Aug 192012

M90XUG: SiliconDust especially their “HDHomeRun Network Attached Digital TV Tuners”

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8VOWD: See the title for topic
    2. M90Y3F: SiliconDust
      1. M90Y4M:Official URL
      2. M90Y8E: “formed in early 2007, introducing HDHomeRun Network Attached Digital TV Tuners to the consumer market.” also “Silicondust offers a variety of models for Consumer, Industrial, and Commercial use.” and these still seem to be their only line of business, says About page.
      3. M90YAS: says their products are being sold by major retailers world-wide except for Russia & Asia.
    3. M900K0: See comments for additional details including usages.
  2. M31R7R:Some Additional document history, in order:

    1. M90YJP: I create this
    2. M3KNZ6:Why?  Before, instead was:
      1. Not recorded
      2. M3KOSW:reached my limit when
        1. M90Z7M: Family decided to give this a try, so this page is to document findings.
    3. M3KNXM:by:
      1. M37OOV:on (the most similar recent one= latest version M900RE, do Copy to a new draft.
      2. M37OP0:then there: give this a new ID & updated content to fit.
    4. M90Z91:reasonably complete so 1st publish

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  1. HDHomeRun Products
    *”Network Attached Digital TV Tuners” as explained

    • (HDHomeRun )which can receive premium channels
      *I think is called HDHomeRunner Prime
      **Maker’s URL:
      *by taking a user-supplied CableCARD (M-Card)
      *Amazon rates “4.6 out of 5 stars (114)” -the highest of any competitive product I’ve seen
      *NewEgg rates 4of5 (150 reviews)

      • This I could see significantly increasing premium channel content onto BitTorrent unless mechanisms something were added to prevent this.

      • (HDHomeRunner Prime) with 3 tuners (Manufacturer # HDHR3-CC )
        *I 1st heard of this yesterday the Fry’s listing for it for $140 in their printed OC Register ad
        *Maker URL:

        • competitive products

          • Yesterday Lucy purchased for std price ($140).
            M96CUH:starting now, I install at her home on her Laguna Woods Village Cable TV on Win7 desktop Enki, following dirs except as noted
            M96CUQ:*Do NOT yet put in an M-Card because I don’t have an extra (will have to pull from a cable box) and don’t want to risk messing anything up until I verify rest is working.
            M96CUQ:*Insert install CD as directed & run, picking “Install HDHomeRun Software (64-bit)” which downloads presumably latest , which I run
            M96DLY:**HDHomeRunInstall Wizard:
            M96DHM:***1st time it said ~”No tuner found; try plugging in power”. I unplugged the replugged the power cable then clicked Retry and it said ~”3 tuners found” (which sounds right).
            M96DKD:***Location, it requested zip; put 92637
            ****Main Application:
            ******Names:BeyondTV,Easy HDTV DVR,For The Record,GB-PVR,J River Media Center,MediaPortal,NextPVR, Other: ATSC/QAM, Other: ATSC/Remap, Other: Registry, SageTV, Windows Media Center(DEFAULT),XBMC Media Center
            ******Quite a few
            ******Note MythTV was not listed, wonder why.
            *****Pick default
            ****Preview Application:
            ******Names:HDHomeRun QuickTV(DEFAULT), VideoLAN VLC, Windows Media Player
            *****Pick default
            ***Cable Card: (none listed, as expected)
            ****Send Diagnostic information to Silicondust support
            *****Was OFF; set ON to help them out.
            M96EDP:**Windows updates are needed, so pause, then reboot
            M96JQF:**some app tells me exists on the device; I review it, it gives status (no setttings it appears)
            M96JSZ:**HDHomeRun QuickTV immediately gives popup q(Channel scan needed. Please run HDHomeRun Setup\OK)
            M96JUP:**so run that; it’s like the Wizard
            M96JVQ:***CableCard menu
            ****For tuner 0, do “Scan” but get “The device/card is not reporting the list of channels. ..);expected since there’s no card. Unfortunately it now seems it won’t operate w/o a card, wait a minute:
            ***Tuners menu.
            ****for tuner 0, change “SourceType” from “CableCARD” to “Digital Cable”.
            ***Digital Cable menu (just appeared):
            ****for tuner 0, do Scan; taking ~10min.
            M96KJ7:****meanwhile, has a button “Zap2it Website” (later: this sends to -the location give the zip); check that and key in just zip & indeed it lists 20 providers for this area -wow! Pick “Laguna Woods Village Golden Rain Foundtn – Digital (Laguna Woods)“.
            *****Lists hundreds of channels, what looks like it could be the complete channel lineup.
            M96KO3:****scan completes after ~10min; finds 40 channels.
            (=M96KWX(HDHomeRun QuickTV
            (=M96N2N(Lists 37 of these 40 channels: missing are the 3 channels of regex ch[1-9]^{3}000000-[1-9]{1,2})M96N2N=)
            (=M96MXI(Clicking a channel (1st time after launch) brings up popup saying “Please wait while Windows configures Pinnacle Studio 14” -maybe it’s liked to a format. This seems to fail, so every rerun has this problem. Best to uninstall that.)M96MXI=)
            (=M96MTG(TV stations play at full high-quality video, however there is no sound! (but sound plays elsewhere)
            (=M96NMI(Google search for official answers finds this is a documented “feature” with workarounds
            (=M96NMZ(Since Windows Media Player seems entirely more powerful, don’t bother fixing.)M96NMZ=)
            (=M96MUS(Changing channels takes a tad slow, ~3sec)M96MUS=)
            (=M96NRG(Windows Media Player
            (=M96NXG(1st launched by (accidentally) clicking on “C:\Users\L4MIKE\Music\Playlists\HDHomeRun Digital Cable.wpl”; also triggers (the Pinnacle prob M96MXI))M96NXG=)
            (=M96NS0(Plays great with audio & pause, though oddly no rewind (yet))M96NS0=)
            (=M96O0Y(Lists all 40 channels.)M96O0Y=)

