Nov 092012
Me wearing my wearable-laptop strap invention, taken 2005.01.04

MD9LBX Me wearing my wearable-laptop strap invention, attached to my cord-frame invention to wind the power cord on, taken 2005.01.04

MD96EJ Destiny Architect complete intro


  1. MDAI9C covers introductory details (mostly textual) that are not well coverable by my other web profiles.
  2. MAYCNN should be updated ~1x/month; last entry is version ID.
  3. M87XAJ has all key details BOLD with most-essential & -timely first.

MD988B For a complete overview, first read MY MAIN PROFILE (on Google)

  1. MESILL Note if using an Android device: due to a Google Bug, seemingly all Google profiles presently aren’t browsable from Android w/o putting the browser into Desktop mode which isn’t possible on many Android browsers.  Bug report coming soon.
  2. MEHZSM archive copies (requires Google sign-in, then File->Download)


  1. MEHUZR Present (Occupations)

    1. MD9JGF ~45% of my time,SOCIAL ARCHITECT & SOFTWARE ARCHITECT for good causes, including:

      1. MEHNSU ~75% EXPOSITORY WRITIING (writer) with ~4 NEW PUBLICATIONS PER WEEK (both articles & events, on mostly social- & information-technology, in a Wikipedia-page-like format)
        1. MEHNY2 on topics:
          1. MEHNTY ~80% social-technology (as most of 1.JotHere category “social”), especially:
            1. MEHP0Z ~45% romance (as most of 1.JotHere category “romance”), 1st publication ~1999
            2. MEHP75 ~40% social rules for individuals & organizations
              1. MEJANK as universal rules and guidelines for ( & similar) in-person groups
              2. MEJAO0 as the website blogger.LoveRules.Info now at
            3. MEHW5M ~15% other stuff as “humans’ increasing socially-disposable society”
          2. MEHNVC ~15% information-technology as in category “Google” plus much more
        2. MEHO03 on media:
          1. MEHO15 websites, notably Web 2.0 sites, notably with multi-person authoring of primary text, notably:
            1. MEIOPR wiki else can be made wiki-like
              1. MD9NSP ~70%, on 1.JotHeremy (public) articles plus more comments & posts, due to its most powerful features & future.
              2. MEHODV ~20%, publishing on Meetup (especially events & discussions within the groups in which I’m a leader; no way to sort by author)
              3. MEHOQ1 ~3%:  en.Wikipedia.Org, about 100 edits including ~3 new pages.
            2. MEIS65 shared filesystem as JIT_archive_LJNZCF of
            3. MEIS9J spreadsheet as Google Spreadsheets as in 2012 voting.
            4. MEISN5 other web databases: coming.
          2. MEHO2K not  books/eBooks, intentionally, as they cannot provide to readers the info features that wikis & similar do
        3. MEIOZA with “MEStyl=my information-especially-authoring/writing style, a Wikipedia-article-like format”
      2. MEHO8I ~25% technical design & programming of:
        1. MS4BZ8 60% Website architecture & programming.
          1. MS4JO8 This tech work, especially tricky algorithm designI most enjoy doing –I do it routinely, as it’s pure fun to me plus could really help the world.
          2. MS4JPC None yet publicly released, as working out insuring crediting not lost (next point).
          3. MS4JTT Much revolves on insuring proper crediting of informational work especially intellectual property
            1. MS4P1G addressing informational work’s arguably biggest & still-mostly-unsolved problem: getting properly paid & credited for it (for informational work)! –specifically lack of fair compensation for the benefit (or loss) from the use of intellectual property, including due to:
              1. MS4KUW piracy –“[For 2011,] a $600 billion industry worldwide and accounted for 5%–7% of global trade”* lost due to theft!
              2. MS4KV3 plagiarism, idea theft, and other lack of properly quoting&crediting one’s sources.
              3. MS4KWO other unfair compensation, as
                1. MS4L0Q A point many seem to miss  (or else is too painful to see), free & open source software legally (but morally??) allowing say Google & especially Facebook (and potentially any business who happens to be the one to put in the last “bolt” on something great) taking ~95% of the profits from software (use) where they only developed the last ~5%.
            2. MS4OPQ via pioneering techniques as:
              1. MS4ORC I  invented 2nd generation DRM before that name even invented, but I’m now onto better solutions:
              2. MS4ORU embedded IDs everywhere (to to be hidden by default, where & when possible)
              3. MS4OQQ a solution, under slow but careful development since ~2000, aiming to combine all the benefits of open-source with use tracking & payment, indeed dramatically much fairer payment than closed-source & even DRM solutions provide.
          4. MEHQM8 ~20% is on JotHere (which develops a next-gen publishing platform), for the same reason I publish here
          5. MEHQN9 ~80% on non-JotHere projects
            1. MS4CE1 mostly server-side JavaScript especially Google Apps Script and NodeJS.
            2. MS4COQ using increasingly scalable cloud storage especially
              1. MS4CPU Google Drive including GAS API (video).
              2. MS4IIR Short-term, ScriptDB.
              3. MS4II6 Long-term, seriously considering Cloudant (a leading CouchDB host & creator)
            3. MS4ING Example: coding a pioneering JavaScript builder.
            4. MEHQJL Example: planing a next gen voting website mentioned on my OC-Python profile referenced on my meeting report.
        2. MS4C1V 40% computer admin
          1. MS4O64 I don’t like doing this,  I MUCH rather be designing & coding,  indeed so much that I procrastinate here; but it’s necessary, so when I do work on it, it’s often mostly trying to do it well so I & others don’t have to go back and do it again.
          2. MS4OHR For instance, I search for solutions where primary admin, data, & computing,  is centralized on servers, especially cloud computing,  so clients can be cheap and especially easy replaceable.
            1. MS4OMR For instance, for file storage, I’ve heavily researched a ton, and I recommend InSync
          3. MS4C43 For instance, currently moving from MS Windows to Linux, so finding the best Linux.
          4. MS4CAX for instance, currently finding the best driver+firmware auto-updater.
    2. MD9JGV ~30% of my time, a founder & leader & member of a number of COMMUNITY GROUPS, plus an author of full standards for operating them.

