Sep 252012
business card MB77UA(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1).jpgMAWYZ1:Daily group-watch&discuss Showtime’s insightful hot reality show “POLYAMORY” Season 1, 2012.09.25-<=.10.04 in Tustin,central OC,CA,US


  1. MAYCNN:is currently being updated ~weekly so load/refresh it then. ID of last item is version ID.
    1. MEBXHQ:When?
      1. ME63C1:on 2012.11.23fri and 2012.11.24sat -see those links!
      2. ME643H:again some day(s) likely in 2012.12(Dec) or 2013.01(Jan) –check back here for latest details.
    2. ME6426:Where? The (big meeting room aka patio) of a popular coffeehouse in Irvine especially popular with college students: Paradise Perks.
  3. M87XAJ:has all key details are in BOLD with most-essential & -timely first.



    MB79XO(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1.img).jpg–and about, here in SoCal, real families based on **unsecret committed romance between 3 or 4 adults** including to parent kids! Yes, these families are not without stress, but are remarkably successful, attractive, & VERY romantically-fulfilled —instead of  today’s usual & often-broken family of just 2 or 1 adults, many times unhappy, and latchkey kids with often fighting-parents or a single-parent or no parents.
  2. MAH7BW:So what’s Showtime’s hot new reality show “POLYAMORY”In a few words:
    1. M8O4OG: “the Best Reality Show on TV” says” –not surprising given this excellently-produced show follows & interviews 2 real polyamorous families today right here in SoCal, including shows them in the bedroom, dinner table, work, shower, driving, parties, with their relatives, children, lovers, & friends, indeed seemingly everywhere in their poly lives!
    2. M875BU: A MUST-SEE for most anyone affected by romance & marriage, offering ideas & maybe solutions for broken romance & family everywhere.”
    3. MAZWOR: At least in America, broken families have long become the norm. Moreover, hiding romance & feelings, cheating, lying, & meaningless sex have become so common they are regularly expected. Indeed overall our dream of monogamy may actually be just that: a dream –most especially in our modern world with ever-increasing options & freedoms. Well this show demonstrates successful real families here in SoCal finding a possible real alternative solution to romance & family: loving more, not less.”
    4. MAZASF:“A VERY Modern Family” : like Modern Family but real and MORE socially pioneering; just watch the trailer:
  3. MAH2QI:Don’t get Showtime, or missed some/all of the episodes? Well the show isn’t on DVD, so then this event series will likely be your only way to see this show, a major reason we’re holding it; and it & this fine show may also give you reason to signup for Showtime! And even if you do get Showtime,…
  4. MAH309:Watch the show HERE: *on our home theater (created for this event series, with a huge 116-inch screen & great sound) and *with other local interested people to talk about & discuss the show with!
  5. MB0MGI:Our first guest Jonathan R., having never heard of this show & poly stuff before, discussed it full 2hrs after seeing just the 1st 1/2 hour episode! Then he watched more, and the next day came back again with 2 friends, and seems to have found his visit here a life-changing experience in the way he’s now thinking & planning his planning his romance life; indeed yesterday he’s announced he wants to do this, announced he’s going poly or romance-friends™!  While certainly not everyone will have such results, it certainly shows what this event can do.
  6. M8LS2P:With our connections, we may be able to get some of the stars of the show to join us & talk with us live! at one of our future showings (as the stars live right here in SoCal) –that is, if we’re getting enough RSVP YESes to bring them out, so RSVP YES now!
  7. MAYGCD:The creator/director/executive-producer of the show just personally contacted us today! Telling us:
    1. MAZIMI:“Thank you all for your amazing support with the show, it means the world to me.”! 
    2. MAZIMU:She’s asking us to find her more polyamorous families, maybe to audition for the next season of the show! So come join us here at this event and get linked up!

-end of WHAT & WHY

MAX1LQ:WHEN: DAILY 1pm-6pm & 7pm-12am, 2012Sep25tue ending Oct01mon

  1. MB7CB2: to max Oct04(thu) if demand (up 10 to days in a row!) every evening plus Sat&Sun afternoon
  2. MB7I0Y:This series ends not from lack of demand but from our venue running out. Want more? So do we! We just need a venue. So, as we got this place, find or volunteer a venue!
  3. MAQ2R5:For full & exact details on when & happenings then, see (here=WHEN on the event series’ official web page); everywhere else it’s posted (as Meetup, Facebook, business cards)  is often just a sampling of the many occurrences.
  4. MAZIQW:Meetings every day at 7:00pm plus 1:00pm on weekends all days, too; they each last 5hours so all 7 episodes can be shown & discussed.
  5. MB0OI8:Designed so if need be, you can come early or late, indeed even stay for as little as 1 hour and get a lot out of it.
  6. MAXBJ2:See occurrence details for all exact & latest details particular-to-each-occurrence, including times, episode order, & where-posted, then, as directed, RSVP on one of these postings if you have a login there (as say the posting which brought you to this page) else RSVP via email.

