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M7LQO1:Asks SaberPen: “Do we NOT have a OkCupid Match Rating >~90%? In particular do any of our OkCupid answers disagree on “healthiness” multiple-choice Qs (which are most of them)?” http://1.JotHere.com/3415#M7LQO1

  1. M7LTZT:–“healthiness” multiple-choice questions are such Qs where I assert in my OkCupid answer explanation that a certain answer is generally most healthy.

    1. ME37PZ:These are MOST of OkCupid’s Qs, including most of OkCupid’s romance & friendship Qs!
    2. ME37QU:Significant example Qs are:
      1. M7LU0A:For you personally, is abortion an option in case of an accidental pregnancy?” and all “abortion” Qs
      2. ME3BBY:“Would you sabotage contraceptives to have kids even though your mate doesn’t want kids?” (should be Mandatory NO)
      3. M7LU0I:Say you’ve started seeing someone you really like. As far as you’re concerned, how long will it take before you have sex?”
      4. M7LU0Q:“Do you keep your sexual exploits private?”
      5. M7LU0Z:“Jealousy: healthy or unhealthy, in the context of a relationship?” and all “jealousy” Qs
      6. M7LU1F:“Would you consider having an open relationship (i.e., one where you can see other people)?” and all “open relationship” Qs
      7. ME3BYL:“How often are you open with your feelings?”
      8. ME3D4D:“How often do you keep your promises?”
      9. ME3DF2:“How willing are you to meet someone from OkCupid in person?” -typically should be “Totally willing!” as that explains.
      10. M7LU20:NOT some Qs about some personal attribute not directly tied to a relationship as “Do you have strong intuition?”


    1. M7NB7I:For about 95% of these Qs, I already do whatever is most healthy
      1. M7NBD8:Thus if OkCupid alerts we have mis-matches (typically via a low match rating), for each of our compared answers have red in them (as we’re failing to match here), then if of this type=most of them, then ~95% of the time:
        1. ME387W: you are doing 1 or more of:
          1. M7PCA5:not understanding the Q: very common for certain Qs
          2. M7PC84:doing something unhealthy here
          3. M7PC8S:aren’t answering honestly here
        2. ME388R:so should fix your answer to match mine.
      2. M7NBH7:And for the rare cases where I don’t actually do most healthy thing (as brushing my teeth 1x per day instead of 3), you may not see the red alert, but:
        1. M7PD0T:in my explanation I will admit I’m not doing best here and try to explain why my deficiency
        2. M7PD19:still in all cases my explanation will tell you what the best thing to do is & why.
    2. M7LTNJ:Please notice, as I would love eveyone else to do, too, in my answer explanation for every question which is significant,
      1. M7PBS1:I insure all of my answer is shown (not just the answer for me, but what OkCupid unfortunately doesn’t show: my criteria for my partner) and
      2. M7PBTX:I fully explain the situation and what I do in it
        1. M7NB9O:including I say what-is the generally the most healthy thing to do for oneself and to expect of one’s partner and how important one’s partner meets this criteria, and explain why for all this is.
          1. M7PCQ7:In many cases, I will also prioritize the answers from most to least healthy and explain why for each.
    3. M7LTKG:SO you would likely be smartest to see & adopt my thinking, explanation, & recommended answer! 🙂 -please do!

    4. M7LTME:In fact I’m so confident, that if instead you get me to change my answer as described below, I’ll pay you $5 for my EVERY answer I change.

      1. M7LTOB:How can I do this?
        1. ME375T:I’ve thought, written, researched, & published on romance since ~1998 (one of my side-activities), most recently publishing on romance here on JotHere, so I’ve typically thought & certainly-written about it a lot more than most people.
        2. ME377B:Also fairly often in romance, the most healthy answer is not obvious & customary, so probably NOT the popular one most people picked.
  3. M7LTT4:So what should you do?

