Sep 152012

MAFGW2: especially missing details

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  17 Responses to “ especially missing details”

  1. How did one hear of this product series?

  2. Reactions on this product series

    • From what I’ve seen briefly online & on your website, I’ve find your screens impressive (big, and at reasonable prices (at least by that BestBuy listing) and portable including free-standing plus nice proud slogan “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SCREEN” and nice pics on ), plus so I am thinking about buying at least 1, but do find certain important Qs unanswered, why I’m writing you now.

  3. The “Part Number” column is presently blank. Kindly correct, else explain especially-there why it’s blank.

  4. The mentioned “Tensioning wheel (S & H-Series)” -what exactly is this & how does it work?

  5. How does the unit fold up to & unfold? A quick youtube video would explain this perfectly, but at least a series of pictures and/or link to the instructions would also help enormously.

  6. I would like a unit with additional support options besides free-standing (tripod) which you offer here, notably one which I could also easily mount the main cylinder to a wall or a ceiling (so where instead it would generally be pull-DOWN) and mount the cylinder there in a way so that the unit could be easily disconnected for use in another location, but, like lifting a picture off its hook, the hooks & possibly straps to hold it there could stay on the wall/ceiling for when it returns.

    • The projection screen maker offering a portable unit with this triple-mounting option (floor, wall, & ceiling) will be the one to sell me and who I will then recommend to others including recommend on the web. This is what I really want & will push for & make a reality.

    • Which of your 3 series (T, S, & H) would you suggest for this task, and how would you suggest making this kind of mounting (thus giving your unit 3x the mounting options)? -including, for these ceiling & wall mountings, would the tripod fold up parallel behind the main cylinder or would it be removed? DON’T merely say “We don’t advise this use.” I want to know how it would be done even if you wouldn’t advise it.

    • What other products, even if other brands, do/might you know of which may/do have a portable unit with this triple mounting option (floor, wall, & ceiling)?

  7. Especially as you are presently not giving your part/model #s, how are your part #s created?
    *From the 1st example I have, EV-TR5496, it appears the format is “ER-[S][s][W][H]” where
    **”S” is the series letter (T, S, or H)
    **”s” is the surface (1 of 3, but I don’t know which is which and say what “R” stands for)
    **”W” is the width in inches of the viewing area including the border
    **”H” is the height in inches of the viewing area including the border

  8. Where to buy it retail?

    • and where to buy it retail when I need to get it quick (as same day) as I need it now? -as what local retailers do you recommend? I’m in US.CA.Laguna Hills, zip 92654.
      *Note all the Best Buy of Lake Forest says all the Best Buys stores in SoCal say they are out-of-stock of your product, or at least of this 1st screen of yours I found; that it only can be ordered.