-end of WHEN

MAX1N4:WHERE: private residence right off the 5&55 freeways in the center of Orange County,CA,US; RSVP YES for exact address

  1. MAXBNS:Features living room converted for this event into a huge home theater seating 20 with an huge ~116-inch diagonal screen & ~110w watts of great stereo sound!
  2. MAXBK6:Nearest major cross-streets: Mitchell Ave. & Newport Ave., Tust1in, CA 92680 -use this to plan your trip now.
  3. MAXBM2:To those who RSVP YES, exact address sent ~2hrs before event start.
  4. MB04S8:Ride-sharing & carpooling loved! If you need a ride or can give a ride, please say so (plus where & when you’re leaving from, as from your nearest Starbucks); post it a new comment on your event posting else post on this page else email. Then we’ll do our best to find you matches & hook you up!

-end of WHERE


  1. MAH2L6:Free popcorn for everyone.
  2. MAYI7B:More per what attendees bring.

-end of FOOD & DRINKS

MAX1VD:COST: $2.00/per person at the door

  1. M8LT3Q: Our goal is for everyone to be able to afford to come to this educational event!
  2. MB0OAP:Any money collected is just to help a small bit towards covering costs.

-end of COST



  1. MB0TFG:Open to the neighborhood & widely advertised.
  2. MAXDSR:We can seat up to 20 and we presently aim to fill it!
  3. MAXEHD:We expect attendance to increase with each initial occurance as the word gets out and we advertise more
  4. M8GHNU:It’s posted in many places (Meetup, Facebook, JotHere, cards being handed out) and it repeats 1 to 2x every day, so:
    1. MAXDV6: Don’t go by just the RSVPs shown on event listings, as that then shows only A PORTION OF of the people attending: just from that place  and typically only if they haven’t already RSVPed via some other method & place.
    2. MAYDFI:The RSVPs shown on any event listing are only some, likely only a few, of all attending.
  5. MAXDZ3:All ages are welcome though “Those under 18 are welcome but only if accompanied by their parents.”
  6. MAH03Z:As is typical for introductory polyamory events, this aims to be a family event as much as possible. Advanced adult sexual & especially-romantic topics will be covered but in a serious & non-pornographic manner and there will be no attendee sexual activity going on at this event. Those under 18 are welcome but only if accompanied by their parents.

-end of WHO’S COMING


  1. MARW7W: RSVP & attend as soon as you can, as:
    1. MAXIFJ:we’ll only keep running as as long as we’re getting solid RSVPs YESes from the many places it’s posted & advertised.
    2. MAXIHX:space is limited, but there’s an automatic waiting list.
    3. M8GGAG:knowing who & how many interested helps make this happen
  2. MB1TP0:If your answer is “MAYBE” but the system doesn’t offer that option, then RSVP YES & explain in your RSVP comment what it would take to turn that into a YES (such as, “if I can get a ride from Burbank –see my event comment.”)
  3. MB0OY2:Things to include in your RSVP:
    1. MAXIDM:why your RSVP answer, especially RSVPing NO or MAYBE.
    2. MB0OJ3:when you will be arriving & leaving if different than the event’s start & end time.
    3. MARWI5:ideally your cell#, email address, and zip-code (via the RSVP’s private Qs else via private-messaging)
  4. MARWA8:RSVP on an event posting where you have a login (probably the place that referred you to this page) else by emailing else by texting “polyamory” to 96000.

-end of RSVP


  1. MAYHOC:Bring interested friends, & family, & even kids if you’d like (under 18 must be accompanied by parent(s)).
  2. M7XL6M:..BRING YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER, including for our discussion (for posting our discussion live online & tweeting on our #SPolyTalk, and for web lookup), for completing a survey, plus for your posting event & show review and especially for planning future activities. Free wifi Internet will be provided.”
  3. MAYINT: Bring video clips, pictures, & web sites to show & share on our huge projection-screen & speakers!
  4. MAXFZN:If you wish, bring some snacks, drinks, and/or food to share.
  5. MAXFV4:BYOB=Bring Your Own Beer/Booze; drinking alcohol in moderation is allowed.



  1. MAZC0L:in order:
    1. MAQ7MQ:0.5hr: arrivals, socializing, seating, self-intro of each attendee, intro of sponsor OC-Polyamory and other local polyamory groups & activities, & finally the show’s 3min intro video.
    2. MAQ7OG:4.5hrs: Episode watching, ~38min each to watch-then-discuss.
      1. MAQ7U7:So half (3 to 4 episodes) will take ~1.8-2.5hrs
    3. MAQ5J0:attendees share their video clips, pictures & websites on huge home theater!