            (=M96SPH(Finished showing off what I’ve done and could do to Lucy & Joan
            (=M96T1K(While showing Lucy, I set all 3 tuners to use “Digital Cable” since card wasn’t yet present; I didn’t have to rescan the channels fortunately.)M96T1K=)
            (=M96SQ1(Windows Media Center
            (=M96SQL(Quick-setup Instructions: for me the Digital Cable Advisor was in the “Extras Gallery” not “Extras Library”; it completed fine)M96SQL=)
            (=M96W4I(eat dinner)M96W4I=)
            (=M96W4U(TV Setup finds “Digital Cable (ClearQAM) (3 tuners)” to be set up (was originally just 2 until I quit “HDHomeRun Setup”) and 3 “HDHomeRun Prime” tuners not to be set up.; for “signal provider” pick “Laguna Woods, Laguna Woods Village Golden Rain Fountn (Digital)” as the only matching of 5; )M96W4U=)
            (=M96XQL(TV Channel scan takes ~15min(!) and finds just 37 of the 40 channels but doesn’t give any option to individually add channels (as the 3 missing) just “Scan again” so I accept.)M96XQL=)
            (=M98GUV(Some test recordings

            (=M98GYB(Created “tiny” H:\Recorded TV\The Next_KTLADT_2012_08_22_20_58_00.wtv : length 0:0:10, size 14,155,776 bytes.
            (=M98H1H(.wtv file format
            (=M98HWG(On quick look, appears rather big, as poor compression.)M98HWG=)
            (=M98H57(best web docs by Microsoft: finds 1st
            (=M98HVI(notably says

            MPEG-2 video and audio using MPEG-1 Layer II or Dolby Digital AC-3 (ATSC A/52), at capture rates of up to 30 megabits per second (Mbps). When Windows Media Center records a television show, the audio and video elementary streams are encrypted. .. Windows Media Center determines the copy protection policy by reading the broadcaster’s copy protection flag (CGMS-A). If the content owner and/or broadcaster has set the policy to protect the content, playback is restricted to the Windows Media Center PC used to record the content.


            (=M98H2J(resolution/dimensions, frame-rate, format
            (=M98H40(is NOT displayed by Windows 7 Explorer)M98H40=)
            (=M98I0O(quite likely is “MPEG-2 video” per M98HVI)M98I0O=)
            (=M98I2R(Might be displayed via opening the .wtv in Windows Live Movie Maker then doing “Save movie->Recommended for this project (over over it)” but saving in this format (for ) produced a file The Next_KTLADT_2012_08_22_20_58_00.wtv which was larger by ratio 21/14)M98I2R=)


            (=M96Y33(Storage: set to volume “M93WD7(WD__4431_PLV750GB1)” (H:) 50% of free space, so “300GB” “”223.5hrs (33.5hrs HD)”.)M96Y33=)
            (=M96Y8U(Note it defaults to “Keep: Until space is needed”)M96Y8U=)

            *to be continued

          • (=M98LGT(Now starting switch from “Digital Cable” to “CableCard” hopefully in time to watch Polyamory finale in HD.

