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M86UH3:I didn’t originate this saying & graphic but I feature it as I see it as one of the most on-target images, plus not-fully but heavily true:
M86QNB:*“based in ..homophobia” because from the profits, the president gives millions of dollars to anti-LGBT groups but since homosexuality, if it were a crime, would be a vitimless crime, still trying to rid it is unloving and almost certainly rooted in (false-fear=phobia) of it; plus with unloving plus phobia, hate is often the next step.
M86QQ1:*”basted in hate” seems not always the case; however “basted in unloving and frequently hate” is accurate, and in at least 2 ways: (1) in those millions spent for anti-LGBT; (2) as big overt supporter of conservative Christianity, notably conservative Baptist, who talk of being loving but are actually certain, and for everyone not just them, that homosexuality is a sin and that all other religions are eternally bad-if-not-damning –even though, as mortals, no one can know anything for certain especially for everyone else, so then are really being unloving; further, the religion’s impossible-certainty in classifying all these others as bad & damned then of course leads not-all but many of the followers to also hate all these others as well.

M7RD57:Protest at Chick-fil-A Laguna Hills opening to say company gives millions to anti-LGBT http://1.JotHere.com/3427#M7RD57

  1. M31R7G: Definition

    1. M6X45Y: What? See the title

    2. M7RIW1:When: pst2012.07.26thu05001200

    3. M7RE0V:Location: on the legal public areas just outside of the business location.

      1. M7T75D: specially only the sidewalk just in front of the business (so along El Toro), per Laura‘s instructions.
      2. M7RE26:The business location
        1. M7R9LE:official URL which currently says
          Bovine David Sykora, Franchised Restaurant Operator El Toro Road: 24011 El Toro Rd, Laguna Hills,CA 92653; (949) 458-3544 Opens July 26, 2012
        2. M7RIS5:http://maps.Google.comentry: none yet.

          M86WGO:The day before Chick-fil-A’s grand-opening (so also the day of this protest), about 150 other citizens camp outside Chick-fil-A for a day in order to promote the grand-opening in exchange for Chick-fil-A’s giving them a free meal every week for a year.

        3. M7RISX:Chain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick-fil-A
          1. M7RIUQ:Most relevantly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick-fil-A#Controversy_regarding_foundation.27s_beneficiaries
            1. M7RKO9: Relevant comments & images
    4. M7R9LO: This listing is spreading the word of an event being hosted by others.
    5. M7RIX9: Official info

      1. M7T50O:Official event listing

      2. M7RIXQ:Official press release

        1. M7T78Z: specifies official POC: youth program director Laura Kanter, giving her cell # & email.
      3. M7RIYQ:Official web-page announcement

        –(a temporary URL as no permanent one) currently saying


        Members of Youth Empowered to Act (YETA), the youth activist arm of The Center OC, invite you to join them to protest the grand opening of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Laguna Woods on Thursday, July 26. The grand opening is at 6 a.m. and many people will be lined up to receive sandwich giveaways. YETA will be joined by several other organizations including Orange County Dream Team; Pacific Shores NOW; Gay Neighbors, Families and Friends of Santa Ana; OCEC and more with signs and info flyers to let people know of Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBT support. For more information, click here to download the media advisory.

      4. M7RJ3F:Official Purpose:

        1. M7RJ8J:quote(“The purpose of the protest is to use this opportunity to help educate consumers about where the charitable arm of this corporation sends its money,” youth program director Laura Kanter said. “We want to alert consumers that if they’re spending their money at Chick-fil-A, some of that money can be spent against LGBT people and their families.”) says OC Register.
        2. M7RJBB:quote(Rally to oppose company’s support of anti-LGBT activists. Chick-fil-a has acknowledged their company’s support of the anti-LGBT industry. In 2010 alone, the company donated over 2 million dollars to anti-LGBT groups, including Exodus International and the Family Research Council. In recent interviews, the company owner has been not only un-apologetic, but proud to confirm his support for anti-LGBT groups.) says the press release.
          1. M86SCG: “The Family Research Council (FRC) is a American conservative Christian group and lobbying organization … It advocates against LGBT rightsabortiondivorce, embryonic stem-cell research, the theory that global warming is the result of human activity, and pornography.” —Wikipedia
          2. M86SFK: “Exodus International is a non-profit, interdenominational “ex-gay” Christian organization that seeks to limit bisexual and homosexual desires.” —Wikipedia
            1. M86VCJincluding `a boot-camp to remove “the choice” of the homosexuality’ said one former student who I met at this protest, telling me she was traumatized by Excodus so was now vocally protesting Chick-fil-A for supporting them.
    6. M7S53X:Event Happenings –click!