-end of AGENDA


  1. MAH1PY:This event, which we repeat, watches & discusses ALL of season 1 (7 episodes ~25 minutes each) and so that virtually everyone nearby (whom we have seating for) can get a chance to watch(you can’t say “Well it wasn’t at a day or time good for me”). To do all that is pretty clever:
    1. MAQ1C3:We’re holding at least 1 session every day for at least a week.
      1. MAQ28P:From “2012.09.25Tue” to “2012.10.01Mon”, maybe as late as “2012.10.04Thu”
    2. MAQ1D9:At every session we show all 7 episodes.
      1. MAQ1I1:But since watching all 7 episodes can be more time/energy than one can spend in one visit (indeed it might be especially difficult when the next day is a workday), we vary the order so you can easily watch just episodes 1-3 on 1 visit and 4-7 on another visit, leaving early each time.
        1. MAQ1OF:For most sessions, the episode order is 1-7. If want to later see 4-7, leave after 1-3, especially given:
        2. MAQ1QC:For a few sessions, the episode order is 4-7 then 1-3. This session is useful if you’ve already have seen 1-3 (else will see it later) so will leave at that point.
    3. MAQ1EJ:it helps if you watch all episodes in order,but ok if you can’t, including:
      1. MAQ2KF:As an intro and/or refresher, the show’s 3-minute intro video will be shown at the start of every session.
    4. MAQ25X:See our complete showtime schedule
    5. and RSVP to ideally insure you can see all episodes ideally in order.
  2. MAH804: a trailer & main intro video:
    1. MB2HLR:Correction: at time 0:0:32 when Tal says “Monogamy destroys families” then giggles.
      1. MB2IK9: The key is he giggles. As he is is seemingly NOT meaning one should take that literally. Rather he likely means “Present culture, as especially MY parents, keep MIS-telling me “Monogamy is so great for all families”; so then I will MIS-tell the world back “Monogamy destroys families” though giggle when I say that, as I really mean “Monogamy easily and perhaps-commonly destroys families” as say from causing people to then MIS-expect one person can & should & must fulfill all their romantic needs and/or from one naturally wanting & sometimes-needing additional romantic companionship but then NOT able to get it without seriously hurting others.”.
      2. MB2IMM:Moreover, the polyamorous community DOES generally feel that monogamy is good for some people but just that it’s NOT the cure-all-for-everyone that present culture typically advertises monogamy to be and feels, as Jen (Tal’s wife) says at 0:02:18, “I want people to know that monogamy isn’t the only[ good] way.”.
  3. MAGZH7:This is the very first occurrence of our potentially global effort to group-watch&discuss this show. Learning from your participation & feedback, in the near future we aim for us and other romance groups around the world to do many more & larger showings -to get the word out on this new romance technology!- plus hoping to raise appropriate money for the series owner in appreciation of their efforts here. Please help us with this!
    1. M7XO6S:Especially for future showings, we could use additional event hosts and we need additional venues. If you or someone you know might be interested, please post a comment on that venue link or here.
  4. M7XLCV:For background details (of  this event series & much more), see our worldwide promotion of this hot Showtime series especially to romantic organizations.



  1. MAYJ8A:Destiny, inventor & principle creator (of this local plus the global effort).

    1. MAYJN3:Motivation: to use this unique creation (this show) spread the good word about polyamory plus, similar but even-better romance-friends.
  2. MAYJ9I:Kundan, provider of venue, assistant in advertising & running, including providing all Facebook advertising to over 1000 friends. Also the 1 to tell Destiny of the Showtime show.

  3. MAYJBM:Bill, provider of the sound system, fans, backup 10-lumen projector, and notable tech setup.

  4. MAYJDE:Lucy, provided our projector plus several times reviewed & edited our advertising. Also the person,~14 years ago, to tell Destiny of polyamory.

  5. MB4L16:Jim Y., 1st heard of poly thru us, immediately becomes supporter & bcard distributor.

  6. MB4L06:Jonathan R.,1st heard of poly thru us, immediately becomes supporter & bcard distributor

  7. MB7AHI: Oh, and btw, this is very happy Devin 🙂

-end of CREATORS

MDE167:POST TODO, roughly in order:

  1. MEBYBJ:Factor into its own post all details details usable for any group-watch&discuss, so taking from here & global effort.
  2. MEBY1Y:Factor MDID4P: NEXT HAPPENING details into its own post.

-end of POST TODO


  1. MB2GDN:Notable event feature: one does NOT need to a member or join a polyamory group, nor any group, in order to attend
    1. MB2GIW: Just like tuning in this TV program –where creator Destiny got the the idea.
    2. MB2H1B:Practically possible given it’s an intro event and made technically possible by offering RSVP mechanisms outside group RSVPs and opening it to the neighborhood & promoting it there.
    3. MB2GGW: Why? Because the topic is controversial & especially still far from mainstream, so  doing otherwise (you have to join a group such a group in order to attend) probably deters would-be participants from exploring it, especially as (what happens on Meetup) the group membership is listed on the person’s profile (unless they hide their groups, which is considered unfriendly & Destiny does not recommend)
    4. MB2GTM: Probably an oversight, this is not yet the custom of polyamory groups, the combo of
      1. MB2H8H:most-if-not-nearly-all of them are on Meetup ( and
      2. MB2H8Z: Meetup offers/suggests no way for a person to attend an event without first joining the event’s group, clearly a drawback here. 
  2. actual family portrait

