devi‘s blog entry “Showtime does Polyamory”

      –from this event‘s description.

    6. M728S9:comparison with things similar (from-most-to-least similar)

      1. M728V6:within polyamory, no big production like this ever before
      2. M728TX:in the spirit of Modern Family (one of the top TV series since its 2009 release) but calling itself a “VERY MODERN FAMILY”,
        M8OOB4:Riverside’s VERY “Modern Family” actually needs king-sized bed
        -for JenniferTahl, MichaelKamalaTahl!

        claiming to outdo just-“Modern Family” in notable ways:

        1. M70WLW:Even more (maximally?) liberal while still holding on to morality
        2. M70WMP:Asserts it’s even more modern, providing a romance solution for today
          1. M72DKY:Says narrator, “The polyamorous lifestyle may shock some, but with American divorce rates hovering around 50%, these families are on the front line of a growing revolution in the traditional monogamous relationship.”Behind The Scenes video at ~60%.
        3. M70WNC:Is a reality series, unlike well-written but fictional Modern Family.
      3. M7296U:like Sister Wives (polygynyexcept with nudity and without religion and (most-important, NOT polygyny but polyamory so fair & symmetrical  (not just men, but everyone can have multiple romances, & generally do) plus independent of marriage).
          1. M729HV:What’s Sister Wives? In terms of content, like Big Love (also polygyny) but not fictional but real-life.
    7. M70V9I:Producer & Carrier: Showtime Networks

      1.  “M72CMP:Notable: one of the top ~20 television producers & distributors in the world.”
      2. M7265T: How to watch this series <–click!
    8. M8G98U:Significance for romantic organizations worldwide: IMHO, High -as it offers a real option to typically-failing monogamy & other romance forms and, for those interested, it introduces & teaches that option.

      1. M8G9OK:Romantic organizations includes dating groups & sites, and romance & relationship groups & sites, plus organizations hosting romantic events; specific examples.
      2. M8G9JE:What should romantic organizations do? Share this with their people & audience by:
        1. A family of 4 romantic adults? Yes, it’s 1 of 2 polyamory families featured on the show. And the 4 also have 10 additional lovers!

          M8G9W0:Now encouraging them to record, watch, & discuss

        2. M8GA7M:And periodically hold watch & discussion parties for them.
      3. M8G8F2:The series seems it could be used worldwide for years to come as the standard video to introduce, sell, & teach polyamory.
        1. M8G8LN:It’s outstanding & there’s no comparable video for polyamory that I know of.
        2. M8G8NL:Notably the series could be used to create watch & discussion parties worldwide for years to come.
          1. M8G8UK:General romantic organizations worldwide could do this, say every year, to introduce the polyamory option,
          2. M8G8XX:Polyamory organizations worldwide, especially the 174 Meetup groups, could do this every say 3 months to introduce & teach new members about polyamory
    9. Riverside Quad Family: Tahl, Jennifer, Kamala, kid Devin, & Michael

      M70WC9:Significance for polyamory organizations worldwide: IMHO, Very High, for 2 key reasons:

      1. M723WK:This could finally bring polyamory out of the closet, making it much more known and more legit, IMHO potentially increasing the number polyamorists maybe 3x!
        1. M70WIC:Why? As best I know, this is the first time a major television series has been done about & endorsing polyamory, including:
          1. M8G86U:popularly-targeted
          2. M70WIS:this is by Showtime (very notable as a major TV network).
          3. M70WIW:This bills itself as the successor of Modern Family, which is one of the top TV series in the last few years, plus claims to outdo that in notable ways.
        2. M87HWF: And so far my guess of “3x” as the effect on polyamory seems to be on target per Google Searches.
        3. M87HSB:Starting at the time of the release of the show, worldwide Google Searches for “polyamory” increased to 2.8x! (from 1.2 to 3.4)
          1. M87IK6:This is likely from the Showtime series as clicking the “More news results” (which is there to explain the trend) brings up 7 of 10 posts about this series.
        4. M8Q2QH:Starting at the time of the release of the show, a proposal was made to have Facebook to be extended to support “Polyamorous Relationship Status” –including so one can declare as being “In a relationship with” multiple people!
      2. M8GAVX: The series could be the worldwide- standard video for introducing, selling, & teaching polyamory.

M70Y11:Watch, Discuss, & ideally-Promote


    1. M87FV8:IMHO, there’s a tremendous need to promote polyamory to the world and this production looks like it does an outstanding job at that, indeed groundbreaking for polyamory, if it fully promoted, so
      1. M72K5E:so it’s key to get this series watched & discussed, why go to the considerable trouble to write & promote this article & host some of its 1st events.
      2. M72K7K:so it’s important to give appropriate credit & celebrate the producers (Showtime) and performers that made this possible, as they deserve it, plus it took substantial courage to be the first and do this groundbreaking work (including sharing your family and even your bedroom sex on national TV, few would have the courage to do that!) so very important to support them so there will be more such productions to follow.
  2. M722TD:WHAT TO DO, roughly in order?

    1. M722YM:Record it (from sources)

    2. M722ZG:Watch it (from sources or your recording)

    3. M723BF:Discuss it!

      1. M8GA2V:ideally via posting especially on this page’s comments on the series
      2. M8GA3R:especially at watch & discuss parties.
    4. M722ZZ:Have group watch & discuss parties

      1. M85409:see this page’s directory of watch & discussion party series-s
      2. M8548S:Having them is especially important because it should really help:
        1. M7235J:get it watched:
          1. M854BK:as many/most people don’t get (the carrier=Showtime) else
          2. M854EN:won’t get around to watching it themselves (as they are not available at that time and can’t/won’t record it record it or they just won’t get around to it if not a group event).
        2. M854IY:Get it discussed
      3. M7XL6M:(tell attendees): BRING YOUR LAPTOP, including for posting online & web research for our discussion.
      4. M724RB:Especially if you record it onto portable media as DVD or a computer hard drive or a DVR you can bring with you, you then can take this to another venue to host the watch party (important say if you don’t want to have the watch party at your home).
      5. M724US:(a watch-party) venue
        1. M724W7:needs
          1. M726IS:a big TV (or computer projection screen with speakers)
          2. M726JI:a player, which could be:
            1. M726K1:your DVR or PVR (on which you recorded it) which you bring to the venue
            2. M726L4:a computer with either:
              1. M726PQ:(a Showtime Anytime subscription and a broadband-Internet connection) or a recording of it (on hard drive or DVD)
            3. M7273A:A DVD/Blu-Ray player plus a DVD recording of it
            4. M7273K:easy access & parking.
          3. M854NW:To allow a video showing brief nudity and this pioneering topic.
    5. M7230Q:Make-else-suggest listing (the episodes and ideally watching parties) in all groups which you think this is relevant to, especially of the groups you belong to

      1. M724CF:Simply schedule it yourself if you’re a group leader, else suggest it (easy on most any http://Meetup.com group: simply go to the group’s home page (of any group you’re member) and enter it in the suggest-an-event)
      2. M7243B:All one has to do is list the date & time, plus place or television station, plus include a link to this page http://1.JotHere.com/3359#M70UEM for the majority of details plus any additional details.
      3. M725WU:see this comment for real instances so far.
  3. M722SN:Who especially should act?

