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M8VOM2: Dell laptop Studio 1737 service tag CM..K1 public issues

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  1. Problems

    • (Problems )with Hardware (incomplete list; more TBA in ~1day; BEFORE SERVICING, BROWSE TO THIS URL TO GET THE LATEST VERSION!)

      • Supplied Hard drive had a head crash from normal wear&tear
        *Happened ~2011 when the laptop, while on, sustained a bump of normal wear&tear.
        **In using laptops since 1986, I’ve never had a hard drive fail like this.
        **Appears this is a problem with original built-in drive. Dell subsequently sold drives for the unit with drop sensor to avoid this
        *Under warrantee, Best Buy said they would replace the hard drive at no charge, except that they would destroy the original hard drive and would refuse to give it back even though it they admit it would be no use to them (besides a tiny bit of scrap metal) and even though it was of great value us (has data that would be irrevokably lost, that later we might able to find an affordable data recovery service to get back); Best Buy refused even if offered to pay a small fee (as several times their loss of not having this “scrap metal”).
        **Consequently, we bought a new replacement hard drive, of better quality, and continued operating the unit with that.
        *We would still like a replacement drive since Best Buy agreed this sort of failure would be covered by the warranty.

      • Supplied power-supply adapter wore out at the plug
        *because of poor design: it sticks out straight about 2inches, instead of being at a right angle, causing singificant stress on the unit.
        *Power supply being used since is a loaner Dell supply from a family member.
        *Would like the original replaced, ideally with a right-angle plug to avoid the problem happening again.

      • Power plug inlet (female) has internally broken
        *Happened ~2012.05 from normal wear & tear, mostly caused by the Dell power plug being a straight-out 2inches instead of right angle.
        *Can still operate sometimes if carefully plug in power but battery doesn’t typically charge due to Dell special center signal pin not connecting
        *Must be replaced ASAP

      • Screen hinge right-hand cap has molding coming off
        *Happened ~2012.05 from normal wear&tear.
        *Currently taped with clear packing tape to keep the unit from coming apart

      • Screen hinge is loose, causing screen to wobble notably
        *Happened 2012.05~ due to normal wear&tear.

      • Touchpad left-button no longer works (tapping ignored)
        *Happened ~2012.04 due to normal wear&tear.
        *Fairly important to fix; workaround is to double-tap very fast but that’s very awkward and not always possible.

      • If the entire unit were to be replaced, we’d very much want one with an anti-glare screen
        *The glossy screen on this unit is a major problem in and even near sunlight.

      • Original battery now has low life
        *From normal wear & tear; including, since new, went to considerable effort to keep the unit plugged in to avoid wear on the battery,

      • Roof plastic of SD/MMC slot is cracked
        *Not sure when it happened.
        *Is minor; hasn’t caused any problems; just noticed now.

    • Singificant additioanl isseus TBA here in ~1 day