Jul 162012

LG4YUD1.JotHere.com HTML widget ““How to Use this Website”N10FZMhttp://1.JotHere.com/3374#LG4YUD

  1. M79PKK Content
    1. Title: Latest is this post‘s title
      1. M8K0L5 until now q(Other Essentials); was to change to q(Essentials about this website) but never got changed
      2. N0RN13 Per #N0P4J2, gave present name
      3. N0WFZZ based on #M8K00L appended ID q( =M8K01L)
      4. N0Z1ZG Per 87#N0Z0LK renamed from q(Using this website 1.JotHere.com =M8K01L) to q(N0Usin=How to Use this Website)
      5. N10FZM Per #N10GLK, change to present, using this ID to insure ID is unique from article about it.
    2. M79PL9 Location: /87#M79Q90 (in the right side bar near the top)
      1. N0WFAU until ~10min from now: right after Google Translate widget.
        1. N0WFIE recently author/Three-Blind-Mice said this was too high, causing categories & other immediate updating stuff of “what’s here” to perhaps be overlooked, indeed true for the daily user
      2. N0WFKG so now placed it right after “Recent Comments” (so then also after Recent Posts & Categories(collapsed into a pull-down)), as these things are fairly short + interesting & updated & what regular users would use; this is still before the User list widgets and other less interesting stuff.
    3. M79XAV Body:
    4. M79XED Additional Section History, in order:
      1. LG4YVM Really want people to post (not just 1 author) so I added “New Post
      2. LG4YVR Copyright notice needs to be stronger, spelling it out (what copying & confidentiality), which will come as it becomes clearer.
      3. LG4YVX Rest is self-explanatory.
      4. M79ZYS Selected “Automatically add paragraphs” as that synced correctly with this source storage.
      5. M79ZZG Wanted to use tag-li but had to add style=”padding-left:0; background-image: none;” to each one so just did div.
      6. M79ZZP Replaced the “ol” with “ul” as “ol” displayed each “li” with bullet pictures repeated all across it making it unreadable, don’t know why.
      7. M7AUX8 A usable in-progress version
      8. M7BKHD Some improvements including on M7A5F7: Please plus M7AUKR The version ID/# of
        1. M7BTWO Then can-so-do-start cutting the post headers of “please comment here! -simply create an account if you don’t yet have one; the version ID of this post is the ID of the last entry of its history.”
        2. MZTMFA q(Version 0.60 )applying to this version, cut as already declared in page tagline
      9. MZTMH9 cut q( including “2.LoveRules.Info” will rename to “1.JotHere.com”) as that now done.
      10. MZTMKG update q(M79S57: This site is of Everybody’s Writings!  So:) to present (taken from new tagline) as that gives a stronger & clearer def
      11. MZTNB2 http://docs.google.com/File?id=dc6vsxdw_244hpkj3k88_b returning q(<h1>Not Found</h1><h2>Error 404</h2>) so replace with the source’s link
      12. MZTNBF cut q(
        M7A3JA –Per its name “JotHere.com”, this is a great site to create&store much of your general written text, and to share it: ) as that is well covered by title & tagline.
      13. MZTNCF add mysteriously missing <br/>
      14. MZV04K #M79S57: considerable rewriting & extending
      15. MZV06P #LG4OWH:
        1. MZV1G0 decide to move up as this most notable (different) about this site so must be immediately explained: only after just #M79S5K, no, as 1st point.
        2. MZV1GC rewrite from q(What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They’re short IDs to date-stamp & uniquely-reference most anything!) based on q(MWPJAT: What are these codes as “MWPJAT” on this paragraph? They’re short IDs to uniquely-reference, date-stamp, and portably-track most any point, item, or content.) used on email
      16. MZV2JH replacing <br/> with div-tags:
        1. N07Z58 1st test now: this works.
      17. N07Z5T q(Automatically add paragraphs): on by default: off currently optional per use 100% use of div & li tags but still turn off as more representative HTML.
      18. N0817P Further make source display (currently in MS ExWeb) same (as WYSIWG) with final output:
        1. N07ZEU had q( style=”width: 238px;”)
          1. N08037 In ExWeb’s default font currently used, the 1st paragraph (a reasonable sample) wraps correct at width 262px to 279px
          2. N07ZFA Chrome reports the content in a <div class=”textwidget”> of width:237px so use that.
        2. N080BV Chrome of containing <aside id=”text-3″ class=”dbx-box suf-widget widget_text”> gives the font specifically style q( font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12.222222328186035px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: 19.19999885559082px; orphans: auto; text-align: start; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: auto; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;) so use this in the blockquote.
          1. moved settings to #N0RJQM as too strong (high CSS priority) here.
        3. N080O4 In ExWeb, the width 327px doesn’t seem quite right as about 1px off in places:
          1. N080OG Add to the div q( style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; “) but no change so remove.
          2. N080WF On #LG4OWH, 238px works (so needs bigger)
          3. N080X5 On #M79S57, it seems like smaller is needed but then 236.9px is too small in other cases.
          4. N0810K My guess the problem is font differences, so make NO change.
        4. N0812H Displaying the source in Chrome, displays exactly as in ExWeb, so problem is probably a small missing CSS setting; close enough so leave-as is.
        5. N081A5 For most text editing, suggest temporarily replacing “width:” with “_width:” for more display on one screen.
      19. N081EE #N081EE: Declare good ordering convention: if words have been mentioned before (including in title & especially tagline), don’t mention again until other very important stuff has been mentioned; aka make sure everything super-important has been mentioned to some degree before repeating any of it including in more detail.
      20. N081QP #M79S5K: appended aesthetics point
      21. N081WG #M7A5F7:
        1. N0834P moved ahead of #M7A5F7 per #N081EE but prepended as an intro a ref to former-first.
        2. N0834X converted to an outline: wastes precious indent space but much more readable
        3. N0836O moved to end: #M79V54
      22. N083QT #M7AUKR:
        1. N083RH moved right after #LG4OWH per #N081EE
      23. N08BW6 #N083ZD
        1. N08BXD created inspired by , as this site is even more a great way to communicate with both the world & with specific people, including most everything here can be nested-commented on and exactly-linked to, including: created (including replacing it) plus as an intro to #LG4OWH
      24. N08BRG #M79ST1:
        1. N08BUEThis is the number 1 way our authors get paid.” is not true so cut that & made this item #2.
      25. N09UAC in Widget output, certain bullet items result in green bullet dots overall all the bulleted text, in the form “* * * ..” or “****..”.
        1. N09UDY appears
          1. N09UDA a bug in the theme Suffusion
          2. N09UIW only & exactly in ol not ul.
          3. N09UJI There is 1 overlay of “* * * ..” on each deeper indent.
        2. N09ULC replace most every ol with ul.
        3. N09VVJ find if the top-level is ul the problem goes away except every (then sub) ol has every li has 2x the indent due to number/letter then graphic dot.
        4. N09XNN earlier temporarily tried q(<ol style=” list-style-image:none;”>) but that seemed to have no effect.
        5. N09XPV CSS styling N09WT2 seems to fix this Suffusion bug
        6. N09XSQ convert all li to be in ol.
        7. N0A231 as the formatting ending with N09ZF8 is working so well, convert all sectioning to ol, which also seems to work well so far.
        8. N0A8T1 added nice indent culminating in N0A8KW
      26. N0A8YE

