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M74GVV: CONSTRUCTING: How most women can have at least 1 stable man romance within 2 months if she just follows instructions, Money-Back Guarantee! http://1.JotHere.com/3367#M74GVV

  1. M31R7G: Definition

    1. M6X45Y: What? See the title.

    2. M74H66: Full details TBA…!

      1. M74IQR: Why it will work? Women don’t realize it, but they have the power in romance, much more than men do. Why? In romance, men, not women, are the pursuers (with very little practical exception), and men are heavily driven and easily controlled via sex. Therefore most women who do just a few simple things (making herself PROPERLY available, being CORRECTLY selective, and ridding certain common-but-very-unrealistic expectations) will get quality romance from men very easily, at almost anywhere and any time, just by doing that. The only hard part is finding & getting women women smart enough to truly realize & do this, as women are typically coded, both culturally & genetically, to “screw it up” (as OkCupid perhaps warns of in their slogan ~”You tell us who you are and we do the work and you get dates provided you don’t screw it up”- I’m searching for this their slogan reference).
      2. M74HCX: Read & follow all of One’s romantic drawbacks, including mistakes, cost big, especially if a woman, so face them including (fix them else admit & discount-for them)
      3. M74H7D: Use a dating site as OKCupid but following specific rules:
        1. MDZIQZ:The #1 trick here is this: in heterosexual romance, the men are virtually always the pursuers in healthy romance, indeed generally regardless how liberated women claim to be.  So a woman simply needs to honestly show & tell enough relevant stuff about herself on her dating profile in order to scare off the men who wouldn’t match until she gets a manageable stream of (then mostly just quality) new inquiries, as in no more than 1 or 2 per day.
          1. M74HAX:This should work very well for average-desirable women and extremely well for below-average looking women. 
          2. MDZJ55:This probably will not work for highly desirable women (including top-looking women and definitely not celebrities) due to the overwhelming number of messages they receive on typical dating sites (could be 60 or more per day if they are physically very attractive), including since many/most men don’t care too much about the text a woman writes if she’s physically very attractive; however it wouldn’t hurt and, with the addition of personality matching & rating as provided by OkCupid, there still may be workable solutions (people in this situation, let me know).
        2. MDZF5C: Include in your profile clear, FULL pictures and ideally-video of yourself as you generally appear & act in-person dressed. Here’s why.
          1. MDZGM7:Be proud of whatever part of your physic which you can be proud of.
            1. MDZG32:The name of the game is “If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Whatever you’ve got, show it off”.
            2. MDZK79:Realize a great deal of physical sexiness, including most of a person’s long-term physical sexiness, is how a person physically moves & talks including the pride they show in themselves.
              1. MDZKBR:Classic example: May West was extremely sexy in just the way she talked, including she confidently saying “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”.
          2. MDZFHT:Include at least one headshot, as closeup of your face & hair.
            1. MDZFK2:If any doubts, here’s an exact definition of a basic good headshot.
            2. MDZFLI:Try to have a typical expression.
          3. MDZF6V:Include at least 1 full-body photo, clearly showing your real curves & weight
            1. ME4YPF:Why?
              1. ME4YT0:See again why reveal your full dressed appearance in general including especially when you fall below average somewhere.
              2. ddhen it comes to his romance, as best I could ever see, every man I’ve known has strict cut-offs for physical appearance, irregardless of any other benefits as personality, money, whatever,
            2. MDZFN3:Things which are particularly important to at least men in romance so which you’ll want to show clearly:
              1. ME4PMO:Your weight and how it’s proportioned.
                1. ME4V6Z:Why revealing your weight, at least via clear images, is a must? First see above Why; in addition:
              2. MDZFP1:Bust & breast size & shape and if possible (as showing thru fabric) nipple size & shape.
                1. At least for me, a serious breast-guy, a major turn-off is a push-up bra and especially a padded-bra (as false advertising) and anything (as a padded bra pasties or a padded bra) which hides ones nipple shape.
              3. MDZFPJ:Butt shape
                1. MDZG0G:You may want to have a photo from the side or possibly even from the rear to clearly show this.
                2. MDZFZY:I’m not a butt guy, but I have guy friends who are are, and this is extremely important for them
              4. MDZFQY:Leg shape
              5. MDZFRA:Shoes
          4. MDZKVQ:ideally include an average video of you or else a recording of your voice.
            1. MDZKX1:The above will probably be generally enough this is a nice plus giving more of a realistic view of you in person.