        1. MELLL4 I’ve been founding & running Meetup groups since 2004 (since back when Meetup was so new they weren’t even charging!) and publishing Meetup guides since 2010 (my 1st eBook).
      2. MELOOR
        N3BIJG section history in order:

        1. N3BIK9 Prior history exists.
        2. N3BIL8 Starting ~1hr ago, updating list to present status.
        3. N3BILW renaming title fr(My recent community leadership & support from-most-to-least important:) to present.

        My recent community leadership & support from-most important/current:

        1. banners\2014=12x\N18EKA{N17JNW{N17JNV{N17JNU{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OC Community Tech Groups}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.800px133px}.jpgN3BIOP 2011~-present: Founder & Head of OCTech: Orange County’s Community Tech Groups, bringing together into coolaboration an increasing number of such groups, including all help lead (mentioned here) plus many many more, and for promotion & events (especially at trade shows, starting with our famous annual SCaLE booth & visit, plus more including all-group social outings), plus ability for sponsors & advertize to help and promote to all these groups through a single point-of-contact..
        2. MDDBTP  2010.10.28-present(>3.2yrs): Head & effective Founder of the county’s largest & oldest Android group for developers+users, OCAndroid
        3. Node.JS OC logoN3BJCM 2013.11.20-present(>.3yrs): Co-Organizer of Node-JS-OC
        4. MEJ8VE 2012.12.01~-present(>1.3yrs): Co-Organizer of the county’s largest Python group (for programmers), OCPUG
        5. N3BM9J 2014.01.25– present(>.2yrs): assistant leader & planned Co-organizer of Future Chief Data Scientists in Orange County
        6. MEJ8I4 2012.07.06-2014.01~(1.5yrs, now on back burner): Co-Organizer of the county’s largest Polyamory group, Polyamory with Integrity, OC-Polyamoryy
        7. MEJ9G9 2009.10.13-2010.07~(.8yrs): Founder & Head of the county’s scalable Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Group, UUYA-US-CA-OC, and inventor & founder of its parent UUYA International, but 2010.07~, sadly all this was effectively destroyed by local UU leaders due to their internal hypocrisy.
        8. MEJ962 2010.05.13-2012.07~(2.2yrs, now on back burner):Head of one of the biggest Asian social groups in the county, AsianFriendsterHead of one of the biggest Asian social groups in the county, AsianFriendster, but, from it’s prior leadership heavily burning out members and then me not being Asian in skin, it’s so far been un-activatable.
        9. N3BI7O 2012: temporary head of OCPerl, Orange County’s Perl Group
        10. N3BIAQ 2012: temporary head of, Orange County’s Linux User Group on Meetup.
        11. N3BMDK 2004.11-~8mo: Founder & Head of Pasadena Polyamory
        12. MEJ8D7 plus a member of ~30 more Meetup groups!
        13. MELOT0 See my main Meetup profile listing all my Meetup groups & interests BUT NOTE:
          1. MELP08 Meetup main profiles don’t tell you they list one’s groups mostly alphabetically and one’s interests by most-recently added, NOT BY ORDER OF IMPORTANCE to the person.
      3. MESIVG My relevant background (useful to leading & organizing organizations & groups)
        1. MELPCC I put to great use here my business leadership plus especially my military (8yrs,from low-level Enlisted to Officer+Combat Vet) also blessing me with the world’s top leadership training & certification.
        2. MESIS0 Also useful is my profession & experience in web publishing plus, especially for tech groups, being an MIT CS grad.
      4. MELOIV And from those experiences, background, & more, I publish now dozens of free articles on “universal rules and guidelines for ( & similar) in-person groups” 
        1. MELQJB which gives most any community group:
          1. MELQJL a substantial pre-built, tested, & rather-complete set of great rules & guidelines to use as is, comment on, & extend
          2. MELQOIbadge of integrity, “We’re a proud follower & endorser of universal rules and guidelines for ( & similar) in-person groups” –like being a member of the Better Business Bureau!
      5. MESLJR Also worth note, many community leaders typically don’t have my background and often not my experience
        1. MESLZD especially on, as they literally enable making anyone an instant community leader but with 0 training & tests and virtually 0 leadership standards, so a recipe guaranteeing & delivering a lot of mistreatment.
      6. MESKQK so I can & do help out a lot!
        1. MESLBX –provided of course that folks 
          1. MESP1V don’t mis-take my experience & especially my background (as be intimidated or jealous or not yet see the need for high leadership standards) and instead
          2. MESP2B realize that, of course, I only have some of the answers, and I see everybody as part of the answer!
      7. MELP7U And on Meetup, I’m open to be a leader on more groups.
        1. MESNGK The higher level you place me, the more good I can do for you.
        2. MELPZH On my Meetup profile for your group, just do “Admin Tools ” -> “Manage Roles” then select as high as possible organizer job for me, ideally “Co-Organizer” –as I’m qualified for it, especially to do admin, and will do a great job!
    3. MDDCIN ~10% of my time, a good friend, family member, & uncle

