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M7XSSM:OCAndroid Main Meetup #59(pst2012.07.30mon1800-2200: including BEST TABLETS,OUYA GAME CONSOLE,GOOGLE JOB): discussion thread of what will, is, & did happen beyond the event listing http://1.JotHere.com/3440#M7XSSM

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  1. Topics & Presentations –comment here.

    • Let’s Talk About Tablets

      This will be a continuation of my last presentation on tablets.

      • I am especially interested in the social importance of tablets but even to start discovering the social importance of tablets, I’d like to first cover the tablets I’ve tried (next comment).

      • The tablets I’ve tried.
        I’ve so far bought and returned three tablets that have not met my requirements. Yes, of course, an iPad might meet them in spades, but Apple so far falls short of one requirement (“pocketable,” which the 7-inch tabs I’ve been studying are).

        Since the last Meetup, June 25, 2012, I returned the Samsung Tab 2 7″ (no HDMI connection though I had been told there was one with an adapter) and followed Bill’s suggestion of an Acer A100 (except I bought mine from Best Buy) which I’ll be bringing to this meeting.

        • *Michael Chen brings up that he read an article revealing MS’s management style very disappointingly has each team competing against each other (and expected to be graded on a curve) instead of competing against other companies.

        • Kathy says (as part of News & Qs, but related here) that Newsweek recently sold their print division for a mere $1, as (the real point) they will be distributing their publication purely electronically now, via only smartphones & tablets she says.

    • Android video consoles especially Ouya which appears to be the only one so far –especially IF WE GET A PRESENTER FOR THIS.

    • My interview with Google (so far). I’m currently interviewing with Google for a job. I’ll talk about how I got a connection, and what it’s been like so far.

      • From my SMS with Bill

        Me to William “Bill” R. Zwicky (XXX) XXX-X592 – mobile
        8/10/12 9:22 PM 41 hours ago

        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: I’ll be landing a little after 9p 🙁 6:33 PM
        Me: In Mountain View, to see Google? Or what’s ur plans? 6:39 PM
        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: Google is done , I’m heading back. Flight leaves 7:55pm, about 1:20 long. Any point going to Posche that late? 6:46 PM
        Me: Hope Google went well, & congrats! U must have lots to tell about. Sure,as it sounds like u’re coming into OC Airport,I’ll just wait there for ur plan to get in. Do u need me to pick u up at the airport or can you drive over to Posche? 6:48 PM
        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: Correction, now 8:05 6:53 PM
        Me: Bummer. so then when do you expect to arrive? 7:08 PM
        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: 9:30 7:13 PM
        Me: I will wait. So how did it go? 7:21 PM
        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: Can’t tell. Some went well[ the last 3], some went badly (IMO)[ the first 2]. Won’t really know till they respond. 7:24 PM

        Me: Hmm. how many people did you interview with? How many hours did you spend interviewing? 7:25 PM
        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: 5x 45 min interviews, 1 hr lunch. All involved coding on a whiteboard. 7:27 PM
        Me: intense. what programming languages? what I d e and r c s and a p i? any coding on the computer? 7:35 PM
        Me: so they just want you to be a coding machine? 7:37 PM
        William “Bill” R. Zwicky: At SNA. Where’s Posche? 9:22 PM

        He said each of the 5 interviews was meeting with an employee who gave a puzzle/challenge to come up with some computer pseudo-code (on a whiteboard) to solve a particular programming task (a computational algorithm), and nothing more. He said they didn’t tell the answers afterwards, I guess only told if you got it or not.
        *He didn’t even show them the Android app Scopley had him make, which he did in just 7hours.
        *He told me a couple of the puzzles and I thought they were quite fun, and was able to solve them pretty quickly. He thought I would do well if interviewed there.
        *Though I was disappointed that all Google tested him on was this: as most of programming is NOT coming up with algorithms (my favorite part), knowing the tools out there including but learning & memorizing APIs & IDEs & databases, writing a huge amount of simple interface & conversion code, debugging (a lot), learning & knowing (VCS=version control systems) (Perforce is what I think Google uses), keeping on schedule, dealing with the people you work with, etc.
        *He only medium-enjoyed the puzzles and was also was a bit disappointed, both:
        **(info M8NWQ7)
        **in himself, I guess because 2 of the 5 puzzles he had trouble with of them he had trouble with and because the interview didn’t show his better aspects.
        ***I told him not to be too discouraged because the interview seemed a weak test of real programmer, and I say that even though I would likely rate well in such an interview.

      • Update: REJECTED! They won’t tell me what exactly went wrong, they just said “we won’t move foward with an offer.” Oh well, leaves me more time to pursue movie making. 🙂

    • New attendee Michael Chen currently with 2 Meetup profiles

      • As I discovered just before the meeting then talked with him at 6pm when I got there, unknown to him till I told him, he currently has 2 Meetup profiles
        *They are:
        ** http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/34826712 “Meetup member since: January 10, 2012”
        ** http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/44231382 “Meetup member since: April 10, 2012”
        *He agrees to merge his profiles down to 1. Last we talked:
        **The 1st one he RSVPed about 5x, only as http://www.meetup.com/LosAngelesAlfresco/members/34826712/
        **The 2nd one he RSVPed about 2x, only as http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/44231382/
        **he will keep the 1st one (make it primary) since it’s older and since he’s RSVPed more there.
        **All others he will NOT delete (as I told him that messes up records). Instead, for each of the additional ones, he will:
        ***Move all of their info over to the primary one, merging it in there
        ****This includes moving the picture: the 2nd profile has the best picture.
        ***for the main profile (as http://www.meetup.com/members/44231382/ ), he will store there say “THIS IS AN ACCIDENTAL DUPLICATE profile. See instead http://meetup.com/members/34826712
        ***For each of its sub-profiles (as http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/44231382/ ), he will store there say “THIS IS AN ACCIDENTAL DUPLICATE profile. See instead http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/34826712
        **I will correct the title on http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/34826712 to match his original join & RSVP stats as best I can.