          5. MDZL0J:You should NOT need need nude pics or genitalia images.
            1. MDZL25:Myself & most men seem to be very good judge of real underlying figure as long as the clothing is reasonably tight or minimal and not falsifying.
              1. MDZLOC:  Or as Mae West put it “When you got the personality, you don’t need the nudity.”
            2. MDZL76:And women are often fairly flexible as far as physical looks.
            3. MDZL8Q:So I would doubt anyone who insists on these things.
        3. MDZLXH:Every bad part of your situation or personality which could affect a romance, if you can’t quickly fix it, detail it in your profile.
          1. MDZMHA:This respectfully informs people, plus further cuts down your new inquiries to quality.
          2. MDZMI9:Generally best to do this via your answers to the computer-calculated questions such as OkCupid multiple-choice questions so will affect your matches & match scores so hard to not be appropriately considered, but otherwise put it in your profile text (but know profile text is easily looked by the most well-intended person, especially man-seeking-woman, as typically inquiries go totally unresponded to so there’s little point spending much time reading in detail).
        4. MDZLR1:Absolutely follow Enable OkCupid to work for you & everyone: 2+ absolute essentials
      4. MDZLWE: A bit more TBA
  2. M31REF: Comparison to alternates, from most to least similar:

    1. M74HQO: Some probably exist.
    2. M31V8H: No other similar known
  3. ME6HFP:Footnotes
    1. MDZG4T:Why put clear full images on your profile? Indeed why doing this is pretty-much a must to be most respecting to you & everyone else.
      1. MDZFAI:You’re searching for a mate for romance, and (healthy normal) romance is physical, so your mate should be attracted to you physically, so then needs to be able to see your physical!
      2. MDZF8E:yes, do this even if you don’t find some or any portion of yourself physically attractive–because the key is finding not you physically turned on by you (that’s called masturbation) but rather a mate who is physically turned on by you!
        1. MDZG7V:We’re not always most turned on by ourselves else we’d all be homosexual, or else just masturbate!
        2. MDZGDF:I’m Indeed that applies to me: not turned on by own face (including because I was born wired thinking Asians have much prettier faces); but I show it including since then I meet Asian women wired the opposite (thinking Whites have the prettiest faces), and together we make a most firey match!
        3. MDZGJG:You can be totally turned off by yourself physically but still find a firey match, because it’s not your physical interest in you, it’s your mate’s! –but they’ve got to be able to physically see you to tell.
      3. MDZGNN:Yes, do this even if physically you appear in some or many ways below average (as if you are somewhat, or even extremely, overweight, or somehow deformed or ugly or shy)
        1. MDZGNV:It’s even MORE important important to show pictures in these cases, so you can save your time & many others time not investigating the many mates who won’t be ok with these thingsmen do not become more ok with their mate’s physical over time and delaying unnecessarily will make a man angry indeed will likely appropriately momentarily infuriate your potential mates especially men at you over your wrongful-hiding and in this case hiding of something notable.
        2. ME4QC0:For men, a potential or actual romance who falls below a certain physical looks threshold instantly no longer qualifies as someone the man is willing to introduce to his friends & relatives, maybe even be seen in public with –instead s/he is at best just for secret & often-temporary sex for him– unless he’s forced to do otherwise.
          1. ME4VWS:What forces him? Only if either/or:
            1. ME4QL5:he has no choice (as he married her and had kids with her and then she gained weight) or
            2. ME4QLB:he himself is quite overweight (or some other severe drawback) AND so feels he can do no better
          2. ME4VYP:This romantic mate physical looks threshold
            1. ME4W2P:Is very fixed.
              1. ME4W41:personality, money, other benefits don’t affect it; they may affect his behavior & decisions, but they won’t affect his internal happiness & comfort at how happy he is with his mate’s physical appearance.
              2. ME4W84:If it changes at all, it’s a slow change that takes years.
              3. ME4WBX:In my experience, it has slowly (my physical looks standards slowly rising) with years of additional dating experience.
            2. ME4WE9:A man is typically very secretive his looks threshold, typically never telling any woman, and possibly not even telling all but his very closest man buddies.  Why? At least 2 strong reasons:
              1. ME4WIK:Because openly rejecting so many people romantically, especially women, and based just on the physical, would make any man extremely disliked, especially given no other men do it, virtually all other men hide this, too.