    4. MEHX5E ~10% of my time, eating, entertainment, & the various admin tasks of life

    5. MD9JH4 ~3% of my time, a pretty good 4-count hustle & free-style dancer; and

    6. MD9JHE ~2% of my time, a too-often a hopeless romantic

      1. MEHWZM –though I’d like do this a whole lot more time being a romantic, especially not hopelessly, but I’ve got to find a matching romance!
    7. MEHXAG –does not include sleeping; I typically sleep ~8hrs/day. 
  2. MEHUTM Former (occupations) 

    1. MDDBG5 MIT CS grad, BS degree+ full MS work, top in my CS undergrad class, combined with VI-A (a select masters program with industry internship at Bell Communications Research where, among other things, I received a patent for my VLSI circuit design which guaranteed performance & used ~1/1ot the parts);  plus a minor in business; plus many other accomplishments (for example: see “Bragging rights” on my Google Bio :-). Was ton of fun!
    2. MDDBGX US Military Reserves Combat Vet & former 8yr-Soldier 
      1. MDKFGA serving with rank
        1. MDKFHC from Enlisted, specifically ranks E4(Specialist=SPC) to NCO=Non-Commissioned Officer specifically E5(Sargent=SGT), as a supplies quartermaster, specifically 92A=Automated[Computer] Logistics Specialist in the quartermaster unit which stockpiled & supplied all class I,IIIP,IV for all combined allied forces of Operation Iraqi Freedom)
        2. dMDKFHY to Commissioned Officer, specifically ranks O1(2nd Lieutenant=2LT) to O2 (1st Lieutenant=1LT), in medical (specifically 70D=Health Services Systems Manager[=”Medical Computers & Communications Officer”]) in a combat support hospital=CSH).
      2. MDKFIO Served  a year Operation Iraqi Freedom including combat, and a bunch of other stuff.  Learned a great deal from it, including the best leadership training in the world. For me, it made MIT look easy.
      3. MEJCMP Me at Medical Officers training, in a combat hospital tent

        MEHUO7 The US Armed Forces offers the overall best leadership training in the world, and I made sure to get all of it (all basics on all levels), a key reason I joined.

    3. MEHUWM Founded a few businesses (including 1 corporation) and several groups, some which are in operation today.
      1. MESJBG Recruited & hired ~20 employees.
    4. MEHUXZ Much more
  3. MEHTYX Why (these occupations)

    1. MEHU1A Foremost, the best way I’ve found for me to most improve the world, including:
      1. MEHPTX IT is fun & comes so easily to me it’s like child’s play to show off; but social-technology the world obviously needs much more, indeed needs tremendously  (including I need it much more, too!) and is much harder to do if doing proper scientifically (it’s actually quite a bit challenging, including extremely challenging to sell & profoundly improve people), so why I focus on it.
      2. MEHU6I Architecting
        1. MEHUD9 fits my desire & my ability to innovate and
        2. MEHUDC involves not just inventing, but designing solutions for real society and incorporating them into it
        3. MEHUEL is my MBTI: INTP
      3. MEHUHU To make big, lasting improvement to the world typically requires both
        1. MEHUK3 great tech skills
          1. MEHV97 -so I went to MIT, graduated top in my CS class, & got a circuit patent et al
          2. MEHV9Q -this is fairly easy for me
        2. MEHUL4 plus especially great leadership
          1. MEHVC1 -this is  fairly hard for me (including I tuned out socially for much of my early life and am not a natural leader; indeed in the military many times I was told “Why not just make it easy on yourself and be a warrant officer instead of a commissioned officer?”), but leadership is still typically key for great change
          2. MEHVDL -so I got all the US Armed Forces teaches plus lead and sometimes founded groups & businesses.
    2. MEHW0K Second, it’s (mostly) tons of fun! , at least when one turns every problem into a challenge plus a few other tricks from keeping going crazy!


  1. MD9JF4 I am also always very close, else as close as possible, with my local friends & family & pets.
    1. MDE3JL This is very important to me me! Including I aim to never operate alone, and, for me, the day has not much meaning unless shared with someone.

