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MEDMDR:on, promoting /author/lvparker role from Author to Editor

  1. MEDMFO:Purpose & provisions:
    1. MEDMFT:Initially so she can improve the post about her: “An 80th Anniversary Staring Lucy V. Parker: Lucy Parker‘s 80th Birthday Party”
    2. MEDMG9:In general as the person
      1. MEDMSF:will hopefully help doing many more editorial improvements on our site
        1. MEDOTL:especially as she’s a professional writer
      2. MEDMSJ:is trusted not do any misuse
        1. MEDMLJ:including provided
          1. MEDMN9: provisions
            1. MEDMHE:no deletions off the site, specifically no content saved to the site, including prior versions, shall be deleted-off or removed-from it
              1. MEDOY5:this shall only be done by administrators.
            2. MEDMJY:the confidentiality of posts marked “Private” or “Password protected” will be respected
          2. MEDMP4:especially as the website may not yet automatically protect against these, including
            1. MEDO3H:due to WordPress default-permissions plus -features which are not immediately fixable, the site currently
              1. MEDO6S:may offer to delete content (as post, comment. or user) but this is specifically not authorized.
              2. MEDO52:keeps zero automatic record of prior versions of comments and (user bios as all content of /author/lvparker), so prior versions of these must be manually archived onto the site with each change, as generally done
                1. MEDO15:for comments, by clearly keeping the prior version of the comment in the comment via say using markup as “[]” or including prior version at the end
                2. MEDOBI:for each user bio, by creating a post (else comment stream) for each to keep prior versions
              3. MEDOGY:may allow an Editor to open all posts even the post owner doesn’t intend this and has set a password or privacy, but specifically the owner’s intend privacy must still be respected.
  2. MEDOJT:Person to be promoted, please post a comment here saying “-understood & agreed.” so I can make this promotion for you.

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  1. Understood & agreed. Very complete and detailed guidelines. It’s hard to think of a situation they wouldn’t cover. Also, many thanks for going over these instructions with me and explaining them, especially the way past versions can be managed to make deletions unnecessary in most cases, which wasn’t obvious to me at first.