              2. ME4XAG:Being secretive about what his physical cutoffs & standards are allows him get several times more sex partners. Since there are only a few & often rare mates he can get which fully meet his all his physical standards, he would have to go long periods without sex if he’s open with his physical standards are. But if he’s secret, he can get several times more sex partners for both temporary & variety, provided he never tells them (well at least until he no longer needs them) “actually, you don’t fully meet my physical standards so I’m not going to be proud of you as my romance nor consider you long-term & serious” -as that scares away virtually every romance, plus vindictive action just for being honest and saying it!
            3. ME4WKV:What characteristics compose a typical healthy man’s physical-looks threshold?
              1. ME503Z: -some basic universal requirements (such as healthy weight) plus a few special characteristics he requires (as hair or butt shape).
              2. ME50MT:Which does he talk about? Well he is overall secretive as mentioned; in particular:
                1. ME5079:His universal requirements he rarely if ever talks about because they are fairly universal plus, talking about weight (especially talking about a woman’s weight) is typically taboo.
                2. ME509P:His specialty requirements he might share with his close same-sex buddies. Such as John is a butt-guy and Michael is a breast-guy.
              3. ME50DJ:The common requirements (hopefully a complete list) from most to least universal:
                1. ME4ZFX:~99% of men: mate must not be ugly or deformed.
                2. ME4ZI7:~97% of men (when being honest): mate must be a healthy weight, if not more picky
                  1. ME4PTU:A man might be friends (or else pretend to be) with someone who is overweight, including women, however;
                  2. ME4PX2:When it comes to a romance, internally men have hard physical looks cut-offs, especially on weight, and including even if he himself is very overweight.
                    1. ME4PY3:Too thin, as emaciated, and most healthy men loose sexual/romantic interest
                    2. ME4PYV:Thin to possibly  medium build, sexual/romantic interest is strong.
                    3. ME4Q91:Pounds above this weight level, however, his real internal sexual/romantic interest cuts off very quick to extremely fast, depending on the particular man’s tolerance, and with men, nothing (personality, talking, money, or other benefits) will sincerely bring it back.
                      1. ME4Z7W:For most men, the cut-off point is when a romance is more than chubby, especially if a woman.
                  3. ME55RR:This universal requirement men talk least about, it’s just understood between men, probably since talking about someone being weight, especially a woman, is still heavily taboo.
                    1. obably consequence, sadly a number of women do not seem to fully realize how firm this cut-off is,
                3. ME51OU:~95% of men: mate must be a particular height: usually slightly shorter than him.
                4. ME4ZOB:~90% of men: mate must look a particular age range, usually the age of full fertility (looking about age ~16 to ~30), 
                  1. ME50RX: heavily regardless of his age
                    1. ME50W0:even if society or other situations force him to go older, he raw sexually is most turned on by this age range.
                  2. ME50ZE:Below this age range, his physical sexual interest drops off almost instantly (under normal situations)
                  3. ME50ZR:Above this age range, his physical sexual interest drops off slowly.
                    1. ME511I:what usually cuts off his romance interest much faster is the social stigma about being romantic, especially seriously romantic, with a woman older than him.
                  4. ME5190:When a mate appears above the age range where she can have children, then (as nature would dictate it) for many men:
                    1. ME51GS:his sexual desire for her may notably drop (due to no possibility of she producing him offspring)
                    2. ME51HM:he may no longer be as romantically jealous due to also no risk of another man getting her pregnant
                5. ME4ZSC:~85% of men: mate must be a particular ethnicity (usually same as them)
                6. ME4ZKN:~50% of men: mate must have a particular breast size (usually C or D cup)
                7. ME4ZMN:~35% of men: mate must have  a particular butt shape
                8. ME4ZUJ:~30% of men: mate must have particular feet or wear particular shoes
                9. ME4ZV4:~25%: mate must have particular eye or hair color: especially but certainly not always blue-eyed blonde.
                10. ME4ZYR:~15% of men: mate must have particular legs
                11. ME51LS:~5% of men: must have particular nipples (as big)
            4. .ME55ZA:Pr mis-thinking she has reasonable chance to find a man who sincerely won’t mind if she’s heavy (no!) or will not mind it as much or overlook it say after getting to know her other good qualities (no!).