        M79S95 All content here is copyright © by its author(s), with all rights reserved other than noted here, unless its author(s) specify otherwise in that content. M79VPF: Copying-of and especially linking-to content on this site is highly encouraged but ONLY allowed as follows: every copy:

        : replace to present for best readability:

      27. N0BQLE 2014.01.31Fri19~: Lucy reviewed mostly for formatting; found formatting too upsetting to want to read content; notably wanted changes:
        1. N0BQN9 Less underlining, which is caused by hyperlinks, so say only short link names.
        2. N0BQOW instead of 1.5line spacing, 1 line spacing, notably for this narrow column.
          1. N0O77I CSS fix 1(id).
        3. N0O6RZ Put space between points, not just a line
          1. N0O6M4 CSS fix 1(id)
          2. N0O6TC also a line next to text feels crowed.
        4. N0BQPK (on bigger matters) in site  tagline, unfamiliar stuff (as version ID & date) remove as place an “About” page or at bottom of page else place at end of tag line.
      28. N0BQTY ~1hr ago, decided to factor most/all longer sections into its own post
        1. N0BR77 Will cut clutter & allow commenting
        2. N0BR7P sections:
          1. N0BQVR Copyright
          2. N0BQW4 Standard redaction
          3. N0NA30 site-about 4261#M79S57 & 4261#N083ZD (new locations)
      29. N0BQY9 Writing conventions: added, 1st for #M87XAJ (to move into it from /4238#N0BPQW), then also placed 3 other points relevant there.
        1. N0IDRK especially as these sections now short, append on the bottom of this
      30. N0IEZA #N0IDXM: added;
      31. N0J1FC #LG4OWH: was

        LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They’re short IDs to uniquely & permanently reference and portably-track most any item, including potentially any point, sentence, or sub-content, plus creation-stamp it (tellable who created it when & where) especially date-stamp it down to the second

        -shortened links
        & word reordering.