    1. M877DJ: Romantic organizations
      1. M877HA:These always should be appreciative of romance forms, especially successes in them, as this celebrates that for polyamory. More on Why & What-to-do.
      2. M878C0:Includes
        1. M70Y4R:polyamory groups and polyamorists especially
          1. M7277L:due to the match and the very-high significance to polyamory.
          2. M87H7B:See Polyamory Community for a list of group & organizations.
        2. M878CF: Romance including dating community groups, including  on Meetup, as http://Meetup.com/OC-Polyamoryhttp://Meetup.com/SinglesOdysseyhttp://Meetup.com/Better-SexSoCal PUA Meetup Group , http://Meetup.com/So-Cal-Dating-Relationship-Advice
        3. M878N4: Dating sites as http://Match.com and http://OkCupid.com (http://eHarmony.com would probably growl)
        4. M878OK:Romantic church/religious groups (rather, the few open-minded enough)
      3. M725X5:See real promotional instances so far.


from most-to-least similar, compared

  1. M31V8H:No other similar known

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  3. -none other than those noted.


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    1. M3KNZ6:Why?  Before, instead was:
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      2. M3KOSW:reached my limit when
        1. M72L2Z:I realized relisting it on each group would make for a lot of redundancy & maintenance; instead put all the details here and have every group & event listing link to here. .
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  152 Responses to “romantic organizations especially, watch & discuss Showtime’s series “Polyamory: Married and Dating””

  1. Comments about The Series: Showtime’s “POLYAMORY: MARRIED AND DATING”
    *Actually 1st posted “Jul 14, 2012 @ 13:24”; modified to instead sort by concept occurrence.

    • Comments about Season 1

        • As expected, EXCELLENT!, and A-MUST-SEE for anyone studying polyamory and especially anyone not already sold on polyamory but open-minded enough to able to see the good in it.
          Notably, from best-to-worst points:

          1. *In terms of meeting its apparent goals (to intro & sell real polyamory, and massively given it’s a big nationwide production),
            **As expected, nothing I know of comes even remotely close.
            **Indeed, seems near-perfect: almost no way it could could be improved, except:

            ***The points I mention below
            ***Giving written breakdowns & links to further details (as this page provides) -but then that MOSTLY doesn’t fit in this “genre” of TV broadcast
          2. *features the very hard to find examples of polyamory (as it’s still rare), which are also good, true (with problems), and (a big plus) sexy
          3. *Very modern, trendy, skillful production including sexy jazzy music & filmwork, & cutting to just enough to quickly tell the story.
          4. *Super short & sweet
          5. *Good intro to the basics of polyamory
            **Fails to mention only a few key things:
            ***The polyamory community (as at least the families’ involvement, it’s approximate size, and a reference to say http://polyamory.meetup.com) as almost no one has the confience to be the only example in their whole county (as people might think from seeing this premier)
            ***(compersion=polyamory’s main key to dealing with jealousy) and even though there are number of references to jealousy
            **Interestingly talks of needing lots of “commitment” instead of (the term I use) “dedication”. I instead use the term “dedication” because for a romance, especially when women talk about it, being “committed” generally strongly implies being monogamous, where in all forms of multi-partner romance (as polyamory) this is not the case. However it occurs to me the use of “committed” here too is probably a better choice as it is:
            ***a bit stronger than “dedication”
            ***more familiar
            ***doesn’t imply exclusiveness is all other contexts and shouldn’t be used to imply it here (in romance)
          6. *Given these were polyamory families of 3+ years, I was a bit disappointed the semi-lack of strictness in following & enforcing the rules; specifically Lindsey (getting a boyfriend behind her partners’ backs) and even “Polyamory-queen” Kamela (not sharing her girlfriend) were breaking the rules when surely each would know that was wrong especially with each being married in a family, and yes we do see the other family members coming down on them quite a bit but NOT hard & fast.
            **In a typical monogamous relationship, it is well known by everyone to be a big bad deal if someone cheats; but in these examples of polyamory, breaking rules here had soft and sometimes-whiny enforcement.
            ***This might be explained that today if monogamy, you’ve got the huge societal pressure that all your neighbors & friends are doing or trying to do it, too. But in poly, you have the reverse pressure that you are going against nearly everyone else. So perhaps if you come down too hard & sure on anyone, perhaps they will instead just up&quit.
            **For myself, if I did agree to some rules, most especially if the were of they were carefully thought out & reasonable & long-term respecting of everyone (as ARE this show’s suggested polyamory rules), then I would follow them –yes even in these cases where I have biological & societal programming pushing me to do otherwise and see none of my friends & neighbors doing it and trying to convince me otherwise (per my value “do right always, regardless” here). But I guess I must remember I probably have a much stronger ability in this area than most.

          *IMHO, suitable for all ages for an open-minded family, including there are no “porn” like sex scenes just brief nudity as to show it’s real & fun.
          *As is typical today for nudity on TV & film, while both men & women are shown nude, no male genitalia is shown, which annoys me this dated asymmetry.

          The Sunday after it aired, I 1st saw the premiere via my mother’s DVR recording –as she & her 25+year romance Joan had both watched & enjoyed it, too.

      • Comments about Season 1 Episode 2: POLY RULES

      • I’ve seen the first four episodes of Season One and am impressed with the sincerity of the participants and the overall quality of the production. The series tells several stories at once and maintains viewer interest. I especially found the fourth (triad marriage) episode touching — and hope it was true. (I’m afraid it’s hard to believe fully in today’s saturnalia of reality TV.)

        What looks at first glance like soft-core porn really is not, as the viewer soon finds out. The participants are trying to deal responsibly with some massive relationship challenges — challenges most couples simply avoid, either honestly or dishonestly.

        From the perspective of a woman who’s a good bit older than the participants and not without experience in what they’re trying to accomplish, I remain dubious. Likely at least some of them will tire of the enormous effort required and opt for a simpler lifestyle. But I wish them well. Anything that helps the public see serious life alternatives as less than freakish and, in fact, deserving of respect is good in our increasingly heterogeneous society.


  2. Group Watch & Discussion Party Series-s
    M8G6GA:*Directory: each one is/should-be a sub-comment here
    M8G6GQ:*RSVP YES to some else HOST some to get them scheduled.
    M8G6HB:*Hopefully these will be world-wide and go on for years. The Showtime series is by far the best video for introducing & teaching polyamory.

    • (Group watch & discussion of Showtime’s series “Polyamory: Married and Dating”) in Orange County
      *Initially designed at & by-the-participants-of Connections Party happening now.

      • Occurrences
        *since sessions are 30min long (short), will bunch together 3 to 4 episodes to make the visit worthwhile.
        *Schedule monthly to group the last 3 to 4 episodes, just after the group ends.

      • Venue possibilities
        M7XQUH: *Please help find a venue for this! –Read this thread & post comments on it.

        • Kundan suggests Alphabiotics https://plus.google.com/112175066309683377530/about?gl=us&hl=en but they require at least 20 RSVP YES in attendance else they charge $25 for the room.