            (=M98LH8(About 2 min ago, from master bedroom DVR powered on, remove M-Card (SN MA..90)
            (=M98LKV(Even though it was broadcasting a public channel (5), it cut off and screen said “ONE MOMENT PLEASE \ Please re-insert CableCARD \ This channel should be available shortly.”
            (=M98LLJ(Powering the DVR off-then-on with the remote didn’t change this.)M98LLJ=)
            (=M98LOM(Reinserting the card restored things to normal in ~10 seconds.)M98LOM=)
            (=M98LPN(Pulling it out again got the prior warning plus for ~10 secs the superimposed message “DVR SERVICE UNAVAILABLE \ DVR Service is unavailable or not operating \ Please call your cable service operator \ 949-837-2670”)M98LPN=)
            (=M98MIK(~1min ago, power-cycle DVR 10 sec. But no change.)M98MIK=)

            (=M98LY6(Placed card into this HDHomeRun Prime )M98LY6=)

            (=M98M19(HDHomeRun Config->Tuner does not display any non-zero Status (as Signal)
            (=M98M7M(Power-cycle for 15 secs
            (=M98MAE(found that CableCard was plugged in upside=down: corrected; un-intuitively it might be plugged in with the top-side facing down)M98MAE=)
            (=M98MDI(this problem was not fixed but I was looking at wrong reading “Tuner”; now look at menu “OOB” which now has “Signal Strength %: 100%”)M98MDI=)
            (=M98MTT( displays M98MTT(_HTML_Chrome).htm -private file as includes full serial numbers)M98MTT=)
            (=M98ODG(In HDHomeRun Setup
            (=M98MMS(->Tuners -> Source Type, change all from “Digital Cable” to “CableCard”)M98MMS=)
            (=M98ODX(->Tuner 0->Scan
            (=M98OFJ(Completes in ~.3sec!)M98OFJ=)
            (=M98OG2(Also scans for all other tuners)M98OG2=)

            (=M98OHK(Windows Media Center

            (=M98OIC(Has popup “CABLECARD(tm) DETECTED\Do you want to set up the CableCARD(tm) now?” Choose Yes.
            (=M98OLG(Region defaults to “United States”; agree.)M98OLG=)
            (=M98OMR(Zip code defaults to 92637; agree)M98OMR=)
            (=M98ORZ(It gives program guide TOS then downloads it; then says q(detected the following: Digital Cable (CableCARD(tm)) (3 tuners). Is this configuration correct & complete?”; say YES.)M98ORZ=)
            (=M98PE9(It activates the card automatically (probably because it was already activated) eventually displaying M98PB7(_PrtScn_Paint).jpg -confidential as gives the “Product Key”)M98PE9=)
            (=M98PJJ(Gives a privacy statement read: M98PM9(_PrtScn_Paint).jpg
            (=M98Q5X(It says “information about your computer and CableCARD(tm) will be sent to your TV service provider.”)M98Q5X=)
            (=M98Q67(It has a button which goes to a document entitled “WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER PRIVACY Statement \ Last Updated: October 2009 \ …A printable version of this privacy statement can be viewed in your web browser at [note this goes to the outdated “April 2009″ version; I can’t find on the public web the specified version].”

            (=M98QQE(The section “TV tuners with protected content” seems most relevant.)M98QQE=)

            (=M98QVZ(Gives a “Call Your Cable Company” page with spes same as gives but repeated for each of the 3 tuners. Since this card should already be active, I click Next.)M98QVZ=)
            (=M98R2E(“TV Signal Provider” lists 8 choices; pick of the 4 recommended, pick the only 1 matching: “Laguna Woods, Laguna Woods Village Golden Rain Foundtn (Digital)”)M98R2E=)
            (=M98R83(Downloads the program guide then Finishes, in about 1min.)M98R83=)

            (=M98RB9(TV->Live TV gives q(tuner conflict. All TV tuners are currently in use.\To change the channel, select the program or recording that you want to stop.\..))M98RB9=)
            (=M98REC(gives popup saying q(Guide listings are still being loaded. You will be notified when loading is complete.))M98REC=)
            (=M98RGP(now loads)M98RGP=)
            (=M98RH7(Pick channel 500(HBOP): get “Viewing or Listening Conflict \ No Tuner available to satisfy current request))M98RH7=)
            (=M98RO7(Extras->Extras Gallery->Digital Cable Advisor: passes & is updated.)M98RO7=)
            (=M98S11(last problem persists so restart)M98S11=)
            (=M98S8O(Try 2 channels (11 & 13) and now get error q(No TV Signal \ There is currently no TV signal detected for this channel. The channel may be temporarily off the air, or my may need to adjust or reconnect your TV antenna.).)M98S8O=)
            (=M98SDC(Powercycle unit 10 seconds, but problem continues.)M98SDC=)
            (=M98SFV(Restart Center, but problem continues.)M98SFV=)
            (=M98SOP(On the HDHomeRun, there are no red lights; the network&cableCard lights are green, and tuner 1 flashes briefly when an attempt to tune is made then goes off.)M98SOP=)
            (=M98SP2(My guess is we *will* have to do step M98QVZ)M98SP2=)
            (=M98SZ7(at least for now, restore CableCard to its DVR so at least that works.
            (=M98TAL(This doesn’t change the Center’s error but the TV on the DVR now displays for ~10min “CableCARD(tm) Pairing \ … CableCARD ID: ..” (note has different “Host ID” and “Data” values but rest are “CableCARD ID” are same) and during this the TV signal is restored. )M98TAL=)