      MDE8N9 Holding my nephew & niece on my knee at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour, 2012.06.13.

    2. MDE2W9 including I’m close to my niece & nephew (I’m seemingly their favorite uncle! :-).
    3. MDE3XJ I get along with kids very well.
    4. MDCYOD though I can’t always be fully close with all:
      1. MDE41B my father died from overworking about ~1year after I got out of college.
      2. MDE42Q my mother & especially sister routinely treat me a bit like Cinderella‘s.
  2. MDE4DW On pets
    1. MDE4EE I think of & treat pets like family.
    2. MDE4ER I’ve had these pets: dachshund Pepper (and offspring), a few small fish, cat Kitty, parakeet Polly, cockatiles George & buddy.
    3. MDE4WA I do not have a pet now but
      Destiny & labrador Bella about to take an adventure!

      MDE7IO Bella & me about to take an adventure!, ~2011.

      1. MDE4XC my sister’s labrador retriever Bella seems to love me more than anyone, and I take her on adventures which she loves.
      2. MDE714 starting 2012, I’m thinking about getting a bird, possibly a cockatile or something a bit more fancy.
    4. MDE4K5 I tend to only want 1 pet at a time, as having more just feels confusing for me. I guess one could say I’m a “monopetaist” like monogamist 😉
  3. MDE3HJ Hundreds if not thousands of people know me, including I work with dozens; but I tend to have just a few very close people in my life.
  4. MDE9SC I now have a good platonic guy friend I spend a  lot of time with. He’s a also quite geeky like me, so we have good times doing technical things. But he doesn’t like socializing  so almost never goes out. He’s a bit like M-O of WALL-E. 🙂
  5. MDE3RE I would like a few more in-person platonic friends.
  6. MDE3GB It is hard for me to identify who would make a good platonic friend.
  7. MDE330 Paul & David, two very close many-year platonic friends who are no longer in the area, both independently later said they notably picked me as their friend because of my integrity (perhaps because it inspired them!), something which quite pleases me.
  8. MDE5LB I strongly believe: Only a real friend tells you what you need to hear but don’t want to. So don’t hate this person; instead listen-to  & love him/her.
  9. MDE633 For me, when it comes to friends, family, pets, & romance, there is no real substitute for MOST interactions/time being in-person.
    1. MDE67U Naturally via the web, most notably via Facebook, like most anyone, I could have unlimited friends, family, romance, and even pets! –provided the interactions were mostly-if-not-entirely not-in-person.
      1. MDE683 but unlike it seems many people today, that last caveat is NOT okay with me, and indeed may be unhealthy as a substitute, though it certainly makes Facebook most of its money.
    2. MDE6A0 For me, once the in-person relationships are well taken care of, THEN I’ll open up to significant not-in-person relationships if I still have time & need for that.
  10. MDE55B On introducing you to my friends, pets, & family
    1. MDE54S Because I don’t have 100s of “friends” and because this web page can be read by people I totally don’t know, I’m not comfortable naming & listing my family & friends here, yes even though that’s common on social networks.  But
    2. MDE4ZU In person, I readily introduce people to my family & friends, yes including people I date.


  1. MD9ENA I’m available but require quality just as I offer:

    1. MD9ENF Notably I only accept romance truly based on being-friends which includes responsibly facing & accepting truth (as my own parents were: they were best-friends forever, mostly because they were totally open with each other about everything, how I was raised), specifically being romance-friends.
      1. MD9EOP And, to protect my heart, even for the best looking woman, increasingly I test for this upfront, which self-disqualifies most potential mates,
        1. MD9SY8 as typically a woman may be great looking but she isn’t actually a true friend to her romances, often heavily because she can’t handle real honesty in romance, instead will only accept a dream, specifically only men falsely promising her a dream.

          Caught in the Pasadena Rose Parade rain with Po (one of the fine ladies I dated), taken 2006.01.02

          MD9PHM Caught in the Pasadena Rose Parade rain with Po (one of the fine ladies I dated), taken 2006.01.02

      2. MD9EOZ One reason for these standards is, for a deserving woman, I’m known for being a lady pleaser (one of my absolute most favorite things to do -I adore pleasing a lady!) and I have had a few offers of marriage, plus more women than should be counted I found mostly just wanting me for sex. But
      3. MD9EQM I refuse casual sex and just-for-sex (never liked that, and am increasingly able to detect & halt that faster); andWall-E handing Eve the plant
    2. MD9ER7 I have not yet been married nor had kids though quite want these, but, like the rest of my family, being responsible I’ll only do them when it is clear they’ll work for the lifetime they should work.
    3. MD9TZH My OkCupid profile tells much more.
  2. MD9ES5 From 99% full-condom use my entire life and similar responsibility, I’ve never had an accidental pregnancy nor effectively-ever caught an STI and am tested STI-free.
  3. MD9ESI I’m also open to be a sperm-donor to would-be responsible parents.

    1. MDAHOM See notably good genetics.
    2. MDAHPA Most all methods of delivery seem possible except freezing so not via a sperm bank.