        • Destiny suggests possibly Kajabi http://blog.kajabi.com , at q(upstairs from back door entrance, 333 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA).
          *Centrally located but not related to polyamory.
          *Kundan can visit in person since he’s near.
          *I found out about as detailed in q(http://www.meetup.com/members/1527252/
          *Greeted q(DestinyArchitect
          Brendon, grt 1st mtg u 2nite@ http://meetu.ps/9HRZ2 ! ‘
          *U shared u are ~coder #2 in http://kajabiapp.com/about#team -cool! &u may want 2put this on ur Meetup profile
          *Ur co has a gorgeous sexy venue! Yes,I wd love2 use this venue starting for OCAndroid main mtgs starting say 1x/mo as4 http://meetu.ps/9tLnC ,and soon 4 OC-JavaScript mtgs 🙂 Pls let me know ur team’s thoughts.
          May 04, 2012 1:48 AM))

        • About 2hrs ago, it occurred to me the Villa Park venue of Ed’s parties (last one http://meetup.com/OC-Good-Life/events/71551982 ) would be a potentially great venue as:
          *fairly central to OC
          *A large home (may only need to bring projector)
          *With his parties, now every 2 weeks, attracting ~150 people average, If Ed advertized it, it could bring enormous pull.
          *only con: selling Ed would likely have to be done delicately given:
          **He apparently strongly does not want his his parties (nor likely his venue) associated with anything sexual in publication, and polyamory is still quite leftist.
          ***I am sure he would want it to be key to hide his venue address from anything but private messaging (as he does for his parties), plus possibly hide that it’s his venue
          **He may not be into polyamory. Yes he is, like any healthy man, wanting romantic variety, and in his case he’s actively working to & seemingly getting it (via his parties), and only semi-secretly, and apparently without cheating, so he likely should be into polyamory. But he may not be go for it still, perhaps because he may feel he already gets enough romantic variety without having to be fully open and into some romance form (polyamory) which few have heard of.
          **Though I’ve been attending about 25% of his parties (so fairly regular) for ~2 years, he has quickly turned down all of my ~4 suggestions for ways to improve them, usually saying “if you want that, run your own parties” even when a small change.

          • Last night at about 1am at Ed’s “Anything but Clothes” Party I first spoke to Ed about this. It was very brief as he was sitting in the spa mostly working to win the favor of a new attractive gal there. I understood him to say the had never heard of polyamory. He seemed open to considering hosting this watch party and told me to call him later on on it.

          • I am now in Orange city (only a few miles from Ed’s) and have some time, so wanted within a few hours to visit Ed’s to see if this can be set up, including to show him at least a sampling of the series for his review. And I would like to do this with other endorsers of this (notably http://Meetup.com/OC-Polyamory leaders ) to improve changes of selling him. This is somewhat timely as the event is now scheduled for less than 2 weeks.

            • Notified of this via SMS

              Me to Kundan C.. (949) XXX-X445 – mobile
              7/31/12 9:42 PM 9 minutes ago
              Me: Our Showtime Polyamory Watch Party coming up in <2wks. Cd u help us w/ http://1.Jothere.com/3359#comment-805 ideally now? -post reply there if u can,else SMS. 9:33 PM
              Kundan Chhabra: I don’t remember my username n pw. I may be able to visit kajabi. U can also reserve a room at local libraries n apartment club houses for free 9:35 PM
              Kundan Chhabra: If purely not for profit 9:35 PM
              Kundan Chhabra: Which we are 9:35 PM
              Me: Please reserve at local library & apartment club house, esp as we have no venue confirmed so far. 9:39 PM
              Me: On http://1.JotHere.com for ku..ra@gmail.com ur username is goldenone; for Wh..le@Yahoo.com ur username is goldensweet; just go to Sign In then request pw reset if no remember password. -Which works? 9:42 PM

            • Notified of this via SMS

              Me to Gerhard W.. (949) XXX-X354 – mobile
              7/31/12 9:33 PM 18 minutes ago

              Me: Our Showtime Polyamory Watch Party coming up in <2wks. Cd u help us w/ http://1.Jothere.com/3359#comment-805 ideally now? -post reply there if u can,else SMS. 9:33 PM

            • Called “Ed H.. (714) XXX-X868 – mobile
              7/31/12 9:44 PM 11 minutes ago 2 minutes long”

              About 4 rings, get “Ed Howard” OGM. Say q(Hi, Ed, home of Orange County’s best house parties! This is Michael aka Destiny. Once again a great party this last weekend. And I mentioned there, I wanted to hit you up about hosting a watching party for that Showtime series. I think you could get a real kick over it. I’m in Orange now so will [get you a chance to see it] and just give me a call or SMS so we can talk. Take care!).

          • Yesterday
            *I called q(Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 – work
            8/1/12 7:02 PM 19 hours ago 6 minutes long). Abby answered. I asked to speak with manager about Brianna about reserving the room, saying only she could handle it. She said Brianna was there, put me on hold. (meanwhile I drove there) Brianna answered. I told her I wanted to reserve the room again, to show a video, wanted her to see it. Said I had just arrived, would come in. Hung up.
            *A few minutes later, I came in and spoke with Brianna. I brought her the show to show her along with the URL here http://1.Jothere.com/3359#comment-810 told her the series was by Showtime interviewing real famlies of 3 or 4 adults to as they were addressing the problem of the broken family & divorce being the norm. Told her the show had brief nudity, and that we would make it so outsiders (as children) couldn’t see including showing on the screen not visible from the inner store and draw the shades. She said “Well it’s your room, you can show whatever you want there.” I said i wanted to give her a chance to review it to be sure. She still wanted to make our reserved, so I reserved for Sunday after next.

            • I got a vmail quote(Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 – work
              8/1/12 7:58 PM 18 hours ago

              Hi, this is Abby from Round Table Pizza in Lake Forest. And I was just calling you back to let you know about -and we talked to the owner about getting approval to play your DVD and the owner did not agree to let the video be played, um, we were just wondering — you’re welcome to still have the party for Sunday. If you’d like to cancel, just give us a call back. Okay, thank you, bye bye.)

            • yesterday ~9:30pm, RE last, I drove back to Roundtable
              **Thank them for considering this, especially given this was a left-field offer.
              **Remind that I would want them to be comfortable with everything, why I gave the video in advance.
              **Ask why the No, so we can learn from the experience.
              **Cancel the reservation.
              *There at the counter was only Abby. I did as planned.
              **By her grimace I could tell she found the concept weird. I explained the concept to her as she hadn’t gotten the explanation from me or anyone before.
              *Due to the short time it would appear they hadn’t watched the video before coming to their decision. My bet is the decision was made just by seeing the title of the video of the various episodes, and maybe (though not likely) actually looking at this page, plus the verbal description I gave of it.
              **As to why, she apparently said they didn’t go into details about how we would prevent other patrons from seeing the video, but the that the owner didn’t like the video as “this is a family restaurant”. She also agreed with the possibility that another patron especially a child, might see, but didn’t say clearly if that was discussed. I expected the owner would not be very talkative (from my other experiences of trying to talk with him about getting WiFi hotspot there), so I didn’t ask to talk with him.
              **I reminded Abby that Brianna had quickly agreed “It’s your room, you can do whatever you want with it” but nonetheless I insisted on holding the video just to give time to be comfortable with everything, and Abby thanked me for doing so.
              **I said that I could leave the video if anyone (as the workers) might watch it, and she eventually agreed, possibly being smartly curious about watching it herself but not wanting to admit that.
              *While clearly they would have agreed to give me the room had I not given the details (as the video for them to watch), I was glad I did as there would always be the chance that they or someone (as a patron) would have found out after the fact and they could then be upset and blame it on us for not-informing us even though yes they didn’t ask.

        • Reels Room
          *of The Village Apartments [N. of Irvine Spectrum], 50 Prism Irvine, CA 92618‎ , https://plus.google.com/107616401329247894733
          *exact longitude & latitude mapped: http://m.google.com/u/m/xbbhAn
          **one enters from the right-half rear of building
          **Also in this building is: Ace Parking, 30 Pacifica # 100 Irvine, CA 92618‎ https://plus.google.com/102330366821393918111
          *I can’t find a URL for.