            To be continued


          • (=M9GA1B(Test using the YinLips YDPG18A presented as a Media Center client

            (=M9GAK2(In HDHomeRun Setup ->Tuners (1|2), change from “CableCARD” to “Digital Cable”; it takes a while but has each scanned)M9GAK2=)
            (=M9GAT8(In Windows Media Center, Tasks->Settings->TV->TV Signal->Scan for more channels.
            Now it is able to tune some channels as 18.(1|2) KSCIDT(2|4) (both Korean) but seemingly most channels it reports “No Signal” and is confused. This is enough to test though. )M9GAT8=)

            (=M9GB93(Install that RemotePotato software
            -> -> Server 1.0.6 114422 Download -> -> C:\Users\L4MIKE\Downloads\RemotePotatoSetupv1.0.6_Stable\setup.exe
            (=M9GBWK(for “Remote Library Access \ Remote Potato can be used to access your music library remotely. To use this feature, you should enter the account details of a user of this machine whose Windows Media Player library will be accessed:”. Probably Lucy would the the primary user but for now just pick the same: (User name:L4MIKE) (Password:))M9GBWK=)
            (=M9GBYX(For “folder” pick (default=”C:\Program Files (x86)\FatAttitude\Remote Potato\”))M9GBYX=)
            (=M9GC4C(Now reports “Successfully installed” and opens annoyingly in IE)M9GC4C=)
            (=M9GC5Z(it auto-launches “Setup Wizard”
            (=M9GCB9(to “Yes, enable security” pick (default=NO))M9GCB9=)
            (=M9GCCX(to “Router \ If you have not already done so, you will need to set up your home router (if you have one) to allow Internet connections through this PC. \ Future editions of Remote Potato will aim to achieve this automatically – for now please consult your manual or the website to learn how to add the following rules to your home router: \ You need to forward port 9080 and ports 9081-9093 to IP address (this computer)”, do nothing as don’t need access outside of LAN and this could be a security risk if the target computer is not locked down which needs to be verified.)M9GCCX=)
            (=M9GCIR(To “Remote Internet Access \ To connect to to Remote Potato away from your home, you will need to tell your web browser (or mobile device) how to locate your home network on the Internet. \ The simplest way is to use your external IP address. At the moment, this is [classified ]XX.XXX.XX.XX \However, with some ISPs, the address can change, so it can be useful to use a free ‘Dynamic DNS’ service which allows you to choose your own URL (web address) instead, which is always kept up-to-date with the Intenet address of your home network.\How would you like to access Remote Potato over the Internet?”. Select “I will use the DynDNS dynamic DNS service(recommend)” but this gives the setup of this which I don’t want to set up now (indeed I don’t want external access) so just choose )the simplest now=”I will use my external IP address to access Remote Potato”). )M9GCIR=)
            (=M9GCTZ(It gives connection instructions “Connecting to Remote Potato \ (At Home: (Local Network) \ .. (Address: (Anywhere: (over the Internet) \ (Address:[classified]XX.XXX.XX.XX)(Port:9080)” Says you can use a web browser at
            (=M9GD08(Bill reports that is not responding. )M9GD08=)
            (=M9GD19(it closes saying I need to start the server.)M9GD19=)
            (Setup Wizard))M9GC5Z=)

            (=M9GD27(in Remote Potato app
            (=M9GD32(select play but get “Remote Potato \ Could not start the Remote Potato service. \ Check that you have entered the correct account name and password in the ‘Music Library’ tab. \ Alternatively, please try re-installing Remote Potato to rectify this issue. \OK”)M9GD32=)
            (=M9GD8J(Follow that fix then press Play. The server starts. Appears I had entered the wrong password.)M9GD8J=)

            (=M9GDDH(Browse -the website appears to come up & is very fancy.)M9GDDH=)
            (=M9GDGZ(Bill tries it on his laptop on the LAN. It comes up, too!
            (=M9GDRL(Ask him to play (from above) playable KSCIDT2 -he can’t find it. Later I find it but can only request it to record.)M9GDRL=)
            (=M9GDS3(He finds & plays “H:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_KTLADT_2012_08_23_17_02_43.wtv” at highest resolution.)M9GDS3=)
            (=M9GDVF(Bill tries it on his HTC EVO 3D Sprint
            (=M9GDX4(running Remote Media Center, enters this IP & port. Plays same M9GDS3 but at lowest resolution with skipping.)M9GDX4=)
            (=M9GEKY(On Lucy’s Samsung Tablet A100, she install “Remote Media Center” and is able to watch M9GDS3 at high resolution & quality.)M9GEKY=)
            (in Remote Potato app))M9GD27=)