    MB1QF0: Advertising

    1. MB1QFL: Web posts
      1. MB1QKK:Where? 9+ locations: see the occurrence details.
      2. MB1QGW:Master/source:,
        1. MB4LWE: points to:
          1. MB1QIV:prior, it this link didn’t exist but if it did it would have pointed to, in order: , , ,
          2. MB1QWF:starting now,
          3. MB4L9C:starting now,
          4. MB56KK:starting now,
          5. MB78DI:starting now,
        2. MB4LXA:Change history, in order
          1. MB4LYA:Prior history possibly to be written
          2. MB4LZ4:As done on bcard, redid listing so to encourage RSVP before referring to the official page instead of after, to promote more RSVPs.
          3. MB532B:Put bcard graphic MB529Y at top of this page centered.
      3. MAIQZI:How to edit the event details (date, place, & description) in every posting of this event?
        1. MAYD8S:Is this copy (the source, given at the top of this description)?
          1. MAYD9P:If Yes, archive this, then edit it, then archive it again.
          2. MAYD9W:If No, don’t edit this but instead replace it with a copy of the latest version of the source then archive it.
    2. MB1U8E:Business cards (folder –see for all of them)
      1. MB1U96: Version 1:
        1. MB1UC9:created via
          1. MB1UFA:Pro: quick & easy to create
          2. MB1UG0:Con: hard to make incremental updates (have to redo whole thing)
          3. MB1UGC:Con: picture too small/blurred to make out clearly
          4. MB1UI1:Notable con: didn’t do a layout (12 to page instead of 10) which any store had perforated bcard stock for
        2. MB1UI1: Notable con: seemed most people were not confortable giving their cell # (via the SMS) in order to get more info.
        3. MB1UGQ:Notable con: At least 1 who didn’t know “Polyamory” was then quite put off (killed sale) by “: Married & Dating”
      2. MB1W0E: MB1W0E(v2).doc
        1. MB34NV:  based on and edited in LibreWriter.
        2. MB34SA: Got the basic draft. .doc format lost formatting.
      3. MB34TG: MB34TG(v3,fr MB1W0E).odt -Latest
        1. MB4KFO: File requires a good Internet connection to download all 10 pics; faster to print from the PDF, but be sure to set the 
        2. MB3L3T(MB34TG(v3,fr MB1W0E).odt).pdf
        3. MB4JT5: Fri22: Jim Y. just finished 1st seeing the episodes, loved it, & took 20 cards to distribute at the mall.
        4. MB4K0R: Fri23-Sat02: John H., Kundan, & Destiny take 80 cards to distribute at Pineapple Grill.
          1. MB4KT0:Jim Y. also comes for a short while, doesn’t distribute any of his cards but watches trying to learn how we distribute them so he can do so later.
          2. MB4KBU: We give away ~70 bcards! And gather about ~4 RSVP YESs on the spot for this weekend, including from the DJ & husband on their anniversary!
          3. MB4K5H:I realize a number of people look at the picture and think it”s an orgy, most extremely probably the cashier (Hispanic woman) at the Jack-in-the-box who took 1 look at the card and handed it back ~2 seconds later.  So
            1. MB4KOD: I Destiny start telling people immediately upon handing them this card: “Take a look: that’s a real family portrait.”  I then conclude the next version of the card has to say “Real Family Portrait” under the pic.
            2. MB4KOR:Kundan presents the possibility of using a different pic, saying the San Diego Quad now has a Facebook page for the show including a clothed pic of the 4. I say I’d take a look at it, but kind of like the fact the present picture speaks poly (or at least sexual) by having the 4 nude.
      4. MB4N3W: Version 4: MB4N3W(v4,fr MB34TG).odt
        1. MB4XN4:Made improvements discussed & more.
        2. MB4XNX: Found the original downloaded source template has a bug (from it and/or LibreOffice): padding is too big in the 2nd column and Table Boarders Spacing misreports 0-inches; fix by setting it to something as say .1 inches.
        3. MB4XRG: MB4XRG(MB4N3W(v4,fr MB34TG).odt).pdf uses default 90% quality photo compression.
        4. MB4XX9: MB4XX9(MB4N3W(v4,fr MB34TG).odt).pdf uses lossless photo compression to see if this fixes photo being hard to see in print.
          1. MB4Y9L:“605,009 bytes” so ~3x larger but no photo quality difference I can see magnified, so delete.
        5. On HP OfficeJet J3680,
          1. MB4YOD: print PDF with Properties->Features->Print Quality: Best. It prints ~1/2 the speed but with no notable improvement in quality, don’t recommend.
        6. MB4ZFO: individual card: MB4ZFO(MB4N3W(v4,fr MB34TG).odt.Q1).jpg