    1. M7LTTS:Use OkCupid as its designers intended: notably to explain and debate the answers with other members so then to learn & refine 1st your thinking & behavior about romance & friendship so 2nd your answers & explanations, specifically in order:
      1. M7LTTV:Especially on Qs where we disagree on the answer (of what the best thing to do), carefully read my explanation I give with my answer then:
      2. M7NBU0:if you get what I’m saying, change your answer & your explanation to match mine.
        1. ME3GJ7:Follow these common situations.
        2. M7PA8C:Doing this is best for all, as then:
          1. M7LTU6:I will be happy from bettering you, and
          2. M7LTUC:you will find yourself getting better & more quality romance! –including maybe even deciding I’m not so bad, after all.
      3. M7LTUN:OR should you still feel my explanation-else-answer is wrong, then add in your answer’s explanation box why you feel you’re right and I’m still wrong here despite my explanation (which you ideally refer to, showing you considered that); then message me alerting me to look at this difference. And then:
        1. M7LTUY:You you will be sharing the world not just your view but your reason, showing your reasoning including that your answer is NOT like most of them -just a random quick thought- so people will understand & believe you and maybe even follow you. And
        2. M7LTVG:maybe, just maybe, you will have shown *me* wrong so then earn this prize & honor!
          1. M7PD6A:My good bud Home-Geek was the 1st! He found 1 mistake in my OkCupid answers: he pointed out to me that my OkCupid answer to “How often do you brush your teeth?” of just “Once a day” was NOT actually the most healthy thing to do (before I was mis-claiming that it was, not knowing), causing me to update my explanation (and hopefully my answer as I work to be more healthy here).
        3. M7LTW4:Actually I LOVE to be proven wrong!
          1. M7LTWB:And instead of hating people who do it, I love them, as as there’s no shame in being proven wrong, indeed the whole world gets better, especially me.
          2. M7LTWM:Indeed I will sincerely *compliment* the person who can show me wrong, because they were then brave & talented enough to do it!
            1. M7LTX3:As it isn’t easy to prove me wrong as I’m generally right!
          3. M7LTXC:Indeed a big reason I’m generally very right is because I really expose myself this way, especially because I expose myself to being wrong: Instead of hiding them, I share with the world most all my positions and my reasonings behind them, indeed in writing on the public web, then challenge others to prove me wrong, and here even reward them if they can. So be challenged, & so challenge yourself!
          4. ME3GMD:Indeed now I generally-guarantee I’m right by rewarding to show me wrong: see in my bio point MD8OMC.
    2. ME36QZ:Additionally, I highly recommend reading the romance articles articles on JotHere, and if time all the social articles, starting with say this comprehensive article covering most key common bad choices in romance.
      1. ME3736:–especially since these are what led me to my great OkCupid answers and explain especially for romance the big picture of what’s going on.
  4. M31REF:Alternative offerings, from most to least similar roughly:

    1. M31V8H:No other similar offers I’ve heard of!
  5. M7LU2O:In summary

    1. ME3HU9:For such OkCupid multiple-choice Qs (most of them), I SAY MY OKCUPID ANSWERS ARE THE HEALTHIEST, SO ADOPT THEM AS YOUR OWN; ELSE SHOW ME WRONG -I’ll PAY YOU TO!  Specifically, I’m so confident of my explanations-else-answer tells the most healthy way, I WILL PAY $5 (as Paypal) FOR EVERY ANSWER to any OkCupid member who proves me wrong so causes me by this method to change my answer. So just show me I’m wrong –I dare you!


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M31R7R:POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. M7LQR5: I create this
    1. M3KNZ6:Why?  Before, instead was:
      1. Storing this on http://www.okcupid.com/profile/SaberPen in section “DO WE *NOT* HAVE A NEAR-PERFECT OKCUPID MATCH RATING?”
      2. M3KOSW:reached my limit when
        1. M7LQWQ: Again told my profile is too long, latest by http://OkCupid.com/profile/lotusohms
    2. M3KNXM:by:
      1. M37OOV:on (the most similar recent one=http://1.JotHere.com/3402#M7DKYQ) latest version M7KPAS, do Copy to a new draft
      2. M37OP0:then there: give this a new ID & updated content to fit.
  2. M7LS6E:now published: Version 1 of this, simply a move of the text from the prior source on OKCupid.
  3. M7LUCG:Broke original quotation into individual IDed paragraphs (but still no change in contents), removing quotes.
  4. M7ND14:Started and now finished a full pass rewriting the passage to be quite a bit clearer.
  5. M7PE60:Did & now finished removing all “*”-like indents,adding M7PA9B & M7PD6A, adding to title q(SaberPen: “..”), cleaning up & improving the text a bit.
  6. ME3553:Last 2 sections: update formatting to current; title: change fr(Says SaberPen: “Do we NOT have a near-perfect OKCupid Match Rating? In particular, do some of our OkCupid answers disagree?”) to present for clarity.
  7. ME3H2V:Full rewrite, much improved; pst2012.11.26mon0452.