  1. MDAG16 Nature/Born-this-way including Genes

    MD9F96 Though not without flaws, it so far all my life I’m a bit more physically healthy than is typical, and notably more mental capacity than is typical, apparently mostly from just genetics, which is good since it would likely be inherited by my offspring (see Romantically) both via a partner and as a sperm donor.
    MDAGRB every relevant seemingly-genetic trait, from best-to-worst:

    1. MD99BA LEADING PRO: Very good-hearted -extremely important IMHO, and exemplified by values & goals.
    2. MDCLXN BIG PRO: Mensa IQ (top 2 percentile)

      (torso shot )Relaxing in my 2nd motorhome, taken 2006~.

      MD9SM1 Relaxing in my 2nd motorhome, taken 2006~.

    3. MD99BD NOTABLE PRO: physically age at ~71% the normal rate. This is tends to be a social disadvantage when young, but notable overall advantage when older.
    4. MD9OTI NOTABLE PRO: never gain significant weight and passed most all my US military physical tests without exercise, even though:
      1. MD9OVD eat mostly fast-foods (but mostly healthy ones as my favorite Chipotle!),
      2. MD9OVL virtually never work-out as history shows I don’t need it and I just find it unfun
        1. MD9P20 though I quite enjoy doing physical- sports&adventure, but I typically rarely do it, except for some intense dancing :-).
    5. MD99BG PRO: always tall, thin, runner’s build; 6ft ~196lbs, though could stand to loose ~7lbs.
    6. MD99BJ PRO IMHO: all my life, very turned off by casual-sex or just-for-sex, seemingly unlike most men, and to my surprise even more so than many women including my own mother!
    7. MDCKB1 PRO (though there are other good choices): Rating ~1 of 0to6 on the Kinsey Scale, including:

      1. MDCKFO I’m very heterosexual (a lady’s man, as many ladies have found) and but every-year-or-so find a rare man kind of sexy but have never been sexual with a man
      2. Wall-E sticking a bra on his face, not sure what it's forMDCKG1:At the appropriate time (as when being funny), I’m very good at pretending to be gay and especially pretending to be a very-sexually aggressive mostly-heterosexual woman (at Halloween, I win sexiest-costume contests dressed as a Very-Naughty Punk Catholic School Girl —but  wearing a beard & mustache as otherwise many people really do think I’m a woman!).
      3. MDCYCR For whatever it means, I’ve often felt I would be better off being a woman as women look prettier and especially to then really show women how to handle men (it’s so easy, women just don’t get it!), but in a woman’s body I might no longer know, and I would still much prefer to be romantic with women.
    8. MDAFFY MOSTLY PRO: extraordinary (top ~0.5 percentile) native ability to decide by conscious logic and not emotion
      "Leonard Nimoy as Spock, a Human/Vulcan hybrid, demonstrating the Vulcan salute"

      MDD0B3Leonard Nimoy as Spock, a Human/Vulcan hybrid, demonstrating the Vulcan salute
      — No, I don’t outwardly appear like him, but I think like him!

      1. MDCKVL -truly as if I was born as a robot-emulating-emotions as David of A.I. or Data of Star Trek, or especially as if humanoid-built-to-operate-by-pure-logic as a Vulcan of Star Trek as the most famous Spock (plus I’ve already got big ears!) –but I’m NOT fictional, I’m real!
      2. MDCX6D Starting with, beginning in ~4th grade, on my own and without anyone saying a word about it, I would just come to the conclusion something was bad ROI (as watching cartoons or TV I wouldn’t remember the next day) or just bad (as anyone displacing upsetness on others) so would then silently suddenly stop doing that emotional behavior cold-turkey, and would never do it again.
      3. MDCXN8 indeed until 2008 (I wish I were kidding but I’m not), I sincerely believed everyone could these things no problem, so if they didn’t they just weren’t being respectful.
    9. MDKDWF PRO: natural perfect 20/20 vision & hearing, tested by the US military, including never needed glasses.
    10. MD9OLP TINY PRO: when tired, easily & soundly sleep ~8hrs/day (and with a romance, I very much like to hold her all night 🙂
    11. MDCK0Z TINY PRO: good at identifying voices: from just a few words, as well as gender, can often identify the exact person or performer and can sometimes tell ethnicity, age, where-grew-up, and, but only for men, sexual orientation.
    12. MDAHXY TINY CON: don’t or barely float in fresh- & probably sea-water (without a floatation device), so slightly denser than water apparently due to low fat & strong bones.
    13. MD99BM SMALL CON: can freeze easily, meaning can’t naturally stay warm in very cold environments, including easily have cold feet & nose despite a warm heart!
    14. MD99BP SMALL CON: sweat ~3x more than average when humidity or working hard physically; I find this annoying.
    15. MDKED9 SMALL CON: seemingly a tad lower than average night-vision (or maybe it’s just that in dark nightclubs, I don’t like talking as much to new people I can’t fully see! 😉
    16. MD99C0 CON: the common cold is my achilles’ heel, taking me ~6 weeks to rid, including up to 14 days of an antibiotic as doxycycline.
    17. MD9OE3 CON (as unlike most people, but like most programmers): night owl; specifically mornings I have lowest energy, but my energy steady increases thru the day to be absolutely highest late at night.Wall-E deeply admiring Eve with her smiling Asian-like eyes
    18. MD99C3 BIG CON FOR ME but BIG PRO FOR OTHERS: for as long as I can remember this (since Kindergarten), I’m most turned-on by the faces & skin-color of people of color, especially East Asian looking (and most especially Asian eyes, which IMHO are so beautiful!), and least & typically-not particularly turned-on by the faces & skin-color of my own race (White looking); indeed I’m typically immune to the even the hottest “Playboy bunny” or “Miller Lite Girl” if she’s White! This:
      1. MD9OO4 causes me great difficulty (as most people don’t truly-seriously pair-up with other races), so why I list it last, but
      2. MD9OOV is a big benefit to any person of color who is smart enough take advantage of my notable attraction!
  2. MDAGJW Nurture including Upbringing/Parenting & subsequent