          1. MB529Y: --promotional business card--MB529Y(MB4ZFO(MB4N3W(v4,fr MB34TG).odt.Q1.labeled).jpg –adds heading “–promotional business card–“
        7. MB5T89: Printed ~80 cards and distributed them at Chipotle & especially Pineapple Grill.
          1. MB6NV6:The picture
            1. MB6NW2:presently
              1. MB5TAR: Found the present picture turned off 3 of 4 young women
                1. MB5TBU: Tiny young Hispanic cashieer working at Chipotle: said if I hadn’t spoken to her, she would not followup on the card based on the pic: “all those people are naked”.  I later showed her the kick pic and she said “That’s much better”.
                2. MB5TMR:Chubby Philipino food-preparer working at Chipolte: she said at first “I wouldn’t check it out as I only watch TV with my nephews and this looks very sexual.” I explained it was a private showing. She then she said “She may or may not check it out as it seems very sexual and “I’m very religious.”
                3. MB5TN2:Marcela A., just arrived from Mexico, said she liked the pic as she hung with a theater crowd in Mexico which was anti-traditional marriage.
                4. MB5TOZ:Yuki, seemingly liberal minded; we talked about this last week and she was planning to go with her boyfriend Tony; but now said she was turned off when she saw this nudish pic (before she couldn’t make out the pic); she says though she’d still come if she has time, which she doesn’t.
              2. MB5TYW:Seemed women didn’t like this pic, causing them to turn off before they have even checked it out.
            2. MB6O17:Alternates
              1. MB6O1X:Decided to use something more tame, maybe more soap-opera like.
              2. MB6O30:Kundan found some pics on Facebook, including:
                1. MB6O3L: image\Quad Foot Up
                  1. MB6O4O: Tiny hispanic said this was “much better”
                  2. MB6O54:Marcela says this was the best non-nude, and may have said “best”
          2. .MB5U14:Found putting a card in the driver side window seal by the door pull, by say all cards outside of a club, went fast and my bet would be reasonably effective.
          3. MB5U3J:Got 3 more signups.
      5. MB5U4F:MB5U4F(v5,fr MB4N3W).odt
        1. MB6NSV:Used instead use pic Quad Foot Up, & floating over it the text “the successful San Diego family of 4so giving their (very happykid Devin \ 4 caring parents!
          1. MB6OBK:Now undeniably not swinging (as all parenting a kid) and not poligamy (as 2 men & 2 women and balanced evenly)
        2. MB6OCV:Printing directly produces a 2nd column where cropped portion of 1st column bleeds thru apparently do to a LibreOffice bug.
        3. MB6LD5: pdf via pdf/a: this is blank & useless, probably due to a LibreOffice bug involving the image.
        4. MB6NHT: pdf std: this prints fine.
          1. MB6RLR: --business card MB5U4F--MB6RLR(MB6NHT(MB5U4F(v5,fr MB4N3W).odt.std).pdf.Qty1).jpg -Extract 1 card.
        5. MB71P6:Marsella & I distribute ~80 cards on cars on the street.
      6. MB71RS:MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt
        1. MB760Z:Rewrites for new time deadline & plans.
        2. MB761L:Includes why it is a “MUST SEE”
        3. MB7625:More logically structured
        4. MB77AR:MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf
          1. MB77UA:business card MB77UA(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1).jpg MB77UA(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1).jpg –extracted at 150%.
            1. MB7D9T: MB7D9T(MB77UA(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1).boarder).jpg–add a red 2pix border because Meetup strips this code.
          2. MB79XO:MB79XO(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1.img).jpgMB79XO(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1.img).jpg  extracted at 275%
  3. FMB3DZI: Text “poly” (formerly “polymory”) to 96000.
    1. MB3E0R: This is a service Kundan setup with that handles text responses.
    2. MB3E5F:  Text “polyamory” to 96000.
      1. 2012.09.21fri Kundan & Destiny set this up with a script TBA, asking also for email then sending to
    3. MB3E7Z: Text “poly” to 96000:
      1. MB3E8M:today 2012.09.28fri16~ Kundan set this up to handle RSVPs, to issue the exact address.
  4. MB71OE:On 9/30/12 7:25 PM, undan SMSes Destiny “Kundan ..: My uncle n aunt are coming back tomorrow ” so ending that venue. He explains that because of the time change, they should be back Tue morning so we just have Monday. I suggest & we decide to have a 1pm & 7pm showing.



