Nov 082012

Android gadgets for TV are starting to come out. While using a touch-screen GUI on a non-touch TV is a little rough, reviewers seem to be very happy with the system. And TV-specific apps are starting to appear, especially XBMC.

The field is changing fast, and manufacturers want to be cheap, so every options will have some shortcomings, and every month or two a new option appears. So overall the field is very young, but the options available today work pretty well.

My favorite option would be the Ouya, but that won’t be out til April 2013, and there’s a good chance that when it comes out, the competition will be much stronger. So here are the top options that I see today.

Pivos Xios DS

  • Has Android as well as plain Linux distros available for it.
  • Sponsored porting of XBMC to Android. Custom tweak for this unit’s chip, but XBMC now works on most Androids.  Note this is still in development, and not readily available yet.
  • Brief review.
  • Based on AMLogic 8726-M1 chip.

Diamond Multimedia AMP1000

G-Box Series

  • Seem to get good reviews; “Midnight” and “Dyno” are the latest and best.
  • Dyno is based on Amlogic AML8726.

Destiny’s original overview of this field

  • More details on the Ouya, as mentioned above.
  • MK803-like units, apparently many.  These seem to be based on the Allwinner A10, the same chip in my game thingy.  Appears that A10 has a slower CPU, but faster GPU, so is good for games, but not as good for movies.


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  1. Yes, a great way to go!
    *Indeed these are further great examples of my PST2012.08.22 post “Android (thin computer|PC|Media Player)” -see that for a general overview & earlier leaders
    **I’ve also added your post to be included in the same 2 categories which matched (and, the date in the title from “Nov 8” to more exact “2012.11.08”).

  2. Also quite pleased to see you making this a JotHere post!