  2. M7RJOH:Why create this post & promotion

    1. M7RJPK:2012.07.25wed21~ my mother told me she had just passed a crowed camping out at this location, so I drove her & me to go see it. There we found (at that time)
      1. it was a promotion crowd of about 150 people which Chick-fil-a had staged this day to attract attention to the opening, plus
      2. a sole TV van (KNBC News) with a lady sitting in the front seat (Janet Kwak; very pretty IMHO) who was very busy handwriting something and told me she was going to do a report on the event at 11pm.
    2. M7R9M8:2012.07.25wed23-I saw her report, impressively potent, which came down on Chick-fil-A pretty hard, concluding & announcing the protests would start tomorrow 5am.
      1. M7T6BB: Absent of most any compliment, the report came down a bit too hard on Chick-fil-A in IMHO: while yes Chick-fil-A is seemingly doing bad in their business practices (perhaps accurately mocked “We didn’t invent Christian Hate Organizations. We just support them.”); but this venue HAD just provided the community that had been their all day a seemingly-unreligiously-biased day of camping, dancing & fun, including a rare opportunity for adults & kids to dance together, which they had been doing by the dozens (including me during my 15min visit); while yes Chick-fil-A required everyone check-in every hour or so to claim their end-of-day prize, IMHO they do get some credit here for providing some free fun to about 150. Also for the 1 random participant I asked during my visit, he said he wasn’t affiliated with Chick-fil-A nor any particular religious group (as say Calvery), had just come to get the free give-away of 1 meal-per-week for 1year.
      2. M7RK19:Here’s the official printed subset of her report.
    3. M7RK44: Looking into it, this protest is looking like it is going to be fairly big due to the coverage it was getting and has a good purpose, so I decided to support it including this post & emails to promote it..
    4. M7T5D9: But this 11pm TV newscast by Janet was also where I 1st heard of the protest — so I didn’t even know of of the protest until 11pm the night before!, causing me (since the protests start at 5am) to get no absolutely no sleep that night in order for me to write up this post plus comments on it, then schedule the event and email it out to about to 300+ people of some of the groups I lead, then and rush over to the protests (actually 2x) to both participate in and photo-&-text-document-here the protest –one very busy day!
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    5. M7RQBE:fixed name mis-spell (fr(Chick-A-Fil) to(Chick-fil-A))
    6. M7RQQJ:Data here which is now in comments I removed & made link to the comments.
    7. M7RQRJ:Other minor edit, including removed a duplicate point.
    8.  M7S523:added map.google link for address and event happenings.
    9. M7T6PT:Added points (M7T50OM7T6BB, M7T5D9) plus improved a little of the text.
    10. M7T7D8:Added points (M7T75D, M7T78Z)
    11. M86VKQ: Since some Chick-fil-A supporters in this had mentioned they didn’t see logic in the featured pic here, added explanation M86UH3.
      1. M86VNT:To support that, added M86SCG & M86SFK (explaining the anti-LGBT groups mentioned)
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  45 Responses to “Protest at Chick-fil-A Laguna Hills opening to say company gives millions to anti-LGBT”

  1. M7RERK: Other non-official announcements (besides this post)
    *Can be found at https://www.google.com/news?ncl=dyfgp6DcA2I8PHMddonld1WQ_3MZM&q=Chick-fil-a+OC+OR+Laguna+protest&lr=English&region&ned=us&hl=en

  2. Promotion of this page

  3. Event Happenings

    • From 0800-0900 I dropped by with my mother (who happens to be bi). It’s going pretty successfully.
      *~75 protesters are there right in front (on the sidewalk) of the store.
      No one could go the store w/o missing them.

      *~6 TV vans are there:
      Channel 4, 7, 11, and 5
      *Chick-fil-a doesn’t seem to be getting much business.
      *pictures coming soon!
      *From event listing above “M7RZX6: Happening now! Being covered by 5 TV stations, including just-now LIVE (on Good Day, LA 9:00am FOX channel 11, & seemingly favoring the protesters). Get your butt over there!

    • How the police (servicing the protest) performed

      • (The body of the email I sent a few minutes later these recipients:
        *leader Laura, this is the SMS I sent you today, since it was long.
        *OCRegister reporter CHRIS BOUCLY, as part of that, this also details the gist of vmail message I sent you today “7/26/12 5:33 PM 6 hours ago 3 minutes long”

        You already have this in the above form, but I still would have sent this to you immediately after had it not been that I had 0 sleep from advertising then working doing this protest so was by was this time 5:54pm so tired that I was typing Chris’s phone # as 929 area code instead of 949; so had to catch some zzz’s first!

        Me to Laura Kanter (949) XXX-X517 – mobile[ # from press-release]
        7/26/12 5:54 PM 4 hours ago