            (=M9GEWR(in Windows Media Center
            (=M9GEQG(->Tasks->settings->TV->TV Signal->Activate Digital Cable
            select “continue without a CableCARD” and it exits. Hmm.)M9GEQG=)
            (=M9GEXK(->extras -> Digital Cable Advisor; it updates settings & completes successfully.)M9GEXK=)
            Trying to view CSPAN still fails with “No Signal”
            (=M9GF6J(->Tasks->settings->TV->TV Signal->Set up TV Signal; go thru the setup again with all defaults unless noted.
            (=M9GFB9(meanwhile, I stopped “Remote Potato”)M9GFB9=)
            Media Center crashed.
            (=M9GFC5(Restart the process. It fails with “TUNER UNAVAILABLE” popup. So power-cycle the HDHomeRun Prime.)M9GFC5=)
            (=M9GFG7(Repeat (M9GFC5) with same results. So restart Media Center.)M9GFG7=)
            (=M9GFIM(Repeat (M9GFC5) with same results. )M9GFIM=)
            (=M9GFMQ(in HDHomeRun Setup->Tuners->#0, change from “CableCARD” to “Digital Cable”, so now all 3 tuners have that setting.)M9GFMQ=)
            (=M9GFPP(Repeat (M9GFC5). This time it reports “Digital Cable (ClearQAM) (3 tuners)”; accept that. Choose “Laguna Woods, .. Foundtn (Digital)”. “TV Channel Scan” taking long (as before); finishes with “37 channel(s) found”=same as before. Pause ~10min talking w/ Bill. (=M9GIDR(Complete.)M9GIDR=))M9GFPP=)
            (Set up TV Signal))M9GF6J=)
            (=M9GIFY(Play live TV is giving “No tuner available to satisfy request” so restart Center. Now playing TV works fine.)M9GIFY=)

            (=M9GIMS(in Remote Potato server
            (=M9GINJ(do Channels->Reload from Media Center: done.)M9GINJ=)
            (=M9GIQ1(Run: good)M9GIQ1=)

            (=M9GISA(repeat M9GDRL: but Bill finds saying “does not directly allow you to stream live TV due to various system limitations” and gives a fix to record a few min then stream. )M9GISA=)
            (=M9GJ3S(try the fix. I see Bill’s recording request. I play back with “Silver LIVE”
            (=M9GK5T(SMALL CON: Playback at standard quality plays ok though resolution not great.)M9GK5T=)
            (=M9GK4A(CON: Playback at high quality seems unstable)M9GK4A=)
            (=M9GL2N(CON: tab (in Chrome) uses 45% CPU when it should be 0, notably after a video has been played and it’s say just on the video summary page)M9GL2N=)
            (=M9GK6E(con: does not display how much is buffered (unlike YouTube))M9GK6E=)
            (=M9GK7R(con: heavy load on server. Probably two viewers are max.)M9GK7R=)
            (=M9GKKU(MED-BIG CON: Random-positioning of the video by large jumps immediately causes the playback to hang or crash)M9GKKU=)
            (=M9GK8U(BIG CON: volume is low even when all volume controls are maxed.)M9GK8U=)
            (=M9GK71(BIG CON: No fast-forward & fast-reverse, so skipping commercials seems tricky)M9GK71=)

            (=M9GKN3(Bill tries on Yinlips using “Remote Media Center”
            (=M9GKOW(on built-in screen
            Video playback is fine & clear until another user (me) started playing too then became jumping.
            (=M9GL3E(Sometimes but only ~5%, video playback gets say .3sec ahead of sound. Maybe this is when the server had other loads.)M9GL3E=)
            (=M9GL5O(On a 1080p display
            plays great & high-quality, provided the receiver is 8ft from router. When (on the living room display) unit was ~30ft from router but still line-of sight, had serious playback interruption and unit buzzed, due to the notably weak wifi of this unit which Bill had alerted to.

            (=M9GQM3(Lucy tried on her Motorola Triumph smartphone on living room 1080p display.
            (=M9GQNF(The built-in movie player didn’t play at all; she had to install MX player as Bill says it recommends.)M9GQNF=)
            (=M9GQO9(The playback was perfect & high quality, including fast buffering &repositioning. Made one really appreciate this phone’s performance & HDMI port. I video-recorded some of this playback testing.)M9GQO9=)
            (=M9GQXW(It took about 5min before starting a recording from to where it could be played back. The “Recorded TV” folder needed to be refreshed by clicking Settings->Refresh.)M9GQXW=)

            (=M9GQSF(Overall Bill, I, and Lucy were very impressed.)M9GQSF=)

            (=M9GKR8(Bill notes it transcodes on the server by way of ffmpeg.)M9GKR8=)


          • (=M9N9BJ​(2012.08.28tue08- As scheduled, cable repair tech Andrew came over and delivered a new M-Card placing it in to the HDHomeRun Prime. He was very curious about the unit but Lucy said I was completing the setup so finishing that would have to wait. As expected, he said he needed the Host ID & Data # to finish the configuration which she didn’t know how to get (presently at . He said call Broadband tech support 1.949.837.2670 M-F 0800-1700 to configure it.