  1. .


M31R7R:POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MAWZ74: Started as which finally became the dress rehearsal; but after a Meetup event happens the details can no longer be edited
  2. MAWZCK:so then became the 2nd in that series;
    1. MAWZJ7: Fri1400~, created linking ot here
    2. MAWZJS: big con: Sat0100~ noticed that this this displays unacceptably badly on most cells phones (not Kundan’s Android but my & Yumi’s Android):
      1. MAX0A7:specifically the viewer is given the option to view it in a web browser or in Meetup app and
        1. MAX0B2: in the native web browser, Meetup strips all formatting except a-tags, so no outlining nor bolding nor font-sizes nor videos.
        2. MAX0CV:in the Meetup app, Meetup puts it in 100% italics (except in the parts that are in italics) and strips all formatting except a-tags & bolding (so no font-sizes nor videos)
      2. MAX0J5: rewriting this to keep critical missing info (as putting links for the videos plus parents for the outline subsections) would be notable work and still wouldn’t have it display nicely.
    3. MAX103:big con: due to bugs of Meetup, desperately-needed special notes cannot added next to where they are needed, specifically:
      1. MAX474:at “When”, one cannot say/add “repeats over up to 10 days; see spreadsheet for exact schedule”
      2. MAX479:at “Where”, one cannot add-nor-suggest “How to find us” unless one is an event host
    4. MAX10C:med-big con: the RSVP list is misleadingly small (only this 1 from OC-Polaymory); would be better to have none.
    5. MAX0MO:con: this description gets copied to other places its put but as a significant amount of copied text there is a high likelihood it gets outdated
    6. MAX2R0:small con: point IDs can’t be minimized; no internal anchors.
  3. MAWZ6I:so now created this post
    1. MA0XN8:for: holding the main content
    2. MA0XOK:How:
      1. MA0Y30:create by doing Copy to a new draft of latest release MAFH2K
      2. MAFH1U:edit to fit, including giving fresh IDs to whole & history items.
  4. MAX1JL: Move main content (pure HTML where possible) from prior source to here unabridged: “This event listing is a copy of (the source (formerly) last-modified pdt2012.09.21sat1556; UNDER RECONSTRUCTION but mostly complete)”
  5. MAX4J4:lots of cleanup needed but all key text is here so 1st published.
  6. MAX9VV: Major sections: (cleanup, especially the first 4; convert each from a li-tag to a section-tag for less indent & modern readability; convert from h1 to h2 for better readability; add HTML5 header-tag).
  7. MAXESL: “MAXDSI:Who’s Coming?” and “MAXECX:RSVPs please!”: added; moved a little out of “MAX22R:Additional details” into the other sections as semantically fit.
  8. MAXEXG: destination: from to here=
  9. MAXF70:Typo in that last link: correct to
  10. MAXGTU:“MAXFOC: What”: added. Added BYOB & a little bit more.
  11. MAXH9K:Fixed 1st video disappearing; small corrections.
  12. MAY76R:Title: change fr(Group-watch&discuss Showtime’s new hot reality show “POLYAMORY: MARRIED & DATING” Season 1, 2012.09-10 in Tustin,central OC,CA,US) to(Daily group-watch&discuss Showtime’s hot reality show “POLYAMORY” Season 12012.09-10 in Tustin,central OC,CA,US
    1. MAY7TB: Cut “: MARRIED & DATING” because (on 2012.09.26sat23~ at Yard House Costa Mesa) showing our 1st promo bcard to a young attractive woman read it, and apparently not having heard of “polyamory” then just noticed & said what was remaining: “”Married & Dating”??! That’s not for me, sorry.” and politely but firmly walked off.  My best guess, and Kundan agreed, is that Our best guess is that she thought “married & dating” sounded like (cheating on) or (at least being unsatisfied with) one’s spouse, a negative concept and NOT the point of polyamory
      1. MAY8AM:knowing well already what polyamory means before I heard of show, I found the title “cute” knowing that “yes, with poly, that’s possible in a respectable way”, but I had forgotten that, with most people not knowing polyamory, they instead could easily think the negative.
      2. MAY8AZ:But I can see why the series maker kept the name: while privately watching television alone or just with close family, yes such small but potentially rather negative first impressions might NOT cause one to change the channel, indeed the catchy-but-negative-sounding name might even cause TV viewers to quietly take a peek at the show, of course to find out quickly that it was actually serious & quite-honest stuff. However, when approaching strangers in person (as on the street & about town) or otherwise, at least in S.Cal where there is a low trust of meeting unknown people, even one hint of possible negativity is enough to have the person say “No” and walk on, as what happened here.
      3. MAY8HO:So decided not to include the full (not the “: MARRIED & DATING” part) in all places, at least prominent ones, where one might readily be hearing “polyamory” for the 1st time.