    1. MDASLU What’s critical is the outcome, which is already covered here.
    2. MDAS0F But if you are curious or doubt me, see the link above.
Eating my favorite, your standard HUGE Chipotle Burrito!  Munch! Yumm! Taken 2011.12~.

MD9QD9 Eating my favorite, your standard HUGE Chipotle Burrito! Munch! Yumm! Taken 2011.12~.


  1. MDCP5U I’m good-different! But can you tell?
  2. MDCPE6 Most essential, and from routine conscious at it per my values, pretty-much everywhere I’m highly accurate & straightforward-indeed-literal, plus as honest, open, & upfront as people can take & then some!
    1. MDCPY4 IMHO, life is too short to do otherwise.
    2. MDAV2G And among huge benefits, this should make me easy to understand and even predict –indeed I’m all spelled-out right here!
      1. MDCQ0B But I guess since this is unfortunately so rare, it seems people often don’t believe anyone could be this way (which ticks me off) so then start not believing me & mis-assuming negative things (which of course causes notable problems).
        1. MDCQBG So, starting from the first words of my main bio, I repeatedly alert of this and in introduction section MD8OMC, even guarantee it in dollars & challenge you to do the same.
    3. MDCQIR So JUST TAKE ME AT FACE VALUE and life will be simple & good!
  3. MD9J95 I’m intense (and for good, but can you tell?)
  4. MD9J9X I’m a revolutionary, and a bit of a show-off; specifically I live-to-innovate including innovating & fixing everywhere I’m able to especially where most needed but most given-up-on as seemingly-impossible (so be forewarned: I’ll probably try to fix you! –and in the most profound ways);
  5. MD9JAZ I’m super passionate while also being super dedicated & fair and very responsible.
  6. MDDC6Glive in & for the global & long-term (“think global, act local”) and still too often not for the moment.

    As a First Lieutenant in full dress uniform, and with Danielle, one fine lady I dated; taken on my base ~2007

    MD9PQE As a First Lieutenant in full dress uniform, and with Danielle, one fine lady I dated; taken on my base ~2007

  7. MD9JBG By United States’ best leadership training (Enlisted, Sargent, and Officer), I’m strong leader when needed plus also a careful & obedient follower;
  8. MD9JOS I’m very Green plus, like Warren Buffet, personally very unmaterialistic & frugal -and I’d like & challenge you to be the same!
  9. MD9W2D I’m very upfront & open & with everything in writing, and I’d really like & challenge you to be the same!
    1. MD9WBD Hint: publish under a pseudonym (as I do) so then you can freely tell everything about yourself.Wall-E getting a vacuum stuck on his eye
  10. MDD6JC While serious, I”m also playful, & curious, & even mischievous!
  11. MD9JCS Unlike any other human I know, I always have Vulcan-level logic & emotional self-control, both from my genetics & especially from the circumstances of my upbringing, including:
    1. MDCTDY Except in time planning, I virtually never make any ___-term decision-or-action of any importance based on mismanaged emotion (mess up maybe 1x per decade & on something small), where ___ is:
      1. MDCW3Z “short-term”, including:
        1. MDCVSS I virtually never say nor short-term do anything “I don’t mean”, meaning due to improperly managed emotion, and I don’t plan to change that; including:
          1. MDCTB5 I have never lost my temper & never plan to.
        2. MDCSVX (the source of this): at least short-term, until 2008, like a Vulcan, I didn’t allow my emotions to play any role a decision-or-action I made of-any-importance, though since then I’ve been slowly increasing their role to safe, healthier levels.
      2. MDCW6J “long-term”, though, especially since 2008, I seeing I make notable mistakes
        1. MDCWYV naturally because I’m not really a robot or Vulcan, but human, so one of the costs enormous short-term accuracy is long-term inaccuracies.
        2. MDCW7J Perhaps most seriously, I’m severely taken advantage of by auto-payment, so still paying for stuff I don’t use, perhaps because it takes so much energy to make a re-decision.
    2. MDCWJI Much like Spock or Data of Star Trek, until 2008, I mostly didn’t see the importance & effects emotions played in decision making & action taking, including my own long-term, causing virtually all my bads, but now am slowly learning this.
  12. MD9JCZ I’m totally turned-on by these 4 things:Wall-E romancing Eve by using a fire extinguisher to fly with her
    1. MD9JDA productive & fair intellectual debate/bantering/fighting/competition,
    2. MD9JEA solving the most-needed but most-impossible, and
    3. MD9JDQ romantically catching & especially-pleasing a lady, and
    4. MD9JED dancing up a storm to great music -especially super-flashy solo & partner dance like Saturday Night Fever’s John Travolta!
  13. MDCZ0S I can’t stand only a few things; they include:WALL-E looking at his cockroach pet
    1. MDCZ7Y hurting any creature or anything unnecessarily, including notables:
      1. MDCZAS hypocrisy
      2. MDCZ9S not keeping promises or suggestions of a 1st date or other socially disposing of anyone
    2. MDCZCH me being idle-or-unchallenged (except when sleeping or in the spa or bath)
  14. Wall-E playing with the mist of the vacuum like starsMD9JFH Like WALL-E (my favorite robot!), I am never bored as there is too much in the world to be fixed! –and to discover!