          • (=M9N9WC​(On laptop Iris3, I install the supplied CD with all defaults.


            (=M9NA1J​(at 2012.08.31fri1700, while waiting, from phone -x968,call Broadband: “for technical support, press 2” “for TV, press 1”: get a woman’s voice saying “This is TV tech support; please leave a message.” I say “I’m calling for Lucy –. At -x968. Just want to activate a card.”)​M9NA1J=)
            (=M9NACS​(saved to M9NACS​(_screen1).htm)​M9NACS=)

            (=M9NCKR​(fri1800~ incoming call, CID not recorded on any device for some reason, possibly because they were calling from the phone service company.
            Bob calls back. He asks for the manor # which I give him. He looks up the Tue order. He said the tech Andrew couldn’t complete the order because the pairing person wasn’t available, but he will call the pairing person now (via his cell) to see how & when we can do it, and will call me back in ~25min. He doesn’t know how to it himself and was unfamiliar with this kind of procedure; normally he just activates the supplied cable boxes.

            ​(=M9NE2K​(fri1823- get a call at CID 949.340.6347 (SADLBK VLY CA) but no vmail.

            I call back. It’s Bob. He says that he was just about to call me back.He says he called 3 people but no one answered the phone but he’s SMSing someone now.

            He hears back from chat. Says tomorrow Tracy is working between 9am-4pm; call back then at the main line or 949.837.2670 (if get vmail, she’s on phone so give give 20 min to call back else call 2ndary # 949.340.0640); she can do the activation on the cable card; if not she can call techs direct.

            He says he suspects Lucy’s DVRs can record to an external hard drive; he uses COX cable with DVR DCH6416 (an earlier model) and says it can record to internal or external (he hasn’t tried moving); I say she has DVR Motorola DCH6616. He checks the manual. For exact details, he says during the business week go to the broadband office in Laguna Woods city hall. Ask for Jacob if possible. They will know all these details.

            I tell him about our cable-to-LAN tuner and give him the URL ; he says he will look at and may get one.

            He works for Broadband Services which exclusively services Laguna Woods, or what he often still calls Leisure World as he grew up here with that prior name. Good customer service.

            fri1850- end call )​M9NE2K=)

          • (=M9P0HV​(On Iris5 (since Enki got malware and Iris3 is now crashing)

            (=M9P0HV​(Install the bundled CD

            Follow recommended

            (=M9P0M9​(Installs latest )​M9P0M9=)
            (=M9P0OP​(Runs HDHomeRun Install Wizard with all defaults unless noted.
            (=M9P0PL​(Set “Location” to 92637.)​M9P0PL=)
            (=M9P0RR​(I see Tuners have somehow all been reset to CableCARD.)​M9P0RR=)
            (=M9P0TB​(CableCARD->Scan instantly finds hundreds of channels for all 3 tuners, as expected.)​M9P0TB=)
            (=M9P0VG​(Under Advanced, click “Send diagnostic information to SiliconDust support”)​M9P0VG=)

            (=M9P13J​(run HDHomeRun QuickTV
            (=M9P14V​(clicking on a channel brings up (as above) sperious popup “Please wait while configuring Pinnacle Studio 15” –will need fixing.)​M9P14V=)
            some channels play
            (=M9P18Q​(Clicking on channel “500 HBO West (1…” and “100 Hallmark Mov..” and “924 DMX Roadh…” and “414 Fox News HD(16…” give popup “HDHomeRun Windows Media Player Plugin\This channel cannot be displayed because it is marked as copy protected by your cable provider. \ You will need to use Windows Media Center to access this channel. \OK”)​M9P18Q=)

            (=M9P1JC​(clicking on “520 Showtime ..” and several other channels seems to just hang the app for about 30 secs then come up blank.)​M9P1JC=)