        1. MAY8LS:But one can include only-good-sounding “Season 1” which may well be what here the “: MARRIED & DATING” is anyway.
    2. MAY8OT:Added “Daily ” and at the front, as it’s a notable attention-getter (including very much saying “serious”, if not “obsessive” 🙂 plus much better explains the event series.
    3. MAY8QC:Cut “new ” as this sounded frivolous with the presence of “Daily ” and, 2nd, for brevity as this was the least-essential point.
  13. MAYA8Y:  Fixed point-IDs which had had formatting stripped by being on the Meetup event description
  14. MAYAAY:  Cleaned up WordPress 3 misexpanding “<ol>”
  15. MAYJUB:MAYG4X:What are we doing?MAYGCD:The creator/director..MAXFXW:Food & DrinksMAYHL5:What to BringMAQ7LP:Agenda, in order:,MAYJ80:Creators: added. Title change to(Daily group-watch&discuss Showtime’s hot reality show “POLYAMORY” Season 12012.09.25-~.10.04 in Tustin,central OC,CA,US giving exact date range as that’s short  key.
  16. MAZ2HN:Destiny & Kundan work out a “slogan” good for those who have no idea what the “polyamory” part means. Here’s our steps in order:
    1. MAZ1ZZ:[Destiny: ]MOVIE NIGHT WITH DISCUSSION about real committed families here in SoCal of 3 or 4 romantic adults, sometimes with kids.
    2. MAZ20D:[Destiny: ]MOVIE NIGHT WITH DISCUSSION about, here in SoCal, real committed families, sometimes with kids, based on a romance between 3 or 4 adults.
    3. MAZ23U:[Kundan: ]OVIE NIGHT WITH DISCUSSION about real committed families, here in SoCal, of 3 or 4 romantic adult partners, some of whom are parenting kids.
      1. MAZ243:Reaction: So what are they, a bunch of single parents neglecting their kids to have the  “committed” orgy??
    4. MAZ27G:[Destiny: ]MOVIE NIGHT WITH DISCUSSION about, here in SoCal, real successful families, sometimes with kids, based on a committed romance between 3 or 4 adults, not the usual 2 or 1 or 0.
      1. MB2QCK:  re “or 0[ adults]”, it is a bit of a joke, referring to “nobody in the family acting as an adult”; it also can refer to kids without any parents. Kundan said he got this when I explained it to him.
    5. MAZ2H6:[Kundan: ]MOVIE NIGHT WITH DISCUSSION about real successful families here in SoCal, some with kids, based on a committed romance between 3 or 4 adults, not the usual 2 or 1 or 0.
    6. MAZ2SE:[Destiny: ]MOVIE NIGHT WITH DISCUSSION about real successful families here in SoCal, some with kids, based on an unsecret committed romance between 3 or 4 adults, not the usual 2 or 1 or 0.
      1. MAZ55G:Kundan had enormous & near unrelenting objection to “unsecrets”, but I came to the conclusion rather that was telling about him, not the the word being invalid, but was pleased to now know “unsecrets” was fully tested, though it cost us 1.5hr discussion which is time this event can’t afford now.
        1. MAZ5XV:He starting with “it is not a word” (it is in some dictionary), “people will only hear “secrets”” (they don’t, starting with just using it yesterday), “”authentic” is positive (yes) and means the same thing (no, it’s closer to “honest”)), and about 10 other arguments against “unsecret” but none seem to have real founding.
        2. MAZ6F8:His only real valid & but good point is the retort “But they families ARE secret, keeping the romance from their parents.” My response to tell people is  “Yes they are in the beginning, but just watch the next espisodes.”
        3. MAZ5YU:I’m glad he tested my “unsecret” addition in so many ways, though not now when we have so little time.
        4. MAZ601:My guess he did this because (he’s never had a girlfriend or sex) then causes him to seemingly not sense that real-world sex & romance is so loaded with secrets-in-practice that it is virtually unthinkable any would not be; that may also explain why he didn’t know that “authentic” does not generally imply “no secrets whatsoever”. I presented this possibly to him; he was seemed a little unhappy to hear & believe this (as might be expected if true) but didn’t really argue it.
    7. MAZ6TL:[Destiny: ]MOVIE NIGHTS WITH DISCUSSION about real successful families here in SoCal, some with kids, based on an unsecret committed romance between 3 or 4 adults, not today’s usual family of just 2 or 1 or 0 adults.
    8. MAZ8IF:[Kundan: ]MOVIE NIGHTS WITH DISCUSSION about real successful families here in SoCal, some with kids, based on unsecret committed romance between 3 or 4 adults, not today’s usual family of just 2 or 1 or 0 adults.
      1. MAZ8J8:Cuts “an” as that sounds more like a 1-time relationship. I Destiny see his point & concur.
    9. MAZ8H3: Kundan removes “an”
  17. MAZ63O: so  cut (indeed replacing) q(MAYG4X:What are we doing? See the title of this event series! And note it’s full of links to further details.) as no longer seemed necessary.
  18. MAZBBW:Since MAH804 is a great intro but except unfortunately includes some extreme statements which some could take seriously (as “Monogamy kills families”), downplayed this video (into Additional Details) replacing it the trailer accordingly-selected by Kundan “MAZASF:Watch “A VERY Modern Family” trailer