  1. MD9HUO –are to simply live-to innovate for my community & the world and live-by values & goals:
    1. MD993T (1st) “love all” even thy enemies, so
      1. MD9WUL be a friend to all, and
    2. MD9940 (2nd) integrity, specifically “do-right always regardless” including:
      1. MD9951 “deeply face reality” (“choose reality”, keeping all fantasy within our entertainment & sleep-dreams) -note this is sometimes BIG taboo (by merely taking about any of many topics which are taboo even if it affects you) and
      2. MD9959 “the only sin there is is to not do one’s best to see & correct all wrong” -my definition, and reasonably-taboo per common over-reactive “none-of-your business, stay in your lane” & envious “don’t be a hero”, and
      3. MD995T “do-right over do-conventional”
        so doing all good-taboo so very tabooand
    3. MD9948 (3rd) “be personally fulfilled”
      1. MD9K4G especially “enable all to have fun along the way” andWall-E caring for Eve even though she's been turned off
      2. MD9K4Q most-especially “have a special person to come home to every day, ideally a mate”.
    4. MDCYY1 (4th) “Live as if you will die tomorrow.”
  2. MD993L -But especially since the 1st & especially 2nd values make me socially pioneering, but true social pioneers initially very unappreciated (so very rare)  and indeed often killed by humanspeople then routinely mislabel me bad, both from-misunderstanding & malignly.
  3. MD9966 Per “do right over do conventional”I’m good-different! But can you tell? -Remember it isn’t easy tell between insanity & genius! 🙂
Taken 2011 Fall in a sushi restaurant I was visiting (because my lovely waitress was dating me :-)

MD9QNI Taken 2011.fall


  1. MD98XT I’m a pioneer-for-good. As my father was a pioneer-for-good (including an inventor&founder of the Navy SEALs, to cut enormous war expense & death) plus my sister (founder of a chain of sober living homes), so am I, and in the most-needed but most-taboo (so very rare) field of social-technology.
  2. MD991Y But wait, social-technology is the “most-needed field”?? Indeed why am I into social-technology instead of the expected usual technical-technology? – especially given I actually am true MIT CS dancing computer geek! Well even though I run OCAndroid, I have to really ask is better smartphones what we Americans & humans really most need? As today even the bum on the street or person on welfare typically affords & has the virtually the latest Android smartphone (or equivalent). Yet even the wealthiest & most famous men & women, including famous entertainment & government leaders all over the place, routinely have marriages which fail in disaster; plus, and most serious for everyone in America, the broken-family and single- and no-parent kids have long become the norm!, indeed increasingly even dating has gotten never-ending and romances commonly disastrous. So in our love-affair with with the technical-technology (which dramatically changes the social, BTW), it seems we’ve mostly-forgotten indeed are long-overdue, appropriate new social-technology catch-up, and make the world a more human place (instead of a more machine-place!, and where, especially in the big urban areas, humans are becoming increasingly socially disposable!). But it seems most all of the smartest techie people (such as fellow graduates from my alma-mater) are instead running to the safe careers (as IT & science or tech biz or business econ,or else complex-to-deceive money-making schemes as we’ve recently all felt on Wall Street), leaving almost none of brave enough & willing to stand behind & help the social, even though that profoundly affects everyone. So I‘m in!
  3. MD98YD But, most especially in the social but certainly not just, in the beginning, most people don’t understand & appreciate pioneers-of-good -from mistaking their being different & brilliant as being crazy; and many people wrongfully-hate pioneers-of-good from really caring only about themselves and often short-shortsightedly: not actually caring that others are being helped, or sometimes that even they too will get helped long-term, but that pioneers-of-good are taking away badness that they‘ve gotten used to and where sometimes they‘ve pioneered&have ways to secretly&wrongfully profit from. So you almost certainly WILL run across (read, hear, & see) things about me which *SEEM* bad.
    1. MD98YY But should it be an unpleasant surprise? Of course not! Indeed all serious pioneers-of-good will initially appear as trouble to many, and where that’s not enough, many will also make them appear that they are trouble, as just explained. Indeed history’s greatest ones, people typically murdered (as JesusLincolnMLKJFK, & Ghandi) else tried to (Franco was tried as witch, but was so smart she talked them out of it) else locked up for years (Mandella). But don’t go hurting & killing your pioneers-of-good! Instead,
    2. MD990B What-to-do is easy: simply, right-away, tell me what you ran across and talk with me about your reaction to it, just as one should do for most everyone, including to kill rumoring & misunderstanding (plus naturally per my mother’s warning about me: “He may be odd, but odds are he’s right.”!).
      1. MD98Z5 –Be a team! See & protect your brave pioneers-for-good. And, together, let’s make a better world for all!
An artistic rendering, created by my mother, taken 2006.02.03~.

