Mar 192011

LI7HIT: (under construction)

  1. LI7C8K: GS[edit wordpress offline] -> recommending first so give a try on test site  with username Admin.
    1. “About” says Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3502.922)
    2. LI7C9M: It gives error q[Can’t connect to your blog service: \ problem with the blog server – Server Error 405 Occurred \ XML_RPC services are disabled on this site. An admin user can enable them at ]
      1. LI7CJ1: There choose “Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.” & retry:works.
    3. LI7CLX: It says Would you like to download the blog theme by publishing a temporary post? The post will be removed immediately after your theme is retrieved. \ This will let you see what your posts will look like online while you are editing. -I say Yes.
    4. LI7DD4: [Blog Nickname][L1DBLG][L1DBLG_LI7DD4]
    5. LI7DGA: It offers Share my blog on Windows Live \ Show updates on Windows Live so people know when I add new posts to my blog. sign in url has the domain but seems to be missing “L1DBLG”. Don’t select it for now.
    6. LI7DQR: Creating test post “Test post LI7DR3 done via Windows Live Writer”
      1. LI7HA3: HTML it strips on paste is pretty severe:
        1. LI7HB5: id-attribute
        2. LI7HBI: class-attribute
        3. LI7HBW: input-tag
        4. and seemingly more
      2. LI7HD5: not stripped include
        1. LI7HDV: href, at least of a-tag
        2. LI7HZM: hr-tag
        3. probably more as b & i
      3. LI7I1Q: don’t find any options to turn off any filtering
      4. LI7I2J: scan thru all plugins
        1. LI7I3Z: Searching for “strip” I find just 1 fix: .

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          1. LI7I6C: Install this – see install log: not yet done.
          2. pause
          3. LI8WHQ: Aside now (after about 12 hrs) I see WindowsLiveWriter.exe is using 19% CPU and has burned 7:05:34 of CPU time!! And I haven’t done anything with it. I quit as I need the CPU.
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