  19. MAZCNL:MAZBVC:THIS POST“: added including a line-of-contents; each section: added a link to itself.
  20. MAZEID:Considerable arranging & debugging embedded videos.
  21. MAZIX0:MB0OI8, MB0OJ3: added.
  22. MB0NIN:MAZWOR, ,MB0MGIMAZIQWMB04S8: added; MAX1LQ: resorted; some smaller edits & linking; #SPolyTalk: added.
  23. MB0T1I: Replaced “MAZ8IF: MOVIE NIGHTS & AFTERNOONS WITH DISCUSSION about successful real  families here in SoCal, some with kids, based on unsecret committed romance between 3 or 4 adults, not today’s usual family of just 2 or 1 or 0 adults.” with MB0SMD as the latter reads smother & is more familiar and rightfully strongly sells the kid perspective.
  24. MB0TT6:MB0TFG: added.
  25. MB1SEC: ~6hrs ago, Kundan said that at Monday’s Cuddle Party which had 14 attendees+organizers in the residence so quite successful attendance, for none of the attendees he had email nor phone # before they came in the door (after they had them fill out that on a sheet, but that’s it).  Ed’s party’s also don’t require this, just a way to RSVP. So we decide it’s now not necessary to have cell & email in order to get venue (a residence) address, and indeed this may be placing a burden as we’re getting almost no RSVPs. So modify advertising accordingly.
  26. MB1VLS:ADVERTISING: added.
  27. MB2G2X:This section: 1st use of new class MBSHIS: works great!
  28. MB2L12:MB2GDNADDITIONAL DETAILS FOR EVENT HOSTS,MB2HLR:added; M8LS2P: added Spread the love video.
  29. MB2PZ9: MARWA8: ~10min ago, Kundan says that the 96000 service will no longer be free in 2 days and he MAY continue at $20/mo; since this service then may not be there and has been of melancholy benefit (at least for all we’ve tried it, though just “request info”), I list before it the RSVP-via-email option.
  30. MB2Q7Y: MB0SMD:
    1. MB2QZS: RE MB2QCK:  re “or 0[ adults]” Yesterday ~4pm Lucy said she didn’t get this and when explained it to her she said ~”it still doesn’t make much sense and this is not a joking context so cut it”; now when I asked Kundan said he wouldn’t have gotten it unless I had explained it to him, even if “0” were in quotes meaning joke/approximate. So I Destiny decide to cut this option.
    2. MB2R0X:  cut a few “,”.
    3. MB2R1M:Replaced “kids” with stronger “latchkey kids” (suggested: from noted the shortage of adults in the family)
    4. MB2SFW:Broke concepts into smaller sentences for easier understanding & to bring out more color.
    5. MB2SM3:Put surrounded the words of the unique activity going on in “**” so will work in pure ASCII without using all-caps which would draw a bit too much attention to a presently controversial topic.
    6. MB2SHA: Emphasized the movies & group discussion as its own good thing, indeed adding “:-)” after it. So then can say effectively “But wait, there’s more!”
      1. MB2THC:Decided to cut the ending ” :-)” as it seemed cute to the point of (not good) tricky and the next “–and ” is strong enough
    7. MB2TI4:In the 2nd portion, now included the family pic there.
    8. MB2TL4:In the 2nd portion, removed the bolding as it was too much bold; it being early text and now including the pic draws enough attention to it.
  31. MB34Y6:MB1U8E: extended.
  32. MB3B2C:MAZBWQ:SUBSECTIONS: in response to Lucy’s email, put items in bold; also put RSVP in 130%.
  33. MB52YJ:MB4N3W: Version 4: MB4N3W(v4,fr MB34TG).odtAdd: created including derivatives.
    1. MB530T:Put graphic at top of this page flush-right.
      1. MB58CR:The URL for the image (obtained from the Google Docs preview, as 1st one) only works for the user creating it & may also expire, so replace it image storage on JotHere.
  34. MB55KE: LLQS0B:in Chrome had been setting “id=” to an invalid #. Must use from Firefox. Fixed existing by match-cased global regex:
    id=”}[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]{“>}{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}{</a>\:</sup>}) to(\1\3\2\3\4)
    fr({<sup><a id=”}[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]{”
    href=”\#}[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]{“>}{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}{</a>\:</sup>}) to(\1\4\2\4\3\4\5)
  35. MB6SWR:Bcard V5 done.
  36. MB7ERK:Rewriting based on series truncating MB71OE: ~4hrs of work.
  37. MCO6E0:Autosave recovery
  38. MCO6EE:Fixing links as not working: all instances of “<a>” (9) replaced with say “<a id=”MAQ2R5″>” (1 case) else removed as were not supposed to have a-tag.
  39. MDIDAY:MDID4P: added.
  40. ME5YZE:MDID4P: updated; intermediate draft.
  41. MEBYFZ:csmall improvements
  43. MEC1LI:put flush-right say “-end of POST HISTORY” at end of every section
    1. MEC1LT:would like the space above be less, but would require CSS adjustments.
  44. MEC1WC:clean copy, suitable for reuse; pst2012.11.30fri1933.