        Me: Laura, excellent job making happen (Chick-fil-A of LH protest http://1.JotHere.com/3427#M7RD57 -my post), including outstanding full media coverage. Congrats! 5:40 PM
        Me: After the protest when most everyone had gone, I happened across OC Sheriff Director Jim Amormino who was overseeing the police there. And it then occurred to me, yes, the police did outstanding work from all I saw; they had been out of the way, pretty much invisible, but there waiting if anything came up, and when called upon, handled things calmly & friendly in a group this disappeared. This is exactly as it should be – 5:44 PM
        Me: -Jim agreed and indeed had designed it that way. And this is not so easy as this is a special job of the police, not their usual job, which is tense as there could be problems at any time, and none of the groups are paying for them but still they have to do their job. (moment) 5:45 PM
        Me: And lately also the police have been getting a real bad rap (in Fullerton and now continuing in Anaheim; plus let’s not the forget the immigration protests in LA about Echo park a few years ago which turned bad). So it strikes me that [they>the police also should] get complimented as well when they earned it. So I told the him the Dir (and later his is boss commander Bob Petgren[(sp)]) a sincere compliment for outstanding police work here from all I could see, 5:50 PM
        Me: plus I left a similar [vmail ]message for the OC Register reporter Chris Boucly (949) XXX-X377 in hopes he’d put in a couple sentences about it (esp given in contrast that the Register is now printing the bad police stuff (mis-shooting) which happened in Anaheim). And esp u as the LGBT protest boss, I encourage u to do both, too[,>;] thoughts? BTW,Dir. Jim Amormino is at 1.714.XXX.X042. Both will know me (Michael ..) when u call. 🙂 5:54 PM

        Please reply-post your thoughts here else reply-email back. Thanks!)

  4. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day (August 1st=2012.08.01Wed)
    *Apparent official URL: http://www.facebook.com/events/266281243473841/ “Public Event · By Mike Huckabee \ Tuesday, July 31, 2012 \ At Chick-Fil-A’s nationwide”

      • M83NFW:From 14:28-44~ I visited there. This is what I saw:
        M83NGJ:*Their parking lot packed: no parking until ~4~ parking rows away
        M83NH1:*Their drive thru packed: a line from the drive thru extending thru 1/2 row of parking.
        M83NHH:*Their store was packed with almost no seats available.
        M83NHV:*I asked 7 random people I met outside (coming to or from the store) “Excuse me, are you here for just Chick-fil-A food or for the Appreciation day?”
        M83NIG:**The 1st 2 (a group) said they were here for the crowd. Were from Bank-of-America promoting a special to sign-up-for checking, handing out flyiers, so the store had kicked them out. I won’t count them as, like they said, they were just hear for the crowd.
        M83NIT:**All the rest: 5 of 5 random people said they were here for The Appreciation Day
        M83NJ5:***The last one, an elderly white lady, stopped and said something to the effect of ~”I didn’t mind the gay groups until they started protesting at Chick-Fil-A, trying to run them out of business: that’s like blackmailing Chick-Fil-A. And then when various cities said they would ban Chick-fil-A from opening. That’s why I’m here to support them on this day.” While trying to empathize with her as much as I could, I also responded as accurately as I could.
        M83NJF:****I agreed that it it didn’t seem legal for the various cities to ban Chick-Fil-A because of their views and added that some have not said said “ban” or backed off on it but I saw local TV coverage (7 or 11 I think) which said “ban” when the cities were just saying “they wish they wouldn’t”.
        M83NJQ:****I tried to explain to her that the goal of the GLBT groups was not to run them out of business but to educate the public where Chick-Fil-A is spending millions to anti-gay groups, I got this from Laura who was running the protest here. . She replied ~”Yes I saw Laura on TV, that’s why I’m down here, but that’s not the impression she gave me, so if she intended that, she needs to give the correct impression, so I’m here supporting Chick-fil-A.”
        M83NK1:****I encouraged her to post her feedback on Laura’s Facebook entry. She responded “at my age, I’m not into that new computer stuff, but I hope the feedback gets to her.” I told her I would tell her.
        M83Q8V:*No new vans or other reporters seemed to be present. This is a marked contrast to the “~6 TV news vans” there Thursday for the GLBT protests, seemingly suggesting the local TV station favored the GLBT groups, but then again this time the event is nation-wide, so they could be covering other venues.

      • M83NX6:M83NQF:M83NYC:At 15:25~-15:31 I visited a 2nd time. This is what I saw:
        M83NZO:*Their parking lot mostly packed: no parking until ~2 parking rows away
        M83O0C:*Their drive thru was very busy.
        M83O0V:*I forgot to check in the store.
        M83O1C:*As before, I asked people. 3 of 3 random people said there were there for The Appreciation Day.
        M83O4E:**One gave me additional details: white man in ~60s. Said “The gay people talk tolerances, but here they’re not tolerating Chick-fil-A. So F—’em. I’m here to support Chick-fil-A!”

      • M83OU5:Based on my 2 visits above, it seems the protests and “ban” talk against Chick-fil-A is backfiring big-time: Chick-fil-A business is actually increasing and is getting a huge number of conservatives angry, and a good-part-correctly due wrongs (in terms of city “bans”) and mis-impressions (in terms of “intolerance”)

        M83OV7:*Key problems seem to be (from the comments I got above) that is the GLBT protests
        M83P05:**are giving the wrong impression, of being in-“tolerant” and not allowing them to have their views and “running them out of business”, instead of just “educating”.
        M83P0U:**it again occurs to that they shouldn’t be calling themselves, and allowing themselves to be called, “protesters”, but instead say “public-venue educators”.

    • From Google Search quote(site:chick-fil-a.com appreciation day) it appears the company website is making no statement on the event other than very neutral http://www.chick-fil-a.com/Media/PDF/cfa-appreciation.pdf .