          • 2012.08.01: I first discovered this attending there http://meetup.com/So-Cal-Dating-Relationship-Advice/events/73349592/
            *Images of the event http://1.JotHere.com/M88U1Y show pictures of the front of the room plus “For information on reserving this area for your group gathering, please contact The Buzz @ 949.502.3072”.
            *Room looks like it is designed for showing movies (probably explaining name “Reels Room”)
            *It looks like it seats about 40 people.
            *It’s got sloping-up seating, high-back seats, no tables at the seats, plus a lecture area & small-podium up front

            • Google Search(949.502.3072) (the ph# from pic above) finds 1st http:// Marketing.IrvineCompany.com/office/properties/BusinessEventsatSpectrum.pdf (viewer) which gives matching entry quote(
              Feel of Venue: Stadium Seating
              Location/Payable to: Cambria at The Village
              Venue: Reels Theater
              Perfect for: Training
              Rate/5 hours: $125.00
              Seating/Total Capacity: 42/42
              AV: PC compatible with VGA and RCA audio cables.*
              Amenities: 146” diagonal screen projector)

            • Just now I 1st called quote(The Buzz(Business Events at Spectrum) (949) 502-3072 – work
              8/4/12 2:22 PM 17 minutes ago 1 minute long)
              6 rings then OGM: one woman saying “You reached — — apartments — we’re currently unavailable — please leave a message — and we’ll get back to you shortly”; then another voice “Record your message at the tone. When you are finished, hang up or press # for more options.”.
              Left msg q(Hi, um, let’s see, the outgoing message is, is, coming in & out so I couldn’t quite hear what it said. It’s breaking up. Any rate, my name is Destiny/Michael and I am -I heard about the Reeds Room, the Reels Room at the Irvine Village Apartments and I’m interested in reserving for a non-profit event. I’m at 949-XXX-X356, that’s the # I’m calling from, which is 949-XXX-X356, look forward to hearing from you.)

              • just now got call q(The Buzz(Business Events at Spectrum) (949) 502-3072 – work
                8/4/12 4:42 PM 21 minutes ago 19 minutes long)
                It was Nicole calling back.
                *She was coming thru with a few dropped words at first. I helped her diagnose it, which she thanked me; I said it seems like a bad phone line or instrument. She said she was using not a speakerphone but an old phone so would fix that after this call.
                *She essentially said all specs on the pdf were correct, plus:
                **She said that the Reels room sells at 3hrs for $90, 5hrs for $125, includes cable TV, but the wifi Internet is not great & requires a Cox account or card.
                **She recommended instead “The Screening Lounge” as it is newer including blu-ray and also has solid Wifi. She said that’s $250 and seats 20.
                *I told her that we’re a non-profit community group showing a film for free (no profit for us) and so these prices were way-out-of-our-league unless we could get discounts, such as for residents. I mentioned Liz, whom she recognized as reserving rooms, told her that’s how I know of all this.
                **She said she wasn’t aware of residents getting any discount except for some residents which get limited rentals including on their lease. She wan not familiar with those details, including she didn’t know what if any discounts Liz got. However she also said she Nicole was new working there so might not know everything. But she was sure the only discounts which could be had were only thru certain residents.
                **I replied telling her I explained I don’t think Liz has yet got the message of setting up this event. But since you say that a resident would be our only avenue, I will then handle everything thru Liz; you wouldn’t need to contact Liz. If Liz wanted to do something then Liz would contact her.
                **She agreed.
                *She said she would email me the additional details beyond this one pdf I saw. So I gave her my email LC..st@LoveRules.Info and said I’d prefer URLs over attachments. She said she would email it immediately.

                • “She said she would email it immediately.” but I didn’t get any email or other contacts from her/them. So a few minutes ago I called again, quote(
                  The Buzz(Business Events at Spectrum) (949) 502-3072 – work
                  8/4/12 5:37 PM 8 minutes ago 2 minutes long)
                  *Got OGM q(we’re currently out of the office), this time slightly clearer,
                  *Left msg ~q(Um, Hi, this is Michael/Destiny. Ah, Nicole called me. We spoke about 1/2hr ago. And she said she was going to email me immediately describing the rooms & stuff, and some additional info. I haven’t received and she said she would send it right away, so I was going to try to figure out what’s up. Um, my email address is LC..st@LoveRules.Info [spelled it], and I don’t know what happened. If you have trouble with the email, please call me back again. My # is the # I’m calling from, 949-XXX-X356. Look forward to hearing from you.)

        • a local library
          *a while ago suggeded by Kundan here

          Me to Kundan Chhabra (949) 874-1445 – mobile
          7/31/12 ..6 days ago
          Me: Our Showtime Polyamory Watch Party coming up in <2wks. Cd u help us w/ http://1.Jothere.com/3359#comment-805 ideally now? -post reply there if u can,else SMS. 9:33 PM
          Kundan Chhabra: I don’t remember my username n pw. I may be able to visit kajabi. U can also reserve a room at local libraries n apartment club houses for free 9:35 PM

          *Pro: should allow this & free
          *Pro: typically have wifi
          *Con: typically don’t have a projection screen or big screen
          *Orange County Public Libraries maker URL: http://OCPL.Org

        • at a professional movie theater
          *see relevant details in their helping us on licensing.

          • at “Laguna Hills Mall Cinemas”
            * https://plus.google.com/117011151740523272726/about
            * Of new-release movie theaters, the least expensive I know in Orange County –mentioning their prices as a suggestion to Showtime
            * Small theater (nearer to our event size) so might be more interested

            • *This place is really near me (and I had just been there to see the brand new release of “Dark Night Rising” at the great price of $8)
              *so at ~2100, I visited. Asked the cashier about screening movies here. He said he didn’t know any details, would have to speak with owner Atul (his last name classified as this page could be seen as controversial), who (as I guessed by his name) is Indian; he took my first name & cell # and said “for movie screening”. For some reason, I found myself having a good feeling about this place.

            • Owner Atul calls me back and we talk 1st time

              We had some problems with the phones, at least some my fault, so several calls and even SMS: quote(
              Atul .. (949) XXX-X700 – mobile
              8/8/12 2:48 PM 2 hours ago 1 minute long
              Atul .. (949) XXX-X700 – mobile
              8/8/12 4:21 PM 58 minutes ago 35 minutes long

