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Showtime logoM8QAW5: Showtime Networks

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8QBS1:
    2. M72CMP:Notable: one of the top ~20 television producers & distributors in the world.
    3. M8QCYV: Original shows/series
      1. M8QD24:See
      2. M8QCLP:In the romance sector, fair leading-edge & gutsy by developing & releasing major shows, most notably:
        1.  M8QCOZ:Queer as Folk (2000-2005, Drama)
        2. M8QCSM:The L Word (2004-2009, Drama)
        3. M8QCUH:The Real L Word (June 20, 2010–present)” (Documentary)
        4. M8QCQC:Gigolos (April 7, 2011–present)” (Documentary)
        5. M8QD3Q:Polyamory: Married & Dating (2012.07-present, Documentary)
          1. M8QEXM:This is also the only series released by Showtime that I know which also could be an Educational television to a large audience: “The series seems it could be used worldwide for years to come as the standard video to introduce, sell, & teach polyamory.” indeed has serious importance to world human families.
    4. M8QBEZ: available via (from most-to-least preferred):
      1. M851SD:Watch & discuss parties, which are also the most fun & rewarding source!
        1. M853GF:For Showtime’s “Polyamory: Married & Dating”, see directory of watch & discussion party series-s
      2. M7266J:many/most cable TV providers for an additional monthly fee; do or ask your local cable provider.
      3. M7267A:Showtime Anytime:
        1. M8QE6W:launched “October 27, 2010,” says Wikipedia.
        2. M8QE4A:“Unlimited[ anytime, on-demand] access to acclaimed Original Series, [and many/most other Showtime shows] and much more on your computer, iPad® and iPhone®  \ FREE with your Showtime subscription through participating TV providers“.
        3. M8OTI7: But most people are NOT Showtime subscribers and can’t be (either at all else without a lot of hassle and/or expense, most especially if just one episode or series is all one needs).
        4. M8OTUP:Still Showtime apparently does NOT give this service to non-subscribers and no matter what they might be willing to pay.
      4. M8Q4O8:On DVD and/or Blu-RAY
        1. M8Q4OH: Official list of Showtime BluRay and DVDs
        2. M8Q56J: Original shows/series are mostly available this way:
          1. M8Q57K:(2012.08.13) most of the 31 original shows/series are available.
            1. M8Q648: Currently of the the 20 (featured original series= then click menu “Series”), NOT available are 5: House of Lies, “The Green Room“, Inside ComedyInside NASCARInside NFL“,”Polyamory
            2. M8Q7DB:Of the non-featured original series, NOT available are LA LA LandBig Brother After DarkAll AccessLock ‘N LoadSleeper Cell,
          2. M8Q4OY: For Showtime’s “Polyamory: Married & Dating”,
            1. M8Q4PW:(2012.08.13) currently not available; this search should find it when available..
            2. M8Q4QS:I estimate it will become available about 2013.06.
              1. M8Q4Z6: It likely will be released. Per most series become available, similar series have become available, including Gigolos: Season 1 DVDThe L Word: Complete Series DVD Set.
              2.  M8Q4VT: Soonest. I gestimate the 1 DVD/BluRAY of the whole Season 1, which finishes Aug. 23, so 2012.09 would be the realistic soonest.
          3. M8Q8IP:How soon is released here?
            1. M8Q8J5:Soonest. The minimum it seems put on a DVD is a season, so soonest would be say 1 month after the season’s end.
            2. M8Q8JJ:Latest. I could also see they could delay it months as they are normally in the business of selling Cable TV, not discs.
            3. M8Q8KH: Recent examples:
              1. M8Q8N0:What was most recently released?
                1. M8Q8ND:Showtime site doesn’t allow sorting but release date, but does include release date.
                2. M8Q8NN: This DVD seller stocks Showtime (DVDs at least) and sorts from most-recent release date, including the release date down to the day.
              2. M8Q8O3:From M8Q8NN, 1st most recent is Episodes: The First Season DVD saying “DVD RELEASE DATE: 6/12/2012”.  The Season 1 finale was “February 20, 2011”. Thus DVD released 16 months after season finale.
              3. M8Q8YS:From M8Q8NN, 2nd most recent is Borgias: The First Season DVD saying “DVD RELEASE DATE: December 27, 2012”; The Season 1 finale was “May 22, 2011”. Thus DVD released 7 months after season finale.
              4. M8Q9CF:From M8Q8NN, 3rd most recent is “L Word, The: Complete Series  …~ Release Date: 11/22/2011″.  The last season (6) last episode was “March 8, 2009”. Thus DVD SET released 32 months after finale.
              5. M8Q9JI:From M8Q8NN, 3rd most recent is “Californication: The Fourth Season  .. ~ Release Date: 11/1/2011 ~”. Season finale was “March 27, 2011”. Thus DVD released 7 months after season finale.
              6. M8Q9ST: From the 3 most recent samples above, the season DVD is released on average 10 months after the season finale.
                1. M8QA8Z:This sounds similar to the delay releasing the DVD/Blu-Ray for Hollywood movies, which is intentionally long to make the most money of the theater market first. My 1st guess is Showtime is doing similar, to make the most money from people having pay their subscription in part in order to see it 1st.
      5. M726DG:semi-reliable & often-easy but (illegal so not-endorsed including DON’T do as your only source as the series owner needs to get paid) via BitTorrent
        1. M8OQLG:Example: on apparent directory leader The Pirate Bay, by say this search else this search.
        2. M72JJJ:However again this source is illegal plus I’m strongly against information piracy, indeed so much that I wouldn’t even list this option if it weren’t for “Polyamory: Married and Dating”‘s serious importance to world human families, Consequently:
        3. M72JST:This option should still NOT be used before all reasonable legal options have been fully exhausted, including remembering the especially in the case of “Polyamory: Married and Dating”, the producers and families of this series deserve to be fully credited, & need to be credited, for the courageous groundbreaking work they have done here.
      6. M8Q4FE:No other options known unfortunately
        1. M8OT0I:Hopefully the existence of easy free but illegal sources as the example will help motivate Showtime to provide ways of selling individual series & episodes to the many/most people where it would be unreasonable to expect them to buy a Showtime subscription (as most people don’t get Showtime as because they don’t want or can’t get all of the subscription plus cable TV plus a TV (an increasing number of people are in this category, instead moving to Internet & computers for their video)), so such people will at least then have the option of legally-getting & paying-for individual Showtime episodes & series at a reasonable price (which should be a fraction of a subscription) instead of getting illegally for free with a few clicks(!), as the present reality of “Even for a generally useful educational series as this, we won’t sell it to you (at all or else without likely several times more extra hassle & expensive), but you can easily steal it for free in a way no one can really stop” this does not put Showtime in a good & respecting & income-generating position.
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