      • Comes to his 1st meeting with us, thanks! Indeed
        *He drove all the way from his home in Diamond Bar to join us!
        *He says he’s into Android as a hobby: and apparently pretty seriously as he’s already written a real app.
        *he’s our only new person of the attendees (unlike most Meetup events (in other groups), OCAndroid has cooly has mostly regulars who well know each other), so gets warm attention, and
        *gives a lot back, too! -see the other comments here.

      • At my request, he tries to create an account here including reading much of that, but:
        *he notably did not like the aesthetics of the site (as is typical; as the site does, I explained the site is in alpha and that some of the reasons for its difference are part of its being bleeding-edge in ways; the reaction was likely more severe for him it seemed as earlier he mentioned he is a lover of Google’s classic GUI minimalism); nonetheless
        *he tried to create an account here but he got no confirmation email (including in his spam folder) and I (as an admin) could not see his under-construction account in the user database here. He tried combinations of username “Michael Chen” and michael_chen
        and email addresses mi..lc@hotmail.com, mi..en@rivetlogic.com
        **I told him this is likely an occurrence of a bug mentioned in that 1st account-creation doc and said I would work on it; well now I’ve begun: with reporting it.

      • There he offered and did a demo attempt of the app he wrote to do the new upcoming ITF standard for p2p SIP(where he says he got it running on Linux & Windows and now Android -the latter he showed), plus describing that standard & even Open DHT -very interesting stuff! Plus big thanks for doing a presentation, & on your 1st visit -cool!

      • Told us all of how, after working for his last job 4 years, he recently got a job (I think via LinkedIn) working as a system architect for Alfesco for some east-coast company, where he did an interview remotely (2hrs) and works for them & their customers remotely, and indeed only 1x met another person in his company (another worker in California) but that was only after he was hired.

      • Coolest of all, he offered&volunteered to also host these meeting series in North OC!
        *say monthly “in Brea or Fullerton” he said. Lucy suggested CoWorking Fullerton which seemed ideal since we OCAndroid leaders well know William who leads & hosts http://Meetup.com/OC-PHP there.
        *I explained that after a startup of learning the ropes & systems, the job is easy as it’s all been worked out for our present meetings. Indeed it’s largely no special work at all. Only thing special he would have to do is attend each meeting (and keep attendance) plus, before each meeting, create a page like this (simply by copying-then-edit-to-fit the last page), then just encouraging everyone to fill it out just as we’ve done here. With this our meeting design, one doesn’t even have to have pre-arranged presenters: just do that if you’ve got extra time.
        *I told him of the other volunteer, member Rodney, explaining (in conclusion) that I saw likely Rodney would be 2nd in this job and he would be 1st.

      • To alert him on of this thread, I just posted a Greet on his 1st profile of

        @our OCAndroid mtg ~3hrs ago http://meetu.ps/fs52l ,really great havin u!
        *&all u did for us there is now recorded,published,discussable,&extendable at http://1,JotHere.com/3440#comment-794
        **Pls read that thread &,once ur login there working,reply to each comment
        ***Hopefully this’ll also show u some of the amazing threaded-discuss power that http://1.JotHere.com offers us: allowing *all* participants to collaboratively&dynamically document&discuss every mtg point b4,during,&even long after!
        Jul 31, 2012 12:37 AM

        • That Greet has a typo in the 2nd URL, so just posted this corrected & improved replacement (next) then deleted that my prior Greet.

          @our OCAndroid mtg ~3hrs ago http://meetu.ps/fs52l ,REALLY GREAT HAVING U!
          *&ALL U DID FOR US THERE is now recorded,published,discussable,&extendable at http://1.JotHere.com/3440#comment-794
          **PLS READ that thread &,once ur login there working,REPLY TO EACH COMMENT
          ***Hopefully this’ll ALSO SHOW U some of THE AMAZING THREADED-DISCUSS POWER http://1.JotHere.com OFFERS US: allowing*all*participants to collaboratively&dynamically document&discuss each&every mtg point -b4,during,&even long-after!
          Jul 31, 2012 12:52 AM

    • ~9:30pm, I 1st checked out using this venue for the showings of Showtime’s Polyamory
      *Yes this wasn’t topical for an OCAndroid meeting but I was at the venue so this would prevent me from doing another trip.
      *Tested showing the film off Lucy’s laptop onto the monitor above the door (so could not be seen from inside the restaurant) via HDMI. It all worked fine except:
      **The film could still be seen from outside the restaurant outside this room, even with its blinds pulled as they are translucent. However there seems generally little traffic across there outside so the likelyhood of it being seen could be low.
      *Talked with the staff on hand to see if they would be ok with the controversial nature of the video. The gal there said it would be entirely up the manager Briana who would be back on duty at 5pm for their Tuesday big buffet. I declined leaving a note for her as wanted to talk with her in person on this. Said I would come.

    • ~8pm, I propose start charging $5/attendee, with leaders free -Proposed & readily unanimously accepted at this meeting.
      *Had been discussed at prior meetings.
      *Encourages attendees to become leaders
      *Couldn’t make non-leader attendance any worse than it is! So we need to try something new.