      32. N0J2PC #M7AUKR: reworded & instead move right after less-obvious #LG4OWH.
      33. N0J49H #N0AD0Q: reworded & improved notably
      34. N0NBKY Did this: section has its content here? (N0O4DR and is not a child section)?
        1. N0NBOF Yes: put in its title a link to the source location (as “Writing conventions“)
        2. N0NBOT content is short and should (&does) already have a link to its source; made sure its title had no obvious link especially so the source link would instead be used.
      35. N0NCZJ Copyright:
        1. N0NBSC moved from right after Standard redaction (within Writing conventions)to present (up, right after Best viewed on) as this is important, covers more than “Writing”, generally is declared early in at least books & software, plus does specify  the desired use (yes currently in the target but summary planned to move to here).
        2. N0NJWB Replaced from former (see archive)
        3. N0NJXK then to q(Content use terms: as that link explains, all content on this site is copyright as that link details, including specifying which uses are strongly encouraged, and which are prohibited, and why.” )
        4. N0NJYO Now to present.
      36. N0NKVM small random improvements; save.
      37. More random improvements
      38. N0O9NU Save for Lucy to again review; she is only negative, including:
        1. N0OCOS FIXED already: Thinks item vertical space is sufficient
        2. N0OCPT since she doesn’t like the formatting, nearly refused to read: a tach 22.
        3. N0OCQE wants a short all-caps summary of each item.
        4. N0OCRI FIXED (see her next review list): does not understand my English as its so dense so doesn’t want to parse: for instance, doesn’t get “minimally copy”, says must say “copy as little as possible”.
        5. N0Q2OF FIXED: Misread “use-terms” with “use” as a verb as is possible.
        6. N0P4V6 #N0P4V6: FIXED: #N0IDXM: suggest rephrasing as “Need to use a phone?”
        7. N0OCSG expects most people would have her same reaction.
      39. N0OCV6 CSS change: remove border-top
      40. N0OCYK CSS possible change:
      41. N0ODPJ CSS possible change
        1. N0ODYD add “height:auto”
      42. N0OEKZ CSS change “square”
      43. N0OEOF CSS change: “inside”
      44. N0OF59 CSS change
      45. N0OGGK CSS change: to “1em”.
      46. N0OHFS Insured all IDs have a self-href and are of std complete form; combining all past, should look pretty nicely formatted now.
      47. N0P4G5 Lucy reviews again, for about 1 hr; makes these recommendations:
        1. N0P4H0 #N0P4H0: DONE: Can phrase “copyright” section summary as “before copy, read ___”
        2. N0P4J2 #N0P4J2: DONE: Rename “Other essentials” to say “How to use this site” in caps.
        3. N0P4JT DONE (already): Have a reaction: if all related, then 1em per line is ok.
        4. N0P4NV Don’t change darkness of text; (done by Suffsion)
        5. N0P6FB #N0P6FB: DONE: M79S5K: Since this highlights key features, move this section up, maybe as high as just after #N0IDXM
        6. N0P72C Lucy was thinking blogs vs. wikis were at the same level; wasn’t getting that, if a wiki has nested comments, then a blog was like elementary school vs. a wiki is like college, in terms of the technical and often in terms of the commonplaceness of the writing skills needed; so I explained.
        7. N0P7B5 Agreed that the lines between items are gone: line should only separate sections if they are really unrelated.
        8. N0P7H7 Agree that the new numbering of sections look good.
      48. N0STID CSS directive to fix font color
      49. N0WD1G spell&compataibity check; checking all links: done
      50. N149DY huge amounts of updates, all noted internally in the respective history sections; “last updated pst2014.02.16Sun1725
  2. M79QJA Additional section history in order
    1. M79Q4S Just before this, this text was stored at /87#M79Q90 but that was (too many=2) levels of settings in one location so created this post.
    2. M8K0VG Title, until now, was q(1.JotHere.com HTML widget “Other Essentials”)
