Oct 252012

MCGNON: (proposed) OCAndroid hosting  Technovation Challenge, teaching local high school girls Android to enter a national competition http://1.JotHere.com/3694#MCGNON

  1. MCGOB7:Comments have details.
    1. MCGOBL:Read latest details on http://1.JotHere.com/3694#MCGNON(=here) and comment there(=here) if possible (much preferred) else comment on http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/messages/boards/thread/28167302

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  1. On "10/25/12 9:53 AM" (~1hr ago) new member Alice SMSed me “Technovation challenge. Teaches high school girls android dev”

  2. Mentions "Over a short period of time (12 weeks), girls will step through an online curriculum (hosted on P2PU https://p2pu.org/en/ ) that helps them develop a potential solution and program a mobile phone application to solve it." – http://iridescentlear

    • The link is just to the P2pu main page; where’s the curriculum?
    • P2pu itself looks quite interesting & potentially cool. I’m unclear yet if it hosts just text discussion or real apps somehow.
  3. http://iridescentlearning.org/programs/technovation-challenge/involved/start-a-team/ -> http://iridescentlearning.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Technovation-Starter-Kit-Final.pdf

    1. which seems very relevant (better than the website in ways to get the big picture)
    2. says "App source code (can be developed in Android, iOS, or Windows)" –so while Android is listed first (indeed elsewhere as the least expensive phone starter phone), there are also 2 other of the popular Mobile OSes.
    3. says

      Eligibility Requirements:
      • To enter the Technovation Challenge competition, you must be part of a team of at least 5 girls
      • All team members must be aged 13-18
      • All teams must register by November 15th, 2012
      • All project deliverables are due by April 13th, 2013

      -doesn’t give us much time (at least for this upcoming one) to find 5 girls & start a team, but maybe doable.