MD9QV9 An artistic rendering, created by my mother, taken 2006.02.03~.


MD9KEH While my above “Vulcan” training seriously helps me in social architecture in terms of somewhat-uniquely being able to very clearly see beyond the emotional frenzy, trends, & customs & culture (including my own) to rather what makes good-sense for everyone long term, it also severely hurts me in terms of marketing (so fully pioneering) these new solutions and better ways, especially in the taboo social, plus for even caring for myself, me actually being human and in a human world –not Vulcan in a Vulcan world! So my most serious core problem is consequently not knowing emotions deeply enough especially for marketing new social methods, including, from most-to-least serious, everything which could affect beyond my family:

  1. MD996Y very serious: getting-better-at-but-still-weak-at anticipating & knowing-how-to-deal-with ulterior & unstated motives & values(which most everyone else seems to have), especially selfish or bad ones or ones otherwise different from my own values (which I write for you in advance above, but, to my great disappointment, I seem to be fairly rare to do so)
    1. MDD1TW but not having this weakness is key for any pioneer, most especially a social pioneer, so it hurts me a ton.
  2. MD9975 very serious: routinely & typically-severely having my good-different mislabled as bad-different
    1. MDD1QG as a consequence of the prior point plus there’s almost no anti-discrimination laws & training yet to protect against these kinds of abuses.
    2. MDD1QW resulting in wrongfully: keeping the world from my best contributions and very much hurting me
  3. MD997R forgetting to care for myself especially long-term (having in past too-suppressed my own emotions even telling me to sleep&eat), including I’m a workaholic and kind of an absent-minded professor type, and easily forget to see-I’ve-been-paid & collect-what’s-owed-me
  4. MD997U poor at intuitively estimating & balancing & keeping-track-of time time (which it seems to me people mostly do via emotion); often overly optimistic about time, I have at times been late for even my own class I’m teaching.

    Headshot taken 2004.12.

    MD9R75 Taken 2004.12.

  5. MD997X with my “Vulcan” training, I’ve NONE of the usual serious problems people have, as law breaking, addictions to anything (except innovating most everywhere -that’s wired in me) -indeed I’ve never smoked & never been drunk or intoxicated, ever making bad or hurtful decisions even if super angry, ever mis-placing angry emotions (stopped that at about age 10), nor ever saying something I didn’t mean nor regret as I could have done better.


  1. MD98ZKsee my “Other profiles” on my Google bio.
  2. MEIXDQ See category “DestinyArchitect”


  1. MD9IHT Where? Know anyone quite like me? Unfortunately haven’t found anyone! So if you think you might know someone, let me know!

MDE167 POST TODO, roughly in order:

  1. MDEAOW Store Google bio intro source text here if that’s better
  2. MDE1BU Integrate with OKCupid profile: ~5hrs of work.
  3. MDE1XC Integrate with MySpace profile: ~7hrs of work.


  1. MEHXQD My 1st romance publication I can remember was ~”Would you be able to spot a quality guy even if he walked up to you?”, about 45 pages in MS Word, 1st distributed in paper to now-defunct LAPS.Org (per that, existed 1998-2008) plus possibly published on my company’s website at the time, I’m guessing ~1999.
  2. MDAH46 Why? Not “liking” cold like me, my sperm mostly don’t survive freezing (as does ~85% of men say the 2 of 2 sperm banks I’ve asked (who all freeze all their sperm as the only method they store), so a notable reason not to pick a sperm bank as then their by-far #1 criteria for picking men is not how intelligent or healthy he is but “does his sperm freeze”)
  3. MDAS9T Seeming key details of my upbringing (here as a footnote because the results are already covered by this document):

    1. MDCJP0 ~1hr ago, moved to /3790#MDC807.

M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MD966X this text is/was in my Google bio but there I couldn’t neatly include point codes nor cross-references & versioning was quite difficult, plus it was overloading the big picture that was trying to give.
  2. (on laptop in couch) At work, taken 2004.12.19.

    MD9RBY At work developing a high-order functional logic that can also serve as a programming language, taken 2004.12.19.

    MD96AM so now created this post

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