          3. ME4Q32:Someone seeking a man romantically who might be near or below this threshold, including anyone who has below standard appearance in any way, I would strongly advise to quickly try to see how well the man is willing to let his friends & family & workplace & community know he’s dating you including showing them the two of you romantically together.
            1. ME4WVZ:ideally try to test this before you get very sexual/romantic beyond kissing, in order to protect your heart (to insure you’re not actually just being used by him for secret sex without full respect (since you are actually below his looks threshold), a nasty move many men will attempt)
            2. ME4TLJ:if not he’s not willing to fully show to those important to him that you & he are romantic , then there is a high chance he is actually long decided you are not actually someone he romantically wants to be long-term with or even public with, quite likely because you fall below this threashold.
            3. ME4TQ7:To protect your heart, it’s much better to find this out sooner than later.
        3. ME4XZX:Some good news especially for someone of below average looks in at least one way, especially a woman: healthy polyamory & especially romance-friends offer a great solution via their natural workaround here, and in polyamory. heavy women are rather common & happy, suggesting it works.
      4. MDZJOP:Especially for those seeking men in romance,
        1. MDZJRL:doing this (showing immediately how you totally appear in person) is fastest & most respectful, and time-wise easiest way to cut down your new inquiries to a manageable stream of  matching quality ones.
          1. MDZK1E:Why? Men have the ability to to accurately & reliably determine their physical romantic interest in  mate in about 1 second, and this takes full advantage of it.
        2. MDZGW8:do not assume “once he gets to know & like me, in romance he’ll overlook or else not worry so much about how I look physically in some part!” –wrong! Rather assume a man will NEVER do this.
          1. MDZHDB:Why?  Men & women tend to operate very differently here, specifically:
            1. MDZGWR:Women often DO do this:
              1. ME0L9F:For instance, she meet someone fat or sort of ugly or much older, but then after she gets to know the person, still gets physically quite turned on by him/her. Or, “When I met him I couldn’t stand him but now we’re getting married!”
            2. ME0LBL:And so, probably because she does it, as is tragically typical, women mis-assume men in romance feel the same way they do.
            3. MDZHFJ:But men virtually NEVER never does this.
              1. ME0LJZ:Have you ever heard a man say “When I first met her, I couldn’t stand her? But now we’re getting married.” -it effectively never happens!
              2. ME0LK6:No, Men are very VISUALLY driven, most especially in romance. They determine their physical attraction to a person in about 1 second of good look, and from there on their physical attraction never increases significantly, but it will go downward (sometimes notably) based on the person’s personality & availability & other situations.
              3. ME0LX2:With men picking a mate, there is no overlooking of certain physical appearance items; it’s all factored in.
            4. MDZHNK:In short, “Normal speed to correctly answer “Could s/he reliably turn me on sexually & how much?”: women: days-to-months, men: ~1 second” -an article which also gives the full details.
        3. ME0JZI:Do not think “I will just find men who don’t care much about physical looks/appearance, at least when it comes to romance.” as they don’t exist (in all my experience being a man and having many male friends) so you will then find NO quality, lasting romance with men.
          1. ME0L8H:Yes, Women DO do this in romance, and, as is tragically typical, women mis-assume men in romance feel the same way they do. But
          2. ME0K7P: EVERY man I know heavily considers physical appearance when deciding his romantic interest in a mate
            1. ME0KI7: the only that “don’t” are just simply hiding it, usually because they realize revealing it (as revealing they are just very horney) will scare away nearly all women because as is tragically typical, women mis-assume men in romance feel the same way they do.
          3. ME0M30:BOTTOM LINE reality: with every man I’ve known,
            1. ME0MF8:Every potential mate has got to meet a certain basic non-trivial physical appearance/looks criteria, a cut-off irregardless of all other benefits the mate may have, in order for him to (quite literally) have erection and repeatedly (or or even one time) want & have sex & romance with the mate.
              1. ME0N1L:Every man has his particular physical specialties (as eyes, hair, skin color, butt, breasts, legs, feet) and with strong feelings over what exactly gives him a hard-on and what doesn’t.
                1. ME0O2A:Fortunately men have a wide variety of taste else all the men would be constantly fighting over the same Playboy blondes.