              *He is partial to the idea!, seeming to think it may be possible, at least yes worth looking into.
              *Hollywood movie screenings
              **He typically deals directly with Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and other Hollwood Movie producers.
              **They provide him the film on hard drive for 2 to 4 weeks of screenings.
              **For every person attending a screening, they collect a portion of the ticket sale.
              **This is the seeming main portion of his business
              **Based on his experience here, he suspects that Showtime might not be easy to get to cooperate as they don’t normally do this sort of thing (As I do, but he would be more the expert here)
              **At my request, he will ask his movie broker (named M8GP6C) (who deals between hollywood movie studios and theaters) how he might help here.
              *He says, yes, he does a lot of private showings there.
              **He recently had a woman give a showing of her own custom film about her son who died of a drug overdoes, to raise awareness of those dangers
              **How to get the video there to play it
              ***So far he’s only had customers bring DVD or a hard drive.
              ***His projectors have HDMI input (so one could bring in a player)
              ***He does have Internet there but it’s only DSL (so may not be fast enough to stream high-quality video) as Cox-cable isn’t available in the mall. He didn’t know off-hand how fast it was.
              ***Typically he charges (a few hundred dollars M8GP7F) per show in quantity 1 with some quantity discounts
              ****He has another guy who who has sold films through him this way, setting his own ticket price and keeping all income beside this fixed fee for the show
              ***It’s possible that arrangement could be made with the video owner where he would charge per ticket then pay a portion to the video owner. –as he does for Hollywood Film showings
              *As far as his reaction to this particular series
              **I explained my leading interest in the show is as it offers a possible solution the broken marriages & families which have now become the norm
              **well the norm except everywhere but his home country India where I hear ~90% of the marriages are arranged and the divorce rate is a staggeringly low ~5% -congratulations for that heritage! But here in the US & seemingly everywhere else we need help, and that’s what this series is about.
              **Indeed I well agree with the right-wing religious conservatives that families are going down the tubes, just feel that now a realistic solution needs to be modern, not ancient.
              **He says he keeps his personal life separate from his business life, citing an an example that he’s a vegetarian but still he used to run a restaurant where they served meat.
              ***I mentioned the effective head of OC-Polyamory Kundan (also here) is also Indian (specifically Bernese) and and also vegetarian. I hope to introduce him to him.
              **He said he had actually stumbled upon the show when on a trip recently when channel surfing (I suppose in a hotel room), and, noticing its interesting sights, apparently then decided to watch the show (about 30 minutes he said) and even watched it with his wife. That was all he watched but he had heard of it and sounded like he may have enjoyed it. He mentioned the riverside triple going down to a bar, so it didn’t sound like he watched the 1st episode -I told him that was really essential for a good introduction to poly.
              **He also does NOT get Showtime (nor HBO).
              ***He says he just gets standard cable plus CNN & ESPN. He watches CNN, his son watches ESPN, and his wife watches the Indian channels.
              ***So he also would not be able to easily see the series himself (join the club!). So I said I could provide him access to the series, but of course just for his reviewing it, not for general exhibition.
              **Certainly I would hope he would find his heart into wanting to promote it, but of course we could not count on this.
              *Per Atul’s request, I have censored here a few details he gave by replacing with say (named M8GP6C)
              *I told him I would email him a link to his entry in this page (with full details about the event & me) for which he gave me the theater’s email LH..ma@Yahoo.com

              • Dear Cinema owner Atul,
                *It was a pleasure talking/ with you on the phone this afternoon! Above (parent comment) are my notes of our call.
                **I will followup on all I mentioned there.
                *Virtually all information which leaders, and participants, are using for this event, including to create it, is published on this page, allowing everyone (including the multiple leaders) to communicate & keep in sync: it’s updated almost daily with the latest details.
                **Yes this page is overloading to the newcomer, but please don’t get overloaded, because once you get feel for the structure, you’ll see everything is actually extremely well organized here.
                **Probably probably easiest is to just start from the top and read down.
                **The name of each poster here should also be a link to give a bio about him/her. Click on mine here to learn a ton about me.
                ***And to better answer one of your questions (about my romantic relations), since inventing it, I’ve always done romance-friends™, which which is markedly similar but IMHO notably better & more advanced than polyamory; and polyamory is much harder to sell IMHO, but, hey, it’s what Showtime’s selling, and if people buy polyamory, it’s trivial to sell them on romance-friends™!
                *In our call, I look forward to your followup mentioned there (as with your movie broker). Plus I would love it you post your review of the series once you really get a chance to see it. If possible, please post that here as comment replies; including creating an account here is well worth the small effort.
                *A pleasure & delightful talking with you! I’ll be in touch!

        • using as the venue OC-Polyamory effective-head Kundan‘s home (zip 92680 ~1 block from Mitchell Ave. and Newport Ave., Tustin, CA 92780: 5 Freeway Newport Ave exit S ~1min)
          (Destiny posted this under Kundan’s username as he suggested & so he is emailed on followup posts)

          • Kundan originally posted on the 1st event listing

            Sorry to read about your troubles, [Destiny]. If we do this between September 14th and October 4th, I can volunteer my home which is big enough to hold about 30 people comfortably. We can just pop a DVD recording into my DVD player or you can bring your DVR which we can hook up to my TV. As for licensing, I don’t think it would be such a problem if we watch it together at someone’s home. Friends watch movies together in people’s homes all the time. Do we really need to through the red-tape of writing a letter of permission every time we go to a friend’s house to watch a movie with him or her?
            Like · Yesterday at 5:35 PM

            *I’ve moved this to here as here is where it belongs (where I mentioned, & where the other venues are posted, where the discussion can be shared (to all readers of this page and not for just this 1st occurrence, and and where it won’t overload the average attendee with all the details) . Just continue conversation here, except:
            **On the topic of licensing, yes this is an important consideration; and since that would apply to any home (not just this one here), continue that topic on our new thread on how much can we/one exhibit a cable series without asking permission.
            *I’ve also corrected the persons he mentioned here (Destiny) to use use the person’s online username. When posting online, be sure to always use one’s online username, not his/her in-person name, to both protect privacy and insure other readers know who you are referring to.

            • Thank you & great to hear, Kundan! Thanks for posting this. Yes, currently this sounds like it could be our best venue option so far! My followup Qs are each individual replies to the parent thread so each can be individually addressed by replying to it.

            • You write “Sorry to read about your troubles”. I appreciate your empathy. And they are really our troubles (with you being a fellow event host, and head of the group). And there’re nothing new: you’ve known our need to do this, especially to find a venue, since we started planning this ~2months ago, and you’ve known my hard work to get these things done (all posted on this page, with updates every few days). So you would know & I do appreciate you now joining in again to help, and look forward to more.

          • Equipment we will need.
            *Yes I can bring the recorded series. Unless necessary, it likely won’t be on DVD as I can get higher quality playing off a computer (MPEG4 .avi files which can be fit on a thumb-drive provide highest quality playback & fast random-access).
            *What’s the specs of your TV?
            **How big is it? (diagonal inches)
            **What video inputs does it have? -HDMI? -VGA? SVIDEO? RCA?
            **What kind of speakers? -Surround sound? Stereo? Good volume?

          • How many people do we need to limit it to?
            *You write your home is “big enough to hold about 30 people comfortably”. That sounds possibly 3x bigger than I would expect, so:
            **are you sure?
            **Does that include all of them simultaneously comfortably sitting & watching the one TV? -you would seem to have to have a sizable in-home theater room for that many, but I recall seeing (from the outside) you live in a standard-sized apartment.
            **Will parking be okay for all these people? -nearby & at-no-charge. -From our current RSVP YESes, expect about 6 cars for every 7 people.
            **Note, not to say it’s impossible, and I’m no expert, but this many people also might also pose problem with licensing w/o special permission.

            • I don’t have chairs to hold 30 people though. They will have to bring their own chairs. I have 5 chairs and 2 couches, each holding 3 people. So I have seating for only 11 people. Anything more, people would have to bring in their own portable chairs, like those flap-backs at kirtans.

              Let’s say for now that it can hold only 15 to 20 people comfortably. Limit RSVPs to 15 people for now. And Put the rest in a waiting list. Also limit those in the waiting list to 5 people. It’s a good idea to limit because that reduces the flakes. Make sure people understand that if they flake they are reducing the chance of people who could and would actually make it had they got the chance.

              They would have to park in the street as is the case with most apartment events. Street parking is free.

              • Sounds very good. Will do this in the next version of the listing. Except:
                *”limit those in the waiting list to 5 people.”
                **I see no advantage to this but do see notable disadvantages:
                ***With flakiness as you anticipate, we need more backups and that’s what the waiting list gives us.
                ***We want go get as big of possible list of those interested so we can invite them to RSVP (and RSVP YES early) to our next event(s) of this which we’d want to be at least 2x bigger (as those not in a home)
                **so unless something else valid, I’ll not put a limit on the waiting list.
                *Unanswered so please answer: “Will parking be okay for all these people? -[enough & ]nearby”?