            (=M9P0XI​(in Windows Media Center
            (=M9P1WS​(in Digital Cable Advisor setup, all goes fine )​M9P1WS=)
            (=M9P20E​(do Live TV Setup
            (=M9P21P​(note this includes “Microsoft PlayReady PC Runtime” which “protects premium TV content from unauthorized use”; I didn’t get this prompt before but perhaps thats because I’ve got a valid cable card (though I don’t know if it’s paired yet))​M9P21P=)
            (=M9P27J​(get “Activate Support for Digital Cable \ To view & record premium or high definition TV channels you must enter a product key.”
            (=M9P2B6​(it selects a product key itself saved to M9P2B6​(_product_key_screen).jpg )​M9P2B6=)
            (=M9P2EQ​(get “Activate Your CableCARD \ To activate your CableCARD call your cable company and provide them the information in the following page. If you do not activate your CableCARD, reove it from your digital cable tuner to be able to watch & record non-premium channels.”; the next page includes the info of repeated for each of the 3 tuners. Just click “Next”.)​M9P2EQ=)
            (=M9P2JT​(Pick the same TV Signal Provider as done every time above.)​M9P2JT=)
            (=M9P2O3​(Finished. But trying to play any channel brings up “Service Unavailable \ There is currently no TV signal detected for this channel. The channel may be temporarily off the air. Try again later.” Seems like card has not been paired.)​M9P2O3=)




          • (=M9P3BI​(A few minutes ago sat1649-. from above call Broadband:1.949.837.2670. Press “Tech support press 2” -> “TV press 1”. Get the vmail. Leave msg “I’m calling on behalf of Lucy.. in manor .. simply wanting to activate a cable card; it should be very easy. Please call back on the number on the account, which is ..-1968” )​M9P3BI=)

            (=M9P3FH​(1648- Now call 949.340.0640: directly got the vmail. Left the same message.)​M9P3FH=)
            pause ~5min
            (=M9P3PW​(NHB and it close to 5pm, call 1st # again: This time left a message with more details including “We were told to call this number during these hours and talk with Tracy. We need to pair the card. I have the HostID & Data ID. The card was given to us not activated. It should be very easy.”)​M9P3PW=)

          • CID Mon1130- ~0:12:37 Anonymous. Tracy calls back. Lucy answers, then hands it to me (fortunately I was here here for the Labor Day weekend and to set this up). Tracy hasn’t done CableCARD pairings, says the techs who do it are out today for the holiday. Says “this really requires a service call”. I say “The tech who came out here (Andrew) said all we’d have to do is call in with 2 numbers for them.” Sounding very reluctant to just hand the tech the numbers, she takes down th #s which I verify. From I give her the CableCARD ID provided (as she doesn’t have that) plus the requested HostID & Data. As it sounded this way, I say “sounds like you’ve got to get off the phone for something.” which she doesn’t affirm. So I ask her when the techs will be in; she says tomorrow.

          • tue1616- I check MS Media Center and still get no TV Signal so doesn’t look like cable company paired.
            tue1626- Lucy called Broadband:1.949.837.2670. Press “Tech support press 2″ -> “TV press 1″. Get the vmail. Leave msg saying “This is Lucy .. of (manor id). I want to pair my cable card that Andrew installed for me, he said I just had to provide the Host ID & data #. These #s are ..(read them off of ). And my phone is ..-1968.

          • (=M9WAW4​(“Wed 10:02am” got vmail on -x968: “Yes, Hi, this is Tracy with Broadband. I was just calling to make sure your CableCARD is activated. It was sent over so the numbers are there so I want to make sure it’s working. If it is not, we’ll have to send a [probably technician] -” call cut off.

            (=M9WAWE​(~11:30am, Lucy says, unaware of this vmail but to insure it gets done, she physically went to the Broadband offices with the two #s. Only spoke with Jacob Huanosto, who was working the front desk. After serving other customers, she thought she did something (as activate, but it could be check) then said “This card is now activated.”)​M9WAWE=)

            (=M9WAWS​(now I check on Iris5
            (=M9WAXK​(run Windows Media Center
            (=M9WAYC​(select Live TV
            (=M9WAYX​(get a popup saying ~”TV Setup must be done”. Since before that was done & I was getting “no signal”, sounds like something changed. Do Ok.
            (=M9WB0M​(Does “Activate your CableCARD”.
            (=M9WB2T​(It only displays info for “Tuner 1” when I recall it showing all 3 before, so )​M9WB2T=)
            ​(=M9WB67​(restart at M9WAYC but that just displays “No TV Signal” so )​M9WB67=)​
            (=M9WB7Q​(restart at M9WAXK: but that just displays “No TV Signal” so )​M9WB7Q=)
            (=M9WBB7​(run “Digital Cable Advisor”; it completes successfully.)​M9WBB7=)
            ​​(=M9WBEU​(do Tasks -> Settings -> TV Signal
            (=M9WBGJ​(-> Set Up a TV Signal, doing everything as last time except as noted:
            (=M9WBOD​(completes successfully)​M9WBOD=))​M9WBGJ=)
            (=M9WBP7​(-> Activate Digital Cable: it does a subset of the last step and completes in ~.5min, so it’s seeming like it’s active)​M9WBP7=)
            ​(=M9WBRK​(-> TV
            (=M9WBS2​(-> Live TV: reports “No TV Signal”)​M9WBS2=)
            (=M9WBU8​(-> Guide -> 3 random stations including (7, a normal broadcast #): reports “No TV Signal” )​M9WBU8=)
            (=M9WBXF​(-> HD HomeRun Quick TV
            77 plays
            500 warns 1st time ~”copy protected content; You will need Windows Media Center to play this”, subsequent clicks are ignored.
            “479 Discovery..” & “511 MAX-E..” doesn’t do anything when selected.
            “76 CGNTV” plays.
            Anything before “76” is not listed, that seems wrong.
            (=M9WCOR​( report includes quote(
            Card Authentication success
            Card OOB Lock success
            Card Activation success
            Tuner 0 Channel 511 MAX-E ………
            Tuner 1 Channel none
            Tuner 2 Channel none
            ) so it looks like things are working there )​M9WCOR=)