    3. M8K1GJ Today’s changes under construction & not yet applied.
    4. N0LKL2 Draft storage MZTMC2.htm (for HTML editing in a better editor as typically MS ExWeb)
      1. N0QQ41 after this stored into Edit then saved then refreshed, this q(N0QQ41=MZTMC2 after publish.htm) is a copy out to diff results:
        1. N0QST3 Version now pstSun1014 has legit edits which
          1. N0QSVS seem entirely good except as noted
            1. N0QT41 “<style>” expanded to “<style><!–” which proved harmless
            2. N0QT66 Example: “<a id=”M79S95″ class=”aself_KEP2FG” href=”#M79S95″>M79S95</a>” reordered to “<a class=”aself_KEP2FG” id=”M79S95″ href=”#M79S95″>M79S95</a>”
            3. N0QSWA except invalid source code (“</li><a href=”#LG4OWH”>#LG4OWH</a>: was <blockquote>”) seems to result in further invalid output (an “<ol><ol/>”)
              1. N0QSZZ immediate (and generally good) solution: check for valid source before republishing
          2. N0QT84 decided to keep (re-update draft) with the edited version when source 1st had invalid code errors removed.
    5. N0Q5JI Change post author to present (admin) as more accurate.
    6. N0QTV8 Fixed all invalid HTML including ran a MS ExWeb Compatibility report w/ HTML5+CSS3 draft; republish pst2014.01.09Sun1125.
    7. N0QU9D If WP editor kept in Text and not Visual mode, find no edits to the HTML are made.
    8. N0QUAW Do now immediately after save: into WP editor Text, paste in this text, switch to editor to Visual then back to Text then diff; pst2014.01.09Sun1137.
      1. N0QV5S ;Except as noted, edits seem legit
        1. N0QV6C Exception: editor replaces br-tag with physical line breaks; but since this is outline format there is only 3 instances, and only 1 serious: so ok.
      2. N0QV8F Replace this draft contents with those editor result contents (then fix the important br-uses with a div so no br’s) and plan to do this routinely in future.
    9. N0QVPR Removed all=~50 q( style=”text-align: left;”)
    10. N0QX1H Section history class (this ID)
      1. N0QX27 creating now, experimental.
      2. N0QX2L Allows section history to be stored with content and by default collapsed.
      3. N0RE35 hidden op:
        1. N0SQBO Whenever updating the widget’s source text, there replace CSS “_display:” with “display:” (as there, after immediately after copying the source)
      4. N0RE56 formatting for when displayed.
    11. N0RJOJ Style (ID) to simulate default formatting
      1. N0RJQM suf-widget setting from #N080BV
    12. N0W7SR applied here regex N0T3FD
      1. N0WBU3 1st time; first inspect for bad and find 2, including ~4 copies of #N0RLQ4 which hadn’t gotten their ID replaced: fixed. Then do it: get “274 replacements”.
    13. N0W9ZV bad ID marking, based on regex N0T3FD
      1. N0WA0U from({<sup>((KENC7Z|KEP2FG|[^0-9A-Z]))@{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}}{(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|KEP2FG|//[A-Za-z0-9.\-/]+/KM37RH/KEUBLL\(html_\)/templates_with_Ids_LJKDDO\.htm|~(\2)[0-9A-Z]|[^0-9A-Z]))@</sup>}) BUT
        1. N0WAXT q(~(\2)) seems to be ignored}
          1. N0WB15 undocumented but not surprising since \2 represents a dynamic pattern
          2. N0WB1C so some(seemingly all) valid patterns are matched
        2. N0WB2E can think (so probably aren’t) any valid From patterns: conclude will require a more powerful Regex environment as JavaScript.
      2. N0WBUQ Workaround (which works but very slow): manually step thru (“Find Next”) regex N0T3FD on a big screen spotting for any skipped.
    14. N0WHUL added to category q(this site=1.JotHere.com MA0YI7)
    15. N0WI3E as proofed & checked, again publish now pst2014.02.12Wed1254
    16. N0ZPOV Review by Lucy (very quick)
      1. N0ZPQL Says she doesn’t like the various enlarging of text; says to rather do emphasis by spacing around text or an adjacent graphic.
    17. N10GIZ Goal (also done before): Give each item its own ID different ID from the document(s) that describe it (except the naming of it)
      1. N10GLK Again thought of so did when naming this widget; see link to here.
    18. N148ZQ see #N149DY