              2. ME0N1W:Close male-buds talk about this all the time, but men usually hide their exact romantic physical criteria from women because, as is tragically typical, women mis-assume men in romance feel the same way they do so then men sharing it then strongly frightens the women away as their physical appearance/looks cut-off criteria:
                1. ME0NA4:shocks women (not feeling this themselves, women being much more flexible as far as looks)
                2. ME0NA9:typically instantly rejects women for anything long term (“she’s just booty call” or “just for a one night stand only”) but how many women will get sexual/romantic if she knows this? -almost none, because:
                  1. ME0NT9:women don’t generally want short-term romance (actually I don’t either, as a man feeling this, I’m rare)
                  2. ME0NU0:women (much more than men) loath being romantically rejected, indeed they can be the most wrongfully-vindictive for this.
            2. ME0MGI:Fortunately he can very accurately make this determination in about 1 second, and this determination will be solid: won’t change unless the mate’s looks change (or if his physical romantic tastes change but typically takes several years and often never does change, as is likely genetically wired in him).
            3. ME0MJG:But the only way for him to make this determination is for him to see a FULL clear picture of the mate as described here;
              1. ME0NJ4:and especially when determining this once & for all only him 1 secondunnecessarily delaying revealing this only makes him angry.
          4. ME0K7Z:Pomoprincess effectively reminded me I needed to add this when she messaged me “[men ]primarily motivated by [physical looks].” (but when I was merely talking about men who take physical looks seriously in romance)  -“Those aren’t the men for me.” , unrealized she was then eliminating all men.
        4. MDZHQB:So, within the realms of social norms, you want him to show him ASAP (ideally instantly) whatever physical about you which may turn a guy off and on, as things will get worse if you delay his seeing this.
          1. MDZI1X:Since his physical eval of you is instant & constant,
            1. MDZIAX:It’s MUCH BETTER that he rejects you now (as not even bother messaging you, the usual action online) as it will NOT get better with time (unless you change physically).
            2. MDZICZ:he will only be angry the longer he’s unnecessarily made to wait to see these details which determine if he’s physically serious about you.
              1. ME0OUR:The more that’s been needlessly hidden from him (how-much times how-long), the more angry he’s going to get.
                1. ME0OZV:Probably the most extreme & common case is a overweight woman on a dating site not giving her full-body photos, as only showing pics of her face.
                  1. ME0PA5:The more overweight she is and the longer she hides it from them, the more she going to infuriate the men by both wasting their time plus also deceiving them (even if she doesn’t intend it, though some women do intend it) into feeling & expressing romantic about her when in reality, being a normal healthy man, they would never feel way about her regardless if they only knew the truth about her.
                  2. ME0PHF:If they were only thinking of romance (as most are on dating sites) but she waits until her 1st or 2nd time to message her to tell her exact weight (or how heavy she can become), then she reasonably pisses them off because she’s wasted their time (they’ve only often get a few responses) plus put them in a somewhat awkward situation of now having to refuse her.
                  3. ME0PPF:If she builds up guy’s romantic interest but only when he finally gets to meet her in person does he actually see, she will really piss him off, proportionate to how big the unpleasant surprise is. If she’s very overweight and she has really built him up, he could be momentarily furious.
                2. ME0PXR:The only solution is of course: don’t hide your physical  for a second: show it right up front.
              2. MDZI6F:And if he’s so angered by you then, then that will cause problems including:
                1. ME0PTG:he probably may well not show his anger with you, as you’ve already made a fool of him once, but then he’ll likely also be angry at himself no-probably-you for then also holding the anger in; so even more then:
                2. ME0PV8:he likely will be mean to you, including possibly very mean: has having sex with you once then abruptly leaving and never talking with you again, and maybe even calling you a slut after.
                3. ME0PW8:And at the very “best”, you’ve only gotten his hopes (and when he doesn’t generally have many mates messaging him) then dropped them, plus wasted both of your time, men do not become more ok with their mate’s physical over time.
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        1. M74JUS: For the past about 1.5years I had told about 4 average-looking local women I met (all via Meetup) who were nice (so I would want to help) but wouldn’t want to date, that “they have the power as women” (see above) so I could quickly get them quality romance IFF they just followed my instructions. None fully took up my offer here.
        2. M3KOSW: reached my limit when
          1. M74JXJ: Yesterday had posted a Greet on http://www.meetup.com/members/14536661 of q(.. \ *Coming soon: How most women can easily get a quality romance -IF they follow instructions \ ..Jul 12, 2012 1:48 PM) and about to post a similar greet on http://www.meetup.com/SoCal-Tribe/members/10059547/ and really want to include a reference (this article)
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