            ​(=M9WCW9​(Refollow from start Installation Instructions ->
            (=M9WD2Y​(-> HDHomeRun Setup :
            Tuners ->Rescan: no change
            CableCARD -> rescan: no change
            Advanced -> Send diagnostic info to SiliconDust Support -> turn on.
            (=M9WDEY​(-> Windows Media Center
            “Digital Tuner Diagnostics” all look good.
            (=M9WDKC​(repeat TV Setup: successful)​M9WDKC=)
            (=M9WDOC​(-> Live TV hangs for about ~1min then says “No TV Signal”
            (=M9WDPA​(turn off Norton 360 all real time 15 min, then retry: same )​M9WDPA=)
            (=M9WDU1​(turn off MS Security Essentials real time, then retry: same )​M9WDU1=)
            (=M9WDZB​(-> “Run Setup Again” choosing all defaults unless noted.
            (=M9WE33​(-> “TV Setup” since not automatic: no change)​M9WE33=)
            (=M9WE9Z​(power cycle the HDHomeRun Prime for 10sec: now getting “Viewer or Listening Conflict \ No tuner available to satisfy the request”)​M9WE9Z=)
            (=M9WEC1​(restart app: no change)​M9WEC1=)
            (=M9WEEV​(remove & reinstall app: )​M9WEEV=)
            (=M9WEKH​(->Turn Windows Features On or off -> Media Features: uncheck then check. Requests restart: do.)​M9WEKH=)

            (=M9WHJK​(->Digital Cable Advisor: successful)​M9WHJK=)
            (=M9WHPV​(–> Set Up TV Signal: successful. But still get “No TV Signal”)​M9WHPV=)

            (=M9WJTK​(Google Search(Windows Media Center “No TV Signal” HDHomeRun Prime)
            but don’t find solutions to this.
            Finds but that is from weak signal strength which is not a problem (my signal’s about 96%).

            (=M9WJWI​(Has channels from 2 to 941
            (=M9WLN7​(2 to 753 is TV stations. One clicks on each and gets either:
            *most, including channel 2,5,7,9, have a ~10sec pause then “Service is unavailable \ There is currently no TV signal detected by this channel. The channel may be temporarily off air. Try again later.”
            *some, including channel 13, display just a black screen
            *a few, including channel “500 HBO..” which we’re subscribed to, flash “Subscription Required” for about .3sec then give a black screen
            *”77 KXLADT5″ plays; but that’s the only one of about 15 assorted channels I checked.
            (=M9WLNP​()901 to 941 is “Digital Audio Service” but it doesn’t play, just displays that.​M9WLNP=)

      • I found three webpages that were helpful in evaluating the HDHomeRun Prime.
        *The above- mentioned Patrick Davila’s blog describes setting up the unit.
        *Even more detail on setup (with screenshots) is provided in Missing Remote’s lengthy review. They describe SiliconDust as ” the long-time leader in network connected digital TV tuners.” I note, too, from an ad on one of these pages that the product is sold in Microsoft stores, which is an endorsement.
        *Finally, PC World gives the product four out of five stars, but notes that, in their tests, it did not work well with an iPad, as advertised by the manufacturer.

      • Roku-like device (inexpensive computer) which can at least tune & play but not record( HD Homerun Prime)
        *This would be most valuable as then it truly replaces the cable box (tuner + possible recorder) typically rented from the cable company.

    • Patrick Davila, who appears to be a knowledgeable techie, describes in his blog setting up a 3-tuner HD Homerun Prime. He makes the point that many cable companies will have premium channels protected and SiliconDust carefully says they allow recording those channels that cable companies have labeled “copy-freely.” He also ends up “very satisfied” with his unit, but he’s Linux-based and says he’s heard Windows users are having trouble.