                • I already said there is free street parking. So, of course it’s nearby – it’s street parking. And yes, it will be enough.

                • You write”of course it’s nearby – it’s street parking”
                  *such parking isn’t always nearby, as the residential street parking in some neighborhoods
                  **(as much of Pasadena) the street parking is filled up, especially in the evening, so one has to walk a few blocks
                  **(as some areas of West LA) is restricted to residents only (requires a permit)
                  **(in many areas, on certain morning weekdays, if we were to do that time (unlikely)) there is street cleaning so no vehicles can park on one or both mornings (example: on both sides no parking on Wed 8am-11am in N. Orange)
                  *Especially since you don’t drive, take a moment to check street parking situation on a weekday evening (to insure spaces available & no street signs saying say “by permit”). If all this looks okay, then the street parking will be fine.

                • You write “limit those in the waiting list to 5 people”. In addition to my earlier remarks on this
                  *I found out Meetup doesn’t allow setting such a limit, just if the waiting list is manual or automatic.
                  *I just picked automatic.

              • You write “portable chairs, like those flap-backs at kirtans”
                *What sort of chair is that example you suggest? As I’ve not heard of it and Google Search for that finds no match for me.

                • I don’t know what the exact term is. But they are basically portable chairs that are very small that allows you to sit on the floor with a back rest to rest your back. They are usually seen at chanting circles known as ‘kirtans’.

          • On when to have this You write above “If we do this between September 14th and October 4th”.
            *Just curious, why that date range? Will the primary residents be gone that time period? But they will be okay with it?
            *That range should work. As noted above, we will need ~2 meetings in order to cover all 7 episodes. So how about as soon as possible, but having it on Sunday: so pst2012.09.16sun1700-2000 and again 1 week later pst2012.09.23sun? This then leaves us 11 more days after should say we need to run a 3rd meeting on pst2012.09.30.

          • How would you like your address listed, especially in terms of privacy?
            *Visible to only members? -this is easy (a built-in Meetup event listing option)
            *Given to only RSVP YESes -this takes special timely emailing
            *”Text/call me when arrive at the complex front gate, and I’ll come get you then”? -provides a bit more privacy but can be interruptive and people might worry they could get there then their call would be missed.

            • Visible only to members. Given to only RSVP YESes. You can display the city though to give an idea of what the distance and approximate directions will be.

            • There are no gates. So no need to text nor call me.

              • This option works w/o gates. Better phrased, “Text/call me when arrive at very near landmark __ then I’ll immediately come get you.” -in this case you’re never actually giving out your address but just escorting people and only when they’ve actually arrived to very-nearby landmark. But if you miss their call/SMS or their phone isn’t working or you can’t stop & come get them quick, or they simply worry that any of these problem occur so don’t come, then this option becomes a problem. So I’d hope you’d only pick it if really necessary.

          • Images (video & pictures)
            *(this to be moved to its own post/comment) To include your image in a comment on this site,
            **you cannot upload the image to this site (no facility for that); so you can either host it elsewhere (as on http://picasaweb.google.com or http://Youtube.com) or (if not big) create temporary post here (only 1 per user) and use use the upload image icon, then copy
            **if a still, use syntax form: <img src=”http://www.shoutocracy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Chick-fil-A.jpg” alt=”funny” width=”420″ height=”294″ />
            **if a video, use the code generation suggested by the video site, as YouTube.
            *In advance, while optional, it would be nice to include some images (pictures & video) especially of what the TV and watching & discussing area looks like.

          • Zip code is actually 92780

          • Additionally, I really should come visit your place in advance to make sure with you everything will work especially before we start sending members over there. This is especially important due to the new AV situation you shared which will take fixing. When very soon would be a good time? Today would be very convenient for me as I should be driving past you later, but I could do most any time soon?

            • I’ve now done 1 visit as detailed by these SMSes with me:

              Me to Kundan .. (XXX) XXX-1445 – mobile
              9/13/12 8:25 PM 15 hours ago

              Me: Kundan, .. most urgent http://1.JotHere.com/3359#comment-1031 .Thx. 6:45 PM
              Me: And the most urgent thing, is, as I say, that last URL saying I need to come visit tonight or soon to scout out the place. 7:16 PM
              Kundan ..: If u can pick me up @ Posch Restaurant in Irvine at 10pm, u can come visit tonight. Or we can try tomorrow. 7:18 PM
              Me: Ok, u got it. See u there then. 7:18 PM
              Kundan ..: Ok 7:26 PM
              Kundan ..: Thanks 7:26 PM
              Me: Welcome 🙂 7:28 PM
              Me: I just arrive but dont see y. 9:00 PM

              .. “Bill” .. (XXX) XXX-2592 – mobile
              [ending ]9/14/12 2:43 AM 9 hours ago
              Me: Excellent. Where r u at? Could u bring the projector and about 25ft of string plus clear packing tape to hang it from a ceiling fan at “Kundan Cinema”? The theater now awaits protectionist Bill 🙂 Need also to play the series on composite,too. 12:45 AM
              Me: Our cinema seats a full 20,btw 🙂 12:47 AM
              .. “Bill” ..: I’m not driving to Kundan Cinema, this is your project, you get to do all the work. =^p If you don’t have a composite source, I have my hard drive player in storage which I can’t get until my storage place opens Friday. The WDTV might work, but needs testing. 12:51 AM
              Me: Ok Kundan and i can come now too get projector, but can u now test good idea of WDTV? 12:56 AM
              .. “Bill” ..: Busy with other things. If you want to try WD, bring a thumb drive. 12:58 AM
              Me: Deal. Eta 10min. Ill stay to morn then bak here. Want me bring del taco? 2:42 AM
              .. “Bill” ..: Not for me, thx. 2:43 AM

      • Equipment & Materials.

      • M7XO6S: We could use additional event hosts. Please post a comment if you or someone you know might be interested.

      • M8GHDH:

        1. M8GGAG:PLEASE RSVP NOW especially as that notably helps make this happen; we need to know now “Who’s interested?” –
        2. M8GGB5:DATE, COST, & LOCATION IS APPROXIMATE until we get series owner permission & we find a venue -please now help with these!
        3. M8GGYM:Any cost is minimized including just to cover expenses as licensing the series.
    • Getting the series‘s owner permission for showing the series (to these watch & discussion parties)

      • Intro.
        *Since these watch & discussion parties show the series to people beyond what a typical TV & DVR normally show a program to (which easily could include showing it to virtually any stranger, as to the general public, since typically anyone can join say a http://Meetup.com group), that is beyond say just a few family members & immediate friends at most, this further distribution would seem likely outside what a normal subscription to the network would allow.
        *But the series owner should want additional viewings if properly compensated for them (in either say dollars and/or further promotion).
        *Therefore it would seem a good idea to ask permission of the series owner to do these showings of the series.

        • Checking the end of episode “POLY ANNIVERSARY”, it includes quote(
          (c) 2012 Showtime Networks Inc. All rights reserved. \ Showtime Networks Inc. is the author and creator of this motion picture for the purpose off copyright and other laws in all countries throughout the world. \
          This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States, Canada, and other countries, and its unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

          U.S.C. TITLE 18, SECTION 2257 COMPLIANCE STATEMENT \ ..by the following Custodians of Records:
          Michael Weetman, BermanBraun \ COO \ 2900 W. Olympic Blvd., 3rd Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90404
          [-for that company, not person/dept: https://plus.google.com/107013605770667506005 ]
          Showtime Networks Inc. \ Vice President, Business Affairs \ 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA 90024
          [-for that company, not person/dept: https://plus.google.com/112439883764405195933 ]

          BermanBraun \ (c) 2012 BermanBraun Intellectual Property LLC

          Showtime \ A Presentation of Showtime Networks Inc. \ A COS(?) COMPANY

          • With these 2 organizations both saying they copyright the motion picture, I am confused.
            *Why is this? -I don’t get it.
            *Most notably, who is the owner? I pick in this order:
            **1st Showtime, since their name is on it, their network is sending it, and they have the first & biggest copyright notice.
            *2nd BermanBraun, since they have 1 screen declaring their copyright, but only 1 screen and not “all rights reserved” and other details, plus this Wikipedia section on them just says re this show that “BermanBraun is also launching two unscripted shows: Polyamory for Showtime and Junk Gypsies for HGTV later in 2012.”

        • The owner’s motives.

          • My guess at it. The series owner, notably Showtime, may well have quite different motives than promoting polyamory. They may like to promote polyamory, but they sell entertainment, so their number 1 goal (indeed as far as their share owners may be concerned) would likely be to make money. Indeed it is possible (though not likely) they don’t even like polyamory, but just that it makes good entertainment.

            And for Showtime, the ONLY way they presently bring in revenue for their movies (that I know) via Cable TV Showtime subscriptions (as even if one gets it via the Internet, that’s only possible if you already have a Showtime cable subscription) and eventually by selling the DVD/BluRay. And both of these would only be licensed for home-else-small viewing and by just family & known friends, not these watch parties (which typically would be effectively be open to the public and in non-home venues), most certainly if these watch parties go world-wide.

            This especially if these watch parties go “viral” and world-wide, promoting & teaching all sorts of polyamory, yes if that is results in many/most of those people buying Showtime subscriptions, Showtime would be delighted. But in the more likely case that people won’t get a TV+cable+Showtime subscription just to see this series which they’d rather watch via a group anyway, then if Showtime doesn’t have some way for viewers to easily pay for their viewings as a few bucks/viewing, then this massive viewings would probably encourage heavy piracy of at least this Showtime content (say on BitTorrent) so it can be viewed, so then causing Showtime to hate these viral viewing parties, even if they are rapidly converting the world on polyamory; in this case, in Showtime eyes (especially their stockholders), they may only be interested in showing to the rest of the world who just wants to gawk at polyamory (not take it seriously) because at least many/most them buy Showtime subscriptions.

            Yes composers get they need to be able to sell on demand $1/song on iTunes else suffer rampant piracy and make no money. But video & movie makers don’t seem to have gotten to this point, still want their content only sold via say cable subscription mostly.

            So the point here is the series owner will likely have as top motive money which, with present distribution & compensation mechanisms, could easily be nearly the reverse of teaching polyamory to the world –unless compensation mechanisms are already in place so that both goals can be accomplished.

        M89LF2:Dear Showtime Networks as most likely owner of “Polyamory: Married & Dating”,

        M89LGB:Congratulations on your outstanding new reality series “Polyamory: Married & Dating”!

        M89LW3:I’ve become a great fan and, as a leader in the polyamory movement, I’ve created the web page you’re viewing in a unique format which presents and organizes for your viewers all sorts of written details about your series. The format enables viewers to discuss every aspect in outline fashion and to extend the details (for example, comment here about participant Lindsey). I’ve also designed the page to strongly encourage and help viewers promote the show through viewing and discussion parties, including tracking that promotion, as I further detail below. Note this page is getting known, with Google ranking it 56 of “96,200 results” in Google Search(Showtime “Polyamory: Married and Dating”).

        M89M9N:Do you own this series, or else who does? (-ideally reply there) -as what follows needs to go to the owner.

        M89LOR:As my Meetup profile will tell you, I have been a Meetup member & group leader since 2004. Like a number of Meetup enthusiasts, I am a member of many (33) Meetup groups (including ~17 covering romance issues, 4 on polyamory). I am a leader in 4 groups (Head of 3) and am an Event Organizer of our local polyamory group. I develop & publish a great deal on romance, including developing romance-friends™ –romance form for the 21st century, arguably more advanced than polyamory and ideally its successor.

        M89LH9:And as your fine series seems almost-fully made to do, I am very interested in using your series to help introduce people to, and hopefully sell them on polyamory. In particular, I’m working to see & enable community groups worldwide to hold parties where your series is watched & discussed –and where the cost to attend, if any, would be only to cover expenses and ideally would be small. Now note I have not done such watch-parties for a motion-picture before; still:

        1. M89LX9:*I’ve found there is strong need for group showings, as many-if-not-most people who say they would like to see your series:
          1. M89LYU:**are not subscribers (or at least not yet!) or don’t even use a TV or have cable (as it’s increasingly popular among young adults to watch movies & video only through the Internet) and/or
          2. M89LYC:**would greatly-benefit & watch-much-more if watching & discussing as a group, and
        2. M89LI9:*Such group-showings require exhibition and probably limited-distribution of the production beyond the normal amount done by your average subscriber, therefore it would would seem to require your authorization (italicizing keywords from your copyright notice); moreover,
        3. M89LJ5:*I would want you to earn good money for your fine work here and be properly compensated for it, ideally for every viewing of it.

        M89LO3:So, how do we do this? This is the big question I ask you.
        M89LML:*Please tell me your thoughts and what sort of arrangements will work for you. “M89JE1: Ideally reply to this & any comment here just by clicking “Reply” (worth the time to create an account); else, if that fails, simply message me and I’ll Reply it here for you. Thanks!”

        • M89LND:*Each possibility (for how to do this), which are not necessarily exclusive, is a sub-comment here:

          • M89LK5:
            What would be seem most fair
            **as far as compensation:
            ***for a few small number of viewers/viewings (say under a few hundred, or maybe 0), there would be no charge;
            ***beyond that, a small fee would be collected for you for each viewing-by-a-viewer or per viewer.
            ***That fee I would hope would be under the lowest rate an inexpensive professional theater charges to see a ~2hr movie (about the lowest in this area for new-release films is from Laguna Hills Mall Cinema: ~$7) as none of these showings would be professional and this is not a movie-theater motion picture. I would hope it be between say $1 to $5.
            **as far as tracking, each group showing of the series would have to publicly register the publicity of its event by including a link to it as a comment on this page under Group Watching & Discussion directory. This would allow viewers & organizers to see all the group viewing choices plus it would allow the series owner to have a reasonable handle on where it should be expecting compensation from & how much; and being all here public, it keeps everyone honest.
            *Having this worked out in advance, all a new group (else new group watching) would have the group leaders sign with the series owner this pre-designed contract agreeing to these terms and then the series owner would give the leaders the series media (or Internet access to it) in order to show it to their audience; and then the group leaders could show to anyone the series, including any episodes & seasons, for as much as they wanted, including dynamically showing more episodes (during a group watching session) per audience interest & demand, provided of course group leaders registered their group showings as agreed here and collected & delivered to the series owner the agreed fee.
            **This would almost immediately allow the group showings to expand, even go viral & worldwide, while still allowing (everyone) to track where the showings are taking place and and insure the series owner gets the agreed compensation for every one.

          • Showing selected episodes to small groups followed by discussion seems an excellent idea both to promote the series and to promote polyamory, or at least better understanding of polyamory. In theory, such groups could go viral and start being held all over the world. But I strongly feel that any introduction of money-making into the process would be a huge mistake. Group viewing should remain a simple, grass-roots effort with any fees being used only to cover real costs, such as refreshments, facility use, etc.

            • Thanks for contributing an idea. It sounds to me what you are trying to say is you:

              propose that the series owner (as Showtime) provide, at no cost, the ability for say Orange County community groups (those starting this) to show say Season 1 episodes 1 thru say 3 to their members as much as they desire.
              *This would both
              **promote polyamory (else a better understanding of it) and
              **promote the the series and thus Showtime (with the latter hopefully resulting more Showtime subscribers watching & appreciating Showtime and also more people signing up for Showtime, and hopefully not promoting people to instead share the film by BitTorrent illegal copies & exhibitions since many/most don’t want to get Showtime (indeed don’t have Cable and know plans for it) and no additional simple & affordable & legal means, such as Destiny’s proposal, had been offered by the series owner)
              *”In theory, such [series watching parties] could go viral and start being held all over the world.”. That would indeed then result substantial exhibition and likely distribution. But of course none of that could even start legally without first also working out arrangements with the series owner; so the initiate to go viral would either be delayed or blocked by now the series owner having to quickly & massively work out licensing on possibly massive scale, or would result in just the well-supported illegal distribution channels as BitTorrent being used as just described. In the meantime, though, still “I strongly feel that any introduction of money-making into the process would be a huge mistake. Group viewing should remain[ err, start as] a simple, grass-roots effort with any fees being used only to cover real costs, such as refreshments, facility use, etc.” –and even though subsequent groups would, if they wanted to be legal, have to introduce charging for the series content as well, another impediment and downer to the group viewings going viral.

              Is this what you are trying to say? Or what? And if this is not what you’re saying, then, for what you’ve envision, please try to make it very clear, as I’ve tried to do here in this rephrase, what the community groups and especially the series owner would be expected to do step-by-step and how they would be compensated from doing it.

        • Showing selected episodes to small groups followed by discussion seems an excellent idea both to promote the series and to promote polyamory, or at least better understanding of polyamory. In theory, such groups could go viral and start being held all over the world. But I strongly feel that any introduction of serious money-making into the process would be a huge mistake. Group viewing should remain a simple, grass-roots effort with any fees being used only to cover real costs, such as refreshments, facility use, etc.

      • Approaching the owner by first talking to others related leaders
        *As by talking with series participants, and maybe going say up-the-chain or just asking their advice
        *Talking with others in the field how to do it, as a local movie theater for their advice

        • You might open discussion of group viewings by approaching participant Kamela to see what she thinks.

          • This strikes me as a great idea as Kamala’s profession is a sex therapist and she runs a theater group, both promoting polyamory. So she would seemingly want, indeed seems to want strongly, polyamory getting out to the world. Showtime could easily have quite different motives. But as lead participant who allowed Showtime to show her & her family initmate & naked to the world, Kamala (and the other partipancts) may have reasonable clout with Showtime to say, “Hey, we did all this for you. So now we want you to work out some arrangement so our effort and exposure was not mostly just for entertainment & gawkers (because they were the ones who would buy your cable subscriptions), but, also, much more importantly, also to get it to the many polyamory & romance groups around the world who want to see TO SEE US to learn about polyamory! So please work out a way, as as a way to collect money for this, so you can do this.”

          • During my phone call with him last hour, Kundan points out to me that Kamala already had a Meetup viewing party
            *Here it says “Event Host Kali Das” but Kundan says that’s really member Kamala Devi‘s assistant
            *It seems no surprise Kamala could get permission do this *1* viewing from the series owner as she stars in the series.
            *Note they hosted it in a theater, not in a home
            *Note they charged “$10/person”
            **Kundan says Kamala always charges for events
            **Did a portion/all of this money collected have to go back to the series owner? What amount per person?

          • During my phone call with him last hour, I suggest Kundan approach Kamala about this since he seems to know her somewhat (I ask how much: he says just “she’s on my Facebook page”). He agrees. I strongly suggest he post a comment here, beginning “Dear Kamala” (analogous to what I’ve done for Showtime, pointing out what we’re doing here and our proposed letter to Showtime and asking her how to go about it, similarly encouraging her to post her replies here else we can will repost for her. Doing all the posts here also keeps all leaders & everyone in on the status & progress. He seemed to agree but the call got disconnected before we concluded.

            • I SMS SMSs Kundan, our conversation quote(
              Me to Kundan .. (949) XXX-X445 – mobile

              Me: Much has been up. What’s been up with u? Incl u going to 8pm .. 6:27 PM
              Kundan ..: No 8:51 PM
              Kundan ..: N Kamala said she has no information on it but will ask her director 8:52 PM
              Kundan ..: Considering that she has no idea how to get permission from SHOW TIME, she probably didn’t get permission. 9:27 PM
              Me: Glad u did followup on Kamala & good analysis -seems on target. I&other leaders wd like to see the exact msgs the 2ofu exchanged. good? This is easy done as I described: if the communication is done else reposted on the page, in this case, on my cmt 4u 3359#comment-887 (or, better, on its parent). (continued) 10:44 AM
              Me: +we need others posting there besides me&Glyph,esp u. +u want2b reviewing this incl as it seems key 2poly+it cd/does notably involve OC-Polyamory,esp now,w/u asking Kamala &she ask her director,Showtime likely’ll b reading it in days if not already. So cd u pls budget today ~2hrs(I’ve spent days 2write)2read it over&reply 2pts,or at least .5hrs to make some posts there? &naturally,4this I’ll even wk concurrently w/u,in-person or on ph. 10:52 AM )

              • Here is my conversation with Kamala:

                Kundan Ibelieveinyou Chhabra
                Hi Kamala!

                What are the copyright issues regarding group showings of the Showtime polyamory show? The OC Polyamory group is thinking of showing it here for educational purposes and to make polyamory more well-known.

                We were thinking of writing a letter to showtime to get their permission to do so.

                How should we get this permission?

                Please read the discussion here regarding that and get back to me:

                Thank you so much.

                Here is here response:

                Kamala Devi
                Hi Kundan.
                I do not know the answer to this.
                I imagine the questions they might need to know are:
                How many are in your group? Will it be at a private or public place? will you be charging for the viewing?
                I will ask my director.

        • via a professional movie theater
          *Could be good advisers as far how work out licensing.
          *Yes, likely bigger that what our initial audience would be so they may have limited/little interest in helping at least initially.
          **for this reason, smaller theaters would likely be the most interested.

      • For a normal cable subscription, what is the maximum exhibit rights allowed? -and which we/one could get away with –this topic was touched on in the intro; was mentioned again by me here; and was again just brought up in more detail by Kundan, what caused me to create this sub-thread on it.

        • My guess, without special licensing permission, all the following criteria have to be met:

          *the charge to see it:
          **is free: not a problem
          **just covers costs: may be a problem, especially if it could look like profit
          **is profit making: likely a serious problem

          *the source of the series is from:
          **a paying subscriber to the channel: no problem
          **someone who bought the DVD/BluRay: no problem
          **someone else: likely a serious problem

          *it’s shown to:
          **real family-&-friends of the subscriber: no problem
          **people who are members of a local community group where anyone can join: probably no problem.
          **anyone else: likely a problem

          *it’s shown in:
          **the subscribed home or media-buyer’s home: no problem
          **another home: probably no problem
          **a non-home which is not a professional movie theater (as library or restaurant): probably no problem
          **a professional movie theater: I would imagine it could be a problem but the Laguna Hills Cinema owner thought NO iff the other criteria were met.